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Defining:Women PUBLISHER Kathlyn Eversole - Jaramillo EDITOR IN CHIEF Elaine Odeh CREATIVE DIRECTOR Andria Smith GUEST EDITORS Kathy Stubbs Jessica Baity CONTRIBUTING AND GUEST WRITERS Cheri-lynn Burk Dr. Cheryle Pettigrew, D.C. Courtney Violet Bentley Desiree Ryan Elaine Odeh Jacqui Simpson Kathlyn Eversole-Jaramillo Kimberli A. Harkess Lisa Ulshafer Mindi Anderson COVER CREDITS AND SPECIAL THANKS TO COVER PHOTOGRAPHER & STYLIST Photographer Connie Palen Connie Palen Photoworks QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK Phone: 877.502.8928 Fax: 877.729.0105 Email: Online: Reasonable care has been taken to ensure that defining:Women Magazine articles and other information on the website are up-to-date and accurate as possible, at the time of publication. No responsibility can be taken for any errors or omissions contained herein. defining:Women Magazine or its agents are not responsible for any losses, damages or distress resulting from the content herein. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of defining:Women Magazine.

Publisher's Pearls In the midst of seasonal change and the usual rhythm of business and life, I finally remembered I alone am the mistress of my destiny! For many years I have decidedly behaved the way I did with the limited understanding of what the rules of life really are. What I mean is, I think, I really thought that there was a set of steps I would take with my life and those steps would lead to complete and utter contentment and fulfillment. Yeah, not so much. Time to embrace my freedom to change! I have happily determined that it is up to me to release anything and everything that no longer serves me and not in a selfish way, wounding those on my journey, but in a gracious loving, gentle sacred selfishness that ultimately places me first in my life. I also hope others will understand, as it is my way and my choice. I cannot wait to see how the next few years will unfold as I redefine myself, body, mind and spirit! So what is your choice? What is your sacred selfishness that may need to be examined and explored? My wish and hope for you in this season of your life is that you know without a doubt you are the mistress of your destiny and you have a choice and a say about how you will live your life! Fall in love with that freedom! w

- Kathlyn


Contents In This Issue 06 | Kat’s Fall & Holiday Picks By Kathlyn Jaramillo

10 | Just Ask Jacqui...Spiritually Guided Advice By Jacqui Simpson

12 | Freedom to Choose By Desiree Ryan

14 | Make Magic Happen in Your Life...MOVE By Courtney Violet Bentley

18 | The Inspired Life By Mindi Anderson

20 | Top 5 Issues Affecting Your Health By Dr. Cheryle Pettigrew, D.C.

25 | Your Breast Health with Cheri-lynn Burk


It’s Your Life...Choose By Kathlyn Jaramillo

26 | Shock Your House Clean By Kimberli A. Harkess

28 | Defining;Women Business Directory

The Freedom of Forgiveness


By Lisa Ulshafer


Defining: Your Seasons

Kat’s Fall & Fun Holiday Picks!

There is so much deliciousness happening during the fall and gift giving months! I have found some fabulous little goodies and we get to support our friends in business too! Time to scoop up some lovely items for you and your family! Here are my plentiful fall and holiday picks! Enjoy!

First up, “Say goodbye to sad skin.” Entrepreneurial woman, Mariah Kouyoumtjian created this amazing 3 step micro-needling kit complete with instructions. Skin needling has been around for a while but so out of reach for the everyday gal. One treatment alone can be upwards of $100. This process stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself by creating surges of elastin and collagen to the “wounded” area. I needle once a week and I love it! Order your kit at and they even have kits for hubby’s hair loss! Check it out! Only $45 Can you say great gift?w Next up, I love fused glass and a local artist I adore is Peppy Caccavale with Innovative Art by Peppy. Giving handmade, one of a kind pieces of art is something I love to do! Peppy also has an entire line of gorgeous hand-crafted jewelry mixing glass and beads and amazing wall art. Visit her at her November show, Shop Peppy’s website for a beautiful variety of gifts, goodies and start your own collection at Great prices and gifts that are forever!w

Finally, here is one for the sports fan in your life! This is a unique gift that will keep on giving for years to come! These are fine art photographs of neatly stacked vintage t-shirts captured in time! Just one look at the fine-detail, the close-up fabric and the brilliant colors that represent your sports journey and you’re transported in time. These are the shirts you just couldn’t part with because they meant so much to you. Those are the ones that are brought back to life as pieces of vintage sports art that resonate with passionate fans. I have gifted these for many years now and this is a big pick! Shop their site at and look for the “buy 3, get the 4th FREE” details!w 6

ALL I CAN SAY IS, “WHAT A FIND!” I was referred by a friend to this little “best kept secret” beauty boutique in our area! I have been forever obsessed with eyelash extensions. However, they are expensive and not to mention, time consuming, NOT ANYMORE! I decided to give SEVA Beauty a try! I was greeted by a fresh faced team of beauties and was immediately seated for my eyebrow shaping; I selected threading as I have never had that done before and trust me I will never wax again! My eyebrows were shaped perfectly! Next up a very short session to apply my eyelash extensions! Little eye popping clusters that lifted my look and mood in a fraction of the time it takes typical extensions to be applied! AND the best part, are you ready? $19! Yes you read that right $19 for eyebrows and lashes! Unbelievable and so fabulous! I was so happy and excited and YOU WILL BE TOO! Do this for one just for you! Visit SEVA Beauty at one of their two locations inside Walmart at 540 Marks Street in Henderson or inside Walmart at 8060 West Tropical Parkway in Las Vegas! w

s w o l l o Great Feads &R Empower Yourself by Loving Your Body Women’s Community is here to uplift, inform and inspire you regarding the challenges of being a woman in our society. We offer “radical education” teaching women to deeply honor their bodies, their emotions, their truth and their relationships. Love this follow... On Facebook at: w

Once you are loving your body as it is you may want to move it and enhance it! I am in love with Courtney’s inspiration and live posts! Adore this follow... On Facebook at: w

My Main Read!! Before you plan 2017 YOU SIMPLY MUST read this book! You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor It is an oldie but trumps any and all advice you will ever source about business or life! I did a weekly study of this book this year and it has changed my life! I am committed to being a life long student of these concepts because it is my choice to embrace them, use them to support me to live my best life now and to share them! This book is a reminder of the fact that we are born with everything we need to live the life of our dreams and the law of attraction, when applied properly, is alive and well!w


Chiropractor Cheryle Pettigrew D.C.


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Defining: Your Spirit

Your Spiritual Guides love you and have no ego or judgement, so their message is always helpful, gentle information for your highest good. Please know that they are aware of your desires and where all the components are which can fulfill your desires. These are very powerful resources and you have been blessed to be able to open your mind and heart to their messages. Coins are just one way they can garner your attention! Enjoy! Good Morning Jacqui! First I want to thank you for everything. I feel like changes are coming every day. When I meditate there are times that I’m just not feeling anything. These past 2 weeks have been interesting. Things seem to be clearing up so I am getting less stressed about “my time” I’m caught up so I feel like I can do other things. Sometimes when I meditate my mind won’t turn off and I can’t quiet and connect. Some days I wake up so happy and feel like things are finally going to start showing themselves to me and other times I wake up feeling like I’m trapped in mud or like I’m losing ground and am lonely or like I’m spinning in circles. Lol. I feel like I need a big something to show me I’m really accomplishing something. Thank you again. Love and light! Nicole Blessings my dear Nicole! I see your morning feelings as “course corrections”. Of course, overall you are traveling to your goal(s) and along the way there are stop signs, turn right here, slow down, wait for the rest of your gang to catch up...etc. Sometimes these course corrections, make us feel like we are losing ground. You are not, but just like any journey we are eager to get to the next goal, city, insight and at each stop light we are a bit antsy. PLEASE REMEMBER…the journey is the adventure. Yes, you will reach your goals, but there will always be another one in front of you. Even once we fully 10

create the Golden Age, we will have new creations (ALL BASED IN LOVE) , so there will always be new goals. After all, you are creative energy. Please know that I fully appreciate what you are feeling, because I too have that same hurry up energy. I have waited for the BIG things to happen, but (funny humans we are) they are happening all the time, we just skim over them and move on. Do yourself (& me) a favor and sit quietly for a few minutes. Look at the film of your life over the past year, you will see the great leaps of progress! Perhaps, you do not get enough feedback from other people, so you may want to watch your own “progress film” more often. When I receive notes, like this one, I see the progress we are making and I am humbled/grateful/amazed... by the successes, shown thru positive changes. Much LOVE.... Jacqui w Hi Jacqui, Things keep getting worse for me, which I did not even think was possible. What gives? Troubles Oh Dear Troubles, Do you know what an eddy is? Let’s say we are out white water, scary but pretty “safe” because we have our life preserver, helmet and a GUIDE (that’s me for you for now). so we have absolute faith that within the wild ride of rafting we are OK, with water & supplies & safety. You jump out of the boat to cool off from all of your rowing, in a safe/calm spot. Your guide told you about an eddy..

Defining: Your Spirit but it didn’t make much sense, besides they are few and far between. In fact-talk, an eddy is a swirling spiral-vortex of water that holds you just slightly under the surface for a number of seconds...then it pops you up. to safety. IN REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES.... YIKES! You get caught in an eddy, you are pulled below the surface, you try to swim, you struggle, you check your feet to see if they are caught under some plant growth. Your mind swirls in high speed.. NONSENSE, this is impossible. I have on a freaking life jacket and my sons are in the boat watching all of this. You can see the surface, the sun and most importantly you KNOW there is clean fresh air to fill your lungs. YOUR fighting doesn’t help, nor does it hurt... but you fight because you are in panic mode...just a few seconds of being kept from your life support of breath and you lose it! Your good looks, high education, potential of LOVE and goodness...all evaporate as you struggle for breath. Then the eddy pops you up. Breath, Sun, family, career...all return to you in the second. AND it turns out you were under the water fewer than 10 seconds. It is not the 10 seconds of holding your breath that created such pain, it was the holding down, the helplessness of being manipulated by nature...which until now you had respected and trusted. YES! You will suddenly pop out and all the components (at once ) will be rectified. This scary section will be short lived. I love you... Jacqui w

of activity below you, however since you are floating on top, the fish and seaweed (although they are still there) will not hamper your enjoyment of the float. It is PERFECTLY OK to “ not do well with chaos”. Be sure to not invite it in to your environment. You tell your guides to allow your greatest good to come to you with calm...and some excitement, but not a great deal of pressure. Dear Angela, our next healing session will be to open your 3rd eye (front and back!) so you will be able to hear your guides and angels, so very much better. As you progress thru this next section of divine healing and then you will be able to look at the changes without freaking out... because you will know it is all working out for the best. Much Love... Earth Mama Jacqui w

Some women are emotionally conflicted & spiritually confused. Jacqui helps them find peace & clarity in a blessedly easy process, without years of therapy. Please visit for details and free guided meditations. Would you like to submit a spiritual question? Are you looking for direction? Just ask Jacqui!

Hi Mama Jacqui, I always think of you as an Earth mother and we are your children being spiritually guided. First, Thank you for the beautiful healing work. I have noticed this week that I have felt much more clear minded and more progressive which is huge for me since the underlying tone for me for the last few weeks had been very muddled. Then, I had an uncomfortable dream last night and I feel it contributing to an underlying freak out. I felt like I was just on the verge of tears, then I felt like so dancing and singing and it was peaceful at times. BUT overall there was a feeling of being unsettled, just not too stable. I know it is kinda hard to explain. I dunno if I need to cry or breath or both, I don’t do well with pressure and chaos so I am wanting to learn balance. My mind feel pretty balanced, but not my body. I want peace….thanks! Angela Dear Angela! I want you to find the peace by envisioning that you are floating on the water. You will have a great deal


Defining: Your Future



his year is an important year for everyone in this country. It’s an election year after all. Sure we get bombarded with political ads and phone calls and messages. It can be maddening to say the least. But one thing that makes this country great, is our freedom to choose. Choose who we vote for, choose how we live, choose how much money we make or don’t make, choose our careers… we get to make so many choices in this country. Sometimes we take it for granted. Sometimes we take our own lives for granted. In the blink of an eye, you are here one day and gone the next. This is the reality of life. I was recently smacked in the face with reality when just a couple of weeks ago, my brother in law passed away suddenly. He was not sick, at least not that he knew or anyone else knew. He was here one day and gone the next. It 12

was that sudden. Sometimes we forget to value what we have and who we have in our lives and yes, we forget to value the freedom we have to choose everything and anything in our lives. You might be asking yourself, what does this have to do with estate planning? Good question! The answer is, it has everything to do with estate planning. You see, with estate planning, we get to choose what will happen after we pass away. So in addition to choosing who we vote for, how we live our lives, who we live our lives with and how we make our money, we can choose what happens after we inevitably die. Sounds morbid, I know, but only if you think of it that way. There are only two assurances we have in life, death and taxes. We do not get to choose if or when we die, for we all will die, and we do not get to choose not to be taxed, as everyone is, in some

form or another. However, we do get to choose how we live and who will benefit from our death. Choices are pretty great when you sit down and think about it. Since we live in this great country full of choices and freedoms, we should take advantage of the opportunity to choose how our estate is administered and to whom and whether or not our heirs have to go through a painfully expensive process known as probate. Probate is simply the transfer of our assets to our heirs after we die through the court. When we die with assets just in our name and no beneficiaries designated, the only way to get those assets out of our name and to our heirs is through a probate court. This takes months, sometimes years, to accomplish and costs thousands of dollars. What is the alternative? The best

Defining: Your Future

I was recently smacked in the face with reality when just a couple of weeks ago, my brother in law passed away suddenly. He was not sick, at least not that he knew or anyone else knew. He was here one day and gone the next. alternative for avoiding probate is a Revocable Living Trust. A Revocable Living Trust allows you to transfer your assets while you are living to a Trust which you created and you are managing. When you transfer your assets to this Trust, you essentially own nothing upon your death, and your Trust owns everything. Why is this important? Remember when I said that probate happens when we die and we have assets in our name? So if you die and you have no assets in your name, then there is nothing for the probate court to administer. Instead, you have named a Successor Trustee to take over after your death who has the

power and authority within the Trust document to administer your assets without court oversight. This is a faster, less expensive way to choose to give your assets to your heirs after you pass away. That’s not all a Trust does though. Let’s say for instance that you do not want to leave your estate to those who would inherit it according to the next of kin laws of the State you live in. Let’s say that you want to leave some money to charities, or friends or other loved ones who are not technically your heirs. A Trust allows you to do this. Without a Trust or a Will, your estate would be administered

according to the intestacy laws of your State, and that may not be what your choice would have been. However, if you don’t make the choice in writing, the State in which you live in when you die, will make that choice for you. So you see, choices are pretty great. It’s nice to have options and to do things your own way rather than how a law would dictate them to be done. Let’s not give up our right to choose, even after we are gone.w

Desiree Ryan is a registered document preparation service and an Estate Planning and Probate Paralegal. Additionally, Desiree has a GEPC which is a graduate estate planning consultant designation from the National Institute of Estate Planners. Desiree began her career in Estate Planning in 1998. Protect your legacy by contacting Desiree at 702.672.0651 or visit her site at


Defining: Your Life

By Courtney Violet Bentley, CPT, PN1 Photography Courtesy of Elise Purdon


Make Magic Happen In Your Life with Movement... and How to Do It!

ustle, hustle, make some waves and then crash out. This vicious cycle is one we all experience in our businesses and as I said it’s a nasty one. I know what it is like to make shifts happen, I know what it is like to push and push to gain that momentum in your business, the time it takes, the energy you have to put out into the world, it can really take it out of you. I am going to go over why movement is magic, how to make exercise fit in with your business and how to find your flow! After reading this article, I want you to do a few things, one make movement apart of your lifestyle, two find your flow and three get back to me and let me know your results.

Why Movement is Magic:


he Runner’s High: Did you know your brain can literally change because of exercise? As you get your sweat on, your body flushes out cortisol, the fight or flight hormone, which also shuts 14

down your creative juices. Yes, a high stress lifestyle can run you down and mess with your mojo! Fight this stress fog that takes you away from your business with movement. Whatever that movement may be just make sure you make it happen. It can be dance, running, basketball, striptease whatever you want! The science behind this incredible phenomenon is your pituitary gland releases happy hormones also known as endorphins which in turn make you feel good, get a confidence boost and your mojo flowing again! educed Anxiety/Stress: Something about swinging a kettlebell to rock music makes all my frustrations disappear and helps me see things with love over anger. Exercise has completely re-wired my way of thinking and taken me from popping anxiety pills to taking that emotion out at the gym. Whenever I get upset at someone or my computer zonks out I grab my kettle bell, turn up the tunes and swing it for ten minutes. Within those ten minutes


I feel a surge of anger sweat out of me and a sense of clarity and peace fill me up. Next time you feel angry go on a walk, clear your head and approach that anger with a different state of mind!

Tips for Making Fitness A Part of Your Fit and Fabulous Lifestyle:


ealth Benefits: Beyond the feeling of completing a workout, long term benefits include lower risk of heart disease, lowers your blood pressure, strengthens your heart muscle, improves blood flow and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. This enough should get you moving, imagine setting yourself up for a healthier long life all by exercising and having more creative juices and a boost in confidence, sounds like a win, win to me! ake Your Calls on a Walk: You would be surprised at how much you really don’t move. Most of my client calls are done on a walk around my neighborhood, I


get a breathe of fresh air and tick off two tasks at once. Our bodies are made to move and when you move, your body burns calories so make it a point to MOVE more everyday! ake a Deep Breathe Before Eating: Take it from the mindfulness playbook and breathe. When you take a deep breathe before eating (I mean like belly breathe deep), you slow down and become more mindful of what you eat, the choices you make when out to eat and the whole state of a meal is much more enjoyed. I started practicing this many years ago. Your friends might think you are crazy, but I can promise you they will be asking you how you lost a jean size in a few weeks. eep It SIMPLE: I find it funny when someone decides they want to lose weight they go on the Pinterest hunt as I call it. They pin 100 drool worthy recipes all of which will never get made or made once, be disappointed with how long it took and never go back to it. Listen, keep it SIMPLE, make your life EASY not complicated. Yes, you can lose weight without making cauliflower bbq chicken pizza, just keep it SIMPLE, grill some chicken with Ms Dash seasoning, lime/ lemon juice, make up some grilled veggies, and bake a sweet potato. I spend Sunday and Wednesday baking and grilling so I have all of my throw together meals ready to go. Taking this time saves me time and time is money! o HIIT Style Workouts: Alright, I know you are running a business which means little time for working out. HIIT style workouts are your answer! First off, you can be done in 20 minutes, second, you don’t need a ton of room or equipment and three you will burn fat for hours post workout.I don’t know about you but all of that sounds like a dream come true. I love to turn up the music and go HIIT! If you want quick workouts you can do

Defining: Your Life




at home be sure to check out my private Facebook group: http:// tay Motivated by Setting Challenge Goals: Many people quit exercise out of boredom or loss of motivation. By setting small attainable goals, you can keep motivated and stay challenged to move everyday. Goals like, do 10 pushups in a row, run a 5k without slowing down or pushing a 150 lb sled. Goals that have an excitement value are so much more fun and will keep you showing up to surpass what you thought at one time was a limitation. These goals are all possible if you put the work in, measure your progress and practice regularly.


How Can You Get Started?


irst off you don’t have to want to lose weight to exercise, you should exercise for your health and well-being. Like I mentioned above, working out fires up your brain, boosts your creativity and gives you an abundance of energy! efine Your Why: Just like Simon Snek’s book “Start With Why,” find that deep rooted passion as to why you want to start working out. Is it because you want to be able to play around with your grandchildren? Maybe you want to complete a marathon or be a frontrunner in local charity runs! Whatever your purpose, find it and remind yourself of that purpose when things get in the way of your work out.



ind Your Flow: As much as I love weight lifting, I know it is not for everyone. I personally love it because I can mentally challenge myself in every session and that type of competition is something I am attracted to. I always tell people to try anything and everything, as I learned living abroad for 3 years, if you never try, you’ll never know! Find something you will commit to and gets you excited! chedule It: Now that you have your purpose, your form of exercise and that drive, it is now time to really commit. Look at your calendar, where are there gaps for you to schedule your exercise? Do you need to wake up a bit earlier? For myself, I enjoy breaking up my day with exercise so I tend to go to the gym before lunch and use lunch as my postworkout meal!



ow that you have a plan, it is time to DEFINE what that means to you. What does exercise mean to you? What does living and leading a healthy lifestyle look like for you? These are the deep rooted questions that go beyond and will make those concrete lifestyle changes forever! I look forward to hearing from you!w

Contact Courtney! Email: Web:


Defining: Your Choices

It’s Your Life... Choose How You Will Live It ! By Kathlyn Eversole-Jaramillo Photography by Connie Palen

I was born in 1959.

Having just crossed the threshold of my 57th year, I feel a little entitled to; pardon the cliché, “make the rest of my life the best of my life.”

Defining exactly what that might look like is completely another matter; suffice to say, I am pondering that very concept every minute of every day. At the same time, not wanting to leave any woman behind, I check the landscape to examine further what my circle of sisters are experiencing at this time in their lives. What I have found is neither good nor bad, however, in this writer’s opinion; we haven’t come very far from 1959. By the time you read this, those of us in America will have come through a major election cycle. We have been exposed to all kinds of questions and comments about 16

women. Women and reproductive rights, women and pantsuits, women and groping, women being nasty vs. nice, women being attractive vs. ugly or fat and the list drones on and on. As I listened to and read the numerous threads via social media, I literally had to laugh, shake my head and wonder why we women are getting so upset about all of the petty sleaziness of it. The reactions to any and all of these ridiculous comments are essentially a shrinking from or over reaction to another’s opinion. This is the kind of “less than” thinking to keep us unaware of the multiple freedoms all around us. When we buy into dignifying these criticisms or comments with

a response we may as well be back in 1959 defending our rights as women to do anything.

I think it is time we own our life and start living it. I care not about the decade we find ourselves in, I do care about the fact that I have this one go around and it is my time to live it freely of my choosing, regardless of my season, meaning, whether I or you are young, older, with kids at home or kids in college, grandkids in tow, working a day job, working three jobs, taking care of aging parents, an entrepreneur, single, married, divorced, somewhere in between… We are not defined by these seasons. We are not defined

by media, any or all forms of it. We are defined by what we say we are defined by! We have the freedom to choose what our life looks like! Whoa… stop the keyboard. YES, I said it. We have FREEDOM to CHOOSE what our life looks like and NOW!

Let me ask you a question. What are you defined by? What freedoms do you feel unable to take advantage of? What choices are you denying yourself? Do you succumb to the pressures of the pack, in other words, do you follow the rules, the unspoken ones, those rules that we have no idea who the hell wrote those stupid rules in the first place? Here are a few ways to look at life a little differently, perhaps to open your eyes to the freedom of choice you have. First, look at what you GET to do vs. what you HAVE to do. Trust me, I was raised by a Marine and have a deep sense of feeling duty bound. I am a selfproclaimed dutiful daughter, dutiful wife, and dutiful mother. Through the years I looked at everything as a HAVE to. I have to go to work. I have to clean the house, prepare the meals, do the laundry, and wash the car; among other things, such a glamorous life! The fact is I had a choice. I could have hired someone to do any and all of the about. I could have delegated my perceived responsibilities to another member of the household. I was duty bound and this list is so small compared to the list running in my head 24/7. Can you relate? Now I look at my list as a GET to. I get to write. I get to make a fabulous meal for my family. I get to go to work and do what I, hopefully, love to do to provide for my family! I get to have a lovely woman come in twice a month and super clean my home. It may feel like you do not have a choice, but you do. Look around you now. If you have the freedom of a few moments to read this article, you have the freedom to choose those moments throughout the rest of your days to read, pursue, enjoy and engage in anything you wish! Secondly, ask yourself what do you want and be

ready to make the changes to live your best life now. Having served women for over 9 years and being a woman myself, I have first-hand knowledge of how much easier it is to complain about life, resolve to be stuck, blame others for our lot in life, and to be immovable from our miserable little victim status. This is complete bull-shit! At any given point you can sit your unhappy little fanny down and change your life. Yes, you can! You must be ready to ask yourself what it is you really want and gather the courage to follow through with going for it. I recently spoke with a woman who has wanted to write a book for years about women entrepreneurs around the world.

Defining: Your Choices

She was emotional as she described her passion for this project. It has been on the back burner for so long and she has had such a deep longing to do it. My sense was to simply tell her to book the one-way ticket and go for it. Within a month she had booked a one-way ticket and is on her way. She found a way to make it happen so quickly. Know what you want and courageously follow through!

Finally, know you are not alone. When you hang out for as long as I have in an all-women community, I know I am not alone with any choice I make. I have the support of women around every corner and we are all feeling a rising, an intensity in our awareness that there is more to life that what we have settled for. Times are a changing, not because the political climate tells us, no far greater, we are changing, emerging, yearning to breathe free. We are becoming uncomfortable and dissatisfied with our lives. We are looking for options to earn, options to embrace another way to love and treasure ourselves and others, options for our children and grandchildren. We are tapping into our very souls to ask, “What do I need?” What do you need? T he perceived freedoms we inherently enjoy have been packaged and defined as patriotism, feminism and a notion that if we follow the rules we will be okay and our lives will turn out just perfect...pure nonsense. Your freedoms, your choices, come from a place deep within you, a place that whispers to your soul in the wee hours of the morning, reminding you that you were born to a life of freedom of thought and destiny. It may take a bit of unraveling to step into YOUR destiny but you can CHOOSE to do it. It may get uncomfortable for you and even those you share your life with, however, it remains YOUR CHOICE! Why not make the rest of your life, the best of your life, as you define it? If you need a hand to hold or a safe place, I am here to support you! w

xo Kathlyn Kathlyn Eversole-Jaramillo is a Business Strategist & Life Mentor. Schedule your complimentary one on one session today and start your Free to Choose Journey TODAY! Give her a call at 702.292.9911 or via email at:


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The Inspired Life with Mindi Anderson


ctober is here. The holidays are just around the corner and summer is just a memory as we shift back to business. I find that at this time of year we tend to look ahead to see and plan how the rest of the year will play out. Vacations are wrapping up, and kids, and some adults, (myself included) are back in school. While our lives can become dictated by time of year, seasons, holidays, and the like, we must stay focused on our journey. Life is pretty consistent in its delivering of upsets and the unexpected, so while we are dealt a surprise or setback, it’s important to remember to care for ourselves during these times of stress and chaos. There is always something or someone that inspires us, and staying connected to whatever motivates us is exactly what is necessary during these times of transition. The most common areas in life where most individuals struggle are diet and exercise. These two 18

very important factors affect all of the other areas in our lives. We are going too fast from the second we wake up, until we collapse into bed and turn out the lights. We swing from one branch to the next and feel we are barely keeping our head above water. This is why Fall is always my favorite time of year. I look forward to cooler temperatures, opening windows, turning off the air conditioner, and getting back outside. It is a time for me to look back and evaluate the year thus far, reassess what needs tweaking and what needs to go. This fall I’m especially re-inspired

as I refocus and reconnect to my own health and wellness. Summer to me is similar to how many see the holiday season. I get slightly off track with travel, events, and just some time off. And, as many do the same during the summer, business is not as full. My routine is not as consistent as it usually is, and unless I am mindful and aware of this, the imbalances can really turn things upside down. A few years ago I returned to school for my Masters Degree in Psychology and Behavioral Health in search of understanding the

Now, it sounds daunting, but the truth is the truth - it takes work, it takes honesty, and owning your stuff. We all have stuff and this is how we get to the root cause.

Defining: Your Inspired Life The Inspired Life™ online community offers different membership tiers and as a special invitation for you to get started on your journey to your health and happiness The Tier 1 Membership is $99 per month including four online appointments each month and contact in between – and SO MUCH MORE…

personality types and their connection to health and wellness. I’ve worked with many people over the years in fitness and nutrition, and yet so often I found that no matter how much weight people lose it never resolves the core issues or the root causes for the unhealthy behaviors. Psychology and Nutrition are tightly connected and everything about your experience and background determines your triggers and your actions. The fact remains though, that unless we find a reason for unhealthy behaviors, the cycle continues. Now, it sounds daunting, but the truth is the truth - it takes work, it takes honesty, and owning your stuff. We all have stuff and this is how we get to the root cause. Let me also say it’s not all about eating salads, going to Cross Fit, and drinking lemon water. Sometimes the cake seems to be the answer, and it might very well be… but I want to find the reason for the cake. I get it, I’ve been there, and at times I still go visit, but I do stay away from that neighborhood as often as possible. I’m human, you’re human. So embrace your imperfections and work toward understanding yourself at a deeper and more empowering level. Then you will find out what you’re made of. It takes more strength and courage to own your vulnerability than to go through life pretending. The Inspired Life™ has been my dream for several years. If this concept resonates with you – the root cause – then we need to talk. Everyone has their own story and no one is exactly the same. This is the very foundation of The Inspired Life™ and it’s only about what YOU are looking to resolve and get back into balance. We all have different personalities and those personalities have been formed over the years according to our experiences. The new online community is finally here and available to you anytime from anywhere! The new brand is brand new, ready and waiting for you to live your INSPIRED LIFE! Dream. Inspire. Create.w


What are you looking to change or resolve? We will work on issues concerning your home, family, nutrition, fitness, relationships, - what is it that you need to change, overcome or balance? We go deeper in the process so we can find out why you are standing in front of a roadblock. Please visit for more information and to sign up. When you register for a three-month membership (November start date) you’ll receive February free!!! Let’s make the rest of 2016 healthy happy and keep you on track!!!

Dream. Inspired. Create.

The Inspired Kitchen Mindi’s Favorite Smoothie 1 cup leafy greens 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup ice 1 Tbsp almond butter 1/2 cucumber 2 sprigs parsley 1/2 inch raw ginger root 1/2 cup blueberries 1/2 scoop protein powder (I use beef collagen powder) 1/2 lemon squeezed add some omega oils for good measure!

You know what to do. Blend it all up and enjoy!


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The 5 Most Important Health Issues Affecting Women...

By Dr. Cheryle Pettigrew, D.C.

and the Better Way to Heal...

You already know that when it comes to health, women and men are not the same. Here is a surprising list of health conditions that pose the biggest risk to American Women. And guess what? Chiropractic can help with all of them. HEART DISEASE Heart attacks account for around 27% of all female deaths (300,000 annually). Heart disease kills more women in the United States than all forms of cancer combined! We often think of heart disease as a “male” problem, since more men than women have heart attacks. But when a woman has a heart attack, she’s more likely to die from it. The symptoms present differently in women too, such as jaw pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, back pain, exhaustion and pain or pressure in the chest. I get several new patients weekly with back pain so every new patient with any symptoms such as jaw pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness along with back pain are assessed differently than someone with just back pain. I investigate deeper, because the cause of pain may not be what it seems – and sometimes, it turns out to be a heart issue. You may be surprised to learn that a chiropractor can treat things like this. In fact, case studies have suggested that chiropractic adjustments can improve blood flow and can help prevent and even reverse heart disease. 20

DEPRESSION Women are more likely to suffer from depression than men, usually by a 2 to 1 ratio. Of course family history and other genetic factors play a role, but we women are particularly more vulnerable to depression and several other mood disorders during hormonal transitions. It is essential, especially during times of emotional unbalance, that we find purpose and improve our emotional outlook. Even the most basic chiropractic adjustments can help with anxiety or depression. Here is how it works: your brain and body chemistry affects your moods and feelings. Your nervous system is the master control center for your brain and body. When certain vertebrae become misaligned, they put pressure on your brainstem causing neurological and chemical interference, and your body is not able to produce the necessary chemicals to regulate mood and behavior. I have been able to find out even more with techniques such as NET (neuro-emotional technique) or 23andMe DNA testing. With the results of these tests I can help my patients even more.

Defining: Your Health CANCER We all know that smoking causes cancer. Consuming too much alcohol is also a big risk factor. The risk of various types of cancer, especially breast and liver cancer, increase with the amount of alcohol you drink and the length of time you’ve been drinking regularly. I’m a huge believer in avoiding doctors and hospitals at all costs, except when it comes to cancer screening and emergency care. Family history and genetic factors also play a large role in determining if backache/pain can be linked to cancers like breast cancer so I always recommend regular cancer screenings and breast self-exams. Here is where chiropractic treatment can help: Cancer and the various treatments for cancer, like surgery or chemotherapy, create stress on the musculoskeletal system. Some cancer patients experience peripheral neuropathy, aches and pains in the neck and/or back, muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, or difficulty walking. Chiropractic care can alleviate these symptoms. It can also reduce stress and increase mobility and strength.

If we do nothing else in the next 50 years but make healthy changes in how we eat, maintain a vibrant lifestyle, and focus more on holistic health, we would reverse most common diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and heart disease. TOXINS IN BEAUTY PRODUCTS Women are spending a shocking $426 billion per year on beauty products. Many would rather spend money on a miracle cream than pay to see a doctor. More shocking than the money we spend on beauty products is the well-known fact that cosmetics contain toxic and unidentified ingredients. All those toxins go directly into our bodies and contribute to inflammation, which in turn causes more joint and muscle pain, as well as many other health conditions. Chiropractic adjustments help to release the toxins stored in your body. In fact, some people are storing so much toxic garbage that they even feel a bit sick, or have flu-like symptoms, after the first few adjustments. This is because all the toxins that were blocking up their system are being released so that the body can eliminate them and heal. Not so beautiful, right?

DIET There’s no better way to optimal health than improving your diet and lifestyle. With your diet, you can heal yourself from illness or even prepare yourself for pregnancy. Since becoming a Holistic Chiropractor, I’ve dedicated my life to educating everyone who comes into my office about the beauty of healing through food. I’m a believer in an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. Our brain and digestive system are intricately linked so it isn’t surprising that the health of our gut can influence our mood, cognition, memory and emotions. Chiropractic care can also help to promote weight loss. Chiropractors can offer nutritional counseling and guidance, by evaluating your lifestyle and tailoring a diet and exercise plan that meets your individual needs. Additionally, by keeping your spine free of subluxations (misalignment of the vertebrae), your chiropractor ensures that your body is able to efficiently absorb oxygen and essential nutrients. The result is more effective than workouts and diets. If we do nothing else in the next 50 years but make healthy changes in how we eat, maintain a vibrant lifestyle, and focus more on holistic health, we would reverse most common diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and heart disease. Your Chiropractor is a great resource for overall wellness. We are natural healers who understand that everything in the body is connected, and we work with your body so it can heal itself just as nature intended. Don't have a Chiropractor? Come see me, I would love to help!w Dr. Cheryle Pettigrew, D.C., owner of Living Well Chiropractic Center, attended Cleveland Chiropractic College. She graduated in 2010 with honors. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Biology. She has a certificate of completion in Physiotherapy and Fundamental and Advanced KinesioTaping. She does several techniques such as SOT, Full Spine Specific, Thompson Drop table, Diversified, Muscle Testing (AK) and Neuro-Emotional technique just to name a few. She focuses on the needs of the patient and works to establish a treatment protocol that accomplishes optimal health for the patient.


Dr. Cheryle Pettigrew, D.C.



Defining:Your Life

The Freedom of Forgiveness By Lisa Ulshafer Author, Life Coach, Speaker


n life you have many teachers that are part of your journey. Some you will recognize and welcome, and some you will adamantly reject seeing them as your teacher because they have caused you pain in some way. Those who fall into that category are not aware that they are your teacher. They are most likely just acting from their ego. As Jesus said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Well, most people are walking around not knowing what they are doing, not only doing to others, but also doing to themselves.

dream space. They can also re-emerge in your life through another person. Not really the same person physically, but energetically. Your lesson will come back around with someone who brings up the same issue that came up with the person you thought you removed from your life. Everyone has had someone in their life that has left a scar, and some are still walking around with an open wound. These are your life teachers, the ones that can cut right into the center of your heart and if you

a modified version with the same penetrating message, “Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” So why would you consider someone who has hurt you in some way as a teacher? Because, while you were still in spirit form you chose your life path, including your greatest challenges because those are your life lessons. It is while you are still in your spirit form that you can also agree to soul contracts with others while they are in spirit form too, sometimes to balance your

“Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiving doesn’t make you weak; it sets you free.” – Dave Willis You may remove these people from your life, but are they really gone? Not if you are holding on to anger, resentment, or hatred. Not if you didn’t learn what they were there to teach you. They can live on in your emotions, your thoughts, and even in your 22

allow it, continue to eat away at you until your life seizes up with bitterness and resentment. Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” There is also

karma and sometimes to learn new lessons. And even though you may be buddies in the spirit world, you can agree to be enemies in the physical world. Those are usually the ones that cut the deepest.

Forgiveness is a process, so be patient with yourself and really honor your process of forgiveness. The wiser you become the more you forgive, because you know the price you are paying for not forgiving. Having your life lessons come through a soul contract is not always the case. If you are here to learn certain lessons, then you are destined to learn the lesson regardless of who is teaching you. Often times it will come through multiple people. So when someone has caused you pain, if it wouldn’t have been them, it would have just been somebody else because you were meant to learn the lesson that they had to teach you. When you hold on to the past or don’t learn from the past, you will continue to repeat it. This keeps you from fully moving forward in your life. As you hold on to it – it holds on to you! Forgiveness is a choice to let go; to let go of something that caused you pain in your past. You cannot change the past, but you can change how you feel about the past. Then there is self-forgiveness, perhaps pain you have caused others or acts you committed that keep you in shame or guilt. Maybe you haven’t forgiven yourself for having let your fears keep you from realizing your potential, or for staying in a relationship where you were mistreated. Whatever your reasons, it’s time to choose to forgive yourself and to forgive others. By holding yourself or others in judgment through refusing to forgive, you create your own self-abuse, keeping you in victim consciousness. According to the Mayo Clinic, the effects of not choosing forgiveness can be: • Bringing anger and bitterness into every relationship and new

experience • Becoming so wrapped up in the wrong that you can't enjoy the present • Becoming depressed or anxious • Feeling that your life lacks meaning or purpose, or that you are at odds with your spiritual beliefs • And, losing valuable and enriching connectedness with others Whereas, choosing forgiveness can lead to: • Healthier relationships • Greater spiritual and psychological well-being • Less anxiety, stress and hostility • Lower blood pressure • Fewer symptoms of depression • A stronger immune system • Improved heart health • And, higher self-esteem Forgiveness is something you choose. It’s not going to be something that just happens to you. When you trust that the universe is a self-correcting system and you don’t have to make sure that someone pays, including you, you step out of the way and let the universe do its thing. Too often you may want retribution and end up creating blocks for yourself bringing more hardship into your life. Your spirit continues to move you toward forgiveness because forgiveness will remove those negative blocks in your life. Back in early 2005, I had my first experience in understanding

this concept. At that time, I was still very much in my own selfsabotaging pattern of giving myself away. I opened up my home to someone who asked me to work with her in starting a business. Shortly after she moved in, I went away for about two weeks on a retreat. Even though she had her own bedroom and bath, without asking me, she slept in my bed, used my bathroom, wore my clothes, ate my food, and damaged my home decorations she used for an event she was putting on. Just recalling this story helps to remind me how far I’ve come, because back then, wow, my boundaries were a mess! After several months, she held a team meeting with me and four other people regarding the business. I could no longer deal with the situation. There were so many things happening that I didn’t agree with, yet I had done so much to help her build this company. I had basically allowed her to turn my home into its headquarters. I knew I couldn’t go on but I was struggling with walking away. I felt as though the business would take off and I would miss out on all the fruits of my labor. My mentor at the time was also at the meeting, and I remember sitting outside with him and doing my best to work through the internal struggle. This is when I first learned that the universe has its own way of keeping track, and that my efforts would not go unrewarded, they just may not come through this business. After working through the struggle of deciding,


Defining:Your Life I walked away and she moved out. I was never paid the $3,000 in commissions that I had earned that month, and she even attempted to take my leather jacket with her when she left. She was one of my biggest teachers, not one I consciously chose, but one that the universe brought to me. I was still in my early years of my own transformational journey. I had to learn to set healthier boundaries, speak up for myself, and let go. Even though I understood that on an intellectual level, my blood would boil anytime I would think of her. But as I continued to heal, and continued to let go, I came to a place of forgiveness. Eventually, all that anger was replaced with compassion. Her company ended up going out of business, the people who remained with her lost large amounts of money, and I escaped having to experience all of that. I also made triple the amount of what I didn’t get paid shortly after leaving through another project. I was the lucky one.

You can write a letter to the person you are forgiving. This letter is not to send them, it is where you will release your anger, judgment and whatever else might come up for you. This may take one sitting to write, or several sittings. Once you feel complete, take the letter and burn it or tear it up. And as you do, say, “I now forgive you and release you, as I free me and forgive myself.” You can also write yourself a letter, if it’s you that needs forgiving. There is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness called Ho’oponopono. It is a mantra that you repeat, and even though there is no set time for how long you repeat it, try it for 30 days and see what happens. The mantra goes like this, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

I remember when I came to the realization that I no longer had any anger toward her, and even though it took some time, it was so freeing once all that anger made its way through. It’s like there was nothing left inside me, nothing, the anger was completely gone – neutralized. And when you get to that place, it’s amazing.

The Hawaiians believe by taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings, you can now choose what you want to create in your life, dissolve your karma, allow yourself to heal, and move on with a better life through Ho’oponopono. You can find a beautifully sung version of the Ho’oponopono mantra at

So the universe keeps track, it’s called karma. If you step aside and let it do its thing, the sooner you can move on to what is important for you. When you let go, forgive and learn from the painful experiences of your past, you just may be clearing your own karmic debt.

Marianne Williamson teaches a great deal about forgiveness and she encourages people to pray for the other person’s happiness 5 minutes a day for 30 days.

Karma really is the lessons you learn. What goes around comes around. If you have sent something negative out to the universe, it will be on its way back to you. Yet an interesting thing can happen if you learn the lesson before it comes back, you just may experience the spiritual law of grace. Grace can dissolve your negative karma and create miracles in your life. Karma works in the positive and negative. Through learning the lessons of your past experiences and by giving grace to others, it opens up grace to come into your life – that is positive karma. The more grace you give, the more you get. When you wish ill-will upon others, you bring it upon yourself through negative karma. The more compassion, empathy, and forgiveness you give to others, the more you receive. These all lead to more healing and grace in your life. Forgiveness is a process, so be patient with yourself and really honor your process of forgiveness. The wiser you become the more you forgive, because you know the price you are paying for not forgiving. 24

Below are exercises to help you to forgive and release those that you have held in anger and judgment.

Are you ready to free yourself through forgiveness? Your spirit will always be guiding you to do so. Choose whichever technique you are more drawn to and see how free you feel after doing so.w

Lisa Ulshafer’s mission is to guide you in taking that inner journey, where you connect to the power within you so you can live the life you were destined to live.

Learn more at OR Contact Lisa via email at

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Your Breast Health... A Better Way By Kathlyn Eversole-Jaramillo with Cheri-lynn Burk

A medical technology that has been in use around the country is now available in Southern Nevada, Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, (DITI) uses infrared heat to detect early stage cancers, inflammation, and other ailments. By measuring infrared heat, thermal imaging is unique in its ability to map out pathology. Thermal imaging is Accurate, Pain Free, Radiation Free, Non-invasive, Affordable and approved by the FDA since 1982 as a breast cancer diagnostic screening. Cheri-lynn Burk, the owner of Las Vegas Thermography, is a Certified Clinical Thermographer operating in Las Vegas since 2009. Ms Burk uses a medical grade Thermal Imaging Camera calibrated for the human body for early detection of unexplained pain, malaise, lumps or other symptoms in the human body. “We offer pain free, radiation free, affordable thermographic imaging which is safe for people of all ages. It simply creates a pathology map to aid in diagnosis”. “What the thermal image reflects” Ms Burk explains, “is skin blood flow. We don’t see mass we see structure, blood flow. Any thermal patterns we do see reflect the body’s surface temperature as a neural response to whatever is going on beneath, which could be inflammation, lymph congestion or angiogenesis. Thermography works because the skin, as an organ, is totally under the control of the sympathetic nerve function and thermography provides a snapshot of the body’s response on the skin surface to any disease or injury. It’s almost as though we can see ourselves from the inside out.” “Thermography has been a well keep secret but the good news is the secret out. Women want choices. If you can have the ability to see the first signs of heat, (inflammation) which is the first sign of activity, 8 to 10 years before it’s a large enough mass to be seen in a mammogram, wouldn’t you want it? It’s an investment in your future health”.

can help detect many other conditions including heart disease, arthritis, neck and back pain, sinus issues, dental issues, immune dysfunction, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel and the many, many more. Thermography sees inflammation and disease starts with inflammation. X-rays do not show inflammation. ” “A breast scan takes 15 minutes in and out, a full body scan 30 minutes”. “I then send the pictures with your history to EMI and medical doctors then interpret the scan and send it back to me.” “I then email it to the client. It’s taking your health back into your own hands.”

“No one has a crystal ball and no one can predict who will be diagnosed with Breast cancer. Statistics show 1 in 8 women will contact the disease. Early detection technology, such as thermography, is advanced and moving into the mainstream very quickly. I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this movement and giving women a choice.” Ms. Burk can be reached at Las Vegas Thermography offices in Summerlin and Henderson. 702-553-0031w

Call Cheri-lynn Burk Today 702.553.0031

Aside from breast cancer, thermography screening


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Shock Your Home Clean

By Kimberli A. Harkess, PC


hat is the solution for making your home a clean healthy environment? Do you have family members with allergies? Has Fido or Garfield left what seems to be a permanent cycle of pet odors and dander? Do you have a smoker in your home? Or maybe a stinky teenager whose hormones have made his room require a gas mask before entering? A new home or RV with noxious VOC odors? If you can’t permanently remove the source of the odors, i.e. pets, smokers or teenagers, can you at least get back to zero? The

answer is yes! Much like shocking your pool when it turns green, you can “shock your home clean”.


y father was a microbiologist with a minor in bacteriology. You know the kind… the scientist on the morning shows with laboratory results proving there is fecal matter on your cell phones and kitchen sponges. Contrary to what you might think, I was not raised in a hermetically sealed environment so clean it put Felix Unger to shame. My father understood you

NEW LISTING! Astoria at Lone Mountain 10585 Danielson, 89129 MLS 1827322, $235,000 Contact Kimberli at: 702.416.8502 Fantastic 4 bedroom with downstairs den/office & upstairs loft! Open floor plan Master has large walk in closet. Community pool, park & playground. Mountain views. Convenient freeway access just minutes from downtown Summerlin. Let this be your oasis in the desert! 26

Defining: Your Space have to build up immunities to the bad bacteria by exposing yourself to it. Even snake anti venom is made from minute amounts of snake venom. Dad shunned hand sanitizer and told me not to let my children use the alcohol based goop as it would do more harm than good to their little bodies. He chuckled when “anti-bacterial” soap came out and explained, “You can’t get the water hot enough to meet the claims of the advertising”. Regular soap and water was just fine at my house. He was brilliant, and as it turned out, he was right. I relied on his expertise and I miss him terribly. He taught me you need to strike a healthy reasonable balance.


here may come a time though when bacteria and other “heebbie jeebies” in your home may reach an unhealthy level. Toxic chemical reactions to products we use, cigarette smoke, or family members with allergies to mold spores, pet dander etc. When you reach the point of “something just doesn’t smell right” and you can’t seem to get rid of it, the solution is not in a spray bottle. It requires some effort, but as stated above, you can literally shock your home, car, RV, and place of business back to normal.


hat is this miracle of which I speak? It is called Ozone Shock Treatment. It is Nature’s way of cleaning the atmosphere during a lighting storm and the ultimate “green” solution. It is not a new idea. This method has been in use industrially for over 100 years. It is used in hospitals, hotels and even at crime scenes to remove viruses, smoke and biological bacteria contaminates.

environment of your home, car etc. Potential users should be aware of this before deciding to use the CD ozone generator shock treatment. This method is very strong and generally used in commercial applications.


y contrast, Ultraviolet ozone generators create ozone similarly to how it is created in the upper atmosphere with sunlight. When air is passed over the UV lamp, the oxygen molecules are split apart into single oxygen atoms. The single atoms naturally try to seek stability and do so by bonding with other oxygen molecules to form ozone. The UV ozone generator rids the air of contaminants by rupturing the cells of the organisms. A UV ozone generator is very effective at creating ozone that completely destroys and eradicates thousands of dangerous toxins and viruses including, norovirus, influenza, superbugs, MRSA, toxic mold, cigarette smoke odors, pet odors, urine odors, synthetic material chemicals imbedded in furniture, paints, plastics, carpets, and so much more. The method can be safely used in your home, car, RV or place of business.


s a Realtor, I have found this to be a very cost effective way to freshen up a rental property, a stale home listed for sale, or a home one of my Buyers just purchased. Remember it doesn’t cover up contaminates, it actually eradicates the biologics and toxins causing the problem. There is a process to it and guidelines that must be adhered to so it is best to hire a professional who is familiar with evaluating your particular situation. Please call me at 702-416-8502 and I would be happy to direct you.w


hen considering ozone shock treatments, there are two main types of ozone generators. Corona Discharge (CD) and Ultraviolet (UV) ozone generators. Both will actually work to eliminate thousands of toxic chemicals, viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and more. There are similarities between each, but they have some fundamental differences that are important to consider: Let’s get “science-y”.


orona Discharge ozone generators create ozone similar to how it is created in lightening. These CD ozone generators create an electrical field or ‘corona’ over a dielectric surface. On the downside, CD ozone creates a lot of Nitric Acid, which is very corrosive and harmful to you, your electronics and other belongings in the closed

Kimberli A. Harkess, PC has been a licensed Realtor in Nevada since 2001. Prior to that, she was in mortgage lending for 22 years. Kimberli believes this gives her a unique perspective and ability to assist both Sellers and Buyers. Her business model provides a high level of quality service to her clients. Give Kimberli a call at 702-416-8502


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Holiday Bliss By Kathlyn Jaramillo Business & Life Strategist

The holidays are creeping up quickly and we all know what that means! Yes, there will be fun and festivities, so, who wants to work? Not many of us, but in all sincerity, we still need to get our jobs done before and during the holidays even with all the inherent distractions. Here are a few tips and tricks to support you with drumming up a little holiday bliss:

Make a Master Plan Balancing the holidays and the demands of your work is easy if everything is written down. Getting clear about when you will work and when you will take time off AND sticking to the schedule is imperative. It will be very easy to get distracted by the fun stuff happening so make sure to schedule and account for every minute of your day. Additionally, be consistent with your business activity or you will be holding an empty funnel come the new year!

Relax, relate and release. This time of year is a great time to catch up with old friends and enjoy family traditions. If you are not able to be with everyone you want to be with on the “day”, create a “Holiday Observed” date and have just as much fun! It is all about being together not the actual date!

Plan Ahead for 2017 Setting some significant goals for the New Year will keep you focused when you are working during the holidays. You will be ready to hit the ground running with your big dreams and desires after the stroke of midnight December 31st!.

Find Time to Shop

Spend Quality Time with Family

Capitalize on the efficiency of shopping online! Between Amazon and my personal shopping club that has connections to over 650 retailers, I am covered. Find creative solutions like gift cards or handcrafted items to make gift giving memorable!

Now that you are clear about when you will work and when you will take time off, make it a priority to be with family and friends for the holidays.

Whatever you choose to do to simplify your holidays do it with a smile, enjoy the season and take time for a little holiday BLISS! w

Are you looking for a change? Need a mentor, business/life strategist or business advisor? Kathlyn can help! Reach out to her at and find out more! 30


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Fall in love with FREEDOM! This season of your life deserves some exploration. Free yourself up from limiting beliefs and old ways of thinki...

Defining Women Magazine Fall 2016  

Fall in love with FREEDOM! This season of your life deserves some exploration. Free yourself up from limiting beliefs and old ways of thinki...