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Candidature for Medical Science Director


EMSA General Assembly 2012 – Yeditepe Istanbul

Dejan Jakimovski

Dear EMSAi, With this letter I’m providing my interest and qualification for the position of Medical Science Director in European Medical Student Association for 2012/2013. My name is Dejan Jakimovski and in the next several pages I attach my plan of action, my motivational letter and the CV. For













( Thank you for your time,

Yours, Dejan Jakimovski

Short Statement My name is Dejan Jakimovski, 4th year student at Medical Faculty in Skopje, Macedonia. From my first experience with EMSA-Macedonia as part of AIDS project to becoming Medical Science Coordinator, I had the opportunity to understand the role of student organization as EMSA in the everyday student life. Having an official position doesn’t make you any different for any regular member. In my personal opinion, any director should act and think like the regular student, there for making easy way to implementing the ideas and projects. Having everyday interaction with the members and the carefully organized Support Division will help not only improve the pillar itself, but as persons too. Being part of the ESD during last year, I’ve realized that Medical Science pillar is not that popular among students. By adding some social dimension into the matter, Medical Science will collect fresh and eager students that will continue the work. As important as making new interesting projects, we should always concentrate on maintaining and revitalizing the existing ones. Assigning local coordinators in every FMO will help promoting the idea. Regular, easy to access newsletter in a form of Facebook group, a blog or other popular social platform will bring the projects closer to the core members. I am confident that I understand the challenges facing this organization, and I think that I have the experience and skill to fulfill them. I hope that this short summary will take a glimpse into what can I offer to EMSA. I appreciate your support and will be happy if you accept my candidacy for Medical Science Director 2012/2013.

Europeanly yours, Dejan Jakimovski

Plan of Action 1. Successful hand over form the previous MSD 

Continuation of work with him

Face-to-Face meetings

2. The JTP ( Journal of Tomorrow’s Physician ) 

Partnering with medical congresses for constant influx of scientific papers

Education for the editorial student board

Acquiring renowned professors as editors in chief

Indexing the journal

Finance aspect

3. Combining projects 

Twin exchange research

4. Popularizing the ES-STEM and Secret Science Club 

Visiting lecturers in different FMO’s

Partnering with FMO’s into organizing Secret Science Club meetings ( visit your neighbor FMO by organizing the event )

Putting lectures for ES-STEM into medical congress and scientific meetings (ISCOMS, ZIMS, EMSCon, ESC-Berlin, NCM, GA )

5. Writing the handbooks of the projects 6. Helping students to contact and apply for work in medical laboratories 7. Organizing events where students can learn how to write a scientific paper, how to publish it and what is their impact on the scientific society






Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia




ul."Nikola Rusinski” 10/2-3, Skopje.

Phone Number:




Elementary School “ Lazo Trpovski “ Skopje, Macedonia


High School “Georgi Dimitrov”, (Mathematical Science), Skopje, Macedonia


Medical Faculty of Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Average score of 9.42 (5-10 score system) 50 Divizija 6, 1000, R. Macedonia (3rd year of General Medical Studies)

Work in EMSA-Macedonia:


Two year active member in the organization

Participant in the delegation of EMSA –Macedonia in the Zagreb International Medical Summit Member of the Organizing Committee of EMSA Summer School for Emergency Medicine 2012 -

Trainer for AIDS education in Macedonian High Schools


National Coordinators Meeting in Targu Mures – Romania 2012


Medical Science and Research Coordinator for 2011/2012 in EMSA-

Organization of the project „Right to Research“(later was accepted as part of the curriculum) -

Organization of the project Pathway of Science


EMSA Motivational Weekend 2012


Organization of project "Secret Science club"


Organization of the project "Pathway of Science"


Work as assistant for Medical Science Director 2011/2012

Professional education in the Medical area: 11th Zagreb International Medical Summit held from 9th-12th November 2011 34th International Medical Scientific Congress held from 12th-15th May 2011 in Ohrid 1 month of Professional Exchange Programme in the subject of Neurology at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital in Latvia. Certificate for attending the school “Scientific Paper – To be prepared and to be Published” from Institute of Immunobiology and Human Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University “St. Kiril & Metodij” Skopje

Work outside of Medicine field and other skills: -

Active participant in the workshop “Ethical tolerance”


Volunteering in “SOS Village”


2nd place in Regional Mathematical Competition 2000 - Skopje


3rd place in Regional Mathematical Competition 2001- Skopje


Negotiation and Teamwork




Oral (Speaking)





Excellent Leadership;

Communication Skills;

Study Smarter Computer/Technical Literacy; applications

Advanced knowledge of computers, hardware and software

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access Point, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop. Languages: -

Excellent knowledge of the English Language


5th degree of English Classes.


Excellent knowledge of the Serbian and Croatian Language


9 years of studies of German Language.


“B” category since 2008



Driver License:

Relationship status:

Hobby: -





Volunteering in NGOs

Medical Science Director  

EMSA GA Istanbul 2012

Medical Science Director  

EMSA GA Istanbul 2012