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our timeline 2011

FEBRUARY • Local GPs make first contact

with BCMA.


MARCH • First Divisions information night in Victoria attended by 17 GPs. hat YOU

• Incorporation and signing of DOI by all partners.

• Document of Intent (DOI) and mission and vision statements developed. • Workshops on non-profit society governance.

• First major information night attended by 86 GPs. Victoria Division formed and board of directors established. Tell us w




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all members engagement

inform wish to attend · contact groups you topics of requirements · dates and or accessibility · dietary

Please email

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469 if you


have any

Limited to 40 seats ion per discuss group




priority areas to investigate


"What do we need to know from everyone?”

jun 15-jul 30

online surveys

primary care access

long term care

? urban locum recruitment

The Victo ria and discu Division of Family Practice invite ssion with specialist begins at s you to gathe colleagues 6:00, with r for dinne dinner and in r discussion Internal Medicine. Networkin starting prom g ptly at 6:30.

"How do we give everyone a chance to participate?”

theme: Intern date: Tuesd al Medicine ay, October time: 6:00 9 pm location: Firesi

de Grill (4509

mental health

rsvp: Tuesd victoria@d ay, October 2

aug-mid sept focussed discussion groups

focussed discussion groups


W. Saanich


ivisionsbc. Please let ca or 1-250 us know if -597-8469 you have any specia Participants l dietary needs must be registe in order to attend. Seatin red members of disappointm the Victor g is limited ia Division of Family those who ent! All members are to 30 participants Practice --register did not attend encouraged early to avoid to registe the previo r; priority us Dine & will be given Learn. to



All members engagement


sub-committees form subcommittees

early dec

all members meeting where to next?

• First Physicians’ Engagement Event at the Fairmont Empress draws 120 Division members. • Bulk purchasing agreement established for office supplies.

2012 cont.


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Long access August 29: 10: Primary care September 17: Mental health victoria@div September ation to ing inform l the follow · name please e-mai ation register,

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physic on groupsLocum recruitment, and discussiAugus t 15: term care

• Inaugural issue of the Division’s quarterly newsletter, The Bulletin. • Online survey of members’ priorities. • Began participating in two South Island Division initiatives: Partners in Care and maternity care. • Board development on governance and strategic direction.


upcoming. .


• First meeting of the Victoria Division’s Collaborative Services Committee with VIHA and MoH. • Online manpower survey to assess the current and future state of the family physician community in Victoria. • Second Dine & Learn, with discussions between Division members and specialists in internal medicine. • Working phase: new working groups will meet to shape initiatives in the Division’s priority areas. • Dine & Learn to support MOAs in Victoria.

• Inaugural Dine and Learn event on practice efficiencies. • Community-Building and Communications committee established to reduce physician isolation, improve work/life balance, and facilitate communication between community physicians and between hospitalists and community-based GPs. • Attended the Provincial Divisions Round Table event to share knowledge, build leadership and collaborative skills, and interact with partners including the Ministry of Health (MoH), BC Medical Association and health authorities. • Attended the provincial Integrated Primary and Community Care learning session.



• Division update reporting back on • Division strategic results of recent activities; planning. Dr. Cathy Clelland, SGP, will also provide a session on billing optimization. • Third Dine and Learn, with ization Billing optim discussions between Division members and specialists in pediatrics. • Attend three-day Divisions Provincial Round Table.


• Following facilitated discussion groups, working groups formed to address primary care access and mental health care access. • Family barbecue at Willow’s Beach, organized by the Community-Building and Communications Committee. • Welcome package in development for physicians new to Victoria, and to assist with recruitment.

• UpToDate™ offered free to Divisions members via the web portal at • Second Physicians’ Engagement Event, Hotel Grand Pacific, provides opportunities for networking and building community.

you’re invi

• CME credits now offered to members who attend qualifying Division events. • Following facilitated discussion groups, working groups formed to address locum recruitment and long term care. • Hosted PITO to provide an EMR information session for GPs and specialists. • Division membership surpasses 200, out of a potential 300+ family physicians.


• Members meet to discuss survey results and establish key priority areas. • Bulk purchasing established for medical supplies. • Participation in interdivisional tables organized by the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). • Completion of the organization’s initial start-up phase: core staff hired and trained, and office, financial and business systems established.

tioners of BC y Clelland, with Dr. Cathor, Society of General Practi Executive Direct

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n and dinn date: Tuesday, pm (registratio time: 6:00-9:00 Grand Pacific l location: Hote 8469 13 1-250-597- ements. November fax/phone requir rsvp: RSVP by or accessibility divis victoriaevents@if you have any specia

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early to avoid



• Brief surveys on four priority areas: locum recruitment, physician supply, and transitions, long term care, primary care access and mental health access. • First session of a three part Practice Support Program module for Victoria members on Advanced Access. • Community-Building & Communications Committee establishes Facebook page. • Student from the Island Medical Program engaged to visit local GPs’ offices and discuss the Victoria Division. • Division members featured in local media about issues in primary care. • Division members investigate barriers to communication between hospital and community GPs.




• Fourth Dine & Learn, • Annual General focusing on physician Meeting at the Fairmont wellness. Empress. • Fifth Dine & Learn, with discussions between Division members and musculoskeletal specialists.


Victoria Division of Family Practice Timeline