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Summer Is Here and It’s Coming In HOT!

Renting Vs. Buying

A Summer Without the Heat! Self-Help & Sex — Interesting Paths to Finding Your Purpose! Tracy’s Tips for Keeping Balance in Your Business and Your Life

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PUBLISHER Kathlyn Eversole-Jaramillo

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PUBLISHER’S PEARLS By Kathlyn Eversole-Jaramillo Throughout my childhood the sights and sounds of summertime felt like freedom and abandon! It meant playing outside, riding bikes, swimming, romping through summer rainstorms and our annual summer vacation in the Happy Traveler Camper attached to our red pickup truck. We would load that camper so tightly with ‘just in case’ items, as well as, everything we would need to get to Illinois and back with multiple fun stops along the way. Summer meant a break from work and school and time with family! Even now with a full life of daily activities, if we stop for a moment, we will find the magical moments of a summer filled with what can only be described as freedom. The word freedom, as adults, certainly has many meanings. As we kick off our summer issue my wish is that we will look at freedom as a practice for our body, mind and spirit. It is my hope that with the wonderful articles laid out before you, you will find permission to find your passion, purpose and a life of choice leading to ultimate FREEDOM! After all, the sights and sounds of this summertime aren’t so very different from those of our childhood. It is us that makes them special, meaningful and filled with memories that will last forever. Make this your best summer ever. Enjoy your friends, family and life. Do what defines you, BE YOU and live your best life now and always! ♥

- Kathlyn 4


In This Issue 6 | Kats Summer Picks!

By Kathlyn Jaramillo

8 | Follow Your Bliss Gratitude Hike

By Defining Women

10 | Renting Vs. Buying By Diane Dobson

11 | When Things Don’t Go As Planned ... Helping Kids Through Divorce By Jacqueline Thornhill

12 | Stars and Stripes Forever! By Posh Daisie Pop Up Shop

14 | A Summer Without the HEAT! By Dr. Patricia Beckstad, B.S. , D.C.

16 | Self-Help & Sex — Interesting Paths to Find Your Purpose By Linda Tallon

22 | Art From the Heart — A Spiritual Journey By Kathlyn Jaramillo

24 | Summer Possibilities! By Elizabeth Earl

26 | To Chi or Not to Chi — Part II By Solange Mikucki

27 | A Golden Gift By Nikki Danby Twist

28 | Tracy’s Tips For Keeping Balance In Your Business and Your Life By Tracy Hartley

30 | Lucky Life! By Kathlyn Jaramillo

34 | I Wish You Bliss!


By Kathlyn Jaramillo

Coming In HOT! By Kathlyn Jaramillo

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Kat's Summer Picks! By Kathlyn Jaramillo

Looking your best during the summer months takes some planning. Whether it’s firming up to get swimsuit ready or tidying up those ‘fuzzy’ places, if ya know what I mean, to protecting your skin from the ravishes of the sun, there is lots to do to prepare! Here are my top picks to keep you sunny and fresh this summer! First, get yourself on over to Vanity Body Sculpting! In just one session I lost 4 inches from my arms and legs. In just a one hour session, using a micro-current technology, you could get the results of a month of work outs at the gym. This is a toning and tightening, non-invasive, however, interesting treatment you will not forget and maybe even get hooked on. Don’t take my word for it. Vanity Body Sculpting is running a “Buy One, Get One Free” Special! Check them out at www. or call 702.343.5435. Next, A summer must is a visit to Pink Cherry Wax and the awesome Shaina! Get that adorable va-jay-jay super cleaned up with a Brazilian, Betweeni or Bikini. No one wants to see a fuzzy kitty at the pool! Pink Cherry Wax is the home of the $39 Brazilian Wax Exclusive Special for 1st time Guest! While you are there get make sure to get your eyebrows shaped and tinted so you can lose the eyebrow pencil for the


summer! If you have a guy that needs some grooming, well they have services for him too! You can find more about Pink Cherry Wax at www. or check out the coupon on page 7! Finally, protecting your skin is an absolute must. Senegence International has come out with the most luxurious MakeSense™ Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation. It is water-resistant and has an SPF of 15. It also feels smooth and silky and has the skin tone adjusting features we have come to love. A little goes a long way so this ‘shield for your skin’ lasts a long time! For your lips this summer, our friends at Senegence have a delicious new shade that will be my personal summer color, Purple Reign. LipSense™ is a long lasting, smear-proof lip color that is a must for your social and business activities this summer. With these two products you will always feel fresh and put together! I have two fabulous ladies for you to contact about putting your best face forward: Call Diane Criswell at 408.348.3406 or reach out to Jeri Taylor-Swade at 866.224.5477 and/or visit her website at ♥

Take Years Off Your Face

Prevent Wrinkles

Nourish Your Hair

With Roses!

With Carrots!

With Bell Peppers!

Make a rose oil facelift! 1. Warm 1 cup of grapeseed or avocado oil 2. Add 15-20 drops of rose absolute oil. 3. Store in a recloseable bottle. 4. Apply 3-4 drops to skin after cleansing. Keeps for 1 month.

Carrots are loaded with beta carotene! Our bodies convert that into skin-protective vitamin A. An extra dose of beta carotene can actually provide protection against sunburn and the harmful rays that cause skin damage and wrinkles!

Our bodies need vitamin C to create collagen, which is the protein — and major building block — of our hair. Just a half cup of bell peppers packs more vitamin C than a glass of orange juice! Also, the vitamin A in red peppers moisturizes the scalp and can prevent dandruff.


Defining: Your Style

Follow Your Bliss

Gratitude Hike What can be better than a sunny morning hike? Gratefully sharing it with 25 of your newest friends, that’s what! These are just a few pics of the great time we had sharing stories, releasing, replacing and celebrating that we are co-creators of our life and BLISS! Thanks to Connie Palen of Connie Palen Photoworks for capturing our day! ♼



Defining: Your Space RENTING VS. BUYING By Diane Dobson

With summertime on our heels,

now is a good time to determine if buying a home is in your future. Especially if the pressure to find, purchase, move and settle into a new home before the school year starts is your reality. A decision to rent or buy is always based on a number of circumstances. Some considerations may be monetary, family needs or whether or not you desire to put down roots. As women, we may have even deeper considerations or reasons why we might prefer buying over renting or visa versa. Whatever the reasons, sitting down with a real estate professional and having a conversation about your options can be empowering. With the median price of single-family homes, sold through the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors’ Multiple Listing Service, on the rise and reaching $205,000 in February and the condo and town house median at just $105,000, the options are


out there. You might be able to find the flexibility you desire and still have an investment for the future. Here are a few factors that should be part of your decision when considering buying: How is your credit? One of the first steps in determining if you have the ability to purchase a home is taking a look at your credit report. Request your free credit report at This information will support you in determining if you have negative information on your reports and a way to correct it. Can you afford a home? Get prequalified from your bank, credit union or home loan professional. They will review your income, savings and debts to determine what you can afford. You will need some cash for a deposit, down payment and closing costs. After pulling your credit report, a prequalification letter will help establish your credit worthiness when making an offer on a home. Are you committed to home ownership? Owning a home costs money every year. Budgeting 1-2% of the home price for repairs every year is a smart move. Keeping your home maintained goes a long way to avoid more costly repairs in the future. Consult a Realtor®. For more in-depth information about the local marketplace, your Realtor® can support you with making the best choice when it comes to renting vs. buying. ♥

Defining: Your Life When Things Don’t Go As Planned … Helping Kids Through Divorce By Jacqueline Thornhill

Divorce is never an easy thing. The dissolution of a marriage should always be the last option. As emotionally devastating as it for the husband and wife involved, it is even more distressing to the children in the union. Children are often not emotionally prepared to deal with the sudden change of what was a known and secure lifestyle. As a parent, however, you do have the power to make your situation a little easier for your children to navigate. Here are a few tips.

Remember that your issues are not your kids’. Put your personal feelings aside in favor of taking care of their best interests. Say “I love you” a lot. They need it now more than ever. Make sure they know you are going to always be in their lives. ♥

1. Make your children a priority in your life. Recognize what your kids need from you during this difficult time, primarily that they still need the both of you involved in their lives. 2. Don’t make children the messengers between parents. Get on the phone or text and work out issues or scheduling between you and your ex. Children don’t need that kind of pressure. 3. When talking about the other parent, only say nice things. Avoid the blame game. Show them the best of one another. 4. Keep heated conversations away from your kids. Seeing parents getting along will go a long way towards alleviating some considerable fears on their part. 5. Help your kids find the words to express how they are feeling. Just listen and support. Don’t try to fix it. Sometimes they may be reluctant to say things out of a fear of hurting you, so encourage them to go ahead and express what they are feeling.


Stars Starsand andStri St

Defining: Your Style

Brought to you by Posh Daisie Pop Up Shop

Bags, Bags, Bags!

Summer bags can be casual and fun! Totes are perfect for carrying all of your summer supplies to the beach, picnic, or fireworks.

Dress To Impress!

Simple cotton dresses are not only fashionable, but they are light weight and breathable for those hot summer days. Pair this dress with a cute pair of wedges or sandals and be on your way!


tripes ipes Forever! Forever! Little Fashionistas!

Don’t forget about cute summer outfits for your little budding fashionista! Adorable swimsuits, light weight cotton dresses, and flip flops are the perfect weekend wear for those “fun in the sun” days.

Stay Hydrated! Summer sun can be rough on our bodies. Be sure to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Plus, it does wonders for our skin!

Step Out In Style! Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean flip flops are the only answer for cute feet! Step out in style in a pair of comfortable, adorable wedges.

Fashion Tip! Summer weather can wreak havoc on our lovely locks. From sand and sun, to humidity and controlling the frizzies, summer hair can be difficult. Tip: Wear a scarf as a head band. It will control your locks, tame the frizz, and even help protect your hair from the sun!

A new way to shop. Interested in hosting your own Posh Daisie Pop Up Shop for you and your friends? Email for more details.


Defining: Your Health

A Summer Without the Heat! By Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is one of the most controversial topics in women’s health care, particularly for women between the ages of 35 and 60. With medical opinions and public information as varied as the available treatments, it’s no wonder that many women have simply given up on treating their menopausal discomfort. However, women are beginning to take a bold step forward and are demanding safe and natural alternatives to traditional synthetic forms of HRT. They are no longer willing to accept the dangerous drugs offered to women since the early 1940’s, when women had little choice in treatment for hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, low sex drive and the list goes on. Modern research has changed the way women approach menopause and offers many alternatives to prescription strength HRT. Prempro (a combination of Premarin and Provera) once promised by doctors to be a miracle cure for menopause has been found to be linked to breast cancer, heart disease and stroke. At one time, doctors blamed the often debilitating symptoms of menopause on a lack of estrogen alone, but we now know that it is actually a lack of progesterone that often leads to symptoms of both Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Menopause. Non-Prescription, Bio-identical, Natural USP Progesterone Cream has been shown in several medical studies and clinical evaluations to: 14

Relieve hot flashes & night sweats Prevent bone loss & lower your risk of osteoporosis Increase libido (testosterone booster) Regulate mood swings & decrease depression Enhance weight loss & reduce insomnia Lower risk of breast and prostate cancers Normalize Estrogen Dominance (estrogen blocker) Relieve bloating, migraines, breast tenderness Reduce carbohydrate & sugar cravings Produce a calming, anti-anxiety effect Decrease PMS symptoms & regulate menstrual flow Decrease cramping and miscarriages Reduce fibrocystic breast disease & uterine fibroids Promote vaginal lubrication, reduce dry skin Improve memory and concentration Help prevent incontinence & endometriosis Reduce chronic fatigue & hair loss Mild Hot Flashes and/or Night Sweats:

For women with mild hot flashes and/or night sweats non-prescription USP Progesterone Cream has been found to help alleviate those symptoms effectively, often without additional natural hormone supplements such as phytoestrogens. Severe Hot Flashes and/or Night Sweats:

For women who suffer with severe or debilitating hot flashes, often additional hormone supplements are needed. In such cases, phytoestrogens such as Black Cohosh are typically added to the daily regimen of non-

Defining: Your Health prescription USP Progesterone Cream. Black Cohosh can be found as a single supplement or in combination with other phytoestrogens. Black Cohosh is a Native American herb used to relieve menopausal and PMS symptoms. It has been recommended by the German Commission E for treating menstrual discomfort and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Black cohosh can also be used to promote normal menstrual cycles as well. The herb also has no drug contraindications, though it should not be used during pregnancy. Black Cohosh has been used for centuries by Native American and Chinese herbalists for all sorts of general malaise from fever to muscle spasms. More recently, it has been discovered as an aide in helping to not only relieve many menopausal symptoms but also to help support normal menstruation. It is also often used as an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for menopausal women with symptoms from hot flashes to depression to vertigo. Though drugs are still widely prescribed, despite the known risks of traditional prescription HRT, many women are smart enough to be weary of prescription HRT. Many fear breast cancer or other health complications and less than 40% of women who

begin prescription HRT are still taking it after one year. In addition to all of this, no reports have been found that USP Progesterone Cream or Black Cohosh will promote the growth of estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells as has been reported during some HRT studies. Now more than ever, “The Change” is a confusing and frustrating time for women. With this in mind, Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C. offers assistance to women who are searching for safe alternatives and healthier ways to treat PMS and Menopause. Dr. Beckstead offers bio-identical (natural) hormones and dietary supplement treatment plans and teaches women to manage their symptoms safely and effectively. Dr. Patricia Beckstead is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. She is the Founder of Balancing Hormones Naturally® and an award winning author, lecturer, and nutraceutical developer. In addition to treating patients in her private practice, she educates healthcare providers on bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) products and protocols. Her books include; Balancing Your Hormones in an Estrogen Dominant World, Balancing Your Hormones for Weight Loss, Balancing Hormones Naturally, and How to Build Your Practice with Hormones. Dr. Beckstead is a wife, mother and Grandmother. ♥


Defining: Your Purpose

Self-Help & Sex

Interesting Paths to Finding Your Purpose! By Linda Tallon

I grew up in Akron, Ohio. In my neighborhood, only rich kids went to college and I was not a rich kid so my path was set for me. That meant I was supposed to graduate from school, find a job, find a husband, settle down and raise some kids. My two older sisters followed that path, but for me, as a child of the hippie 60’s, I got out of high school and moved to sunny California with my younger sister, where I got a job as a bank teller and fell in love with the “oh so wrong” guy. We ended up moving to Las Vegas where I thought I was going to live happily ever after. That relationship didn’t last, but there were other things to be discov16

ered in my new desert home. The 60’s were considered the era of self-awareness and finding one’s purpose. I would read and read and read and was the self-

was qualified to do. I didn’t have a purpose. One day, I heard of a “sex toy party”. How fun did that sound? I decided to have a party of my

“There was a market for this product, after all, everyone has sex, but not everyone cooks, I know I didn’t.” help Queen, always searching. I was also always wondering if there was something wrong with me, when I finally realized the only thing wrong with me was I didn’t have a DREAM! I was a bank teller and felt that was all I

own and invited all of my broke bank teller friends. It turned out to be quite a successful party and I asked the consultant how much money she would be making from the evening. I was a bit in shock that she would be mak-

Defining: Your Purpose ing in 3 hours what it took me 2 weeks to make as a bank teller! That intrigued me and I was very interested in finding out more about this FUN business. Announcing to my boyfriend (and now my husband of 35 years) I was going to be doing these parties on the side while I kept my bank job had him respond, “Don’t tell anyone you know me. I have a professional job.” I chuckle about that now. There was a market for this product, after all, everyone has sex, but not everyone cooks, I know I didn’t. Additionally, these types of products could not be

ing fun! At one party, a woman entered my discreet ordering room and said, “I’ll have what everyone else is having.” I had this questioning look on my face. She told me she couldn’t have an orgasm. First, I was in total shock she was sharing this with me. I consulted with her on a few items and felt like a doctor, you know, “take 2 of these and call me in the morning.” The next day she did call me, in tears, thanking me. My whole life changed in that moment. All I could think was WOW! That same week, a second woman came in. She sat down and shared her

Sex is an uncomfortable subject for many women and they don’t know where to go to ask questions. I WAS a teacher. Sex is not the most important part in a relationship, but if you don’t get along in the bedroom, it makes all other problems bigger. purchased at the mall and no one wants to go to those seedy adult stores. And the girl who did my party seemed to be having a great time. When it was time to order, it was done discreetly, so each guest would have some privacy. That was nice. Having never talked in front of people before, I wasn’t really very good and I had also never sold anything before either. Remember, I was a bank teller, a very conservative job. I also assumed everyone would think it was FUN. I was amazed at how many people shut down when the subject of sex was brought up. Soon after attending my company training I learned so much and I dedicated myself to getting better and better. I was also really hav-

story, “I have to tell you something. I was at a party a month ago and I bought some products to take home with me. I was ready to leave my husband and kick him to the curb, but I bought these items to try. We used them, we started communicating and having fun in the bedroom. I just wanted you to know, YOU saved my marriage.” What those two ladies did for me was show me my purpose, which lead me to my passion for helping women. Sex is an uncomfortable subject for many women and they don’t know where to go to ask questions. I WAS a teacher. Sex is not the most important part in a relationship, but if you don’t get along in the bedroom, it makes all other problems bigger.

Linda’s 5 D’s of SUCCESS! DECISION- When you make the

decision, what comes with it is excitement and momentum. Take advantage of the excitement and momentum and do your homework. Find out all you’ll need to your job. Get the education it takes to do it right!

DESIRE- Make a list of what you

want. This also builds excitement because you know what you are working for. If you don’t know what you want, how can you make a plan to get it? It would be like a hamster in a wheel running and going nowhere. You have to be specific in what you want. I hear women say, “I want to make money.” The only people who make money are the government. You have to earn money.

DETAILS- This is the actual work

you will have to do to build success. In my job, it’s the follow up calls to my clients and hostesses, as well as, marketing, networking and supporting the ladies on my team.

DESIRED RESULTS- If you do all

of the above, this is what you will get!

DETERMINATION- In my opinion,

this is the most important. At first, the only thing that kept me going was, “If those people can do it, I can too.” I was determined! ♥


Defining: Your Purpose The biggest part of any business and becoming successful is the determination to know you can do it. You will hit roadblocks along the way; however, it is like driving, if you hit a roadblock, you don’t turn around and go home, you find a way around it, over it or beside it. You need to BELIEVE in you! We must absolutely, believe in ourselves. Now, realizing what I was doing was important, I kept growing and getting even better. I eventually quit my bank job to focus full time on my party business. I was on the Advisory Board for 19 years, I won two cars and I have won more trips than I can remember. I went from being afraid of speaking in front a few ladies to teaching a class of 500-1000 consultants at our company trainings. I went from making $9.50 per hour at the bank to making over six figures. I


also noticed that when my focus went from making money to helping women, I started excelling at my job! I love supporting women on my team in getting what they want. I love watching them grow and accomplish their dreams. After 35 years in this business, I have watched women come and go; so many give up so quickly. The biggest part of any business and becoming successful is the determination to know you can do it. You will hit roadblocks along the way; however, it is like

driving, if you hit a roadblock, you don’t turn around and go home, you find a way around it, over it or beside it. You need to BELIEVE in you! We must absolutely, believe in ourselves. The Pure Romance company motto is Empower, Educate and Entertain. We definitely have a good time; after all, what subject is funnier than sex and what woman doesn’t need a night out once in a while to unwind. If nothing else, you will learn a little and laugh a lot! ♥


Defining: Your Life

By Kathlyn Jaramillo

I recently saw a Facebook post that said, “The Dream is Free, but the Hustle is Sold Separately!” I don’t know who coined it but it landed with me big time. As an entrepreneur, which includes being a business owner, magazine publisher, sales person, accountant, boss, event planner, writer, speaker, thought leader, champion of women caught up in sex trafficking and other ills, and spiritual leader; plus my personal life as a wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, pet owner, crafter and so much more, the HUSTLE can be relentless. Hustling to get work done, hustling to spend time with those I love, hustling to get people onboard with deadlines and projects, hustling to make time for me…Whoa! Most days I just feel like I am always coming in HOT!

Recently, I have been thinking about this Hustle and compared it to another term I hear a lot, “I am so busy.” I know that many of the women I know and love are living very ‘busy’ lives. With summer here, for


some of us, that busy can be compounded by kids summer schedules, vacations and visiting family. In reality, most of us are going from point A to point B with little or no thought of how to slow down. I dare say, most

of us have forgotten what that even feels like. A few years back I was in a leadership program. I spent over 6 months becoming aware of and breaking through my limiting beliefs, or at least that

was the intention. It was finally graduation time and it was kind of a big deal to have completed this entire program. I had a lot of preparation to do for the final 3-day retreat to celebrate the graduation and at the same time I decided to participate in the next 6 month program to continue my studies. The issue was that while preparing to go to the retreat, I had an intensive, hefty pile of paper work to complete for the next program. Additionally, 2 dear friends of mine, who were also graduating, came to stay with me a few days before the retreat and had their own agenda of items to complete. The house was a disaster and I was up to my eyeballs in BUSY! Have you ever felt this way? In the meantime, my adult son, being very proud of what I had just accomplished wanted to meet for coffee to celebrate and have some MOM time. Unfortunately, I was out of time, out of time to get my paperwork done, out of time to get my retreat items in order and out of time to meet with my precious son. I telephoned him and explained my situation and I also requested his support with gathering my retreat items. Without a word of complaint he said, “Sure Mom.” When my son arrived he gently called me out to the garage, away from my house guests and all of the craziness. He told me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. What he said next is etched forever in my memory, “Mom, nobody wants to eat what is on your plate.” Wow, there it was an interruption, a snap back to reality of what I was missing

out on while coming in hot, in all my busy-ness AND shoving it off onto others to be responsible for. He gave me the greatest gift of realizing I do not have to do it all right now. Filling up every moment of my life with HUSTLE is not serving me or my family. With summertime upon us there may need to be a shift in our priorities. It can also be a great opportunity to set ourselves up with new habits and a redefining of what we want our lives to look and feel like! First, let’s stop declaring

good at it but it is possible and I can relax knowing that I got some stuff done! Next, ask yourself, “What’s on my plate that I push off onto others?” Remember nobody wants to eat what’s on your plate. If you take too much you either eat it yourself or make some space by moving stuff off your plate. Additionally, what’s on your plate that is stealing precious time from your family or loved ones? Finally, take some time to look at that dream life of yours.

This summer as the temperatures warm up and sunshine is a plenty, see and create opportunities in the moment to let go and just BE!

and glorifying our busy-ness. If we are in control of our own schedules and we should be, it is up to us to schedule in time for us, our family, our friends and spontaneity. Change your response to someone asking how you’re doing from “I am so busy.” to “Things are great.” and then act as if. Being busy is so exhausting, whereas, declaring that things are great is elevating! As a dutiful-daughter, although that label in itself can be antifun, it works for me to schedule a good portion of my day doing the top 3-5 income producing activities and then make some time to play. I am not always


Are you busy trying to create it or are you LIVING it? Get clear about what you really want and live that life right now! Want time with your kids…do it now! Want time with loved ones…do it now! Want time for you…do it now! Coming in hot all the time can be exhilarating and it can also be counterproductive and draining. Hustling can be fun and fabulous; however, we can, if we choose to, carve out time to simply BE. This summer, as the temperatures warm up and sunshine is a plenty, see and create opportunities in the moment to let go and just BE! ♥


Defining: Your Spirit


A Spiritual Journey By Kathlyn Jaramillo as told by Peppy Caccavale

Peppy Caccavale is originally from Rhode Island. She is a beautiful blend of east coast culture with an open minded practicality and Wild West innovation and drive! Having discovered a love of artistic creation at the tender age of eight years old, Peppy began a journey that would be manifested as a lifelong quest for learning multiple, hands on, creative processes. Her desire is that her art speaks to your heart as it does to hers. Her story is unique, reflective and a lesson for each one of us. Enjoy. From the age of eight Peppy started oil painting and by the age of twelve she enrolled in private classes. She continued to paint as a hobby for approximately twenty years. She also, simultaneously, began sewing and designing her own clothes. She loved sewing and the freedom of design that it invoked within her. She also knew she was unique. At the age of fourteen, Peppy participated in her first and final fashion show. After making an extremely complex outfit, and the winner of the show, who


made a very simple dress, turned out to be the daughter of a surgeon and one of the judges on the panel was his client. At that point, Peppy decided it didn’t matter how hard you worked it was who you know. So Peppy came to a defiant crossroad and decided she would only create her art for herself. She wasn’t interested in sharing it with anyone else. I found this interesting and reflective because how many of us make a split second decision to hide our gifts away from the public eye, only to discover years later, the purpose of it all. As it turned out, Peppy was so good that she was approached by a recruiter from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She continued her creative ventures as a hobbyist and took, as she puts it, the safer route after High School by attending the Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School. Soon after, she was married to her first boyfriend and moved to Sarasota Springs, New York where she longed to continue her creative training. She decided to attend evening watercolor

classes from Skidmore University and realized she felt very passionate about her first love of oil painting. While deeper exploring oil painting a good friend introduced her to stained glass. She put down her brush for a time and her new love became stained glass which she did for over 24 years. Peppy’s corporate life was also in full swing. After pursuing her Associates Degree in Procurement Management, Bachelors Degree in Marketing and a Masters Degree in Human Resource, Peppy became the Human Resource Manager for Raytheon. Her life had truly become a manifestation of two sides of a coin. On one side, this creative passion for hands on art forms and on the other, a black and white, follow the rules, corporate America daily grind. Tired of closing down facilities, laying off people and firing people, Peppy left corporate America. She also realized that she was severely out of balance and any kind of spiritual life was practically non –existent. She was invited to

Defining: Your Spirit WHAT IS REIKI (RAY-KEY)?

Peppy doing Reiki

participate in a transformational weekend workshop and her life changed forever. Peppy dedicated herself to understanding spirituality, energy and meditation, eventually becoming a Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. Her art became spiritually infused and heart inspired. Her energy work lead her to taking classes with Feng Shui Master/ Practitioner, Solange Mikucki. Where Reiki is energy work for the body, Feng Shui is energy work for the home. Peppy is now a certified Feng Shui Practitioner. Peppy’s love of art and art forms continued, each medium building on another. She took classes in Faux painting which is illusional painting i.e., making a wall look like brick or a column look like marble. She started working with plasters and texturing products. A friend of her was moving from Arizona to the East Coast and she was a fuse glass Artist. She made Peppy a deal she couldn’t pass up, purchasing all of her fusing glass and equipment. Again, another form of art to incorporate and blend. She loved working with fusing glass and after admiring an artist work done in wood, it dawned on her that she could use her fused glass in the same way as that Artist worked with wood. Her passion was ignited once again and she began searching for a way to combine all the mediums together as one. This was truly an innovative art form that allowed her creative expression using oil, acrylic, plastering techniques and now fusing glass. To keep each piece fresh and unique, she has continued searching for and incorporating different mediums such as; gemstones, fossils, fin-

ished wood, fused glass, beads, and crystals. From this journey Innovative Art by Peppy was born. She created her boxed art. No longer just for her, Peppy’s Innovative Art can be found at art shows locally and beyond. Her work has been sold throughout North America and will soon be in South America. Peppy shares, “After studying various art forms throughout my life and feeling such a passion for each one, I know in my heart that I was placed on earth to bring and share beauty with the world. Each piece I create is a unique part of my heart and soul. Each creation is an original with no two pieces being the same. On my boxed wall art pieces the heart is symbolic within me and my signature includes a fused glass heart because each piece comes directly from my heart. It is my desire that my pieces speak to your heart as they do to mine.” Peppy Caccavale is an extraordinary woman and an example of defining one’s path. Every day she uses her energy work, her artistic forms and her many gifts to bring peace not only to her but to others as well. Each of our lives takes twists and turns, practical and impractical longings or promptings appear and it is in the exploration we find our true hearts and selves. Do you have a hidden gift, a creative longing that you are leaving unfulfilled? Don’t you think it’s time you explored the possibilities? To see Peppy’s work or to discover the benefits of Reiki, contact her at 702.219.9217. She is always available to create something magical, especially for you. You can visit her website at: ♥

Reiki is an ancient healing practice. Rei refers to Universal Soul or Spirit. Ki means chi (energy) and refers to Vital Life Force. Reiki is defined as the Universal Life Energy or Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. Where did Reiki Originate? Reiki was developed in Tibet over 3,000 years ago. The Monks used Reiki for spiritual enlightenment and healing. The technique was lost centuries ago, however, was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the middle 19th Century. What is Reiki used for? Reiki is used for health maintenance, disease prevention, obtaining spiritual focus and clarity. It can be used to eliminate mental and emotional distress. It can also be used to promote personal growth, develop compassion and wisdom, and heal relationship problems or just to obtain inner peace. What happens when Reiki is performed? Reiki is performed by a Reiki Practitioner, who has been trained and attuned by a Reiki Maser. The Reiki Practitioner acts as a channel for the energy to flow from their hands over different parts of your body called chakras. Chakras are the network through which the body, mind and spirit interact as one holistic system. The practitioner can feel an energy flow of heat or coolness and knows energetically where your body needs Reiki performed. What does Reiki feel like? Some clients feel warmth, gentle tingling sensations, a sense of energy flowing, a calmness, while other see bright colors with movement, and others may feel nothing at all, just inner peace. Everyone is different. Can anyone learn to use Reiki? Yes! Reiki is available to anyone desiring to heal their self or others. You will need to be trained by a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher. ♥



Defining: Your Path

Summer Possibilities By Elizabeth Earl

Growing out of a frustration with the current educational model in this country, Elizabeth Earl founded the West Charleston Enrichment Academy to provide an environment that maximizes the strengths of all types and speeds of learners. Whether a child is exceptional, above average, or slower, in this school the child will find acceptance and help to maximize his or her abilities. Here is Elizabeth’s story. My dissatisfaction with the onesize fits all system of education employed by public schools started with my oldest child. She has always been very academically advanced and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Elementary school was frustrating. While there were students in my daughter’s kindergarten class who needed lessons on colors and shapes, there were also kids on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I witnessed a conversation between my daughter and her classmates about red and white bloods cells. Should these kids have been in the same class with those who didn’t know their letters? This didn’t seem to be a good system for academic learning. Yet, I was uncomfortable with the idea of separating kids based on their intelligence. I had no conclusions at this point, just dissatisfaction and frustration. When my second child began school, he was a completely different story. He struggled with negative behaviors at home but always did well in school until 3rd

grade when he started to fall behind. By 5th grade he had an IEP with labels of Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD all being used at one time or another. I then went in search of alternatives. I looked into charter schools and schools specifically for kids with special needs but neither seemed quite right for him. By this time I had formed the notion that children should be studying at the highest level at which they can maintain proficiency, without respect to circumstances such as their age. Having never seen a school utilizing this approach, I wasn’t sure my idea could be practically implemented. I looked at several private schools and finally found what I had been looking for, for both my children. I found a school doing just what I described. Needless to say I was thrilled! The key, I discovered, was to have small multi-age classrooms. These small classrooms had a wide variety of age and grade-level combinations, including younger children working well above grade level.  No one was held back because others couldn’t move as fast. Everyone had different responsibilities and jobs to do. They helped each other; they played together. Everyone was different yet they all formed one kind, accepting group. With my youngest child, I had a chance to do something different. In third grade, I pulled him out of public school and enrolled him in this private school with his older brother.  He was doing fine in public school and his grades were average

or above average. But, something was not working.  He never seemed connected to what was going on in school and frequently didn’t know what assignments he had been given. From the first week after I moved him, everything changed. Suddenly he was adamant about getting his homework done every night and he actively sought my help with flash cards or spelling words. He also talked about everything that happened in school. I had always thought the private school was for kids who were ahead or behind their same aged peers. My experience with my youngest child helped me to realize that even the kids in the middle are not well served by the way we do education for the vast majority in this country. Instead of floating along in a sea of mediocrity, these kids could benefit from smaller, mixed classrooms where their needs could be addressed on an individual basis. This miracle of a private school was a wonderful place for all my children. That school is West Charleston Enrichment Academy. After two years of observing and helping with this existing school, I decided it was time to expand and offer these same benefits and opportunities to more children. Two years ago, we moved to a new, more central location and want to draw students from all over the valley.  We believe we have something powerful and necessary here.  We offer it to your family in the hope you’ll receive the same miracles we did. We invite you to come and see for yourself. ♥


Defining: Your Life

To Chi or not to Chi — Part II Timing is Everything By Solange Mikucki

Many of you have heard these phrases “timing is everything” or “doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place”. Would it be said that often, if it wasn’t true? Time, believe it or not, plays an enormous role on all the decisions that we make and knowing to pick the right time or location is essential. The Philosophy of Date Selection is to select a certain activity to take place at a time when the energies are most conducive to the particular activity selected. If you believe in these phrases and value your time, a Personalized Date Selection Calendar can be a powerful addition in your life. As a Master Feng Shui Practitioner for over 22 years, Date Selection has been an important part of my practice. After advising my clients on the adjustments to be made to their

property, I always ask if they have special projects or important personal events. I then provide them with the appropriate date to start the intended activity, basically making the most of what’s positive and minimizing the negative. So the big question is “how do we know the right timing or the right location”? Leave it to the Chinese Scholars to come up with the answer by combining astrology, astronomy, studying and discerning subtle energy patterns and cycles that co-related to certain events. It is these studies and observations that were assimilated into the practice of Date Selection. For a start we will discuss the “12 Day Officers Technique, aka: 12 Body of QI or 12 types of energies. The concept of the 12 Day Officers is that each day of the month is controlled by a specific energy or Officer and this determines what the prevailing energies are for a particular day and time and the best activity based on the attributes of the energy of that day and time. The 12 Officers/Energies repeat every 12 days. See the chart below for a brief description. The 12 Officers /Daily Qi/Energies Jian-Establish Day: good for medical



Chu-Remove Day: Good for ending rela-

tionships-anything removing tumors or kidney stones. Man-Full Day: good for important meetings or signing agreement except legal documentsPing-Balance Day: Good for travellinggetting married- moving, business. Ding-Stable Day: Good for long term activities-travel-buying pets. Zhi-Initiate Day: Signing contracts-renovations. Po-Destruction Day: Good for demolishing building- avoid other activities. Wei-Danger Day: Avoid long distance travel- or high risk activities. Cheng-Success Day: very auspicious day. Shou-Receive Day: Good for business-ask and you should receive. Kai-Open Day: Good for networkingtravel-signing contracts-marriage. Bi-Close Day: Energy is at lowest point of the 12th cycle days, therefore should not be used for any important activities. If you wish to ensure that your projects, or events are supported by the positive energies on a particular day and time, Date Selection is for you. Make the most of your career and personal path with my “DATE SELECTION CALENDAR”. To order call Solange @702-838-5838 or e-mail ♥

Defining: Your Money

A Golden Gift By Nikki Danby Twist

Recently I came across this … “Success is not about making a living … it is about making a life …” This message rang a bell inside me … ding! Yes! Success in its myriad and personal forms is only really achieved by working your business path with a good heart and enjoying every step and stage. But how many of us manage to do this? By the time I saw this message, my life was already turning in this direction, after years of unconscious stumbling with money anxieties. I am only one of thousands who are working to recover

evil.” Then, one of the silliest, “Never talk about money, it is so vulgar!” Ironic considering my parents talked about money fears a lot! Without realizing it we all absorb instruction from our parents and surroundings; no doubt my parents absorbed it from theirs. Later in life, when things do not quite turn out as we had dreamed, we are forced to take a look at our thoughts about money, wealth and abundance. Take a look, I did, last year I flipped a switch overnight into consciousness after a healing session with Jacqui Simpson, one of our wonderful Defining Divining Women! I started saying the Ho’ponopono prayer several times a day (a prayer of gratitude & love). I started asking (how audacious, how novel, am I worthy? YES!) for financial abundance and peace of mind. So many amazing things transpired … I slept better, I relaxed … within two weeks I had a two new wonderful and perfect business ventures, Karatbars International and a design company. Work has become more of a dance. There is a flow to my work and a feeling of joy in what I am doing. That feeling not only increases my financial abundance but is helping others to grow their financial abundance too. Redefining my thoughts about financial matters opened my mind to the possibilities of true abundant living. I invite you to explore the possibilities for yourself. If you are interested in knowing more, contact Nikki at 615-812-3612 or Facebook: Nikki Danby Twist. ♥

Work has become more of a dance. There is a flow to my work and a feeling of joy in what I am doing. That feeling not only increases my financial abundance but is helping others to grow their financial abundance too. their financial well-being and safeguarding against any future calamities after the financial recession of 08/09. However, fortunes are traditionally made and lost in any world economy and the recession was a boon for the wealthy. So what was really keeping me back and stopping me from enjoying life even when times were really good in the past? POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS! Finally, through heartfelt soul searching I realized just how very pervasive poverty consciousness was in my life. First of all I was raised with it, probably even while in utero. I was absorbing my family’s anxieties, particularly around money. We were not poor, my father was a diplomat! Do any of the following sayings ring a bell? “Money does not grow on trees.” “We can’t afford that.” “That is for rich people.” Or “The love of money is the root of all

Nikki is a Fine Artist, Designer, Reiki master and now Affiliate with Karatbars International, a gold acquisition company bringing affordable highest asset 24k gold to the world with added Affiliate income stream. www.


Defining: Your Business Tracy’s Tips for Keeping Balance in Your Business and Your Life By Tracy Hartley

Asking For Help

We all bring baggage with us from our past. Whether the pain is from jobs, marriages, divorce, kids, friends or other relationships, it all affects our future interactions. Each time we get hurt, we toughen up and get a little more weighed down. Then when we are challenged in business with something, we tend to take on the burden of handling the situation alone. Some of us start feeling like we are the only ones who can do anything right or, “Why ask anyone else to do it when I’ll just have to fix it anyway?” Sound familiar? We become the hero. We become the go-to person whenever there is a problem. And sometimes it even feels good to be needed. “Isn’t it a good thing that my company finds me valuable?” Valuable? Yes. But where is the happy medium? Balance is key. When we stop asking others for help, we create a new habit of taking everything on our own shoulders and it becomes harder and harder to reach out. Eventually we feel like we will be a burden to others if we ask them for help. Maybe we even think we will be imposing on them. It can lead to low self-esteem and an increased need to prove ourselves. This cycle can go on over years and is very hard to break. Think about when a pipe breaks in your home. What is your first thought? Call a plumber! When there is a leak in the roof? Call a roofer! When there is an electrical problem? Call an electrician! So why is it that when we own or run a small business, we assume we have to do everything all alone? Asking for help when you are in a small business can seem like weakness, but in fact it comes from a place of strength. Knowing your limits is 28

dia s Me ds ial em Soc ing A nal It • y otio e u : s B n • rom ranc atio • P ppea s per ve A e e O ati ffic inistr nager s • Cloth O • dm Ma pplie g • air A H u e n i S c • ffi ng ens • hoes up • O rderi ss Lic • S ake y • O usine g • M ewelr s r te e B t n i • eas • J kin al Sta at d • L egal M ial: • S ent pist Frien c L M r a n e • ina eep • her ant / ide F T • ookk r • onfid al Gu pport • B anke • C piritu us Su • B PA • S eligio • C axes •R T g s • ale etin • S ark rking • M etwo alling • N old C cting • C rospe •P

working smarter, not harder. Core Competency

There are core competencies that are unique to each one of us. Are you better at relationships or tasks? Social or shy? Behind the scenes or center stage? Numbers or creative? Ideas or implementation? If you are fighting these natural tendencies, success can be an uphill battle. If that pipe brakes in your home and you spend hours trying to fix it, unsuccessfully, and eventually call the plumber, how much revenue have you lost? What is your billable hourly rate? Of course the plumber has a cost, but your time is no less valuable. When we spend our productive time outside of our core competency areas, we are engaging in a form of self-sabotage. Habits of Successful People

When we take a look at successful people in general terms, they have similarities. Doctors have nurses. A CEO has a Board of Directors. At the highest levels, successful people are never doing it all by themselves. There is a built in mechanism for help and support. They have trusted advisors. If you maximize your network, you can create your own personal Board of Directors as well. Think

about how many different hats you wear in your business from day to day. Now think about this. How many of those do you love? How many are outside of your core competency? How many sales are you losing by spending time on the things you’re not good at? Is your business growing or stagnant? By networking, building relationships and knowing when to ask for help, we can create a Board of Directors for ourselves. Once we have that network of support, it becomes automatic to reach out to the expert rather than try to do everything ourselves. When we spend more time on money-making behaviors and less time fighting with our true nature, we can’t help but be successful. After all, isn’t the goal to create a thriving business? And we might just make some great friends along the way! ♥ Tracy Hartley is an Operations Specialist and the Owner of Continuous Improvement. Her focus is helping small businesses get and stay organized. Services range from financial to operational and include all aspects of running a successful business. Tracy’s goal is to improve her clients’ profitability by effectively managing time and resources.


Lucky Life SUMMER & YOUR PETS By Kathlyn Jaramillo

Summer 2015 is upon us and in the Las Vegas valley it can be awfully hot for us and especially our pets. Although we may be ‘preaching to the choir’, it is a good time of year to remind ourselves of and review some hot weather safety tips for you and your pets. Our pets do not have sweat glands like us humans and while sunny days bring pets and their people together for outdoor fun, some activities can be dangerous for cats and dogs when the temperature soars. It is very important to know the warning signs of an overheated animal. If your cat or dog is panting excessively or having difficulty breathing, get them to a cooler environment immediately. Additionally, flat faced kitties or pups are particularly susceptible to heat stroke since they can’t pant as well as other pets. And older cats and dogs or those with health issues should be kept cool 30

in an air-conditioned room. The ASPCA has these recommendations to keep pets safe and healthy during the summer: • Give cats and dogs plenty of fresh cool water when it is hot. Pets get dehydrated quickly. • If pets must stay outdoors be sure they have a shady place to get out of the sun. See that water bowls are full and do not heat up. • Swimming is fun for dogs, but should be supervised by an adult. Not all dogs are good swimmers.  Use floatation devices for pets when they are on boats and rinse out their fur to remove chlorine or saltwater.  • Don’t walk your dog when temperatures are high.  Asphalt and sidewalks heat up very quickly to overheat your pet and burn their paws.  Keep walks short during the summer and do them in the early morning or after dusk. • Never light fireworks around your pet.  Cats and dogs find the noise frightening and lit fireworks have the potential to result in severe burns.

• If your dog has long hair feel free to trim it, but NEVER shave your dog.   The layers of a dog’s coat protect him or her from overheating and sunburn.    Brushing cats more often can prevent problems caused by excessive heat.  • Finally, NEVER LEAVE YOUR PET ALONE IN A PARKED VEHICLE.   Cars can become a furnace in just a few minutes, even with the windows open. Furthermore, it is against the law to leave your pet in a parked car. Chapter 574 Cruelty to Animals: Prevention and Penalties NRS 574.195 Allowing cat or dog to remain unattended in motor vehicle during period of extreme heat or cold unlawful; removal of animal; exceptions; immunity from liability; penalty. We implore you to take good care of you and your pets this summertime. It’s not worth the risk. And certainly, if you see something involving someone else’s pet, say something! You could be saving a life. ♥




Defining: Your Happiness

I Wish You Bliss! By Kathlyn Jaramillo

2015 has been the year of rediscovering my BLISS! Thanks to the April Issue of Good Housekeeping where they listed 26 A-Z ways to have more bliss and less stress, I found a few bliss boosters that stood out to me and some of my own for you to try on this summer! Let’s all Super Boost Our Bliss! Appreciate the present! Staying in the moment has always been a major challenge for me, however, when I do stay in the moment the beauty and wonder there is bliss filled for sure! Look around you right now! What beauty do you find? DANCE! Putting on a favorite song or music you can move too it absolutely exhilarating. Weeeeee! Find Quiet Time! We get so busy or even glorify our busy-ness that we miss opportunities to get quiet and re-energize. It has been said that 10 minutes of


quiet time every 2 hours makes us more productive and less stressed. Unplug and catch a power nap! Girlfriend time! Whether we gather around coffee, tea, mimosas or wine, girl time is delightfully blissful! You could also arrange a walk, a hike or just about any reason to get the girls together! Let your hair down, laugh and have some fun with your gal pals! Create! I love my creative side, sewing, crafting, painting, however, I just never make time for it. My goal this summer is to create monthly! Time to dust off the sewing machine or grab a blank canvas! What have you set aside and know that if you picked it up you would immediately BE in your happy place? Whatever you choose to do this summer, make it a happy time, enjoy the sunshine and no matter the circumstances follow your BLISS! ♼

Defining: Your Style


Defining: Your Style


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Defining Women Magazine Summer 2015  

Summer is coming in HOT and what a better time to slow down a bit and relish longer days! Seize the opportunity to define your passion, pur...