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edition 01 | 2010

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Troy Bayliss Superbike World Champion 2008


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urban Mitch Hewing, Australia Elouen Bonnet, USA Sina Chida, Australia

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sports Alban Klose, France RenĂŠ Marx, South Africa Helen Heibuch, Germany

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nature Dominik Schlund, Iceland Katharina Glaser, Austria Frank Hofmann, Tanzania Philipp Kampen, Australia Kim Yen Il, Australia

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“Print is alive as it makes you smarter.

TV makes you stupid and the Internet

only makes you fast.” Thomas Koch, media-planning luminary from Düsseldorf, Germany

Hey there early birds and print-lovers, I am proud to present to you the debut issue of the deinblick magazine, the first international user-generated life magazine. You’ve been very motivated in participating in this new approach which is combining fast social media interaction and inspiring printed work. More than a hundred contributions from five different continents let us travel the planet of ours while composing this magazine. We picked the best and most exciting uploads to create what is waiting for you now; authentic views and perspectives from all over the world that make deinblick so special and unique. No more intros now. Otherwise you will never ever read any of deinblick’s future editorials. Just enjoy this magazine as hard as you can. “Pure Energy” unleashed! Chris deinblick 01 |2010


01 | music

“Most of the people who become musicians have some musical background. I mean to say that they are exposed musical training from an early age on, they learn play the piano or sing in a choir for example. Today, I’m thankful that my parents put me through piano lessons starting at the age of nine. It awakened my devotion

photo by || Natalie Shainholtz

photo || Tel Aviv, ISR


author || Nir Ivenizki

to music.”

The LEGOTEK Project

LEGOTEK GROUP is an ambitious group of people from the Tel Aviv techno community founded by Nir Ivenizki in 2007. They decided to change the atmosphere of Israeli nightlife by mixing techno beats & house music with various types of art thus creating unforgettably pure and energetic events.

deinblick 01 |2010


01 | music

“Until the age of 15 I have been listening to Jazz, old school stuff and Ska music. Then muThe name LEGOTEK derives from creating something

oped LEGOTEK rather slowly, using contacts to German and Israeli DJs as well as artists. Today it is a movement which is starting to create an international stir.

electronic beats. Moreover the activities of the Detroit-Techno sound influenced me to get into

photos by || Tel Aviv, ISR

beats. In its early days, Nir and Doron Eisenberg devel-

Kraftwerk built the bridge to

artwork by || Jellyfish MK

new out of different pieces: LEGO bricks of electronic

sicians like Herbie Hancock and

the techno community.�

What makes this project so unique is its crossover approach. Each of the LEGOTEK events has a unique concept, merging music and art in a constantly changing and always special way. These guys mix up art exhibitions or even design markets with DJs and techno parties as well as video art. Their street bashes, openair-raves and roof top parties are legendary. deinblick 01 |2010


01 | music

“Today I manage the LEGOTEK GROUP, a group of artist and musicians coming together as one.”

“One of our targets is to raise Israel’s rate of urban culture and to push the night life, particu-

record label promoting different international artists and will release a magazine in 2011. The overall goal is to open the doors for new and upcoming artists, providing an environment that lets them present

artwork by || Jellyfish MK

sional booking agency. In addition, they created their own

larly in Tel Aviv, where the ratio photo by || Natalie Shainholtz

Nowadays they make big efforts to shape up as a profes-

of places to perform and the amount of DJ’s won’t add up.”

their work to a fast-growing international audience. Vinylloving musicians and ambitious arts projects are currently pushing the Israeli culture and lifestyle vibes forward. All eyes and ears on LEGOTEK! deinblick 01 |2010


05 | nature

author || Frank Hofmann


photo || Lushoto, TAN

Lechtaler Alps

A beautiful wild chameleon in the highlands of Lushoto. They are rare to find and slow movers but fast and full of energy when catching their prey.

author || Katharina Glaser


photo || The Alps, AUT

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. I am standing next to a glacier lake in the Lechtaler Alps near the Memminger Hütte – the pure air, the silence of the mountains, the crystal blue skies. That’s what pure energy is to me.


deinblick 01 |2010


06 | art

I’m a painter. To me colour is energy; pure energy. author || Sandra Danner


acrylic on canvas

Energy could be a bright red or a shining yellow. You can choose a light blue as well. For me the colour of energy changes, depending on the mood I am in. My way of working is to translate a subject into my very own language of colours. It’s not really important what the painting is about. I want the viewer to be caught up and literally dive into the very emotion I had while painting the picture. Thus the viewer is able to feel the power of my work. So let my paintings bright-up your life.

deinblick 01 |2010


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deinblick 01 |2010


deinblick issue 01|2010 - Pure Energy  
deinblick issue 01|2010 - Pure Energy  

I am proud to present to you the debut issue of the deinblick magazine, the first international user-generated life magazine. You’ve been ve...