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Tava tea is a herbal tea blend that can be used as part of a diet in order to encourage weight loss. Drinking a herbal tea such as tava tea is one of the healthiest and tastiest ways to try to reduce your weight, and it is also a wholly natural product that is far less drastic than undergoing surgery or taking diet pills. Tava tea is certified as one hundred percent organic by both the USDA and CERES and is completely safe to drink. It does not produce any harmful side effects and it cannot interact with any other supplements or medications that you may be taking. Tava tea is an effective and affordable aid to weight loss. The tava blend was created specifically for the purpose of weight loss. It is composed from a blend of Puerh, Oolong and Sencha teas. These three types of tea have traditionally been used in China as herbal remedies for many centuries. There, they are believed to have the power to balance the metabolism and to reduce the levels of the bad form of cholesterol in the body. Tava is the most powerful tea that you can use to help you lose weight. It has even been shown in clinical tests that it can help obese men and women to control their weight. Unlike many herbal formulas, it can also act on the body remarkably quickly, due to its concentrated form. All types of tea contain chemicals known as polyphenols. The strongest of these are the catechins, and it is these that are found at high concentrations in this tea, including the most powerful of the catechins, a chemical called EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate. Adding tava tea to your diet can help to stimulate weight loss without having to restrict your intake of calories or change your lifestyle to become more active and take up some extra exercise. It works by increasing the rate at which you burn calories. It can do this far more effectively than any other form of tea. For each cup of tava tea that is drunk, an extra two and a half calories will be used up than if simple green tea had been chosen. Tava tea can reduce the uptake of calories by preventing the body from reacting as strongly as it normally would to the consumption of a large meal. Tava tea reduces the amount of insulin that is produced in response to a high calorie intake. It can also help to reduce appetite by changing production of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Tava tea is produced from leaves that are plucked from the tree, processed and partially fired in order to ensure that plenty of moisture remains in the leaves. The finished product is then stored in a specially built room or cave until it is ready for consumption. Tea has often been considered a luxury item, and in China, the tava blend has been drunk by emperors and their followers in the imperial court. The medicinal qualities of various teas have been described in ancient scriptures and have been passed down through many generations and

used for hundreds of years. In the same way that a particularly fine wine can be prized for its quality and considered to improve with age, particular teas have long been considered to be superior to others, and to become even better over time. Tava tea is no exception to this belief, and some of the finest vintages have been aged for fifty years before they are finally tasted.

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==== ==== Hello,i have found a Website about a Green Tea what helps you to lose Weight in Record Time!Check it out for Yourself,is inside with Reviews about this Product..... ==== ====

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