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Laboratory Medicine

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Oswald Sonntag, Mario Plebani (Eds.)

Jay Kalra

Patient Safety

Medical Errors and Patient Safety

Medical errors do not only occur in the laboratory, but pose a direct threat to patient safety. The clinical laboratory is an integral part of care, and the results of analytics are an essential component of informed decision-making for clinicians. Efforts to avoid laboratory errors, especially minimizing pre- and postanalytical errors, are in the responsibility of laboratory professionals. The new handbook series with the international known editors Oswald Sonntag and Mario Plebani fills a vacancy in the relevant and promising area of patient safety and quality assurance.

Strategies to Reduce and Disclose Medical Errors and Improve Patient Safety This book shows with real cases from health care and beyond that most errors come from flaws in the system. It also shows why they don’t get reported and how medical error disclosure around the world is shifting away from blaming people to a “no-fault” model. The book will examine issues that stymie efforts made to reduce preventable adverse events and medical errors, and will moreover highlight their impact on clinical laboratories and other areas. It identifies possible intelligent system approaches that can be adopted to help control and eliminate these errors. }} }} }}

Reporting and reduction of medical errors Real cases from health care and beyond For physicians, clinical biochemists, research scientists, laboratory technologists

Patient Safety 05/2011. v, 120 pp. 10 figs. 10 tabs. Pb. RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00 Copy date: April 2011 *for orders placed in North America. Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany. Prices do not include postage and handling and are subject to change. Prices for English language titles are recommended retail prices only. Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co. KG Genthiner Straße 13, 10785 Berlin, Germany; P.O. Box 30 34 21, 10728 Berlin, Germany

ISBN 978-3-11-024949-1 eBook RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00 ISBN 978-3-11-024950-7 Print + eBook RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00 ISBN 978-3-11-218787-6


Amitava Dasgupta

Krystyna Sztefko

Effects of Herbal Supplements on Clinical Laboratory Test Results

Immunodiagnostics and Patient Safety

Herbal supplements are available without prescription in many countries throughout the world. Contrary to the popular belief that herbal remedies are safe and effective, many herbal supplements have known toxicity and can interact with many Western drugs causing increased clearance of such drugs and hence treatment failure. This monograph would provide information on how herbal supplements affect laboratory test results thus patient’s safety. It is a comprehensive and concise guide for laboratory professionals, physicians and other health care professionals. }} }} }}

Concise information on the influence of herbs in laboratory testing Clinically relevant findings Toxicity of herbal products and interaction with drugs

Today most of immunochemistry methods for the determination of proteins, peptides, drugs, and many small molecules are fully automated, with good precision, excellent sensitivity and short reaction time. However, inaccuracy due to poor standardization and the presence of interfering substances in biological samples is still a serious and life-threatening issue. Deep knowledge of basic principles of immunochemical methods, sources of analyte-independent interferences and analyte-dependent interferences are very important to understand, detect, reduce and/or eliminate the interferences. This book helps to reduce false results, improve patient’s care and patient’s safety. }} }} }}

Basic principles of immunochemical methods Reduction of false results and improvement of patient’s care and patient’s safety Practical information for laboratory professionals, clinical chemists

Patient Safety

Patient Safety

05/2011. Approx. v, 120 pp. 10 figs. 20 tabs.

05/2011. Approx. v, 170 pp. 25 figs. 10 tabs.

Pb. RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00

Pb. RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00

ISBN 978-3-11-024561-5

ISBN 978-3-11-024947-7

eBook RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00

eBook RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00

ISBN 978-3-11-024562-2

ISBN 978-3-11-024948-4

Print + eBook RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00

Print + eBook RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00

ISBN 978-3-11-187239-1

ISBN 978-3-11-214954-6


Giuseppe Lippi, Gianfranco Cervellin, Emmanuel Favaloro, Mario Plebani

Hemolysis An Unresolved Dispute in Laboratory Medicine Defined as red blood cell break down and the release of hemoglobin and intracellular contents into the plasma, hemolysis can seriously impact patient care as well as the laboratory’s reputation through its effect on test results. Therefore, the European Preanalytical Scientific Committee, in collaboration with the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry Working Group on Patient Safety, have designed a questionnaire to collect data on prevalence and management of hemolytic specimens referred to the clinical laboratories for clinical chemistry testing. This book will help identify the areas where hemolysis occurs most frequently, which can, in turn, guide further analysis about why it is occurring. Once these elements are known, practices and procedures can be implemented to dramatically reduce hemolysis and avoid erroneous laboratory results affecting patient care and increasing laboratory costs. }} }} }}

Clinically relevant findings about hemolysis Indicates possible laboratory errors caused by hemolysis Management of hemolytic speciments

Patient Safety 2011. Approx. v, 150 pp. 10 figs. 10 tabs. Pb. RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00 ISBN 978-3-11-024613-1 eBook RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00 ISBN 978-3-11-024614-8 Print + eBook RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00 ISBN 978-3-11-214952-2

Martin H. Kroll

Endogenous Interferences in Clinical Laboratory Tests Icteric, Lipemic and Turbid Samples Clinical Laboratories must provide accurate test results to protect patient safety. Clinical laboratory samples frequently contain high amounts of bilirubin or lipemia. This book provides the empirical and theoretical foundation for bilirubinemia or lipemia and the impact they have on the quality of results and patient safety. The book discusses the origins of interferences, and their proper evaluation. }}


This book offers the proper approach to evaluating the impact of bilirubinemia and lipemia on clinical laboratory results. It provides, in one volume, the empirical and theoretical foundation for evaluating the effect of bilirubinemia and lipemia on clinical laboratory test results.

Patient Safety 2012. Approx. v, 200 pp. Pb. RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00 ISBN 978-3-11-026620-7 eBook RRP € 49.95/*US$ 70.00 ISBN 978-3-11-026622-1 Print + eBook RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00 ISBN 978-3-11-026795-2


Harald Renz (Ed.)

Harald Renz (Ed.)

Autoimmune Diagnostics

Praktische Labordiagnostik

This book provides a practical and secure guide through the complexity of Autoimmune Diagnostics and Diagnostic Pathways. It contains an overview of significant aspects of Autoimmune Diagnostics, a standard procedure for indirect immunofluorescence and describes all important autoimmune diseases in terms of their diagnostic. In step with actual practice the innovative concept of Diagnostic Pathways leads from symptoms through all steps and branches to diagnosis. }} }} }}

Includes diagnostic pathways Practical guidance in diagnostics of all relevant autoimmune diseases Standard operating procedure for Indirect Immune Fluorescence

2011. Approx. x, 250 pp. Pb. RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00 ISBN 978-3-11-022864-9 eBook RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00 ISBN 978-3-11-022865-6 Print + eBook RRP € 119.95/*US$ 168.00 ISBN 978-3-11-175038-5

Lehrbuch zur Laboratoriumsmedizin, Klinischen Chemie und Hämatologie [Practical Laboratory Medicine] Das Buch bereitet Medizinstudenten optimal auf das Prüfungsfach Laboratoriumsdiagnostik/Klinische Chemie vor. Im ersten Teil werden die wichtigsten Organ- u. Stoffwechselsysteme hinsichtlich der diagnostischen Parameter einheitlich dargestellt. Im zweiten Teil leitet das Buch anhand von Diagnostikpfaden praxisorientiert vom Leitsymptom zur Diagnose. Dieses hilft auch dem praktischen Arzt bei der Auswahl des geeigneten diagnostischen Verfahrens. Der dritte Teil gibt einen prüfungsrelevanten Überblick über die laboratoriumsmedizinischen Methoden und die Präanalytik. This book provides medical students at the first clinical stage with comprehensive knowledge for the examination subject of clinical chemistry, laboratory diagnostics, hematology, also with regard to exam preparation. A unique feature are the diagrams of cardinal symptoms (19 cardinal symptoms in all, such as pain, temperature, high blood pressure, etc.) which provide a guide from symptom to diagnosis using decision trees. Such overviews are also useful for practicing physicians. The most important methods and techniques are defined in the glossary. De Gruyter Textbook 2009. xxiii, 603 pp. 200 figs. 50 tabs. Pb. € 29.95/*US$ 42.00 ISBN 978-3-11-019576-7 eBook RRP € 300.00/*US$ 420.00 ISBN 978-3-11-021204-4


Johannes Aufenanger, Georg Hoffmann, Walter Hofmann (Eds.)

Klinikhandbuch Labordiagnostische Pfade [Clinical Manual of Laboratory Diagnostic Pathways] In der medizinischen Betreuung von Patienten werden die Diagnostischen Pfade immer wichtiger. Sie helfen bei der Strukturierung des gesamten klinischen Prozesses von der Aufnahmediagnose bis zum Entlassungsbrief. Diagnostische Pfade senken deshalb auch die Wahrscheinlichkeit einer Fehlbehandlung sowie Verweildauer und Kosten. Dieses einzigartige Buch begleitet die praktische Implementierung von Diagnostikpfaden in KIS und LIS mit Hilfe von standardisierten Algorithmen, geordnet nach Indikationen und Symptomen. Vorhandene Algorithmen werden weiterentwickelt und erläutert. This unique book supports the practical implementation of diagnostic pathways in HIS and LIS using standardized algorithms, classified according to indications and symptoms. 2012. Approx. x, 250 pp. Hc. € 79.95/*US$ 112.00 ISBN 978-3-11-022872-4 eBook RRP € 79.95/*US$ 112.00 ISBN 978-3-11-022873-1 Print + eBook € 119.95/*US$ 168.00 ISBN 978-3-11-174632-6

Harald H. Kessler (Ed.)

Molecular Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases In a unique way, the laboratory professionalist’s knowledge about the molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases is connected with the clinician’s practical experience. The increasing prevalence of infectious diseases makes correct diagnosis, ordering the right tests, quality control and correct interpretation of the results even more important. The possible pathogens are discussed in the second part according to the specific symptoms or to where the infection is located in the body. }} }} }} }} }}

For clinicians and laboratory professionalists Up-to-date diagnostics of all infectious diseases Molecular diagnostics, diseases, choice of methods Specific pathogens in alphabetic order Tables and flow charts

2010. x, 193 pp. 21 figs. 49 tabs. Hc. RRP € 89.95/*US$ 126.00 ISBN 978-3-11-021485-7 eBook RRP € 89.95/*US$ 126.00 ISBN 978-3-11-021486-4 Print + eBook RRP € 139.95/*US$ 196.00 ISBN 978-3-11-173569-6


Steven Kazmierczak, Hassan Azazzy (Eds.)

Wolfgang Herrmann, Rima Obeid (Eds.)

Diagnostic Enzymology

Vitamins in the prevention of human diseases

This book for specialists for laboratory medicine and clinicians devotes each chapter to a specific enzyme or protein marker, contains case studies and guidelines, a section on marker biochemistry and physiology as well as a section on special pathology and analysis. The clear, didactic structure and the multiple choice questions also make the book valuable reading for graduate students in the fields of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. }} }}

2nd improved and expanded edition of “Clinical Enzymology” (Lott and Wolf, 1987) Case studies and guidelines

De Gruyter Textbook

Vitamins – especially B- and D-vitamins – influence the development and outcome of many neurodegenerative and other diseases. Among others, dementia, neural tube defects, epilepsy, and osteoporoses can be caused by vitamin deficiency. This book provides up-to-date knowledge on the role of water and fat soluble vitamins in the prevention of human diseases. Having knowledge about the association of vitamins and disease, as well as keeping track on the patients vitamin status has become increasingly important to every physician and clinical chemist. }}

2012. Approx. xx, 300 pp. 20 figs. 20 tabs. Pb. RRP € 69.95/*US$ 98.00 ISBN 978-3-11-020724-8 eBook RRP € 700.00/*US$ 980.00 ISBN 978-3-11-022780-2


Up-to-date knowledge on the dietary recommendations of the vitamins, their role in human metabolism and the prevention of human diseases and the role of their deficiency in disease development Comprehensive information about important human disorders which are associated with vitamin deficiency: neural tube defects, cardiovascular diseases, cognitive dysfunction, dementia, epilepsy, osteoporosis, thrombosis, diabetes mellitus, coagulopathies, cancer, infectious diseases, anaemia, pregnancy complications, eye diseases and others

2011. xviii, 726 pp. 60 figs. 30 tabs. Hc. RRP € 119.95/*US$ 168.00 ISBN 978-3-11-021448-2 eBook RRP € 119.95/*US$ 168.00 ISBN 978-3-11-021449-9 Print + eBook RRP € 179.95/*US$ 252.00 ISBN 978-3-11-173645-7


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Mario Plebani (Editor-in-Chief)

Matthias Nauck, Michael Steiner (Editors-in-Chief)

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) Published in Association with the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine CCLM is the official journal of the Clinical Chemistry Societies of Ireland (ACBI), Belgium (BVKC/SBCC), Germany (DGKL), Italy (SIBioC), Slovenia (SACC) and Spain (SEQC). CCLM keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments in the clinical laboratory sciences. It reports on progress in fundamental and applied research. Areas covered include: clinical biochemistry, clinical molecular biology and proteomics, hematology and coagulation, immunology, microbiology, drug monitoring and analysis, evaluation of diagnostic markers, new reagents, reference materials, reference values, and quality in laboratory medicine. CCLM publishes research articles, reviews, opinion papers, guidelines, short communications and letters to the editor.

Laboratoriums­ Medizin / Journal of Laboratory Medicine Offizielles Organ der Deutschen Vereinten Gesellschaft für Klinische Chemie und Laboratoriumsmedizin e.V. (DGKL) / Official journal of the German Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (DGKL) LaboratoriumsMedizin informiert sowohl den klinisch wie auch den forschend tätigen Laboratoriumsmediziner und Klinischen Chemiker in Übersichts- und Originalarbeiten sowie Kurzmitteilungen über die aktuelle Entwicklung der labormedizinischen Prävention, Diagnostik- und Therapiekontrolle von Krankheiten. The Journal of Laboratory Medicine (JLM) reports on the latest developments in the various disciplines of laboratory medicine. As of 2008, all German language articles published in the journal LaboratoriumsMedizin are also published in an English “online only” version. Subscription rates for Vol. 35 (2011)

Subscription rates for Vol. 49 (2011)



Print only or Online only: € 385.00/*US$ 549.00

Print only or Online only: 1.389.00/*US$ 1.983.00

Print + Online: € 443.00/*US$ 632.00

Print + Online: 1.598.00/*US$ 2.280.00

Single Issue (Print only): € 71.00/*US$ 101.00

Single Issue (Print only): € 128.00/*US$ 182.00

Individual Users

Individual Users

Online only: € 99.00/*US$ 139.00

Print + Online: 291.00/*US$ 416.00

6 issues per year. (Approx. 420 pp.)

12 issues per year. (Approx. 1700 pp.)

ISSN 0342–3026

ISSN 1434-6621

e-ISSN 1439-0477

e-ISSN 1437-4331





Gérard Siest (Editor-in-Chief)

Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions Drug Metabolism and Drug Interactions (DMDI) publishes research articles, reviews, opinion papers, short communications, letters to the editor and case reports on all aspects of drug metabolism research. Areas covered include: drug metabolizing enzymes, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, biochemical pharmacology, molecular pathology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and drug interactions, immunopharmacology, and neuropsychopharmacology. Previously published by Freund Publishing House Ltd. Subscription rates for Vol. 26 (2011) Institutions/Libraries Print only or Online only: € 364.00/*US$ 491.00 Print + Online: € 419.00/*US$ 566.00 Single Issue (Print only): € 101.00/*US$ 136.00

Jorge R. Pasqualini (Editor-in-Chief)

Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation (HMBCI) is dedicated to the provision of basic data on molecular aspects of hormones in physiology and in pathophysiology. The journal covers the treatment of major diseases, such as endocrine cancers (breast, prostate, endometrium, ovary), renal and lymphoid carcinoma, hypertension, cardiovascular systems, osteoporosis, hormone deficiency in menopause and andropause, obesity, diabetes, brain and related diseases, metabolic syndrome, sexual dysfunction, fetal and pregnancy diseases, as well as the treatment of dysfunctions and deficiencies. The journal covers new data on the different steps and factors involved in the mechanism of hormone action. It equally examines the relation of hormones with the immune system and its environment, as well as new developments in hormone measurements.

Individual Users Online only: € 99.00/*US$ 139.00

Subscription rates for Vols. 5-8 (2011)

4 issues per year.


ISSN 0792-5077

Print only or Online only: € 398.00/*US$ 557.00

e-ISSN 2191-0162

Print + Online: € 458.00/*US$ 641.00 Single Issue (Print only): € 109.00/*US$ 147.00 Individual Users Print + Online: € 104.00/*US$ 140.00 4 volumes per year. ISSN 1868-1883 e-ISSN 1868-1891

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