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Portfolio Rationale I have revised my A2 photo essay assignment “Here I am: Reflective Photo Essay” and A3 argumentative essay “To Die in the Alaskan Wilderness” for my portfolio assignment. The photo essay is about my solitude and lack of adaptation to Purdue’s campus. Within the photo essay, I talk about what made me to come to Purdue, why did I feel alienated from environment and how my loneliness reflected on my manners. For the A3 assignment “To Die in the Alaskan Wilderness” I wrote an argumentative essay in which I analyzed Timothy Treadwell, the protagonist of Sean Penn’s “Grizzly Man”, and Christopher McCandless, the protagonist of Werner Herzog’s “Into the Wild, by criteria. Based on, these men’s stories I have done my analysis to prove how we abandon differences in our society and how childish bravery can be bold, even though it may bring the unavoidable - death. I have used my reckless nature; the untidy room, used cups, dirty clothes and scattered books, as a tool to make the design of my photo essay. I used dark and pale effects and increased contrast but decreased brightness on my photos. The feedback I received was to increase the lack of contrast within the photo essay. I was advised to change the size and color of my paragraphs and captions. Also, the design of the photo essay was inconsistent; there were black and white images with colorful images. My instructor advised me to maintain a consistent design and change the images to be either all black and white or colorful. After revising my portfolio based on the feedback I received, my photo essay got more visual, expressive and consistent. At my photo essay my aim was to draw attention to the way I express my alienation, and the revision I made based on the feedback I received made to reveal and supplement my sense of alienation

better. I increased the lack of contrast at my images by manipulating the size and color of paragraphs and captions, maintained an integral presentation by making all images colorful, and enhanced readability of texts within photo essay by changing the appearance of my text boxes with the rectangle tool. Also, based on the changes I made on my photo essay I edited my rationale paper for the photo essay. When writing the argumentative essay my aim was to use analysis by criteria to understand Timothy Treadwell and Christopher McCandless’s ambition to go to Alaskan wilderness. I tried to justify the deed of these individuals by focusing our will as a society to neglect differences and reflected on the momentum of their childish bravery to try to survive at Alaskan wilderness. I was advised to change the title of my essay, refer and support my thesis statement at the end of my each body paragraph, use effective source integration, and make sure I cite each source on my works cited page. My essay was academic however, it did not go beyond personal convinctions and maintain an integral expression because of my paragraph organization. After revising my essay based on my instructor’s feedback, I integrated my sources into the essay properly, I changed the part which I talk about the concpet of death and its meaning to McCandless. Furthermore, I referred and supported my thesis statement at the end of my each body paragraph. I talked more about how childish these characters were. Lastly, I checked whether I have cited each source on my works cited page within my essay to support my claims. After revising my essay based on the feedback I received my essay maintained a proper academic form. My instructor has advised me to change my mistakes at both assignments. As a result of following my instructor’s feedback I managed to produce better essays and I feel more confident with the quality of my work after my revisions.

Portfolio Rationale  

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