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Media Pack 2011

All You Need is Love...

In 2010 Manchester & Greater Manchester were visited by nearly

98 million people!! 8.2 million of these lovely people were staying

guests and tourists. The other 89.7 million visited the city and

surrounding areas just for a day… hmmmm wonder what they did?

AND… with a population of over 2.5 million in Manchester and

Greater Manchester that’s a lot of people that you could be talking to.

Did you get your fair share of business last year? Would you like a way to reach more people living in and visiting Manchester? Plus get involved in a concept to bring a community spirit back to the UK...

‘I Love Manchester’ is a


town & city guide available for the

general public. It tells them, what’s on, what’s hot and not, where

to go, who to see, what to see and how to get there...

…It’s many things, to many people and available as a cute ‘you just

gotta have it’ book, an informative and fabulous online directory

and planner. Plus, in early 2012 we will launch our rather marvellous and useful Smart-phone app.

Online directory

Member sign-up

individual trip pl

Marketing tool fo

200+ pages of things to do in Manchester

40,000 copies distributed across Manchester & Greater Manchester

10% of all book profits go to Manchester charities

‘I love Manchester on Smooth Radio competitions and

Radio Street Team

y of what’s on, what to do, what to see...

& profile, allowing them to create

lanners that they can share with friends.

or you, the advertiser!

Find things to do and the best offers wherever, whenever.

See your results on a map.

r’ will be promoted


on air, online, via by the Smooth

Share your location with friends.

The books, website & phone app will be a community facility for visitors and residents of Manchester. A trusted and single source of information to plan their leisure time and spend their hard earned cash! The books will be released quarterly with the content focused on what is available throughout each season. The online directory is available all day, everyday (as all websites are!) and the iPhone & Android app will be ready and willing whenever visitors are on the move. The I Love Manchester online experience is unique and allows visitors to not only explore all Manchester has to offer, but they can also create a member profile to enable our unique trip planner, find the latest deals & offers, plus review places they have been and recommend them to others. Here’s the good bit, as an advertiser you will be able to login to collect a marketing report, showing you useful statistics of what kind of people are adding you to their planners and clicking through to your website. What’s more – this concept is on trial in Manchester and is set to launch in more major UK cities in 2012… just in time for the Olympics!

What’s in the book and online? The books and online service will be categorised into manageable chunks which are easy to navigate and find exactly what you want, such as:

I love food

A section dedicated to food (surprisingly) – deli’s, specialist food shops, cookery courses and recipes.

I love shopping

A guide to both independent and high street stores.

I love days out

Ideas and offers for family’s to enjoy spending ‘quality’ time in the city and surrounding areas.

I love football & sports

A season plan of football in Manchester, so the fans can plan days out, the non-fans can plan to go out and have some me time or shopping and residents will know when to avoid the stadiums at full time! For a full list of sections please visit our website at

What do I get for advertising? 1.

Mass exposure to residents and visitors of Manchester and


Connect and communicate with your target audience via our

Greater Manchester.









non-exclusive offers to potential customers, take part in our Smooth Radio quarterly competition and open up a two way conversation with the people you want to reach.


Find your voice; you will have the chance to reply to any good


Marketing and ROI – our website will have a dedicated member

or even bad reviews of your business.

account just for you, which will enable you to view how many click throughs to your site from our site users, investigate leads and check reviews and ratings.


Network – every quarter you will be able to meet other

advertisers, service providers and other human beings at our book events!

So who is ‘I love Manchester’ for? We like to think, that there will be something for everyone, both male and female and of all ages. We are set to target: •

16-60+ year olds –(well, anyone who is young at heart)

ABC1 households with time and money to spend

Single, couple or family (pretty much everyone)

People living in the city and in Greater Manchester

People living in the North West of England

International Tourists

UK visitors to the city

Who are the ‘I Love’ Media Team? We call ourselves ‘the collective’ as we are a diverse range of individuals and businesses all working together to achieve something amazing!

The Heart of the Operation: Sarah Mitchell - Creative Director & Co-founder Janet McKillop - Sales/Managing Director & Co-founder Shaun Rowe - Technical Genius from 15 Watts Matt Richards - Web Wizard Extraordinaires from 15 Watts Cat Jones - Design & Illustration Goddess Michelle, David & Paul – from Two Sugars Production – Amazing Team! You’ll love ‘em. Andrea Hall – Interiors, Property & Home Features Editor Lisa Yiatrou – Inspiration & Promotion from Smooth Radio Jon Sorensen – Graphic Design Whizz Kid Dave O’Brien – Mr Organised – I Love Production Manager We also have a sales and marketing team who are second to none. They will most probably be giving you a call again very soon, so please be nice to them.

Where will the books be available from? As an advertiser you will be given a box of books to offer to your customers. Free of charge. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase point of sale to display the books in if you’d like to! The Smooth Radio street team will be distributing the books in the centre of Manchester on the first weekend of every book launch. The books will be distributed to other local amenities and services that are not advertising business such as tourist information, schools and leisure centres. Plus, every entrant to the Smooth Radio competition will receive a free copy in the post.

The distribution of the books will be 40,000 copies.

Where will people hear about the book, website and app? Smooth Radio is the perfect platform to spread the word and we’ll be running six 30” ads a day on Smooth during the first and fourth week of each new book launch.

“I Love Manchester” will reach up to 860,000 Smooth listeners across the North West EVERY WEEK. A major feature will be competitions that you can provide prizes for on Smooth Radio’s website and I love Manchester’s competition micro-site, giving your business more exposure via this fantastic promotion network. Each entrant to the competition will receive a free copy of the directory and links to the full website. We will also be included in the Smooth Radio newsletter, which goes out to over


26,000 subscribers every two

The Smooth Radio website receives over 330,000 page impressions per month with up to 37,000 unique visitors, plus their new mobile app is averaging 17,000 page impressions per month. My math isn’t brilliant, but I’d say that’s pretty good exposure to the right audience?! Through the data collection from Smooth Radio competitions, I love Manchester will be able to send out monthly newsletters to subscribers of offers, discounts and reviews on places to go and see in Manchester. If you, as a business, have a promotion that you want to present to the public, as one of our advertisers, we will be more than happy to include your promotion as part of our newsletter.

Why are we doing this? ‘We’ are a collective of fun, excitable & like-minded businesses who want to get the community feeling back into large cities and towns. Where businesses work together for a common goal… more custom. Where visitors and residents of Manchester can use a trusted and single source of information to plan their leisure time, get great discounts and spend their hard earned cash! We want less fortunate people to benefit from the directory by giving different local charities on each launch, 10% of all profits made on the ‘I Love Manchester’ books. We want you to get to know your customer, giving them unrivalled service so they return again and again. We want you get to know other businesses in your area, so you can create your own network, helping each other and making a small community in a large city.

Why is ‘I love Manchester’ different from other directories? We have a heart! We love what we do and it shows in the people we work with and for. This isn’t about a corporate publishing company making money from advertising, this is a joint project with some fantastic








Manchester and increase custom for you! As a bonus, we all get to donate to charity while still advertising our businesses to the general public. You can’t say fairer than that. As part of the ‘I Love Manchester’ brand we offer you and your business mass exposure with the right people, in the right place, at the right time! We have a great team of marketers on board to get the ‘I Love’ brand noticed all over the North West. Watch this space...(and check the website for details!).

The Launch… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…… For each book, we will host a launch event. They will be a mixture of day time and evening events for you to meet us and have a drink (or two, maybe even a slice of cake….mmmmmm) and collect your books. The launch events will give you a chance to meet up with other Manchester businesses, share contacts and services and get to know the people behind the businesses local to you.

How much is it? The Book - One Issue Double Page Spread (300mm x 150mm)

£800 + VAT

Single Page (150mm x 150mm)

£600 + VAT

Quarter Page* (70mm x 75mm)

£200 + VAT

Online Directory - 6 months Premium Listing

£295 + VAT

Standard Listing

£200 + VAT

Basic Listing

£100 + VAT

Coming Soon - 2012 we will be launching the I Love Manchester Smart-Phone app * Please note that there are only 4 quarter page adverts per category within the book. Dave, our production manager likes to keep the layout neat and tidy! For more information on what the web listings look like, please check out the examples on our media pack website:

Special Deals & Offers - How to save up to £100 on advertising with I Love Manchester... Double Page Spread + Premium Web Listing

£1095 - now £995 save £100

Double Page Spread + Standard Web Listing

£1000 - now £900 save £100

Double Page Spread + Basic Web Listing

£900 - now £800 save £100

Single Page + Premium Web Listing

£895 - now £820 save £75

Single Page + Standard Web Listing

£800 - now £725 save £75

Single Page + Basic Web Listing

£700 - now £625 save £75

All prices above are exclusive of VAT @ 20%

How do I get involved? Give one of our friendly, I Love Media team a call or drop them an e-mail with the subject ‘I’m interested’ and we’ll give you a call back. Here are the details: Sales Team: call them on: 0845 095 1097 email them at:

Have a question or two? Speak to Sarah Mitchell our Creative Director and know-it-all... call: 0845 095 1093 email:

More information can be found at

iLove Manchester Media Pack  

Media Pack for iLove Media Collective's first edition of iLove Manchester