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Dear Sir or Madam,

TVITI Company d.o.o. from Belgrade is a private company that holds the place of a superior leader in production, trade, processing and export of Serbian supreme quality cherry. Also, TVITI Company is one of Serbia's leading refiners and exporters of the highest quality plum, raspberry, strawberry and other fruit. Our outset and a steady reliance for achieving and preserving that status have been and always will be centuries of history and tradition of fruit growing in Serbia. The results we attained by preserving the legacy of Serbian fruit growers' ancient mastery grant us the right to be your guides, here and now, on the journey through the orchards of our country. By applying and technologically developing our ancestors' knowledge of growing fruits of nature, we succeeded in achieving our life-long dream: quality, natural and healthy living and enjoying the beautiful gifts of the sky and the land. We invite you to join us, and help us strengthen these achievements, for ourselves and for generations to come.


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The mountainous and hilly Serbia is located in central part of Balkan Peninsula, on the crossroads between Western and Central Europe on one side, and the Middle East, Asia and Africa on the other.

Soil of Serbia

Its climate is temperate continental, with gradual transition between four seasons and an average annual temperature of 11-12°C. Average annual precipitation ranges from 600 mm to 800 mm in the plains and between 800 mm and 1.200 mm in the mountains. Northern Serbia is mainly flat, while its central and southern areas consist of highlands and mountains. Rolling hills and foothills support fruit and wine production and livestock breeding. Its total surface area is 8.840.000 ha. Farmland comprises 55 % of the total surface area, while 27 % is woodland. With its rolling hills and foothills, with its climate and pride-worth fertile soil, Serbia has all it takes for most successful growing of almost all continental fruit.


In that surrounding, on the land ideal for growing cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry and other continental fruit of the highest quality, TVITI Company owns more than 300 ha of plantations. From that very soil, every year, TVITI Company gets thousands and thousands of tons of fruit more, from the orchards of contract-farmers and from regular suppliers. That way, TVITI Company collects cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, blackberry and blueberry from another 2.000 ha of the top-level soil.





It is said that Serbia has all it takes for growing almost all continental fruit.

Orchards of Serbia

Well, there's nothing new about it. For centuries, on that soil, Serbians grew their fruit just for love and for their own needs. Mining was the main craft of mediaeval Serbia, the trade which filled Kingdom's treasuries and attracted foreign miners to come looking for work. All that time, during the Middle Ages, monks in monasteries grafted their fruit trees with devotion and zealously grew different sorts of quality fruit. Serbian peasants' love for their land and for their fruit, their mastery acquired during the centuries and the fruitful soil of Serbia are traditional guarantees of the highest quality. And these quality guarantees are still valid, for the same devotion and zealousness are still at work.


TVITI Company is a successor of ancient and a creator of new concepts on growing quality fruits of nature. Today, the diligent workers and qualified experts of TVITI Company apply this knowledge: Ê in preserving the existing and developing new sorts of fruit, thanks to the results of the researchers in domestic and foreign fruit science institutes and agricultural faculties, Ê in growing fruit on TVITI Company's plantations, Æ on more then 300 ha of orchards with the best Serbian cherry,

collecting 3.000 tons of cherry per year, as well as Æ on the surface that will cover more than 200 ha of owned orchards

with the best Serbian plum, Ê in maximum improvement of our quality control system, because - once it is collected and tasted, each fruit speaks for its grower and in the name of entire plantation from which it comes from.

TVITI Company's fruit comes from more then 2.000 ha of plantations, orchards of our contract-farmers, and of the land of fruit growers associated with our regular suppliers. Proudly looking back, TVITI Company steadily goes forward.




QUALITY RAISING Fruit Sorts of Serbia

The best domestic sort of cherry, as well as foreign and domestic sorts of highest quality plum, raspberry, strawberry, bilberry, currant and other continental fruit could appear, adopt and develop in Serbia thanks to the soil of the land and it's climate. Nevertheless, the most important secret ingredient of the Serbian sort-growing magic formulae hides in generations of its fruit growers, who have been passing their knowledge, their mastery and their love for the delightful fruits of nature to the new generations for nearly a millennium. That mastery and that love will last forever. So one shouldn't wander when one hears Serbian fruit growers mispronounce the name of a world-famous "Stanley" sort of cherry ("Stanlay"), or when one hears them say the name of the renowned raspberry "Willamette" with the wrong accent: in Serbian villages it is a custom to say the name of a dear and welcomed newcomer in a domestic manner.


Cherry is the pride of TVITI Company's fruit growing, processing, production and export. More then 300 ha of the highest quality plantations, property of TVITI Company, is planted with Oblačinska cherry, internationally recognized domestic sort. TVITI Company is supplied with the same Oblačinska cherry by its contract-farmers. Plum is the second most significant product of TVITI Company. When TVITI Company's plum plantations expand to more then 200 ha, whole that surface will be covered with two sorts: Čačanska lepotica ("The Beauty from Čačak") experts know that its name is not an exaggeration - and Požegača. TVITI Company also gets those two sorts from its contract-farmers. The sorts of raspberry that TVITI Company gets from its contract-farmers, processes and exports to the countries of European Union, are Willamette and Meeker. Those elite sorts are the most frequent sorts of raspberry in hills and foothills of Serbia. The sort of strawberry that TVITI Company gets from its contract-farmers, processes and exports to the countries of European Union, is internationally recognized and wide-spread sort Zenga Zengana. Among the fruit that TVITI Company gets from its contract-farmers, processes and exports, there also are blackberry, (wild and grown), currant and bilberry.




FRUIT QUALITY Orchardmen of Serbia

Serbian fruit-growers depend on the soil they live on and work. They don't get from the land more then they give it. It has been so for centuries, and it will be so always. Neither fruit growing techniques nor technological innovations could ever change that. Fruit growers know that. That is why the growing of every fruit in Serbia starts with zealousness and devotion of each Serbian fruit grower. Zealousness and devotion don't cease until the fruit reaches its buyer, because the fruit grower knows - you don't get from the buyer more then you give him. And only then the fruit grower can again begin with his favorite work: growing the new fruit. The fruit grower and his buyer depend on each other. Buyer is accustomed to the fruit of growers' hard and devoted work. The grower gets the deserved reward for that kind of work. That is the reason why both of them try their best to preserve and reinforce their mutual trust. And logically, that is where the stabile and constantly improving quality originates from.

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TVITI Company has established the direct contractual cooperation with more then 3.000 contractfarmers - independent fruit growers from the most developed fruit growing regions of Serbia. TVITI Company provides its individual contract-farmers with material and technical support in different phases of growing cherry, plum, and other fruit, from the first plant until the delivery. The volume and the kind of support are defined in each contract. Basic liability of each contract-farmer is application of all agricultural and other measures in order to ensure that his product, in each and every delivery, will meet the standards required for healthy food and top quality. That way, to all final buyers and consumers of TVITI Company's products, these contracts ensure additional guarantees of perseverance and constant improvement of quality of our cherry, plum, raspberry, strawberry and any other fruit that TVITI Company exports.

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QUALITY Buying-Up Network

TVITI Company uses the organized network of more then 200 buying-up stations, strategically spread in elite fruit growing regions of Serbia. The concept of a large number of local buying-up stations ensures the faster buying procedure from the start, because local staff has up-to-date record of contract-farmers whose products fulfill the requirements of export quality. On the other hand, the quality control of fruit delivered by suppliers is much easier and efficient, as well as sorting that fruit for different purposes that don't include processing and freezing for export needs. The system of local buying-up stations makes the time interval between the harvest and delivery of the yield significantly shorter then if the system of stations was regionally or centrally organized: vehicles of TVITI Company's rolling stock ensures that the fruit is in controlled conditions already during the transport.

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Cherry Plum Raspberry Blackberry Strawberry Blueberry Currant

Elite fruit growing regions of Serbia with more then 200 buying-up stations

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Production Centers

From more then 200 buying-up stations across the Serbia, TVITI Company transports the cherry and other fruit to its technologically upgraded production centers. They are strategically located in elite fruit growing regions of Serbia and in the vicinity of border crossings towards the European Union. TVITI Company's production centers are: 1. "Gređanka" in Velika Greda near Vršac, with 5.000 t refrigerator and processing capacity of more then 200 t of fruit per day; 2. Center u Varvarin with 4.800 t refrigerator and processing capacity of 200 t of fruit per day; 3. Center in Vršac with 3.000 t refrigerator and processing capacity of 80 t of fruit per day; 4. Center u Gadžin Han - in the final phase of realization -will have 2.050 t refrigerator and freezing capacity of 70 t of fruit per day. In its production centers TVITI Company employs more then 1.000 seasonal workers.

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TVITI Company's production centers: 1. Center in Velika Greda 2. Center in Varvarin 3. Center in Vršac 4. Center in Gadžin Han 5. Center in Smederevo 6. Center in Požega

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QUALITY EXPORT Fruit Trading of Serbia

200 years of modern state of Serbia, from the economical perspective, is 200 years of cattle breeding, crop farming and fruit growing. If in 19th century stock-farming presented the main trade and cattle were the most wanted merchandize, the first half of the 20th century in Serbia by all means belonged to fruit growing. At the very beginning of 20th century, fruit becomes the much-wanted merchandize on international market. It took Serbia just a couple of years to become the world leader of fruit industry and fruit to become its probably most valuable merchandize: Kingdom of Serbia in 1904 exported 108.000 t of prune‌

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TVITI Company proudly continues this tradition of leadership in exporting highest quality, granted to us by our soil, our climate, applied technologies and fruit growers of Serbia: Only during the year 2003, TVITI Company exported more then 15.000 t of frozen fruit to Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and other European countries.


Quantity (t)

Cherry (cherry-stone free)




Raspberry (Rolend)


Raspberry (Griz)












Total value of export in 2003: 14.000.000,00 > 17



FRUIT QUALITY Business Network

Business Offices of TVITI Company:

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1. Beograd (Head Office) 2. Stari Lec 3. Požega 4. Vodanj 5. Aleksandrovac

TVITI Company's business operations, from the work on its own plantations and growth of cherry and plum on them, via buying-up, transport, processing, freezing and export, to all other business activities of the Company, all are organized and lead from the TVITI Company's Head Office located in Belgrade. For coordination of realization of all field activities, TVITI Company founded Business Offices in: Æ Stari Lec, Æ Požega, Æ Vodanj near Smederevo, Æ Aleksandrovac.

Responsibility for high quality and professionalism of the Company, for leading and organization of all activities falls to 220 employees of TVITI Company. That number is in constant growth, simultaneously with the quantitative and qualitative expansion of Company's activities.

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QUALITY Strategic Aims

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TVITI Company's strategic plan is to achieve these goals in the shortest term possible and in the best possible way: Ê Expanding the total surface of owned fruit plantations near Stari Lec, where much wanted sort

of plum "Čačanska lepotica" will be implanted on more then 200 ha of top fruit growing soil, Ê Intermediation and consulting for the needs of potential foreign investors in technological

facilitation of agriculture in Serbia, Ê Embracing the newest technologies in the field of production, freezing and processing cherry

and other fruit, Ê Opening new markets for frozen cherry, plum and other fruit in Europe and all over the World, Ê Qualitative and quantitative improvement of TVITI Company's foreign trade network, Ê Founding of national business association of Serbian companies that export frozen fruit.

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Beside the basic operations - growing, processing, freezing and exporting fruit - business activities of TVITI Company also are:


Ê Service of freezing, processing and storage of fruit, at temperatures from -20° C to 0° C,


Other Qualities

Ê Domestic trade: Æ fertilizers, Æ chicken and chicken-products, Æ frozen fish, Æ fruit and fruit pulp.

In all our activities, TVITI Company stays dedicated to its prime mission: health and quality of life, with thanks to

Raising the Fruits of Nature.

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Tviti Company, B2B Brochure, 2004  

B2B Brochure of Tviti Company, Belgrade, Serbia; copyright by Gistro Advertising, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004

Tviti Company, B2B Brochure, 2004  

B2B Brochure of Tviti Company, Belgrade, Serbia; copyright by Gistro Advertising, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004