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eNotokozweni is a community center in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg, South Africa. The intent of this project was to provide a new community center on the existing land owned by the center. The focus of this proposal was creating a welcoming atmosphere for the community center while incorporating various levels of passive security measures to counter the existing aesthetic for community buildings in Alexandra. In addition the secondary focuses were on providing program spaces which could be used in support of various needs specified by the clients for both income generation and community center activities while maintaining a large amount of exterior green space at grade level. Images: Top Left- Night rendering of 12th and London Corner(Revit/Photoshop) Middle Left- second floor Plan (AutoCAD/Photoshop) Bottom Left- First Floor Plan (AutoCad/Photoshop) Middle Right- Rendering of the Playground (Revit/Photoshop) Bottom Right- North/South Section through Mandella Memorial Garden (AutoCAD/PhotoShop)

Images: Top Left- Rendering London Road and !3 Street Corner (Revit/Photoshop) Middle Left- Interior Rendering from 2nd Floor (Revit/Photoshop) Lower Left- East/West Section (AutoCAD/ Photoshop) Bottom Left- North/South Section through cultural center (AutoCAD/Photoshop) Top Right- Detail Section (AutoCAD/Photoshop) Bottom Right- Detail Section of South face of performance space and Mandella Memorial Garden (AutoCAD/Photoshop)


Edge is an observation tower along the Schulkyll River Trail in Philadelphia, Pa. This particular tower sits on a small plot of land adjacent to the art museum. It is purposed to be a resting stop along the trail, an observation tower for the surrounding area, as well as having a small display area where visitors can obtain information about the trail and the ongoing conservation efforts on the Schulkyll River. The tower is also outfitted with billboards to advertise up coming events. Images: Left- tower elevation from river side (Revit) Lower Right- Rendering of tower from land side (Revit) Top Middle- detail section of top platform (Revit)

Images: Top Left- Rendering of lower portion of tower (Revit) Middle Left- detail section of fist platform above grade(Revit) Bottom Left- detail section of lowest platform (Revit) Right- Section (Revit)









The intent of the project was to create a visitor’s center for an existing architectural landmark. The center would be located adjacent to the Kaufmann Desert House by Richard Nuetra in Palm Springs. The majority of the building is concealed within the hedge that surrounds the property so as not to detract from the existing landmark. The library within the center however is positioned to capture the most iconic view of the home.

Images: Top- model photo Middle- floor plans (graphite on vellum) Bottom- Constructed perspective (graphite on vellum)


The row home is designed for a pair of twin sisters in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. The program required a significant library as part of the home. Rather than consume valuable space on the small lot for the dedicated library, I created apertures in the majority of the walls which intern function as book storage. This permits the sisters to determine their own sense of privacy within the home dependent upon the placement of the books.

Images: Top Left- Constructed Perspective (graphite on bond) Middle Left- site plan with surrounding context (graphite on bond) Bottom Left- Elevations and Sections (Graphite on Bond) Right- Floor Plans (graphite on Bond)

LIVE-WORK HOME The Live-Work Home project is a media project designed to focus less on the technique of design and specific details but rather to focus on using different types of media to express design choices. All drawings were completed on individual sheets of bristol board with subsequent alterations made on the same board by erasing, or covering over the original material. Images: Top Left- Constructed Perspective (Graphite on Bristol, graphite wash) Bottom Left- Floor and Roof Plans (Graphite on Bristol, colored pencil) Top Right- Elevation and Section (Graphite on Bristol, black gesso) Bottom Right- Elevation and Section (Graphite on Bristol, black gesso)

HYBRIDIZATION (Knight + Victorian Lamp)

The intent of the project was to take two dissimilar objects and model them in 3DS Max. After which a third object was generated as a hybridization of the first two objects. The hybrid is intend to be a third object which in some way creates or informs architectural space. In this case the third object is a sculptural element which children can play in, on, or around.

Images: All modleing and rendering done in 3DS Max


The intent of the project was to develop and implement a master plan for the revitalization of a Philadelphia neighborhood. This particular neighborhood is bordered by Girard Ave, and Master Street; as well as 2nd Street and 11th Street. The master plan was developed to institute new housing construction of multiple types, civic use buildings as well as commercial construction. Step 2 of the project narrowed the scope of the master planning and development of a specific site. The chosen site is located on the corner of 5th Street and Girard Ave and will combine commercial, civic, and residential uses.

Images: Top Left-Overall Master plan of entire Neighborhood (Rhino model) Middle- Master plan of the 5th St. and Girard Ave. Site (AutoCad) Lower Left- model photo of proposed master plan Bottom Middle- model photo of proposed master plan Bottom Right- model photo of proposed master plan

Step 3 of the project further narrowed the scope to a small 30-40,000 square foot section of the master plan limitied to the corner along Girard Ave opposite the 5th St. intersection. This portion of the site will house two theaters, art galleries, and a small cafe.

Images: Top Left-Lowest level Floor Plan (ink on vellum) Middle Left- First Level Below Grade Floor Plan (ink on vellum) Lower Left- Grade Level Floor Plan (ink on Vellum) Top Middle- Sections (ink on Vellum) Bottom Middle- Sections (ink on Vellum) Bottom Right- Elevations (graphite on Vellum)


The intent of the project was to develop a cultural center which will function as an extension of the new Kensington High School of the Arts under construction on a nearby property. The Cultural Center incorporates art galleries, two theaters, a cafe, community room, and 20 single occupancy apartments for faculty.

Images: Top Left-Model Photo of interior plaza Middle- Constructed Perspective of the corner of the site (graphite on bond) Lower Left- Model Photo of the street front presence of the center Bottom Middle-Model Photo Bottom Right- Floor Plan of level below grade (graphite on bond)

Images: Top- Section(graphite on bond) Middle- Section (graphite on bond) Middle Left- Section (graphite on bond) Middle Right- Section (graphite on bond) Bottom Left- Floor Plan grade level (graphite on bond) Bottom Right- Floor Plan 2nd Floor (graphite on bond)


The intent of the project is to crate a center for dance in Mount Airy, Pa. The secondary goal is to preserve the stone ruin as well as work with the natural forces on the site (sun, wind, water). This design focused on water, seeking to capture runoff while displaying the filtration process in a visually captivating manner. This also served to prevent the further polution of the nearby creek.

Images: Top Left- Section Perspective (graphite on bristol, mounted on black bristol) Bottom Left- Model shot of performance area Bottom Middle(left) - Circulation Diagram (White pencil on black bristol) Bottom Middle(right)- Diagram (white pencil on black bristol) Right- Diagram (white pencil on black bristol) Bottom Right- Runoff Diagram (white pencil on black bristol)

Images: Top Left- Floor Plan grade level (White pencil on black bristol) Bottom Left- Floor Plan below grade (White pencil on black bristol) Top Right- Model Photo of dance studios and center circulation Bottom Right- Section Perspective (Graphite on Bristol, mounted on black bristol)


College of Architecture and the Built Environment

The intent of the project was to design a new home for the College of Architecture and the Built Environment on the campus of Philadelphia University. The objective was to take all of the undergraduate level programs and house the majority of their classes and studios within the same building to foster a greater level of collaboration between years and programs. The idea was to create a building to allow the design process to be visible, and create usable outdoor spaces for those who occupy the building as well as other members of the campus.

Images: Top-Rendering of main entry (Revit) Middle- Building Section (AutoCad, Photoshop) Bottom Left- Bottom Floor Plan (AutoCad, Photoshop) Bottom Middle(Left)-Grade Level Floor Plan (AutoCad, Photoshop) Bottom Middle(right)- 1st Floor Plan (AutoCad, Photoshop) Bottom Right- 2nd Floor Plan (AutoCad, Photoshop)

Images: Top Left-Building Section (AutoCad, Photoshop) Far Right- Detail Section (AutoCad, Photoshop) Middle- Building Section (AutoCad, Photoshop) Bottom Left-Detail Section of a Studio (AutoCad, Photoshop) Bottom Right- Rendering (Revit)

BANK OF THE FUTURE The intent of this project was to design a prototype bank of the future for a competition sponsored by TD Banks. The idea was to take hold of the clients desire for the bank’s architecture to create a wow factor, and become the highlight destination rather than just the next stop on a list of errands.

Images: This Page: Top-Model Photo of Main entry Lower Left- Interior Rendering of Teller counter (Rhino Model, Rendering in 3DS Max) Middle- Exterior Rendering from parking lot (Rhino Model, Rendering in 3DS Max) Bottom Middle-Interior Rendering (Rhino Model, Rendering in 3DS Max) Next Page: Top Left- Floor Plan (AutoCad, Photoshop) Top Right- Overhead Model Photo of Teller Area Bottom Left- Overhead Model Photo Bottom Right- Construction Detail/Section Perspective (ink on bristol, rendered in Photoshop)


Collection of Architectural projects completed as an Undergraduate student at Philadelphia University

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