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The Divine Deita

“DEITA KLAUS, “Goth Queen of the Galaxy”, was formerly Dawn La Rue, founder of Near Death Experience (NDE) an LA Goth Band and Lead singer for the Chicago cult band, Surrendur Dorothi. Deita Klaus emerged from the Galaxy, after a big bang. The phenomenon was beyond words.” Those are the opening words said to us by Deita Klaus, an American singer songwriter who is set to become massive. In the States Deita Klaus has already picked up a collection of nominations and awards for things such as ‘best album’, ‘best song’, ‘best newcomer’ etc. Over on these shores Deita is now on photo exhibition at the “De La Salle” theatre in Bournemouth and ‘Bloody Kisses’ has also been added to the house soundtrack! Deita Klaus is a creation and collaboration of Deita Klaus and Susan Friedricks: Dream Girl World Records (DGW). Susan is Executive Producer, DGW records, Co-Writer and Lead Triton Keyboard Player for Deita Klaus Deita gives us a brief description of her music and where it comes from. “Ominous gray clouds, shrouded a harvest moon, the night two white night doves silently landed at her feet, cooing as they hypnotized rocker Dawn LaRue, into a deep sleep. The last moment that Dawn remembered was sitting on the

moon in the black night, surrounded by a Starfest, reading from, “The Order of the Golden Dawn” Tarot.” Deita continues, “Rising in a meadow surrounded by staring dear, Dawn saw fairies dancing on the edge of an old growth forest as she awoke in awe. The two Dream Girls rose to their feet, and started singing, a glowing purple humming bird approached. Deita Klaus looked around and realized everything had changed. “Where am I… what is this galactic Dream girl world”? At once the hummingbird bird spoke, and at that moment, the entire Galaxy seemed to stop and listen. She said, “You are the, “Goth Queen of the Galaxy”, your new name is Deita Klaus, and these are your songs…” After that fateful day, Deita Klaus, “Goth Queen of the Galaxy” and Susan Friedricks

have continued to channel sacred songs.” Susan Friedricks speaks of her comember very positively, “She is a gorgeous dark, voluptuous, woman with emerald green eyes that cast exotic spells. Her voice echoes angels and devils in the sexy gravel tone that is her special sound. Deita is certainly one of the most compelling voice’s in Goth and beyond. She is truly a galactic singer, songwriter and musician. The Deita Klaus following goes beyond borders of music genre and countries because Deita Klaus’ songs spring from the Galaxy. The songs are narrative; they are life, like velvet ‘Bloody Kisses’ [Deita Klaus’ biggest hit”]. Deita inspires and seduces her listener as she shares her world in the music.” 11

So far, Deita Klaus has not had any mainstream success this side of the Atlantic. In fact, it’s fair to say that even in the underground word is building slowly. But from

those that are in the know there is a buzz going on and many believe Deita Klaus could be the best Goth act to come out of America for years… “I love the UK and feel it has been my home in a past life.” Begins Deita, “I believe the voice that sprang from me on ‘Penny Dreadful’ is an English woman I once was. The USA is wonderful, though I hate the war, but I consider, Deita Klaus, to be part of the world order of music. As the, “Goth Queen of the Galaxy” my home has no borders, it is where black, white and all colors, ideas and spirits merge.” The latest album from Deita Klaus is ‘The Order of the Golden Dawn’ and album full of influences including; “Love, Truth, Peace, Pain, Bliss, Misery, Tragedy, Spirit, Soul, Blood, Secrets, The Sea, Life, Birth, The Doves, The Hummingbird, the Stars, Moon, Sun, 9/11…and a gift from the heavens!” The key to ‘…Golden Dawn’ is that every song on the album has a tarot card that goes with it. “A different Major Arcana card in my treasured ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ Tarot deck inspires all of the songs.” Explains Deita. “For example ‘Bloody Kisses’ owns 12

‘The Lovers’ card, ‘Vampire’ is the ‘Death’ card and ‘Las Vegas’ is the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ card” Among the songs on the album there is ‘Saint Diana’, represented by the ‘Empress’ card, which has helped build a lot of publicity for Deita Klaus as it has been deemed somewhat controversial. Deita explains how she intended it to be interpreted “Every woman wants an ageless love song written for her. I chose Diana, Princess of Wales, because she was a beautiful and tortured soul who died a tragic death. I

somehow felt close to her and wanted to express my feelings in a song. The songs are channeled; they truly do spring from another world. Maybe she talks to me. I don’t question inspiration.” One thing that has to be said about ‘…Golden Dawn’ is that it really does live up to expectations, at least to these ears. You can read a full review in the reviews section of this issue. There is one question has to be asked from this, with an album that is so strong, how can Deita Klaus follow it up? “The upcoming album is, not surprisingly, entitled, ‘Goth Queen of the Galaxy’ The New Album is coming soon to rock your world!” enthuses Deita. Deita further explains, “Every inspiration, like a moment in time,

is new and different, change is inevitable, and joy or horror. It’s hard to put new musical ideas into words. We like to experiment, and always create from the heart without limitations. Be Patient…. The reward of patience is patience, as my little Zen book says.” Deita is confident the new album will be well liked, “You will love the new songs, I promise. As I said, the new album is coming soon to inspire your soul and grab you by the throat… in a good way. Great dance tunes to.” Of course with each album comes a tour, so what are Deita Klaus’ tours like? “Think about the best Horror Rock show you can imagine…” begins Deita, “This is a tale of “Deita Klaus – Goth Queen of the Galaxy”, she welcomes you into her Dark Dream Girl World, with fairies, devils, angels, vampires galore. Sponsored by Dream Girl World Records (DGW Records). The show is a Gothic Galaxy inspired Extravaganza. The tour will launch the new album, Get ready….”

You can find out more about Deita Klaus and the tour online at: – ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ is out now!

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Deita Klaus – Order of the Golden Dawn (DGW Records)

of CD e th er! rt a Qu Every now and then you discover a band that you’re sure is going to be big. Every now and then you discover a band that you’re sure could well become massive. Every now and then you come across an album that you just have to say “wow!” no matter how many times you listen to it. Well folks. Deita Klaus are one of those bands, and ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ is one of those albums. Deita Klaus are already off to a head start with my claim, having winning or being nominated for many awards and having many songs used on TV shows. ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ really is an everysong-a-winner album. There really is a lack of weak spots, but a plentiful supply of strong tracks. The CD contains 13 tracks, all quite erotic (even if not about love or sex) and Vamperic (even if not about Vampires!) and all demonstrating Deita

Klaus’ spectacular songwriter skills. Al tracks more guitar and drum machine driven. Likely to be very popular with some of the older Goths, but no reason why it shouldn’t expand beyond that! To do a review that gives this CD the full credit it deserves I would probably have to write pages of detail. I can’t realistically do that so we’ll have to brush through some of the tracks. The CD starts blazing from both barrels with the dynamic ‘Bloody Kisses’ and ends with the piano-ballad of ‘Las Vegas’, one of the albums only quiet parts. On the ride between the two is the epic ‘Gothic Gospel’, which starts slow before speeding to a nice rhythm, the strip-club-esque ‘Deita Von Teaze’ and the seductive ‘Vampire’ to name but a few of the gems present on this album. I couldn’t do this review and not mention “controversial” single ‘Saint Diana’, an alternative tribute to Princess Diana, completed with traditional two-step with a nice groove for dancing into. Overall this really is a ‘must have’ album – it’s only a matter of time before Deita Klaus burst through the seams and it really is the best time to catch it fresh. I believe in ten years time we’ll be talking about Deita Klaus like we talk about bands like The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission or Bauhaus now. That she’ll become one of the great Goth Icons. But don’t just take my word for it . . . . . . . . . . .(10) Kevin Morris 33

DEITA KLAUS The Divine Deita TWF Magazine Cover and Review  
DEITA KLAUS The Divine Deita TWF Magazine Cover and Review