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01 | music

your authentic life magazine “Most of the people who become musicians have some musical background. I mean to say that they are exposed musical training from an early age on, they learn play the piano or sing in a choir for example. Today, I’m thankful that my parents put me through piano lessons starting at the age of nine. It awakened my devotion

photo by || Natalie Shainholtz

photo || Tel Aviv, ISR


author || Nir Ivenizki

to music.”

The LEGOTEK Project

LEGOTEK GROUP is an ambitious group of people from the Tel Aviv techno community founded by Nir Ivenizki in 2007. They decided to change the atmosphere of Israeli nightlife by mixing techno beats & house music with various types of art thus creating unforgettably pure and energetic events.

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03 | organic

Energetic Close-Ups

your authentic life magazine This cactus was portrayed in the Munich botanical gardens. It makes no breakneck moves, has no voice to shout or roar or sing, is rooted to one spot – and yet: it’s stunningly alive, intense, powerful.

author || Anna Egger


photo || Munich, GER

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04 | sports

Dune du Pyla

your authentic life magazine

lenge as it’s not winning the festival by flying ultimate height or maximum distance. Instead you have to come up with the most spectacular trick and nearest stunts to the ground.

photo || Dune du Pyla, FRA

This paragliding festival is an extraordinary chal-


more popular since the Wagas Festival came here.

author || Alban Klose (Albanese)

Europe’s coolest soaring hot spot has even gotten

120 meters high, 3 kilometres in length, 500 meters wide: Dune du Pyla is Europe’s biggest sand box. 150 years ago this dune was formed by the sea and the wind. Nowadays it’s moving inland constantly displacing 8,000 m2 of wood every single year. deinblick 01 |2010


04 | sports

Pure Energy

The waves I am carving into the water make me feel alive. the cable’s strength. Absolute concentration; just not miss

this is wakeboarding to my life.

the ramp. I want to feel even more energy. Hell yeah, give this is happening in slow motion. I can even hear my heart

First turn is done and I got back the feeling. May I take the

the right moment. There it is! I reach the top, am touching

first kicker now? My obsession is guiding me directly onto

the peak, holding balance while doing a “three sixty.” All

me more!

beat. And all of a sudden I am off the box, with high speed back on the water. What a ride!

I am slightly twisting to let the cable pull me with maxiI am standing there, the wakeboard already fixed to my feet. There are

mum power way off the water. Then it’s just air and style. One last trick. One more turn. I am jumping up in the air

only a few seconds left before the cable will pull me roughly out on the

I try to fix a certain spot on the shore. I got it, switch the

water. What stunts will I come up with today? No time for thinking …

dumb-bell and touchdown! Perfect timing, precise landing too slowly. No time for any correction. I am smashing right

making a rotation, feeling pure energy. But the board turns

back on the water. But no time to rest …

into the water. Spectacular but painful. God damn it!

up. And off we go within a blink. You can feel the energy of the water under-

A perfect day. Let’s challenge the slider. I’m getting closer

Hey, but no worries. This thrill is worth it and season has

neath the board. Yey, this is going to be a cool season this year!

and closer. Wow, it’s never been that high and frightening.

just begun!

No way back – I give it a try, slightly flip the board, watch

A story about Susan Heibuch, written by Helen Heibuch.

photos by || Steffen Dedecke

photo || Berlin, GER


author || Helen Heibuch (milanky)

I look at the dumb-bell in my hand. I can hear the “Click” of the cable hooking

your authentic life magazine

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05 | nature


your authentic life magazine

Dettifoss is a waterfall in Jökulsárgljúfur National Park of Northeast Iceland, not far from Mývatn. It is situated on the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river, which flows from the Vatnajökull glacier and collects water from a large area in Northeast Iceland. The falls are 100 m wide and have a drop of 44 m down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon. It is the largest waterfall in Europe in terms of volume discharge, having an average water flow of 200 m3/s. author || Dominnik Schlund


photo || Dettifoss, ISL

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05 | nature

your authentic life magazine

author || Frank Hofmann


photo || Lushoto, TAN

Lechtaler Alps

A beautiful wild chameleon in the highlands of Lushoto. They are rare to find and slow movers but fast and full of energy when catching their prey.

author || Katharina Glaser


photo || The Alps, AUT

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. I am standing next to a glacier lake in the Lechtaler Alps near the Memminger Hütte – the pure air, the silence of the mountains, the crystal blue skies. That’s what pure energy is to me.


deinblick 01 |2010


05 | nature

your authentic life magazine

of Sydney. I have so many good memories of it.

author || Kim Yen Il


Great Ocean Road

Centennial Park photo || Great Ocean Road, AUS

author || Philipp Kampen (Morph)


photo || Sydney, AUS

The Photo was taken on the 26th of August in 2007. I miss the Centennial Park

This is no special but very beautiful spot aside the Great Ocean Road in Australia. The reason I chose this picture is because of the road’s history. Building this road meant huge amounts of energy. Although planned in 1864 the rugged, steep and inaccessible coastline made it nearly impossible to build it for a long time. Started in 1919 the Road was not finished before 1932. It’s only been roughly 250 km from Geelong to Warrnambool both in the state of Victoria, Australia. But it took thousands of soldiers to build it.

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author || Susann Freitag (msfriday)


photo || Palms Springs, USA


06 | art

your authentic life magazine

I took this picture while driving in a car through the streets of Palm Springs at night. By using time exposure, I got that very abstract but highly energetic picture.

deinblick 01 |2010


to find a new interpretation of beer and food in general.

ing action, foot, and emotions to capture it in a picture.

Foodstuff can definitely be energetic and full of action, too. To my mind this is a totally new dimension of photography. Therefore, what I am trying to do is to tell a story with a single shot, instead of just taking a picture showing the ob-

And this is pure energetic work.

ject. It has to be different at first sight. The photo must be alive. That’s why I am choosing names awaking emotional feelings such as “Schwanensee” or “Rock’n’Roll”.

author || Hellmut Neugebauer

It feels like composing a piece of music when I am combin-


My goal to achieve with this work named “Action Beer” is

photo || Duisburg, GER

Action Beer

06 | art

your authentic life magazine



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06 | art

your authentic life magazine

Cologne 2009 – the picture is an Fine Art Print on Dibond, 20 x 30 cm; edition author || Pietro Broggini


photo || Cologne, GER

author || Lucian Mitiu


photo model || Janine Mackenroth

of 03. It was shown at the “Summer extra Small” by Arsprima, Milano, in 2009.


deinblick 01 |2010


06 | art

your authentic life magazine

I’m a painter. To me colour is energy; pure energy. author || Sandra Danner


acrylic on canvas

Energy could be a bright red or a shining yellow. You can choose a light blue as well. For me the colour of energy changes, depending on the mood I am in. My way of working is to translate a subject into my very own language of colours. It’s not really important what the painting is about. I want the viewer to be caught up and literally dive into the very emotion I had while painting the picture. Thus the viewer is able to feel the power of my work. So let my paintings bright-up your life.


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Ronald Mauthe, GER

Jennifer-Isabel Matthies, GER

Clara de Lama, ESP

Manuel Platzer, AUT

Marco Saridzic, GER

Eveline Hauptkorn, GER

Stefan Scheller, GER

Ernst Egener, GER

Peter Greifenhagen, AUS

Jan Behrens, GER

MIchael Pongratz, GER

Viktoria Pertl, GER

Cornelia Hirtreiter, AUT

“Please don’t despair; the next issue’s topic will be announced at the beginning

A battery, a heart-rate, a longlasting connection,

all the other contributors

that can never be disturbed or destroyed … that’s forever, that´s longlasting love!


Our Tribute to

author || Cornelia Hirtreiter (Ch.)

of October 2010.”

your authentic life magazine

author || Ronald Mauthe, GER

author || Clara De Lama, ESP

author || Jennifer-Isabel Matthies, GER

author || Ernst Egener, GER

author || Peter Greifenhagen, AUS

author || Viktoria Pertl, GER

author || Manuel Platzer, GER

author || Stefan Scheller, GER

author || Eveline Hauptkorn, GER

author || Marco Saridzic, GER

author || Jan Behrens, GER

author || Michael Pongratz, GER

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Viðar Svansson, ISL

Elisabeth Burwitz, GBR

Thomas Hutter, SUI

Gerd Leonhard, SUI

Eveline Hauptkorn, GER

Robert Herrmann, BRA

Adam Aizenberg, ISR


Prinz München, GER

Michael Pongratz, GER

Anna Niestroj, POL

Susanne Kühnl, GER

Maria Neupert, ISR

Gilbert Musing, USA

Torben Wamser, GER

Helen Heibuch, AUT

Melanie Weixelbaum, GER

Dominik Schlund, GER

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Mimi Ansorge, GER

Hendrick Hornung, GBR

Michael Röder, GER

Yuki Kawaguchi, GBR

Peter Greifenhagen, AUS

Viðar Svansson/ Dominik Schlund, Reykjavík, ISL Adam Aizenberg, Tel Aviv, ISR Elisabeth Burwitz, London, GBR Torben Wamser, Hamburg, GER Hendrick Hornung, London, GBR PLUCINSKY (Restaurant/Café)/Dominik Schlund, Berlin, GER Susanne Kühnl & Melanie Weixelbaum, Munich, GER

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Peter Greifenhagen, Sydney, AUS Yuki Kawaguchi/ Dominik Schlund, Oxford, GBR Michael Röder, Berlin, GER Michael Pongratz, Mannheim, GER Robert Herrmann, Saõ José dos Campos, BRA Maria Neupert, Tel Aviv, ISR Helen Heibuch, Innsbruck, AUT

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deinblick debut issue - Pure Energy (Show Up Review)  
deinblick debut issue - Pure Energy (Show Up Review)  

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