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91-958 Laaula Street Unit 39E Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706 808-203-0661 Objective: My objective is to obtain a position that challenges me in my technical abilities and provides me with an opportunity to continue to advance my current knowledge base in the communications field. Work Experience: Intelsat Aug 2008 – Sept 2009 Network Controller: Monitoring and maintaining a Broadband Global Access Network (BGAN) which is comprised of L-Band User Terminals capable of 512down anywhere in the world by the coverage of 3 geosynchronous satellites, Back link to Radio access network is C-Band other components maintained consist of 2 OC3 backbone links which connect our global private network running MPLS over BGP. -OC3 ADM1 is Cisco ONS 15454 to NY>London, Second OC3 is connected through Fujitsu ONS to HongKong followed by ECI XDM add drop multiplexor which divide Optical Carriers down into multiple DS3 feeding our core network. Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)-Session manager for terminals, Gatewate GPRS Support Node (GGSN) Connects SGSN to OC backbone, Home Location Register (HLR) Connects to billing gateway, Satellite RF signal flow analysis through Inmarsat proprietary packet analysers, maintenance and documentation from Pilot Receivers, LNB, TWTA, BUC, Antenna Control Units, Payload Control System which coordinates with GRM frequency allocation (dhcp pool of frequencies) to dynamically allocate frequencies for CS and PS data sessions. Media Gateway (MGW), Mobile Switching Center (MSC). HARRIS CORPORATION Sep – Aug 2008 Senior Network Technician: Maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade FAA FTI network. Working with Cisco ONS 15216> 8Channel 4Add/4Drop DWDM at DC-ARTCC Compliance-Acceptance testing DS3 links, T1 & V.35 circuits which are regularly Bit Error Rate Testing service accepted tested operating with DNX-11 Multiservice Access Concentrator, DNX1-u, Harris Intraplex and Cisco equipment. Also working on a project to upgrade United Bank network equipment for multiple sites in the Northern Virginia Region going from 2500 & 2600 routers to Cisco 2811 routers to integrate into a MPLS network and updating images on HP Procurve Switches via TFTP. ITT Systems - Afghanistan Dec - June 2007 Satellite Technician: Maintained KU-Band V-Sat Terminal and troubleshoot any issues with the Promina multiservice access platform, load the Crypto with CYZ-10 into the KIV-7 and KIV-19, Upgrading key areas of our network for better throughput with Multimode Fiber using SC connectors and GBICs on our 2950s. I was also the site Network Admin with duties including the re-enabling ports, Upgrade Cisco 2600 Routers, 3550&2950 Switches and Firewall (525 PIX) IOS using TFTP. Configure Cisco 7900 series VOIP phones. Resetting port security and troubleshooting human error. Build and maintain Visio documentation database of network topology. Set up 2.4 meter mass antenna (Datapath) for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle feed with MPEG4 encoding. Multimax Corporation - Honolulu, Hawaii April – Dec 2006 Senior Network Technician: -Supported the NMCI (Navy Marine Corps Intranet) contract at the Pearl Harbor Network Operations Center monitoring and troubleshooting network with Cisco Works, Tivoli

Netview, Remedy Ticketing Systems. Configured Cisco Routers using OSPF, EIGRP. Work on NetScreen-Security Manager (Intrusion Detection Software) with Information Assurance to trace and disable ports of security violations via Cat-OS or IOS (Cisco) and update Access Control Lists to maintain the highest levels of Service Level Agreements. United States Army

2002 - 2006

125th Signal Battalion July - Oct 04: Supported Forced Entry Switch and Node Center providing SIPR, NIPR & VOIP to forces in Ghazni, Afganistan Dec –Feb 05: Provided SIPR,NIPR & VOIP for 4th Psyops group; also maintain civilian V-Sat For USAID in Tarin Kowt March - Trained communications personnel in remote provience on VSAT set-up and maintenance. Supported 7th group Special Forces providing communications support with Harris PRC117 single channel Tac-Sat radios. Honorable discharge March 2006 Education; *Currently Attending Heald College for Information Technology -Completed A+, Network+, MCSE 70-291 Classes/ Currently in Linux & SQL Server *Ericsson Certified Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)R4 Network Engineer *Ericsson Certified GSM/WCDMA M-MGW R4 Operator *Ericsson Certified Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN) Operator *Thrane&Thrane certified TT-6900 BGAN Radio Access Network Operator *Completed Cisco Certified Network Associate at Heald College June of 2006 *Certified Fiber Optic Technician & Specialist from Associated Tech College *Certification from DataPath for KU-Band Satellite in June of 2004 *Graduated US Army Airborne School in July of 2003 *Graduated a Network Switching Systems Operator from General Dynamics Apr2003 *Graduated US Army Basic Training at Fort Benning in December 2002 *Attended Monroe College in Rochester, NY for Intenational Business *Graduated with High School Diploma from DBCC in April 2001

References available upon request

Kevin Taylor Resume  

Kevin Taylor Resume

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