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Winter 2017



Contents 6-15 St Benet’s Abbey 17-25 Downstairs at Dolly’s

28-29 Petit Chapeau 30-37 Upstairs at Dolly’s 40-49 By the Bay Tree Editor: Kyla Prior Digital Assistant: N Prior Available online at Front Cover: Image by Emma Morgan Photography/Accessories by Roamer Rose/Model: Tara

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Foreword Dekko is a play on the word Dekho, a word derived from Hindi dialect. Simply 'dekh' means to look and when you say 'dekho' its asking someone to take a look. A Warm Welcome one and all to this new online publication that will endeavor to intrigue and inspire

style conscious individuals. Those who seek clothing, textiles and accessories of the more unique type will find glorious examples in Dekko.1. As the designer behind Roamer Rose I have created this magazine to showcase selected talents settling on the fringes of mainstream design. Starting with RR our pieces are carefully planned and constructed to make a statement. Often contemporary whilst still referring to historical techniques, the collections are homage to an era yet with ideas of its own. We design head and body embellishments for individuals who like narrative behind what they wear; so sometimes you will find an original story woven around beautiful images. This

process of reinvention with textiles and other materials is likewise admired in other designers and we openly invite small niche originators to work with us on features. Grand occasions are the chosen theme for many of our featured shoots and can be interpreted as weddings, balls or just the joy of indulgent dressing up. Twice a year fashion will have a new voice, the new word‌brave and bolder still.

Dekko.1 is ready for your involvement and interpretation. There will be stories, sweeping fashion genres and celebrations; as well as guiding links for the reader to find suppliers. It has been a slow build, meticulously thought out, no frills and solid from the outset. Collaboratively all involved have proven what can be achieved when creatives practice the art of imagination, endless thanks and respect.

Kyla Prior (Editor)


St Benet's Abbey

Yes. I have had dreams of that place in the West, And a maiden abiding Thereat as in hiding; Fair-eyed and white-shouldered, broad-browed and



[Hardy,Thomas ‘A Dream or No’ published 1913]

This fashion shoot was to launch the new collection 'Tribe' from Roamer Rose. This assemblage is a fusion

of vintage and Native American elements to create an unusual slant to the Boho look that is becoming ever more desirable due to the rising popularity of venues such as rural barns and farms for outdoor festival style weddings. We were very fortunate to have been granted use of the beautiful St Benet's Abbey in Lanivet as it is still an ongoing project for the new owners. After initial discussions we learnt that the Abbey is a protected site (due to the delicate historical remains behind the main building) and had not been pictorially captured in any bridal shoot before. Also, as fortune would have it, the owner and myself both have a similar admiration for the late honoured literary fellow Thomas Hardy.

It emerged that Mr Hardy spent some weeks at the Abbey in the summer of 1872, then later wrote several iconic poems about his late wife Emma Gifford who was born in Lanivet. And so it was with this mutual respect that I was kindly granted permission to hold the fashion shoot within the main building and certain outside areas. The photographer Emma Morgan battled the chaotic weather conditions to catch the odd spot of sunshine for the outside shots. Rare moments of natural light flooding through the beautifully modelled 15th Century windows of an upstairs bedroom highlighted the intricate details of gowns and accessories.


A short late sixties inspired embroidered gown worn by Megan sets off the African flower and feathered mini fascinator stunningly. Very


chic for the modern girl.

Outside Tara wore a vintage black taffeta and velvet gypsy dress with turquoise, silver and black feathered headband.

Jamie was outstanding as the male model and captured the mood of his accessories with various poses. His suits came from a trusted source of vintage clothing in St Austell 'Preloved





unique style for the man who wants to experiment with colours and tailoring.


The stunning dresses were supplied by Bliss Bridal Gowns based in Perranporth where

Tracy Ashton has a reputation of being one of the friendliest and informative wedding dress suppliers in Cornwall. The hand beaded and feathered lace collars matched the guipure lace dresses perfectly and were an inspired alternative to veils.


The striking Tegen looked stunning in a lace gown with copper satin sash. Her tiara is a woven creation pieced together with vintage marcasite leaf, leather strips and mottled beads.


Tara (our cover girl) had two very contrasting looks. This simple silk ivory shift dress with ruffles had an amber bead and wood butterfly tiara with rich coffee coloured crochet gloves.


The hair and make-up was bold and befitting to the 'Tribe' theme - but not too theatri-

cal, so that brides and their attendants can see a diverse look for each outfit.



Photographer: Emma Morgan, Newquay, Cornwall Shoot location: St Benet's Abbey in Lanivet, Cornwall Stylist: Kyla Prior from Roamer Rose

MUA: Katarina Lategan Hair: Vicki Hoskin from Hair Artistry Lace Dresses by Bliss Bridal Gowns at Perranporth, Cornwall Other dresses from Cornwall Hospice Care, St Austell Branch, Cornwall Accessories: All hats, tiaras, collars, ties and leather male neck pieces are from Roamer Rose, Falmouth, Cornwall Male Attire:

Models: Tara Welsman , Tegen Mcleod, Megan Popperwell and Jamie Watson



Downstairs at Dolly’s

Had one suggested a registry office wedding with a kapow of panache and an opulence of elegance then surely the perfect reception after the ‘I do’s’ would be Dolly’s tearooms and wine bar in Falmouth. Full of quintessential Georgian charm and 1940’s accompaniments, these bygone eras merge beautifully to create a fantastic backdrop. With this in mind I

couldn’t think of a better venue to present the idea of ‘vintage fusion’ for today’s modern bride.

It is not always possible to stick solely to an authentic genre brief. Flexible ideas bring a welcome relief to not only the bride and groom but also to the rest of the wedding party. Roamer Rose who fashions head and body ornamentation in Cornwall decidedly went forth and planned this showcase to introduce a new concept in vintage bridal apparel.


On a sunny Sunday in May three stunning ladies are poised at Dolly’s waiting to be swept up and transformed by MUA Joanne Bates and Claire from Fuzion Hair. Photographer is the visionary master Lisa Simmons at Kernow

Photography; stylist and designer Kyla from Roamer Rose, waits to dress the models in versions of vintage and contemporary period gowns and bodices. A regal eighteenth century claret taffeta full length gown with an early twentieth

century style mauve rose ‘Petit Chapeau’ modelled by the sultry Jen Faulk’s.


A beautiful embroidered period bodice twinned with country ladies nineteen

forties suit merges Brief Encounter with Elizabethan courtier. The finishing touch is a perched blush and rose ribbon, feather and flowered hat - very Marie Antoinette’s boudoir.


Tiffany adorns a seventies Boho print dress teamed with a nineteen thirties canary yellow veiled fascinator. Definitely a more slinky and bold alternative to the traditionally cream


crepe of this era.

All these ‘looks’ are dramatically accompanied by the wonderful floral creations by Charlotte at Belladonna and create just as much impact as any white or ivory bouquets. The time spent sourcing pieces from different genres is what I love most about styling women that

have a special occasion where they want to stand out from the crowd.


More flounces are added as the day goes on with full fifties black petticoat matched with a slate grey taffeta corset with flower and pearl drop corsage. A dainty fascinator in powder blue with soft grey satin dahlia


completes the outfit.

Tegen’s final outfit is a pastel pink princess line fifties dress with gold lace overlay and tulle frilled underskirt. Her blush rose with metallic bow headband and lavender, lilac and mauve bouquet finishes this vision of loveliness perfectly‌



The last ensemble of the day presents Tiffany in a stunning floor length emerald green nineteen thirties chiffon gown, with seventies inspired applique butterfly headband in contrasting shades of aqua, gold and green. Once again the flowers offer a striking alternative for a bridal spray. Making accessories to complement the final outfit is a hugely rewarding part to my job as Roamer Rose’s designer. I love the ideas and challenges that clients present me with and our rapport is built upon their appreciation of my design skills and my fashion geanre experience. Today’s weddings are constantly evolving due to ever expanding venue and ceremony choices. Fashion equally, (which is undeniably ever more influential in the world of wedding attire) is still on its own cyclic path. Decades of styles can re-emerge as fusions and from small intimate weddings at tearooms to the larger outdoor festival types there is vast scope for further invention for today’s brides.

Photographer: Lisa Simmons

Petticoats from Courtnie Slaney


Flower bouquets by Charlotte:

Hats, head pieces, bags and gloves all from Roamer Rose Hair: Claire O’Brien collections. Bodices, claret taffeta, emerald green and print full length MUA: Joanne Bates (Beauty Within) dresses, burgundy suit are all stylists from Roamer Rose. Pastel Pink and gold occasion dress: Kirsty Warren Models: Tiffany Heath, Tegen Mcleod, Jen Faulks




Petit Chapeau


Photo by Ian R Eddy

What’s happened to the hat these days? Times are suggesting that apart from the sociable fashion culture of Ascot and the periodic costume drama, few ladies turn to the large challenging aspect of balancing these huge structures. The day hat perched light and frivolous is the decorative alternative that has taken headwear by storm over the last two decades. Fascinators are everywhere, and the vintage tribes especially love the full stop this accessory gives to an outfit. Brides are also turning to the tailored ‘Pill Box’ with bird cage veil as an alternative to an all encompassing tiered bridal veil. Many extravagant creations from Roamer Rose can come in small packages, as these beautiful images showcase. To conclude then, next time an invite comes your way that delightfully

includes wearing a hat -- definitely say yes! But wear the hat and not be drowned by it! Your hair and hat can equally shine, simply put little things can often have the biggest impact - especially in the imaginative millenary world of Roamer Rose….


At eight o’clock one Thursday morning in


September the sun was already shimmering across Falmouth and pouring through the large sash windows above Dolly’s tearooms. A


vase on the deep sill holds large sunflowers that doze in the heat nestled snugly amongst creamy mauve chrysanthemums. Sat on the


dining table is a proud pineapple. Wafts of lavender carries through the door and onto the

landing where the room is survey ready for today’s shoot.


Rebecca from Hilda Living appears with huge bags slung across her slight shoulders. They are bursting with colourful embroidered ferns leaves - glorious bold tints on billowy cushions. In the room, here and there, they are placed with great care. What a wonderful finishing touch, Rebecca is a true artisan of textiles. The hair rollers that were tightly pinned on Eloise are unfurled, the golden tresses subsequently swept into a version of seventies side rolls popular with Bridget Bardot and Britt Ekland.

With makeup of smokey eye shadow and glimmers of soft blush the ivory organza and crystal

flower combe is placed on Neila’s glorious masterpiece.



Scarlet is next to be seated, her hair whipped onto rollers and apricot kissed shades washed across lids. She is then ready to slip into a rich

cream chiffon and lace babydoll length dress. Deep rust gems and antique gold chains adorn the shoulders and coffee velvet belt. One of RR’s new autumn tiaras (Rome) is placed carefully on the ‘Shrimpton’ swept hair. Scarlet’s bright blue eyes and rich peach lipstick tie the look together.




In the boudoir Charlie dresses in a vintage ivory tea dress with applique piece on bib highlighted with red seed beads

and garnet crystals. She is seated on the sill teacup in hand sporting a cream lace headband with green enamelled and

crystal flower looking decidedly fem fatale.





By the Bay Tree


Later now and in the garden, Scarlet puts on cute embroidered gloves and a delicate

cream woven lace applique fascinator, which is perched, keeping the heavy fringe off the face. This sassy look was perfect for a bit of messing around - Bond girl style: weapon of choice – shovel and suggested place of incident – veg patch!


Eloise, tanned and glowing is captured here wearing a dress in cool off white

guipure lace with leather and lace belt,. It is accessorised with a vintage rose and

silver lace corsage. Later as she lounges against the stone wall it strikes me that this look takes her from Greek goddess to glorious 70’s western gal.


Both bouquets were designed and made for the shoot by Roamer Rose. They are used alternatively with the gowns and dresses: one being rustic and wild – almost desert flower in nature; the other a mix of delicate pink

rose and robust heather, bound by the last wild strands of clematis in my garden.



Charlie has now finished and swishes into the garden in full swing 60’s above

knee ivory crepe dress and matching fascinator in ivory velvet and applique lace/sequin detail. Her curls are now loose ringlets with high swept fringe and rich bronze lipstick complementing the look. Jessica arranges both Charlie and Eloise under the bay tree for several shots and close ups of dress details, we especially love the laughing shots.


B&W Edit



Dresses are bagged and rehung, tiaras and fascinators placed back into cabinets and the pineapple relaxes on a rocker. Many washed cups, handing

out of flowers and thankyou’s ensue; footsteps clatter back downstairs. Upstairs at Dolly’s is once again quiet and reflective; outback, the bay tree glorious in the sun.


Jessica Apps photography

Neila Dawes (hair and MUA)

Hilda Living (home textiles and styling)

Roamer Rose (dresses, accessories, flowers and styling)

Models: Scarlet O’neil Charlie Eloise

Dolly’s tearooms and Gin Palace (upstairs front room and garden)