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y The customs and tradition depends in which part

of the ancient Greece the people were . y The Athenians and Spartans p had manyy different customs. Women had no rights in Athens, while p had manyy rights. g women in Sparta y Spartan women had the right to own land, have money, choose their husband.

y Is an independent branch of the Indo-European familyy

of languages. y Phonology gy y Vocabulary y Alphabet:

Δ∑ἐ ἀ ᴪ Ԑ ѱ Ѱ Ѳ

y The classical Greek literature that includes literature

written in Ancient Greek from the oldest traces written in Greek language until the fourth century and the rise off th the B Byzantine ti E Empire. i y Greek literature was divided in well-defined literary genres each one having a compulsory formal structure, genres, structure about both dialect and metrics.

y Greek art sets a benchmark for Western civilization

endure to this day. y The ancient Greek models are regarded as classics and canons sculptural l l andd architectural h l styles l hhave bbeen recreated over and over again throughout the history of the West. West

g to use these coins as theyy y Greek traders began traded with the Etruscans, the Phoenicians, and g the Egyptians. y The economic activities that the ancient greece g

did is fishing, the rearing of cows and sheeps they also treated with the bronze.

. y The Greek religion g was polytheistic y (theyy believe

in many gods) and It was anthropomorphic (the g and represented as a divinities were designed humans). y All Greeks believed in and visited the oracle at Delphi. All Greeks worshiped the same Gods.

. y The ancient Greek societyy had a social structure

made of class distinctions between Free people and Slaves. y The free people in Greek society owned slaves and used them as servants and laborers. The slaves had no legal rights. y In addition free people were also broken into two groups in Athenian society, called Citizens and Metics.

y The people in the ancient athens elected their

monarch. Pericles declared that Athens was a democracy city. Compared to other ancient governments, Athens was democratic. y Ancient Greece consisted independent p city-states y (poleis). This was a situation unlike that in most p y societies. of the other contemporary

Ancient Greece  
Ancient Greece  

Ancient Greece