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The new(ish) situational comedy The Big Bang Theory has become a big hit in the comedy world. It is about four male scientist friends who inherit a blonde girl friend, and later another scientist woman. Sheldon is a socially awkward theoretical physicist, Leonard is not as socially awkward but he does seem to have some trouble with woman, Penny, whom Leonard has some trouble getting the attention of, is the new neighbor who works as a waitress. We are introduced to Howard, the womanizer, and Raj, the shy boy, along with Amy, the female version of Sheldon except she is a neuro-biologist. All together this crazy bunch creates a sit-com that makes fun of everyone in a carefree way. This show definitely fits into the situational comedy category. It does because in every episode the writers allow the characters to put themselves into situations that shouldn’t be funny, but somehow become so with speech and the use of body language. I haven’t seen another show like this one that shows people who have just started living their lives, after college, that were mostly scientists. I think this show is an awesome representation of people we don’t see that much of in TV. Although, even though that difference is substantial there are aspects that are similar to other shows. For instance, this show is about a group of friends who revolve around each other, involving love, breakups, and bonding. I happen to really enjoy this show, because it is so easy to laugh at. Sheldon’s character is able to say the weirdest things, but make them funny due to the way he says them, and when he says them. When watching the Big Bang Theory one can assume that whatever he is saying is beyond the reach of some people so when he meets those people from time to time he is able to take that ability and let it shine. I like this show because it shows the lives of people who aren’t normally exaggerated in other shows. The life and times of the above average smart man are something that it new and exciting to see. The Big Bang Theory has proven to be a great show that shows how people press social constraints with new ways of thinking. Overall this episode showed how different people are able to interact and break apart from each other in many ways. This gives the average American a perspective that they had only thought of before, now they are able to see what “actually” happens.

The Big Bang Theory