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Discover more at the library during Library Card Signup Month. Click the link to get started!

2 Click the link to visit DCPL’s new Lexile Recommendations page that will help you find a book on your reading level.


12 Calling all video game lovers! Click the link for a list of items to help you celebrate National Video Game Day LINK!

13 Today, we focus on positive thinking. Click the link to learn more about mindfulness and resilience. LINK!

7 Join Joe Wicks for five minutes of energizing fun! LINK!

14 Tomorrow is the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month. Join the celebration by clicking the link below! LINK!


Writing Prompt: If you could be any character from your favorite book, who would you be and why?


It’s important to know what to do if an emergency happens. Click the link to play Build a Kit and learn more.



Writing Prompt: Describe something in your life that makes you feel special.

21 Practice Volcano Breath. Palms together, lift them above your head and breathe in. Lower your arms to the side as you breathe out.


Would You Rather... be able to control fire, water, earth, or air? 1718 Act

Writing Prompts: Imagine that your family has won the lottery! What are three things you want to do with the money?


23 Today is the First Day of Fall! Click the link to visit BookFlix for a great pair

LINK! 3 4 Today is Labor Day!
the link to learn more about this holiday that honors workers all over the country. LINK! 5 Learn how to make 3-D paper apples! LINK! 6 Would You Rather... brush your teeth with soap or drink sour milk?
LINK! 10 11 Watch this video about the 9/11 Survivor Tree, then decorate a leaf as a symbol of hope and resilience. LINK!
of Kindness: Set the table for dinner.
19 Arrrr! Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Click the link for a list of great pirate books to check out at your local library. LINK! 20 Brush up on your physics and make your own color wheel spinner LINK!
24 25 There’s a new story on the DCPL Storyline! Call 404.370.3070 and press 7 to listen. 26 Act of Kindness: Talk to someone at school who you’ve never talked to before.
You Rather... fight off 100 pigeonsized zebras or one zebra-sized pigeon?
about the science behind
Crayola crayons are made! LINK!
of stories. LINK!
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the DCPL Kids website and scroll to the bottom to
your vote in this month’s poll! LINK! September 2023 EXPLORE MORE! September 2023 EXPLORE MORE! Find DCPL @dekalblibrary dekalblibrary.org Have some fun every day with these challenges. When you see a LINK!, click on it for more directions.
Prompt: Pretend you’ve traveled
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