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Through eyes of Culture By Clare Schubert Photography courtesy of Sam Kirk

"In addition to my own culture, I celebrate other cultures. As people move around the world, they merge their ethnic culture with community culture, which plays a role in developing their identity." ­SAM KIRK


aised in a multicultural family, surrounded by an array of cultures and traditions, Sam Kirk was often found mingling with various ethnic groups. From an early age, she was exposed to the melting pot that now defines the United States. As seen in her work today, Kirk plays with the intersection of culture and identity to raise cultural awareness and tolerance of those around us.

She wants her subjects to be known and recognized; in contrast to artists who simply paint their muses. Instead, she develops a full narrative which often address controversial topics such as race, sex trafficking, gentrification, poverty, and homelessness. Now, splitting her time between New York City and Chicago, Kirk still seeks inspirations on the streets of her two beloved cities. Above all, Kirk refuses to be another face in the crowd. She has chosen to take a stance against injustice and uses her artwork as a platform for generating effective dialogues about the future. Kirk serves as a representative for urban communities; we can only applaud her efforts and admire her determination for change.

While her use of vibrant colors, and playful imagery are sure to delight, what most impresses us about her work is the passion and inspiration behind it all. Activist, artist, and storyteller, Kirk beautifully captures the stories of those she meets. In 201 2, Kirk launched her site Provoke Culture which celebrates multiculturalism and dedicates itself towards Let’s first talk about Provoke Culture. The facilitating a more integrated United States.

concept of ‘culture’ can reveal itself in Kirk wants viewers to take notice and connect a different shapes and forms. The word itself of numerous components ranging specific story, cause or purpose to each piece. consists from identity, heritage, social behaviors, and dekit |


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