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Topic: Snow White Snow White it’s a story about beauty and it power. It shows us a beautiful girl and her beautiful evil stepmother. She could be the more beautiful around the kingdom. Her inner beauty and physical appearance were very special. Her red lips, her white skin, her intense gaze, her dark hair, all those physical things make her a beautiful girl. Her noble heart, her good intentions, her great attitude, her brave, all those things make her a really good person. With all those characteristics she would be the saver of the kingdom. We can know that she is an amazing person. With that inner beauty and physical too, she could do everything she wanted to do. We can learn about her that even in the problems we can be stronger. We can fight for what we really want if we are willing for it.

Topic: Bullying Ondskan is a movie that talks about something that everybody suffers more than once. The protagonist is an adolescent called Erik that suffers of bullying in his home. His stepfather for the more little detail that is bad strikes him. Home has to be peaceful. Parents have to respect their children and the children have to respect their parents. For more than the parents are not the sanguine they have to respect and protect the children. As consequence in school he has problems too. He was the typical “big” guy that strikes and hurts the little and weird guy. Bullying is the main problem in our lives around the world. Bullying has been affecting everyone for years. In the world’s history, exists a lot of kind of bullying. As Erik’s story. Some examples are school bullying, cyber bullying, and familiar bullying. The more common is the school bullying. This bullying has been affecting a lot of children and young people around years. Now a lot of campaigns and programs are helping to prevent it. Making a better world without bullying.

Topic: Examples of a beauty places to visit at Guatemala Guatemala is a beautiful country. Guatemala has a great weather, great places, great people, great colors, and great food. Everything is beautiful and delicious. One example of a beautiful place in Guatemala is Cobán. There's an amazing ecologic park where Guatemalans are trying to preserve the national bird "El Quetzal". Another example of a beautiful place in Guatemala is Petén. There's a park where the Guatemala’s past come alive. It is called Tikal National Park. Is one of the most important touristic places in Guatemala. Other one of the most beautiful places is Izabal. There’s an amazing castle that catches the attention of a lot of people. There is a river called “Río Dulce”. That river is beautiful because is big, have a lot of nature, and you can navigate for it. With the previous words we can know that Guatemala is a really beautiful place. Where everything have a meaning. Where the nature shows its beauty. You can enjoy it.

Topic: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas You do not know if the person next to you is who really is willing to give everything for you. Shmuel was a little Jewish boy. Someday Nazis came home. They took him and his father to the concentration camp. He always went to a corner where no Nazi could see him. Bruno a little German boy came to live to a house near very near of this concentration camp. He got boring because his parents didn’t let him to go out of the house. One day someone left the open door. Bruno didn’t let go that opportunity. He got out. Running and running away he arrived one of the wire fences. Casually there was the corner of Shmuel. Bruno started talking to him. Days passed. They got a friendship. But one day they fought. Bruno got mad to him. He stopped visiting Shmuel. At his home they needed a person with little fingers. And took Shmuel and put him to do it. Bruno saw him. He asked why he was there. Shmuel said him what they needed. Bruno gave him some bread. A Nazi’s soldier came. Soldier saw him with the bread in hands. Bruno did anything. He blamed Shmuel. Soldier pulled out Bruno. Another day, Bruno felt bad for Shmuel. He ran out again. Shmuel was there. Bruno asked forgiveness. Shmuel forgave him. They made a plan to save Shmuel's father. The rescue day came. Bruno entered to the concentration camp. They started the searching. Bruno began to be afraid. He wanted to return. But Nazi’s soldiers took them to "take a shower". They died. We can see the friendship of them. People are not always reliable. But friendship can grow. It can be stronger. It is why you don’t really know who is really there for you.

Topic: How to make a Square of a binomial In life, mathematics is the most important matter for every single thing. It always sounds boring, but with the following steps you can learn and enjoy doing mathematics. Square of a binomial could be difficult but first to enjoy your homework you have to know that doing it you will be a master. Every single thing that you do in mathematics makes you a really analytic person. That makes you smarter. Second you have to order your square. Doing that you may do it more quickly. Third you have to put the formula. Then you just have to fill the spaces. That makes it easier to realize. As a final step take your calculator. Calculator helps you to do it quickly. Time to operate!


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