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This Year, Feed Your Hustle Are You a One Night Stand? Re-Discover Your Heartfelt Art

A Healthy & Fit 2016

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Defining:Women PUBLISHER Kathlyn Eversole - Jaramillo CREATIVE DIRECTOR Andria Smith GUEST EDITOR Kathy Stubbs CONTRUBUTING AND GUEST WRITERS Adria DeCorte Jacqui Simpson Kathlyn Jaramillo Kimberli A. Harkess Linda Tallon Maureen Romito Dr. Patricia Beckstead, D.C. Patti Stewart Peppy Caccavale Solange Mikucki Stefanie Frank Sue Pyne COVER CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKS TO COVER PHOTOGRAPHER Connie Palen Connie Palen Photoworks COVER HAIR & MAKEUP Sue Pyne Hair & Makeup Artistry QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK Phone: 877.502.8928 Fax: 877.729.0105 Email: Online: Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that defining:Women Magazine articles and other information on the website are up-to-date and accurate as possible, at the time of publication. No responsiblility can be taken for any errors or omissions contained herein. defining:Women Magazine or its agents are not responsible for any losses, damages or distess resulting from the content herein. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of defining:Women Magazine.


Publisher's Pearls

Awh... a New Year means new possibilities! It is like staring into a blank canvas and considering where to begin and what colors to use. I happen to love a new year and if I am really listening to myself I can hear the whispers of my soul’s desire. It then becomes my choice to remain where I have been or to follow the whispers toward a fresh start. In this New Year issue you will find multiple ways to re-ignite your soul’s desire, to walk a fresh path or to simply begin the magical journey of defining yourself. I invite you to try these new ideas on for yourself. To simplify and really, this year, find time for you. Take a class, read a book, write a book, sew, sing, dance, play, hike, bike, love, let go and live! How will you ultimately define the woman you desire to be? Possibilities await, ours is but to take the first step and simply discover a new what fills and fuels us! In 2016 may you find happiness, love and all your heart’s desires.

Happy New Year my dear! w

- Kathlyn

Contents In This Issue 07 | Happy Chinese New Year! By Solange Mikucki

08 | This Year, Feed Your Hustle By Adria DeCorte

10 | Just Ask Jacqui...Spiritually Guided Advice By Jacqui Simpson

12 | Is it a Good Time By Kimberli A. Harkess

14 | A Healthy & Fit 2016

By Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C.

20 | Equipped. Empowered, Educated By Kathlyn Jaramillo

22 | Are You a One Night Stand? By Linda Tallon

24 | ReDiscover Your Heartfelt Art By Peppy Caccavale

26 | 5 Steps to Achieve Your Giving Resolution By Maureen Romito

28 | Caring for Your Winter Skin By Sue Pyne


Relevant Stories Lead to Success By Stefanie Frank


Living an Elevated Life By Kathlyn Jaramillo



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Defining: Your Year

Predictions for 2016 Year of the Yang Fire Monkey


he Year of the Fire Monkey is symbolized by two elements with Yang Fire sitting on the top of Metal. In Feng Shui, according to the cycle of Creation and Destruction, Fire controls metal and so these two elements are in conflict, meaning disharmony, so we can expect international conflicts and clashes. However, the conflicts are not expected to be as violent as 2014 and 2015. Yang Fire sitting on Monkey (metal) is also the symbol of the “Setting Sun”, as Monkey represents the West or the sight of the “Setting Sun” and is much weaker than the bright sun of high noon. Also Yang Fire brings optimism, flexibility and progress. Therefore it will be much easier to reach agreements to resolve conflicts. The Monkey is related to hard metal and hidden inside is Yang Metal, Yang Water and Yang Earth. Yang Metal represents heavy weapons and Yang Water represents the ocean and aggressive energy. Therefore, the inter-relationships between the elements could indicate conflicts at sea. There is also a potential for air and ocean/sea disasters and shipping and airline incidents. The Chinese calendar goes into 60 year cycles. Sixty years ago (1956) was the year of the Suez Canal crisis and revolts against Soviet control in Hungary and Poland and let’s not forget the riots in Hong Kong. A Yang Fire year also brings people confidence about the economy as the Yang Fire element was the driving force behind the stock market in 2006 and 2007. The Yang Fire of 2016 is positive for the economy and the confidence and optimism to buy stocks will continue. This force will continue until the middle of 2017. 2016 will still experience an array of natural disasters such as fires, nuclear incidents or environmental disasters, tornadoes and hurricanes. The annual Star #2, Star of sickness located in the center of the Ba-Gua, and the center of any country or state could experience a flu epidemic. The most susceptible are the Northeast areas and Central

sectors of your home or office as well. The worst months are February, May and November. The Monkey in Feng Shui is the “Noble Man” or protective angel for individuals born in the years ending in 5 or 9, making everything smooth and positive. The elements of fire and metal of 2016 will bring prosperity to the following industries; entertainment and media, including film and television, clubs, bars and wine industries, restaurants, beauty products, oil, stock market, finance and energy as well as industries connected to the water element such as communications, shipping and cruise lines. It will also be a very active year for construction, high tech, mining and property investments. The banking, engineering and computer industries are not expected to perform well. Individuals born in the Year of the Monkey are “Offending the Grand Duke”, AKA self-penalty, so it is recommended to carry a Snake pendant. Individuals born in the year or day of the Tiger are in a clash with the year and will be travelling more than usual and may be prone to accidents. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a Snake pendant. Wishing you Great Health, Success and Prosperity for 2016! w


Defining:Your Hustle

This Year, Feed Your Hustle By Adria DeCorte

Think back to the last week you were under a deadline. Your meals came from a greasy takeout box, you spent every day hunched over your desk for 12 hours barely moving, and you grabbed the laptop to start working as soon as you rolled out of bed in the morning. We’ve all been there. How did you feel the week afterwards? Did you crash? Need a vacation? Or maybe even get sick? Imagine if you strung together several months or years’ worth of these weeks. (If you’re anything like me, shouldn’t be too hard to visualize.) Even if you dial down the intensity, you’re still headed for burnout. Every woman in business seems to have her own burnout story. I became a workaholic the moment I left my career as an applied plant scientist for the government to go out on my own. My passion for building my own business finally had full reign. For the next couple years, I 8

worked seven days a week. Ever heard that saying that entrepreneurs are the only ones who will work 80 hours to avoid working 40? I never shut it off. I was driven by ever-moving goals. I didn’t have time for real lunch breaks and when I stopped to think about it, I hadn’t been to the gym in months. I barely spent quality time with my husband, rarely unplugged. I was hustling. Then one day two years into this hustle, I woke up and I didn’t feel like going to work. I was tired and there was no joy left for what I was doing. Burnout is a serious business killer. It means a hard time getting out of bed, lack of motivation to get yourself to work, and a foggy brain when you get there. And many of us are living under this perpetual state of burnout day after day. What good do wicked marketing skills, a team of talented contractors, and a library of business advice do if you’re not clearheaded enough to steer the helm

of your business? Your business doesn’t run without you. It needs your brain on all thrusters and your 100% energy and creativity. And who wants to waste time on sick days? If I’m going to be off, I’d personally rather take a vacation instead. On the contrary, ever noticed how you can work longer hours when you get a full 8 hours sleep, or how you’re renewed after a 20-minute walk break, or how the afternoon slump never hits when you eat a particularly “healthy” lunch? What if you could bring this energy and clarity to your work every day? What could you get done? And, more importantly, how much energy would you have left over for the other things that matter? The best way to prevent yourself from becoming your business’ top liability is through healthy choices today. In other words, feed your hustle. Let’s start by redefining the

word “hustle” as the energy you need to power your passion projects to make an impact. You feed your hustle with nourishing foods that generate that energy... And with regular movement that boosts your feel good endorphins... And by consistently recharging with downtime. When I work with high-performing women, the foundation is almost always ease in the kitchen. But the biggest challenge isn’t a lack of nutrition information. It’s feeling too busy to eat a proper meal.

You feed your hustle with nourishing foods that generate that energy... And with regular movement that boosts your feel good endorphins... And by consistently recharging with downtime... Picture this. You slam the fridge door, mutter grumpily, “there’s nothing to eat!” and walk over to the drawer next to the sink to grab the takeout menu for the local sandwich shop. Sound familiar? I want to save you from this fate because I know that’s THE best way to help you feed your hustle this year. If it’s easy, you’re far more likely to do it. Adria’s Core Kitchen Simplifiers: 1. Create Possibilities in Your Fridge. You want to set up your fridge so you open the door and immediately see the possibilities for different meals you could make. Three ways to do this: premaking key ingredients ahead of time, stocking your fridge with fresh whole foods, and organizing

it in a way you can see everything. Prep in advance. An hour to prep at the beginning of your work week can mean the difference between quick meals that power your days or settling for meals that drain your energy. I have my clients make up a batch each of beans and brown rice or quinoa for the week and store them in glass containers in the fridge. Then they can easily pull them out, reheat them, and toss them together with veggies and dressing for a quick, nourishing meal. Stock up. You can’t eat what you don’t have. Want to eat more salads in the New Year? Make sure you have romaine and baby kale on hand. If you want to start a green smoothie habit, make sure you’ve got plenty of spinach. Organize. It can be helpful to keep ingredients for different types of meals in separate zones of the fridge or pantry. E.g. your smoothie ingredients in one section of the fridge and salad ingredients in another corner. Then you can pull them out without thinking. Contrast this to opening the fridge door and seeing chaos you can’t tell what’s in there. (Ever discovered something molding in the back of the veggie drawer and forgot you even purchased it?) Open the fridge and see that, and you’d feel like making a meal is just too hard. 2. Use Meal Templates, Not Recipes. Following a recipe takes longer and is more complicated because you have to translate words into actions. There’s thinking and decision-making involved, and you don’t need another ball to juggle. Instead, define templates for each meal of the day that you can loosely follow. For example, let’s say your breakfast template is a green smoothie. The ingredients will vary day-to-day and seasonally sometimes it’s banana with kale,

Defining:Your Hustle

sometimes apples with spinach. But you always know what you are making. Lunch template: a monster salad. You throw in a cup of beans or quinoa and whatever veggies you have on hand and top it with a delicious but healthy dressing. Change it up with different types of beans, different salad greens, and different dressings to make endless new meals. Dinner template: a Buddha bowl – 1/2 cup beans, 1/2 cup brown rice or quinoa, at least a cup of cooked veggies, and another delicious sauce. Like the salad, the ingredient options are limitless - try rotating broccoli, green beans, asparagus, and zucchini for your greens. By following these templates, you never have to wonder what you’re making. You simply throw in the ingredients you have on hand and eat. The New Year means a fresh opportunity to finally start feeding your hustle. It’s your choice. Will you continue on the path towards eventual burnout? Or do you choose to take the road less traveled and feed your hustle?

Adria DeCorte is a Healthy Living Strategist who helps high performing, driven women feed their hustle and practice the self-care that creates a foundation for lasting success. Adria has a M.S. in Environmental Science with a focus on botany which gives her a unique understanding of food and nourishment. She is a TEDx speaker and host of the Feed Your Hustle Podcast. Please reach out to Adria with your questions or comments at or visit her website at www.adriadecorte. com.


Defining: Your Spirit

Just Ask Jacqui... Spiritually guided advice, answers and direction.


Dear Jacqui, I have a great fear of not having enough money. I was raised in a Catholic family, where money was tight but we were not poor. I am only 23 and I want to shake this feeling of poverty (is that too dramatic?) before I start my real job when I graduate from school. Nobody wants a CPA, who can’t handle money. Thanks! Cash

Dear Jacqui, I have a 10 year old daughter, named Amy, who I naturally love very much, however I am intermittently at great odds with her. One day, we are going through our days with ease and the next day I feel that she is angry with me, for no apparent reason. I realize that I feel like she is my greatest prize one day, then my greatest burden the next. Mama

Blessings Dear Cash! Thanks for your note and extra thanks for seeing what you want in your life and aiming your attention toward it. The feeling of lack of money, is usually considered “poverty mentality”, however I am seeing a different routing for you. The base of your fear is the trapped emotions of abandonment. You feel as though you were unsupported, almost “dropped” as a small child due to family conflicts, which often centered around money. These feeling left you with the mindset that you have to handle everything, rather than depending on your parents or others for assistance Firstly, we will remove the trapped emotions of abandonment and a few others, which are ready to go. You will start to instantly feel lighter, more comfortable with the world around you, because you will see it as a friendly, helpful, heath filled space. Spirit has recommended that you carry 2 small stones. One is a rose quartz and the other is an amethyst; small, like the size of nickel. I see you putting them in your pocket and fiddling with them, as men sometimes do with their change. The stones carry with them the energy of love & trust to give you comfort and build your faith. You will release your fear about money and become Peace Filled. Peace & Love…Jacqui

Blessings Dear Mama, You are your daughter are continually discovering your true higher selves, which are interconnected, like puzzle parts. The physical learning goes from parent to child, however, in this case, the spiritual learning goes from child to parent, because Amy is on planet to help you in your own enlightenment. Amy is a very old soul. She carries much of the knowledge and many of the codes for the future development into the Age of Aquarius. You don't have to DO anything about it, just be aware and know that the small visions you see about Amy are true. Know that your past life history, made it a tad difficult for you to relax into this relationship; however that has now been erased. You two fit together to perform better than either of you separately. Listen to her heart and not her words. Peace & Love…Jacqui

“Firstly, we will remove the trapped emotions of abandonment and a few others, which are ready to go. You will start to instantly feel lighter, more comfortable with the world around you, because you will see it as a friendly, helpful, heath filled space.”

Dear Jacqui, A depression has crept in and grabbed me and I need help getting out. Please keep me in your prayers! Much gratitude & love. .. Feeling so low

Defining: Your Spirit

Blessings Dear Mama, “I am healthy, I am happy I am safe” please repeat often in silence and aloud, Depression makes us feel so helpless because we cannot understand it in a linear manner. People around us feel uncomfortable, so they demand (or just suggest) that we snap out of it. Perhaps, this is a good place for you to be for a moment. Allow the feelings to FLOW through you. They cannot be dammed up, BUT they can be quickly dispensed with because once they run their course they can gently leave you. Use lots of water, .drink it, bathe in it. Swim, sit by a stream, eat juicy fruits and vegetables. All of these practices will allow the depression to quickly flow thru and out of your life. I am sending you healing energy...AND the power to find peace is within you. Peace & Love…Jacqui w

Do you have a spiritual question? Just ask Jacqui!


Defining: Your Space

Is it a Good TIME? By Kimberli A. Harkess, PC


s a seasoned real estate agent I am often asked, “Is it a good time to buy or sell?” My response is always the same, “I have a lot of things in my briefcase but two of them are not a time machine or a crystal ball.” This usually gets a laugh and it allows me to open up the conversation to a more important topic. My thought is that it is not so much when you buy as how you buy that will dictate your homeownership future and your ability to sell at the best terms possible. rior to becoming a real estate agent in 2001, I began my career in 1979 as a mortgage lender. As a former mortgage professional, I had the knowledge and ability to best counsel my real estate clients. In 2007 when the mortgage


apocalypse began, people being forced to short sell were in adjustable rate mortgages. Most people lost their homes because they were unable to refinance at a time when they had no equity. Conversely, my clients were not forced into short sales. Why? It was because between 2001 and 2006 I had strongly advised them to seek fixed rate mortgages. It wasn’t an easy task with all the crazy “smoke and mirrors” lending going on but I persevered. Thankfully all the clients who heeded my advice were just fine. Of course their homes were upside down in 2007 and beyond, but they were in homes they could afford with mortgage payments they could also afford for the foreseeable future. My clients could keep their homes. They

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Defining: Your Space had the option to wait things out. The proudest time in my professional career was giving my clients the power to have those options. It gave them not only the power of home ownership but home retention as well. tell you this story because I’m starting to see an alarming trend of home buyers, especially “new home” buyers, choosing adjustable rate mortgages again. With the New Year in full steam, and the speculation of higher interest rates on the horizon, I’m afraid that people are going to lose focus, that they will forget the past and start using these risky loan products solely to lower their payments. This is a bad strategy. Don’t be eluded into thinking the adjustable mortgage at 5, 7 or 10 years is sufficient. Nevada is not in a full recovery yet. Adjustable rate mortgages are ONLY for the unique individual who has Marty McFly in his back pocket. In other words, he knows his future unequivocally. The purchase he/she is making is a short term one. Not sure what I mean? Then this type of loan is probably not for you. Call me and I will explain further. I also have several high quality lenders I can refer to you. llow me to also debunk a couple myths floating out in the air further encouraging you to make poor decisions about financing.



MYTH: On average people sell their homes every 5-7 years.


eality: In a study published in 2013 by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), the average time to sell is more like 13 years. First time homebuyers average slightly less at 11 years. Even with our move toward recovery in Nevada, an uncertain economy, or lack of equity, can prevent a trade up in a shorter period of time. Homebuyer’s purchasing their “dream homes” from builders with adjustable rate mortgages is a recipe for disaster. Ironically if you noticed, the study I reference above was published by the National Association Home Builders... hmmmm.

MYTH: Your home is an “investment”.

based on the rent they can garner or net profit from a flip but, like all investments, it is only about the dollar. Unlike the investor, you are buying a “home”, a place where you choose to begin your life together, grow your family or live out your golden years. This is an emotional purchase dictated by the location, schools, desired amenities, etc. Sure, you want value for your money, you may want to make improvements and you certainly want to take care of it. The main focus is finding your “home” and I would be honored to help you.

Don’t try to “play the market” with your home by using risky loan products.


his takes me back to financing. For the average homeowner, properly positioning yourself in homeownership will always give you the best choices. Don’t try to “play the market” with your home by using risky loan products. Invest in pork bellies instead. What I know is that interest rates are still near all time lows. To give you a perspective, in 1979 when I started my career, the average interest rates for that year was 11.20% (what?) topping out in October of 1981 at 18.45% (yikes!). If you lock yourself in to these low rates on a long term fixed loan when you buy your home, you will never be forced to refinance. If the market is not in your favor to sell, you can stay in your home paying a mortgage you can afford. You will be in control which, given our times, is a pretty awesome place to be.w

Kimberli A. Harkess, PC has been a licensed Realtor in Nevada since 2001. Prior to that, she spent nearly 22 years in mortgage lending. Kimberli believes this gives her a unique perspective and ability to provide quality service for her clients. Kimberli arrived in Nevada in 2000 as a mortgage lender.


eality: Although your home may be the largest investment your family will make, it does not have the earmarks of a true “for profit” investment. The days of “flipping” your home for cash in a couple of years ended when the housing bubble burst. In all the years I’ve been selling to investors I’ve never sold an investor a “home”. I sell them “property”. They may choose a property

Give Kimberli a call at 702.416.8502 with any questions or concerns about the Las Vegas Real Estate Market. She can also be reached via email at


Defining: Your Health

A Healthy & Fit 2016 By Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C.


ith the New Year in full swing it is time to check in and see how far, if at all, we have come in our fitness goals for 2016. Our resolve was so solid and congrats if you are still going strong, however, some may have fallen off the wagon for good. One aspect of the feminine life we rarely consider as a possible obstacle, a major obstacle at that, is our hormones may be out of balance. We tend to minimize symptoms and discard them without ever addressing them, especially when we are doing what we believe is our best to take care of ourselves. We focus on the external instead of addressing what may be happening internally. Sometimes it can feel like one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever face – dealing with the bloating, bingeing, blues and blunders of PMS or Menopause and not letting it interfere with your fitness goals.


hether you’re struggling with low energy from the blues and trying to talk yourself out of going to the gym or cringing at your bloated reflection in the mirror, dealing with the weight gain and bloating of PMS or Menopause is no fun and often a heavy contender in the running for top causes of depression in women. Here are some helpful tips that may serve to inspire you. Bloating, weight gain, and depression are among the most bothersome symptoms associated with the “time of month” (PMS) or the “change of life” (Menopause). However, mood swings, headaches, breast tenderness, cramping, and a low sex drive are also common during these unpleasant times in life. This collection of annoying and often debilitating symptoms can easily become major obstacles you will need to overcome on your path to health and wellness and while attempting to achieve your fitness goals. Information on dealing with PMS and Menopause is nothing new and can be found everywhere. You 14

already know the importance of a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, taking daily supplements, and maintaining a consistent workout routine. You are undoubtedly aware of the benefits of stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation. And more than likely you are successful at juggling a busy life and multi-tasking an endless array of things without feeling too stressed out, so what else can there be? To begin with, any professional athlete will tell you, identifying and preparing for obstacles is just as important as practice or your workout routine. From recognizing self sabotaging behavior to mastering health and wellness tricks of the trade, covering all of your bases will increase your chances of achieving your goals. Evaluating your emotional status and keeping your female sex hormones in balance are two very important aspects that are often overlooked but work wonders in eliminating the symptoms of PMS and Menopause and help you stay on the fitness track.

Defining: Your Health Emotional check list Self sabotaging behavior sometimes hides behind good intentions but more often lingers in the background disguised as “excuses.” We may unknowingly employ these behaviors for a variety of reasons – a cop out to avoid working harder or to simply deny ourselves something we think we don’t deserve. No matter what excuse you choose, self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors can easily destroy your best fitness efforts. Here are a few examples of self sabotaging thought patterns or behaviors to recognized and avoid:

Good intention excuse:

“I don’t have time to think about myself right now. With worrying about my elderly mother’s health issues and driving her back and forth to her appointments, my needs will just have to wait.”

Too busy excuse: “I can’t start an exercise regimen

now in the middle of winter, it’s too cold and I don’t like going to the gym when it is dark outside. I’ll wait until spring, and besides that, the kids need me to get them going in the morning and I really don’t have the time to exercise or worry about taking supplements.”

Putting you last:

Women inherently nurture and are born caregivers. Young girls typically learn from role models how to put themselves last. Suffering with PMS makes you an unhappy woman and will ultimately affect everyone in your life. Making a commitment to taking care of yourself instead of always letting others come first is a major challenge for most women but can be accomplished with a little effort and focus. Menopause, on the other hand is the ideal time for making changes and braking old habits. This can be a very liberating time in a woman’s life for accomplishing many postponed goals and focusing on self.

you eat! Unfortunately it’s very difficult today to get all the nutrients your body needs. A hectic lifestyle supports fast food consumption and other nutrient deficient dietary habits. Our crops are grown in over-utilized nutrient deplete soils and if you live in an area of the country where sunshine is a rare commodity, you may be at risk for vitamin D and other dietary deficiencies. The healthier you are the better your weight loss and wellness results will be – and without a doubt taking supplements will help get you there.

Combine natural hormones and weight loss products for best results: Thanks to our estrogen saturated environment women begin developing hormone imbalances such as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) long before reaching menopause. In addition, chronic stress common to most women elevates blood levels of the fat storing hormone Cortisol. Cortisol increases your body’s production of estrogen which makes you gain weight in the female fat zones while at the same time reduces progesterone (the hormone that counteracts the effects of estrogen). Approaching female health and wellness from a few different angles will increase your chances of success. Your fitness goals are attainable and sustainable. If you are struggling and don’t understand why, it is worth checking out all areas of your health and wellbeing. I invite you to contact me and together we can make 2016 your healthiest year yet. w

Physical Check List Use metabolism enhancing tricks of the trade: Take advantage of scientifically proven methods

to assist in speeding up your metabolism and burning calories more efficiently. By eating small meals more often (instead of 3 squares) you will boost your metabolic rate. In addition, exercising often (12-15 minute intense bursts) to burn fat and increase muscles mass will also speed up your metabolism because lean muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat flabby muscle.

Take your daily supplements:

You are what

Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S.,D.C. is a holistic physician and graduate of the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL. She is the founder of Balancing Hormones Naturally® www. She is a published author, speaker, and expert in holistic health-care issues for women. She also founded and was CEO of the Wellness Institute of Nevada, one of the leading multidisciplinary wellness clinics in Nevada for many years. Most importantly, she is a wife, mother and grandmother.


Defining: Your Life



recently read an article that begged the question, “What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life?” In the article, written by Krista O'Reilly-Davi-Digui it goes on to deeper inquiry, “What if I all I want is a small, slow, simple life? What if I am most happy in the space of in between? Where calm lives. What if I am mediocre and choose to be at peace with that? he world is such a noisy place. Loud, haranguing voices lecturing me to hustle, to improve, build, strive, yearn, acquire,


compete, and grasp for more. For bigger and better. Sacrifice sleep for productivity. Strive for excellence. Go big or go home. Have a huge impact in the world. Make your life count. ut what if I just don’t have it in me. What if all the striving for excellence leaves me sad, worn out, depleted. Drained of joy. Am I simply not enough?” y response was, ‘WOW”. I can so relate! To be sure we, rather, I have set myself up for a very time consuming, grandiose,



Our mind is a very powerful ally and can also be our worst enemy simply because of the thoughts we put into it. We have the choice to elevate our mind by putting in the good stuff, the stuff that will serve us and the people around us in a much more fulfilling, peace filled way. 16

need to move forward, build bigger, add more value in a so much to do kind of life and I haven’t been very happy about it. Funny thing is I honestly didn’t know what to do about this kind of pace except pray, seek peace, keep going and hope for the best. However, with this revealing posed question, there is something wonderful I can do about it. ELEVATE. he word by definition means to raise or lift (something) up to a higher position. Proverbially speaking this would be referencing my life and your life. How do we elevate? What if living a small, slow, simple life is elevating? What if living any life we choose is elevating. Simply put it is the choice we make and the awareness we have that elevates anything we choose toward real progress as a human being. Awareness, in my opinion, is the foundation to any life, whether we label it mediocre or elevated. Which seem like two completely opposite ideologies, only because we define them that


Defining: Your Life way; can we be both? t is not an easy thing to redefine our path; it is not an easy thing to toss up into the air everything we have thus far learned is the “right” thing to do. It is however necessary to determine what it is we really want, how we want to live and the women we want to be. What if you and I discovered another way; a way to live in peace and joy and progress defined as peace, joy and progress? What if we elevated our lives to be fully alive and aware of every moment, whatever the pace? erhaps the place to start is by elevating our mind. I like to call this throwing off childish things, meaning letting go of our little kid thinking (when we didn’t know what we know now) that dictates we have to be better than and competitive, those thoughts in our mind that foster comparison to others, the thought that we have to do it bigger and better. Our mind is a very powerful ally and can also be our worst enemy



simply because of the thoughts we put into it. We have the choice to elevate our mind by putting in the good stuff, the stuff that will serve us and the people around us in a much more fulfilling, peace filled way. ext what if we elevated our judgment to discernment? Discerning a situation or person allows us an opportunity to see the truth or at least a bit of it. It allows us to stay a little longer with the person in front of us or in an uncomfortable situation. We can be in the flow rather than in resistance because of judgment. We all deserve an opportunity to be known, to be given a moment to learn what we are genuinely all about. Discernment affords an opportunity to acquire a rainbow of people in your life and a rainbow of opportunities. inally, living an elevated life comes from understanding that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our life. It is an understanding we are here to learn lessons that may not



always be as easy as we'd like them to be. What's interesting about this concept is when we are not aware of it, we have a big story wrapped into the why we do what we do. When we are 100% responsible for ourselves, there is no story, no blame to be placed. We have the choice of how to respond to anything because we are responsible. hat if we want to live a simpler life, as we define it? Do it! What if we want to climb mountains or run an ultramarathon? Do it? What if we desire a really good business that affords us a wonderful lifestyle? Do it! Referencing the words of Ms. O'Reilly-Davi-Digui, “What if all I want is a small, slow, simple life? What if I am most happy in the space of in between? Where calm lives. What if I am mediocre and choose to be at peace with that?” Oh yes what if we choose the life we want, whatever it looks like? And in that choosing we find peace and joy, that my dear is living life elevated. w


Elevate Your Senses Power Bowl

From the

Ingredients 1 bunch curly kale, washed and de-stemmed 1 tablespoon coconut oil ½ teaspoon smoked paprika 1½ cups cooked quinoa sea salt ¼ cup chopped fresh chives 8 radishes, thinly sliced 1 large beet, spiraled 1 avocado 1 lime 2 medium carrots, peeled and sliced optional garnishes: pepitas

Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Tear the kale into large pieces and place on baking sheet. Massage the coconut oil into the kale leaves. Sprinkle with smoked paprika and sea salt, to taste. Roast the kale for 10-12 minutes or until just starting to become golden. While the kale roasts, season the cooked quinoa with ¼-1/2 teaspoon sea salt, a dash of black pepper, and fresh chives. Next, scoop the flesh of your avocado into a small bowl, squeeze the lime juice over top, and sprinkle with a dash of sea salt. Mash the avocado with a fork and set aside. To assemble the power bowls, place little piles of each of the roasted kale, carrots, radishes, quinoa, and spiraled beets into large bowls. Drop a dollop of the smashed avocado in the center and top with pepitas if desired. Serve and enjoy!


Defining: Your Story


You’ve got plenty of stories to tell. But does anyone care about them? By Stefanie Frank Storytelling is all the rage in business these days and with good reason. Stories are a channel for human connection. Storytelling predates writing. Its earliest forms were oral, evolving into symbols painted on cave walls, dance, music, video and writing. As time marches forward, we’re equipped to the gills with technology that enables us to put our stories “out there.” But should we really put all of our stories out there? Is there a way to sift through those that are “worth telling?” And why does that matter?

John Steinbeck put it aptly when he said:

“If a story is not about the hearer, he will not listen . . . . a great and interesting story is about everyone or it will not last.”

In business, career and social settings, it’s your obligation to make your stories relevant. Relevant stories will set you apart as a leader, business person and vibrant community member. The one thing to remember: your stories aren’t about you. They’re about the people listening. 18

The following tips will help you curate relevant stories from the rich narrative of your (and others’) experience and put them into a structure so you can move those listening to a new perspective, a new way of thinking or meaningful action.

Pay Attention to Inciting Moments Relevant stories begin inside of an inciting moment a moment where you know, in your gut, that something needs to change. You know you’re in an inciting moment when time seems to slow and you realize (often later, upon reflection) that what happened before, and what is going to happen next, are much less important that what happens in that moment. You’re completely present. While these moments are personal to you, the stories generated from them transcend what happened. When was the last time you told a story that truly connected with someone? They were drawn in, enthralled, maybe even inspired? Review the story and look for the inciting moment.

Take Action Action happens immediately after an inciting

Defining: Your Story moment you realize something needs to change and then BAM! You get into action. The action could be signing up for a race, updating your resume, or reaching out to a friend you need to speak with. Whatever it is it follows fast and furious upon the inciting moment. The action is what compels change and it’s often simple. One small action is all it takes. But of course, then there’s more to face.

Overcome Obstacles Any time we pursue real change, we face obstacles (sometimes referred to as “conflict”). Facing and overcoming obstacles not only allows us to see what we’re made of, it allows our listeners to see themselves inside of the story. No one wants to hear a perfect story. People want to hear the conflicts (inner and outer), the messiness, the fear, challenges that had to be overcome for the story to mean something.

Get Support Relevant stories are not created in a vacuum. Look at familiar stories in history. Martin Luther King did not get to the Lincoln Memorial on his own to give his “I have a dream” speech. He needed tons of support to get him there.

No character in any worthy work of literary fiction came through change or faced obstacles totally on his own. He or she got support and so did you at some point during your relevant stories.

Repeat the Sequence Until the Story Reaches it’s Natural Conclusion Most of the stories we are drawn to tell are complex and layered. Consequently you will see and experience the cycle of more than once before the conclusion. Relevant stories have clear conclusions and clear points of view. Your best stories will be ones you are looking back on, and yet it feels like you’re still there. Your listeners will feel that too.

Stories Profoundly Influence Our Ability to Change Storytelling is much more than a skill set. It is a mind set. A relevant story has a strong point of view and sets you apart as a leader, business person and vibrant community member. No one wants to hear regurgitated pieces of your narrative. People do want to hear thoughtfully curated relevant stories so they can experience new perspectives and create changes that matter to them. w

Stefanie Frank is a TEDx speaker who writes persuasive online content for

ambitious business owners. Through her workshop style training program, the Copy Institute, Stef teaches and trains teams and individuals within companies to write persuasively to move their important initiatives forward. Stef received the UNLV Honors College Alumnus of the Year Award in 2002, won a lottery slot to compete in the Ironman World Championship 70.3 in 2012, and was the honored recipient of the Nevada International Women’s Forum Carolyn M. Sparks Award for entrepreneurship in 2015.

Speaking of... Opportunities to strengthen and tell your story...

With over 65 Toastmaster clubs in the Las Vegas area to choose from, getting started on telling your story is just around the corner. Toastmasters is an excellent and affordable resource for becoming comfortable with public speaking. Visit

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, selforganized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At the TEDxFremontEastWomen event live speakers spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. Get connected and watch for the 2016 event at:


Defining: Your Life


It is certainly not an easy topic, however, in our life and times it is a necessary one. With crimes against women and especially girls not easing up any time soon, it is important to seek out ways to empower ourselves mentally and equip ourselves physically in order to proactively defend ourselves. So where do we begin? Enter Patti Stewart. With beauty queen looks, this part girl next door, part activist, part champion of women and girls everywhere, Patti is one power packed secret weapon of support for us all. This busy Mom of two has made a career of supporting women and girls with self-defense methods and tools. Highly skilled in weaponry, physical awareness and tactical gear, Patti is passionate about building our confidence and street credibility. In 2015 she added to her long list of certifications that of International Crime Prevention Specialist. The designation was awarded by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department after successfully completing the ICPS curriculum written by crime prevention specialists from around the world. The course included core subjects such as sexual assault, domestic violence, neighborhood watch, crime analysis, personal safety and rural 20

crime prevention. Commenting on her recent designation, Patti said: “I am committed to playing a role in reducing the crime statistics. That is why I am doing everything I can to empower myself with knowledge and skills to share with other women.” With what Patti firmly believes is a calling she is ready and able to truly empower women and

Commerce, top shelf indeed Ms. Stewart. How, you may ask, did Patti Stewart get started on this path? She has always had an interest in self-defense tools and classes. She came across a company, Damsel in Defense when she was looking for a way to never again miss one of her kid’s school activities because of work. Entrepreneurial

“I am committed to playing a role in reducing the crime statistics. That is why I am doing everything I can to empower myself with knowledge and skills to share with other women.” Patti Stewart girls everywhere. Among her many accomplishments you will find a self-defense certification from the Women’s Self Defense University. Additionally, she holds self-defense certifications in Girls on Guard, Guarding our Girls and Defense Against Weapons. She is now using her certification to offer free self defense classes in Las Vegas. Defining:WOMEN intends to host an event soon. Oh and as if that were not enough, Patti was also awarded the Gold Achievement Award for Customer Service Excellence from the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of

opportunities come and go and she found one that marries perfectly with her interests and lifestyle. It has since become a passion and way of life. Patti is now a Pearl Director with Damsel in Defense and regularly leads the way in crime prevention and awareness at local events. She is involved in domestic abuse movements, antihuman trafficking activities and so much more. More importantly, she has made it her career and her mission to serve and protect women and girls from all walks of life and in anywhere she can

Defining: Your Life speak and educate. Her company, Damsel in Defense was founded in September 2011 by Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes, two friends with a passion for safety. Looking at the US national statistics of crimes against women, they wanted to and felt they need to support safety-conscious or concerned women with product to build confidence. They added a splash of color to rather impersonal scary looking products as they set out and formed a line of safe and sassy products. You can see why Patti Stewart jumped on board. Patti has also gone on to build a team of amazing women dedicated to the three core principles of Damsel in Defense.

EQUIPPING, EMPOWERING & EDUCATING! Protecting ourselves has never been easier and equipping ourselves more accessible and comfortable. Unfortunately entering gun or tactical supply store can be intimidating. We don’t know the questions to ask, we are not comfortable with arming ourselves in any way, shape of form. Many of us may not what to have this tough conversation or we believe that nothing bad will ever happen to us. We have been taught to be polite so even learning self-defense moves can be weird. With Patti Stewart in our corner and leading the way why not take advantage and make a shift to truly empowering ourselves? It doesn’t hurt to have the conversation and I personally cannot wait to explore the possibilities this year and beyond of what I can do to empower myself in a whole new way. Thank you Patti for having my back! w To learn more about Patti Stewart and her work as a Damsel in Defense Pearl Director, visit her website at http://www.

2016 Fashionable Line of Defense

Whether you are concealing your Stun Gun or Handgun, this gorgeous purse keeps it easily accessible and you protected.

These two little babies pack a punch. Both the Stun Gun and Pepper Spray are easily situated in your hand went you need it most. Watch out bad-guy!

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Defining: Your Sensuality

ARE YOU A ONE-NIGHT STAND? By Our Resident Sex Specialist, Linda Tallon


here is no judging here! Just be safe, be ready and know what you are doing! However, if you are in a relationship, you and I both know that it can feel like we are repeating a one night stand every couple of months. If you are to sustain a vibrant, healthy, sexual and intimate relationship with your partner, you have to work at it. he all American quickie does have its place in life, but you can't live by it. We are busy in our lives and being on the run is part of our lifestyle. There is something sexy about running home for a "nooner” BUT sometimes spontaneity is not all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes planning is the key. o how "unsexy" does it sound to put sex on a calendar? Well, it depends on how you look at it. I know when I mark vacation in my calendar, I put an "X" on all the days I am going to be gone. The closer the days come to my “X's” the more excited I get. The same holds true for planning your date nights. When you put that “X” down for your date night, you look forward to it, and you can make a plan! Remember, like anything else, it can be flexible. Because we ARE busy, time goes by before you realize it. ow we need ways to work it into our schedules. Do you have kids? Can't afford a fancy restaurant? Go make out in the car like you did when you were sixteen. After the kids are in bed, have a picnic on the floor with some wine and cheese, and candlelight. Kissing burns calories! As your kissing heats up you will have a decline in Cortisol, and that’s a sign of relaxation. See how long you can go with just kissing and sweet caressing before getting to the




"good stuff". Nothing fancy, just enticingly different! o add intrigue, send your honey a note in the mail. Call them in your sexiest voice and tell them how you are looking forward to date night. It's even better in a voice mail. It can be played over and over! Date night is important. Whatever you choose to do be sure to put the technology away, plan to spend intimate time with one another and communicate! ate Night is important and date night does not necessarily mean Sex Night! There are so many people who think sex and intimacy is the same thing. They are NOT! Anyone and everyone can have sex. But intimacy is a whole different level! Intimacy is being comfortable enough to laugh, play and giggle in your bedroom. It is being in a "safe" environment to try something new. And if you try something new and don't like it, just don't do it again! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. t’s a basic fact that we all need attention. Sometimes the person we love and care about the most is the one that gets ignored and taken for granted. For every woman or man who goes to bed with a headache, there is someone out there with a listening ear and a bottle of aspirin. Our relationships deserve attention. It is never too late to start. Just be aware of what is going on in your relationship. he power of touch is important whether it is in a sexual way or not. From the time we are born we need to be touched! In the neonatal unit at a hospital, babies that are striving to stay alive are rocked by nurses. Babies thrive at a quicker pace with more skin on skin. When is the last time you hugged,





Defining: Your Sensuality touched or caressed the one you love? tudies have shown that it is healthiest to be touched at least seven times a day. Those studies conclude couples who have a higher level of intimacy have fewer sick days at work, decreased risk of heart disease and depression. They also have less stress! It could be a touch on the arm, a hug, a cuddle. It can be walking through the mall holding hands or watching a movie with your hand on his leg. Couples who are more sexually active have longer lasting relationships. Couples who hug and give a kiss goodbye have a deeper bond. If you are not kissing each other hello and goodbye, try it. See what happens! It takes 30 days to build a habit! And this habit is a good one!


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ow what if you don't have a great imagination on what to do or how to start? As the resident sex specialist, I carry several items that can help with that; Date Night, and Date Night 2. These are decks of cards. In these decks of cards there are Pillow Talk cards, Action cards, Tell Me cards. Put together some items for Valentine's Day! I have lots of little goodies to choose from! (See my coupon on this page!) s always, if you would like a one on one consultation, or have any questions about where to begin, or where to go from here, or would like to see all the wonderful products we have available, you can always contact me. w


Linda Tallon is a Senior Director with the Pure Romance Company. She has been supporting women with their sexual health and wellness for over 30 years. Linda loves what she does by empowering women to take charge of their sexual pleasure and fulfillment. Linda is discreet and available to support you! Give her a call at 702.592.840 or via email at:

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Defining: Your Art

ReDiscover Your Heartfelt Art by Peppy Caccavale


n this New Year, while most professional women are setting business goals and putting their nose to the proverbial grindstone, it is important to check in with yourself on creating a harmonious life as well. Many of us, like me, developed a love of some form of creative expression, art if you will, at a very young age. It may have been coloring in a coloring book, finger painting, baking cookies, singing songs to your parents or their house guests, or sewing clothes for your dolls. Like me, you may have hidden it away and left it untapped for years and perhaps have become unsatisfied with a lack of a creative outlet for yourself. Worse yet, maybe you don’t even realize what may be lacking to create more harmony in your life. ver the past year or two we have seen resurgence in creative expression. There are painting and wine nights, pottery classes and shops to paint on pottery. We find quilting ideas and new ways to work with yarn and just visit any craft store to find multiple options to create wearable art like jewelry. The Huffington Post reported in 2015 that 6 of the top 20 books on Amazon’s best-seller list were Adult Coloring Books. The article went on to say that coloring can be a form of meditation and relaxation. I completely understand this because all of my innovative art projects have the power to relax me and excite me all at the same time. s a student and master of the healing arts I understand that your art may lean toward a deeper


Innovative Art by Peppy, Fused Glass



spirituality or a desire to understand the metaphysical world of healing, angels or practices like meditation or Feng Shui. Once I made the choice to deepen all these areas of my life I found great harmony which has led to creating a heartfelt business too. It has been wonderful to create jewelry, wall art, glass art AND support others with my healing arts of Reiki and Feng Shui.

Watching for signs of excitement is a big ‘tell’ in what interests you. Are you are Project Runway watcher? Do you love home decorating or DIY shows? Do you ‘oooh and ahhh’ over precious gemstones or certain types of art pieces?


hat about you? As we move into 2016 and get our business goals set, our fitness routine back in order, manage our homes and families, is there a place for artfully expressing yourself? Whatever you set as a priority and give attention to is possible. Here are just a few ways to make this year one that includes uncovering or rediscovering your heartfelt art: • What lights you up? Watching for signs of excitement is a big ‘tell’ in what interests you. Are you are Project Runway watcher? Do you love home decorating or DIY shows? Do you ‘oooh and ahhh’ over precious gemstones or certain types of art pieces? It might even be easier than that to figure it out. What did you like to do as a kid? Was it paper dolls, Barbie, using sidewalk chalk? Whatever it was, use it as a guide to find something that tugs at your heart. • Start Small! Don’t go out and purchase the entire craft store. Trust me, that could leave you with a treasure bag filled with items that might not be touched until 2020. Pick one thing that excites you. Purchase a few items to complete one project. Then you can determine how it made you feel and if you want to do it again. • Take a class! Interested in Stained Glass, Fused Glass or the Healing Art of Reiki? I am teaching classes in all of these and would love to have you join me! Email me at • Make time for you to creatively express yourself. This is always easier said than done in any area of our life; however, with appropriate time management, and your new found desire to get creative, it is a must. Just do it!w Peppy Caccavale is an accomplished artist with a wide range of artistic experience in a variety of mediums ie., oil and acrylic painting, stained glass, fused glass, mixed media art and faux finishes. She is also a Master Reiki Practitioner. She would love to support you with rediscovering your art! See her ads here and give Peppy a call today!

Reiki by Peppy Reiki Master/Teacher

Release Stress Balance Energy Enhance Creativity Increase Energy Align Body, Mind & Spirit

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Defining: Your Giving

5 Tips to Achieve Your “Make A Difference” Resolution in 2016 By Maureen Romito

Ah, the beginning of a brand new year! Everything is possible. Everything is a fresh chance to change our lives for the better, and many of us start the year off by making New Year’s resolutions. This is the time of year when our thoughts and dreams are focused on improvement: improving our lives, our health, our relationships, our careers, and our communities. The gyms are full of people trying to exercise every day, we’re all trying to get better organized so we can accomplish more, and we’re making plans to spend more time with our families and loved ones. A quick Google search shows that the top New Year’s resolutions set by most Americans are very similar each and every year. We all have comparable dreams and goals. The ranking of those resolutions may change from time to time but most often we want to (1) Lose weight/exercise more, (2) Get organized, (3) Spend more time with family, (4) Get a new job/promotion/do better at our current job, etc. In almost every ranking of the top resolutions, usually a little farther down the list, is something like “Help others,” or ”Give back to the community,” or ”Donate more to charity.” This type of resolution isn’t an easy one to keep, however, given how busy our lives are and how many priorities, financial and otherwise, are constantly clamoring for our attention day after day and week after week. So how can we successfully achieve this resolution? How can we give more to charity when we’re on a tight budget? How can we truly make a difference when we’re just trying to make ends meet? Here are five tips to help you make the most of your giving ability and triumph with this resolution in 2016. 26

Tip #1: Break your giving down into smaller pieces. Probably the best advice to achieve any goal or accomplish any project is to break it down into workable steps. If you want to lose weight, experts don’t advise that you plan to lose 30 pounds the first week; they advise you to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week – you didn’t gain the 30 pounds in one week, so don’t plan to lose it all in one week. Well, the same thought applies to donating to charity. Don’t wait until December to decide what you can give to charity. And don’t just “react” to some heart-breaking story or event to prompt your donation. When you wait or react, you are limited in by what’s in your purse that day or to what’s leftover in your savings account after holiday gift buying. Try breaking your giving into manageable steps. Join a monthly giving program, save a specific amount each week or pay period, and make a donation regularly so that it adds up to a more significant amount by the end of the year, For example, by giving about $85 a month, starting in January, you will have donated $1,000 by the end of the year. Trying to come up with $1,000 all at once may not be easily doable, but donating less than $100 a month may be. And your charitable gift will end up making a much bigger difference to a cause or to help solve a need than you might have done otherwise. With a successful strategy to grow the value of your giving,Well, how do you then choose who to give this donation to?

Tip #2: Define what you value.

Defining: Your Giving This tip requires a little deep thinking: what means the most to you? Ask yourself, where do you want to see improvement or change? What cause or charity sings to you or has a strong personal connection? What has moved you to donate in the past? What need has always meant a great deal to you? Consider also the type of charity that best connects with you. Is it a large charity or a small one? Is it focused internationally, nationally, or is it community-based? Then dig a little a deeper and ask yourself why, why have you chosen what you’ve chosen? Why do you prefer a large or a small charity over the other and why do you want to focus locally, nationally, or internationally? Is it based on assumptions you may have? What is driving your preferences? You may discover that there are multiple causes and charities that move you to donate and this exercise may help you to prioritize your resources. Understanding your “why” and your beliefs and assumptions will help you better define what exactly you are looking for in a charity or cause.

Tip #3: Find an organization. Does a charitable organization match your interests, passions or concerns? Is it trying to solve a problem that you’re concerned about? Make sure the organization has an easy-to-understand mission that aligns with your principles, beliefs and the “whys” behind them. Understand the programs and services they offer. Charities tackle problems in different ways. For example, an organization that is trying to help reduce homelessness may do so by focusing on job and life skills training, or they may focus on mental health needs, or their focus may be on providing temporary shelter with referrals to other agencies. There’s no single answer to a problem or a need. Understanding how an organization addresses a cause will help you find the one that best aligns with you. Thoroughly check out the organization’s website. Good organizations define their mission, their programs and their services clearly. They are transparent about how they work, their goals, achievements, and finances. Some organizations post progress reports and annual reports on their websites. Some also post their financial statements and the data they use to measure their effectiveness. It is important to look for a nonprofit who can clearly articulate its achievements to show donors what their gifts will do.

Tip #4: Verify the charity is what it says it is.

So how can you tell if an organization is legit? First, check to see if it has been designated as a 501(c) (3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. 501(c)(3) refers to a section of the Federal tax code concerning nonprofits. Sadly, there are nonprofits out there that aren’t approved by the IRS and some charities may no longer be tax-exempt. The IRS maintains a list of all currently recognized tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. Check it out by visiting Charities-&-Non-Profits/Search-for-Charities. Be aware that faith-based organizations such as a churches are not required to register with the IRS, although many do. If you want to continue your research then check other on-line resources such as Charity Navigator, Guide Star, BBB Wise Giving Alliance, and Give Well. These are national organizations who review charities. Keep in mind, however, that newer and/or smaller organizations may have limited or no information on some of these sites so you may need to do some further exploration.

Tip #5: Trust your instincts. If you can, visit the charity. Meet and talk to the staff and to their volunteers. Ask questions. Start with, how will my gift be spent? How many people did you help last year? What’s your most successful program or service? Why? If you don’t get adequate answers, trust your gut. Find another organization for your hard-earned cash. With the start of a New Year and with the spirit of improvement in the air, we need to keep in mind that as successful business women, we are used to making decisions that advance and grow our business every day. Isn’t it time that we used the same kind of thought processes and decision-making abilities when it comes to maximizing the amount of our giving and to giving wisely to the charities and causes that make our community, our country, and our world a better place? Happy New Year and best wishes for making a difference! w

Maureen Romito is the Founder and President of Impact Las Vegas, a Nevada nonprofit women’s giving circle. Members of Impact Las Vegas are women who donate $1,000 by December 31st. 100% of this donation is combined with the donations from other Members and given back in June the following year as one large, high-impact grant to a nonprofit, chosen by the Members, to fund a project or program benefiting Southern Nevada. To learn more about Impact Las Vegas, visit their website


Defining: Your Skin

Caring for Your Winter Skin with Sue Pyne Hair & Makeup Artistry By Sue Pyne During the winter our skin will feel the effects from the change of season. If you are anything like me I tend to get dry and often have to change up my skin routine when temperatures drop. Makeup is only on the surface so it is imperative to care for your skin from the inside out so that your makeup will go on flawless during the winter months. Here are some helpful tips that will help you achieve that flawless look during the winter months:

allowing your skin to accept moisture. This will get rid of dry dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling smoother for better makeup application. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips! You want your lipstick to go on smooth for a great look too.

Make an appointment with your esthetician or dermatologist. It is a really good investment. They will analyze your skin and put you on a winter skin regimen. If you are on a budget consider an express facial service with an esthetician. My last express service at KTLO Hair Lounge turned out to be awesome leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and it didn’t break my wallet at $35!

Most of us need to change up our foundation shade during the winter months. Don’t be surprised if your skin needs a different foundation all together. There are different foundations for different skin types. If the one you absolutely love during the warmer months doesn’t work for you in the winter step outside of your box and explore better options. If you are caring for you skin by moisturizing, hydrating, and exfoliating you may not even have to change up your foundation. I personally have to change it for a more moisturizing foundation once the seasons change. I hope these simple tips help during our short Las Vegas winter and in the years to follow. Remember, makeup is only on the surface and if we care for our skin our makeup will look that much better. w

1. See your favorite Esthetician or Dermatologist:

2. Moisturize:

It’s important to moisturize immediately after washing your face. Applying moisturizer on damp skin will lock in the moisture. I go as far as using a serum before applying my moisturizer. My absolute fave is Hourglass No. 28 Serum. It is packed with 28 essential oils that benefit your skin. Avoid petroleum¬ based moisturizers that can dry your skin out more. Oil based moisturizers with non¬-clogging oils are best for this time of year. They create that protective layer sealing in moisture.

3. Protect your skin:

Remember to continue using sunscreen. Winter sun can still damage your skin especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

4. Exfoliate:

Exfoliating your skin will slough off dead skin cells 28

5. Hydrate:

Remember to hydrate with water. Not only can your overall health benefit from hydrating with water, your skin will love you for it too!

6. Reevaluate your foundation:

Sue Pyne is a Licensed Cosmetologist at KTLO Hair Lounge 6040 Badura Ave. LV, NV 89118 and founder of Sue Pyne Hair & Makeup Artistry. She can be reached at 702.271.4164 or via email You can also find her on Facebook at: Photo courtesy of Martina Zando Photography

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8275 S. Eastern Avenue Suite 200 Las Vegas, NV 89123

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Defining: Your Year

I Wish You Bliss! By Kathlyn Jaramillo


hat a better way to define your next year that to pose a very interesting question? I did this process a few weeks ago and was it ever enlightening and dramatically revealing! The results of this extremely clarifying exercise is now my guide for all I will do in 2016! It refocuses me and grounds me to what my plan and purpose is! Do it and discover your deepest desires! Ready? Here we go: find 15 minutes all to yourself. Lock yourself away if you must. Grab a pen and paper. Shut off your phone, computer and any distractions. Breathe deeply for 2 minutes and relax your mind. Set your timer and add some very soft meditative music if you like. Do not stop writing until the timer goes off. Do not filter your ideas. Free write. Don not be concerned with grammar or punctuation. Simply write from your heart. You can edit later. After you are complete, read it. Edit if you desire. Sign and date the page. Finally, read it out loud daily or at least once a week! I cannot wait to hear about all you will create over this next year and oh how I wish you BLISS! w

If this was the last year you were going to live ... what would you like to do, see, experience and accomplish?

Your Blank Canvas!



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Defining Women Magazine Winter 2016  

2016 is Here and it's time to define yourself! Whether it is rediscovering your heartfelt creativity or learning to feed your hustle, 2016...

Defining Women Magazine Winter 2016  

2016 is Here and it's time to define yourself! Whether it is rediscovering your heartfelt creativity or learning to feed your hustle, 2016...