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new Yearbook   peer-reviewed

Double-blind peer-reviewed

Double-blind peer-reviewed

Li Wei (Ed.)

Ewa Da˛browska (Ed.)

Applied Linguistics Review

Cognitive ­Linguistics

Friedrich Krotz (Responsible Editor), Karsten Renckstorf, Keith Roe (Eds.)

Associate Editors: David Block, Bencie Woll, Itesh Sachdev

An Interdisciplinary Journal of Cognitive Science

Applied Linguistic Review is a peer reviewed annual publication. It brings together new empirical and theoretical research and serves as a testing ground for the articulation of original ideas and approaches in the study of real-world issues in which language plays a crucial role. Such issues range from aspects of the linguistic and communicative competence of the individual such as bilingualism and multilingualism, first or second language acquisition, literacy, language disorders, to language and communication related problems in and between societies such as linguistic discrimination, language conflict, communication in the workplace, language policy and language planning.

Cognitive Linguistics presents a forum for linguistic research of all kinds on the interaction between language and cognition. The journal is devoted to high-quality research on topics such as: ∙∙ the structural characteristics of natural language categorization (such as prototypicality, cognitive models, metaphor, and imagery); ∙∙ the functional principles of linguistic organization (such as iconicity); ∙∙ the conceptual interface between syntax and semantics; ∙∙ the relationship between language and thought, including matters of universality and language specificity; ∙∙ the experiential background of language-in-use, including the cultural background, the discourse context, and the psychological environment of linguistic performance.

Applied Linguistics Review will consist of contributions from scholars world-wide. In most cases the contributions would have been presented as part of the Bloomsbury Applied Linguistics Seminars and the annual Bloomsbury Round Table on Communication, Cognition and Culture. These two events are co-hosted by the Birkbeck College and the Institute of Education, in collaboration with UCL and SOAS, all of the University of London based in the Bloomsbury area. The 2010 issue will include contributions from David Block, Patricia Duff, Helen Kelly-Holmes, Beatriz Lorente, Ben Rampton, Jeanine TreffersDaller, and Terry Wiley. Li Wei University of London, ­Birkbeck College, UK.

Ewa Da˛browska North­umbria University, UK.

The journal Communications ∙∙ seeks new and original European research material in the fields of interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and mass communication. ∙∙ publishes contributions on communication theory and the philosophy of communication, including contemporary ideas such as cultural studies, gender studies, semiotics, or pragmatism. ∙∙ focuses on media history and media develop­ment and comments on aspects of cultural change resulting from new technologies and their impact on people’s lives. Friedrich Krotz University of Erfurt, Germany.

Subscription rates for Volume 35 (2010) Print only or Online only: € 257.00/*US$ 386.00 Print + Online: € 296.00/*US$ 444.00

Subscription rates for Volume 21 (2010) Institutions/Libraries Print only or Online only: € 419.00/*US$ 629.00 Print + Online: € 482.00/*US$ 723.00 Single issue (Print only): € 115.00/*US$ 173.00 version includes Cognitive Linguistics Bibliography) ISSN 0936-5907 (Print) ISSN 1613-3641 (Online)

Institutions/Libraries Print only or Online only: € 79.95/*US$ 120.00 Print + Online: € 94.95/*US$ 142.00

Individual members of the International Cognitive

One issue per volume (approx. 250 pp.)

Linguistics Association (ICLA) receive the journal

ISSN 1868-6303 (Print)

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ISSN 1868-6311 (Online)


The European Journal of Communication Research


Four issues per volume (approx. 800 pp, Online

Subscription rates for Volume 1 (2010)


Single issue (Print only): € 71.00/*US$ 107.00 Four issues per volume (approx. 480 pp.) ISSN 0341-2059 (Print) ISSN 1613-4087 (Online)

De Gruyter Mouton New Publications Catalog 2010/11  

De Gruyter Mouton New Publications Catalog 2010/11

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