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Dear Parents 2011-12 has been an exceptional and actionpacked year for our Academy. This has been a year of numerous successes and achievements, including a successful Ofsted inspection, where we were judged as ‘good’ in everything we do, with outstanding capacity for further improvement. We have record student numbers joining the Academy in Year 7 and Year 12 in September and record results predicted for the summer. Each month has been packed with activities and events; the recent Year 11 Prom was simply fantastic, as was the Sixth Form Ball. Productions of ‘Rats’ and ‘Peter Pan’ have enthralled audiences and showcased the amazingly talented students we have and the fantastic staff who give up their time so generously and make so many things possible for our students. It has also been good to see the many parents supporting our activities, especially those involved in the Parents’ Focus Group and PSFA. Special thanks go to Anita McLean, Chairperson of the PSFA, who has given wonderful service to the Academy and will be relinquishing the Chair after three years of fantastic support. This has been simply a great year for the Academy. However, we are already planning to make next year even more fantastic. Have a wonderful summer break and remember – aspire and achieve. Mr S L Allen Principal

ACADEMY SHOW From 18-22 June, students at The de Ferrers Academy showcased their talents in the first ever Academy Show. The Olympic themed Academy Show brought together all curriculum areas to celebrate the range of teaching and learning activities at the Academy.

New Technologies Leader Supervisor and Science Teacher, Mr Griffiths, coordinated the Academy Show. He said: “The Academy Show is the chance for our students to really celebrate all the hard work that theyʼve put in over the year and showcase what they can do.”

On Thursday 21 and Friday 22 June, parents and visitors were also invited into the Academy to participate in the Academy Show events and workshops, which were organised and conducted by students. The workshops included activities such as: fitness measuring experiments, communication skills, Burton Albion workshops, literacy and numeracy skills.

On Thursday 21 June, parents of students at the Academy also came to the Academy Show Open Evening, where they will took part in activities including a ʻHorrible Historyʼ cinema experience, watched a ʻCatwalkʼ fashion show and participated in the ʻRobotic Olympicsʼ.

Mr Griffiths added: “The students have worked incredibly hard and we had some fantastic displays and workshops on show and Iʼm sure everyone who came along agreed that our students were outstanding”.

Principal Mr Allen, said: “The students had a fantastic experience and learned a lot through the Olympic Theme and Academy Show and Iʼd like to thank all the staff, especially Mrs Jeffery and Mr Griffiths, for their hard work and dedication throughout.”


We now have three suppliers for the Academy uniform: Ellis, Pupil Schoolwear and Clothing4 are stocking The de Ferrers Academy uniform at competitive prices, including a discount if a blazer, tie and trousers/skirt are purchased together. Boys

Academy blazer with badge Trousers

Bottle green Plain dark grey/black – formal style, i.e. not jeans style. White – worn tucked in

Shirts Academy tie Socks Plain dark grey or black Shoes (not trainers) All black – sensible style with no logo Boots are not acceptable as footwear within the Academy


Academy blazer with badge Bottle green Skirt – must be worn a Bottle green maximum of 5cm above the knee Trousers Black trousers with Academy logo Blouse White shirt style, complete with top button, worn tucked in Academy tie Socks Plain dark grey or black Tights Plain black or neutral Shoes (not trainers) All black – low heel, sensible style with no logo Shalwar Kameez (optional) Bottle green worn with blouse & tie Head scarf Bottle green Under scarf Black if worn with bottle green head scarf Boots are not acceptable as footwear within the Academy Outdoor coats – zip or button front – must be worn on top of the blazer, waterproof if possible


Physical Education for Boys and Girls Kit List Bottle green rugby shirt Plain white polo shirt Bottle green shorts Bottle green football socks embroidered with the de Ferrers logo White sport socks Football/hockey boots White trainers Shin pads and gum shield Optional Academy bottle green tracksuit bottoms Academy bottle green fleece jacket

de Ferrers Academy and gameswear always in stock

Hijab headwear ( – sporting range – Aerobics option). It is advisable that students bring a towel in case showers are needed after outdoor activities.

Outside Coats  Outside coats need not be bottle green but we would encourage the purchase of sensible coats.  Students must not wear casual outer garments, e.g. hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops.  Denim or material of similar appearance must not be worn.

If students do not wear the appropriate uniform, and no satisfactory reason (supported by a parental note on the day) is given, they will experience withdrawal of privileges and other sanctions may be applied. A medical note will be requested in the case of alternative footwear. All items of clothing should be named.

Jewellery Our first consideration is the safety of our students and, therefore, jewellery is discouraged.

The wearing of certain jewellery can be dangerous e.g. heavy chains/medallions/leather necklaces.

Jewellery of any type must not be worn in P.E.  The Academy reserves the right to request students to remove jewellery which we believe could cause injury to themselves or others.  Earrings – students may wear either ONE or a pair of small solid studs. ʻHoopedʼ earrings of ANY description are NOT allowed. If a chain is worn around the neck, it should be out of sight, under the shirt/blouse.

We strongly advise that ear piercing be done at the beginning of the summer holidays.  Rings – one plain ring is allowed.  Nose studs are not acceptable neither is any other form of body piercing. We encourage students not to bring items of value into the Academy for obvious reasons and jewellery often falls into this category.

Make-up and Nail Varnish – The wearing of make-up and nail varnish is not encouraged. Any students wearing excessive amounts of either will be asked to remove it.

Hairstyles – We reserve the right to make judgements about relevant hairstyles and hair colour.

Disclaimer – The Academy reserves the right to make the final judgement on any of the above.

CLOTHING4 LIMITED Clothing4 Limited is delighted to be working in partnership with The de Ferrers Academy to supply the Academy uniforms. Our shop facility is based on Anglesey Road in Burton on Trent and we offer a range of facilities including;  Free Parking  Large Showroom and Changing Facilities  All major debit and credit cards accepted  Showroom will be open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm and 9am to 1pm on a Saturday with extended hours throughout the summer holidays  Open Evening Tuesday 24th July from 6pm to 8pm specifically for the sale of de Ferrers Uniforms. Extensive ranges including: Blazers embroidered from £24.80 Dove Ties £4.95 Girls Trousers /Skirts from £16.25

Phone: 01283 548234


Academy invests in iPads for Sixth Form students

The de Ferrers Academy will become the first school in Staffordshire to provide every student in the Sixth Form with an iPad.

The three hundred students will receive the iPad in the Autumn term to enhance their learning experience using this new technology.

Greg Hughes, Assistant Principal and New Technologies Director, said: “We have spent a lot of time looking at exactly how iPads can improve teaching and learning; weʼve piloted iPads with groups of staff and students, had discussions with colleagues all over the world via Twitter and listened to feedback from other schools that have started to use them.”

He added: “The research has highlighted the many benefits of iPads in education and we are confident that this is a device that will really engage our students, raise their aspirations and elevate individual achievement.”

Students will use the iPads in all lessons to conduct everyday activities such as taking notes, annotating work and accessing the Internet for research. The iPads will also allow students for conduct more complex tasks with ease like carrying out online questionnaires, communicating and collaborating with overseas students and connecting their iPads to interactive whiteboards to share their work with peers in the class.

Sixth Form staff will also use the iPads to plan and deliver more interactive, online lessons that encourage students to take more of an active role in their learning experience.

Principal Mr Steve Allen, said: “We are committed to providing our students with the best education possible and preparing them for Higher Education and employment. We see the iPads as an investment in their future and we are preparing them for life and work in the twenty first century.”

The Academy will be working in partnership with award-winning Academia IT Solutions to provide the iPads for the students. Mr Allen said: “Academia have lots of industry experience with Apple products and software in an education setting, so they were the natural choice. Weʼre very excited about this new venture and look forward to working with them.”

An iPad information evening for parents will take place in the Autumn term and information about the event will be available on the Academy website in September.

Introducing our Community Development Manager Iʼm Jamie Hawkins, and Iʼm your new Community Development Manager.

Itʼs my job to ensure that you feel The de Ferrers Academy is an integral part of the local community, to ensure our community partnerships remain strong and that weʼre continually building new links. Our aim is to open up the Academy during evenings and weekends, to provide the local community with classes, activities as well as educational and recreational leisure courses.

To make sure that we provide the services and activities that you want, we would be grateful if you could spare two minutes to complete our online survey. Please copy the web link below into your browser and complete the survey.

Online Community Survey:

Also, if youʼd like to know more about the facilities available here at the Academy, give me a call on 01283 239936 or email


Born and bred: I live and grew up in Burntwood, Staffs

Life before The de Ferrers Academy: I worked for Willenhall E-Act Academy where I was the Assistant Community Manager.

Hobbies: I have 3 year old twins, Liam and Summer who I enjoy learning and playing with. I also play for, and am the Assistant Manager for, Walsall Wood Football Club so this takes up a lot of my time outside of work…after the twins! I also enjoy playing golf (when time allows!) and spending time with my partner, family and friends.

Favourite book: I like autobiographies; I have recently read Gazza (Paul Gascoigne), who was somewhat of an idol of mine when I was growing up so that was interesting.

Favourite film: Loads!...but A Few Good Men has to be my favourite. Favourite food: I enjoy all kinds of pasta and rice dishes. Proudest moment: 7th July 2009…Liam and Summer were born! Most embarrassing moment: Walking in to the ladies toilet by mistake! Biggest inspiration: My Granddad! A fantastic man!

Hopes for the future: Personally – to be healthy, a good father and be happy!

Professionally – To build a successful community department The at de Ferrers Academy that becomes the hub of the community.

A year in Sign Sign Language Choir:

Wow! What an incredible few months The de Ferrers Academy Sign Language Choir (dFSLCC) has had during this academic year; several appearances, a world record and our Celebrate in Sign concert evening and we still have more performances to come! We are exhausted but over the moon with our year; the choir members have been so enthusiastic that it has been difficult at times to calm them down and do some work!

We had a very busy Christmas period: a concert at Fountains School for the students there, which was a huge success and included some carols that really got them joining in – it was a great atmosphere! We followed that up with a performance at the Senior Citizensʼ Party where we decided to sign a medley of songs by some very well-known artists from the eras represented by the audience; so hits by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby were real winners. We were also invited to perform at Craythorne Farmʼs Christmas Fair and on a freezing cold Saturday in December managed to keep our fingers and hands warm enough to sign several carols and festive songs to a very appreciative, if a little cold, audience.

The New Year saw us in rehearsals for a very special concert which took place at the end of January. The Day of Silence celebrated its fifth year and to mark the occasion we decided to put on a concert. Eclypse, a keyboard and flute duo who perform throughout the Midlands, offered to perform at the concert free of charge and they put on an evening of varied music which sounded amazing in Dove Hall. They also collaborated on some pieces with the Choir and those performances were really spectacular. It was a very successful evening and raised even more money for the Gambian Deaf Childrenʼs Support Project. February 8th was possibly our proudest moment of the year to date as that was the day that dFSLCC became joint world record holders! We travelled to Bladon House to join with students and staff their as part of a nationwide choir signing the same song simultaneously. The organisers, Sign2Sing, have recently announced that a total of 114,000 participants were involved and this figure has now been validated by Guinness World Records. This truly was a fantastic event to be part of as it also raised funds for ʻSign Healthʼ, which works closely with deaf people to provide specialised health care.

We also managed to fit in an appearance at St Maryʼs Church, where a concert to raise funds for the Footprints Orphanage in Kenya was held. Choirs from several schools were involved and the sign language choir performed in three languages during the evening: English, Zulu and Twi (spoken in Ghana).

Our next major engagement was ʻCelebrate in Sign 2012ʼ our third ʻCelebrate in Signʼ concert (and one that proved a real challenge to see become a reality!) but was easily our best concert evening so far. This year we were raising funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People who are celebrating their thirtieth year. The charity breeds and trains dogs to provide support for deaf people in their daily lives. The evening was an incredible spectacle and was filled with some superb performances by the Choir and their guests. The Choir performed a moving tribute to the 1,523 souls lost when the Titanic sank on April 14 1912, in this, its 100th anniversary year. On a lighter note, they also performed a medley of songs from Oliver and rounded the evening off with an amazing performance of Thriller. It was a great night that raised over £400 for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

As we go to press, the Choir is rehearsing for another performance at St Maryʼs Church in Stretton as part of the line-up of a charity concert for the Sandala Childrenʼs Home in Albania. We have had a great group of students in the Choir this year, with the established members being joined by some very enthusiastic Year Seven students. It has been great fun working with them this year and we are looking forward to next year; we are already in discussions about prospective song choices for next term!

Thank you for all your support during this year and hope that the next year is just as successful as this one.

PSFA Our last event of the year was the Jubilee Quiz Night in June, which was won by ʻKen Doddʼs Dadʼs Dogʼs Deadʼ led by Mr Aston with a close second place from Bettyʼs Bunch. Although we could have done with a few more teams to give Mr Aston a run for his money, the evening went extremely well and many thanks to Mr Woolley our Quizmaster for the night, ably abetted by Mr Griffiths.

Year 13 Art Exhibition BTEC National Art and Design students hosted their ʻFinal Showʼ on Wednesday 30 May.

The nine students from the Sixth Form exhibited their work, including mediums such as: Fine Art, Graphics, Fashion, Visualisation,

This will be the last Communique article I will be writing as Chair of the PSFA as I will be stepping down at the autumn AGM and someone else will take up the mantle. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all staff, students and pupils who have helped me over the past few years. Their tolerance, good humour, enthusiasm and support have made the job so much easier. Itʼs been fun working with you and I only ask that you continue to support my successor and the PSFA in their future fundraising efforts. ALL funds raised get ploughed back in to the Academy for the benefit of students and staff but I believe that the greater value is gained from the social elements of the events we organise. So keep an eye on our webpage on the Academy website or come and meet the PSFA in the autumn at the AGM – new ideas and new faces are always welcome!

Have a wonderful summer, whatever the weather! Anita McLean, Chair

Mrs Candy Keary, Director of Learning for Creative Arts, said: “The students have worked incredibly hard over the last two years and have produced a phenomenal show that is on a par with art exhibitions at top universities.” All students in the exhibition will now go on to study at university or go into employment. She added: “We have had the pleasure of teaching these exceptionally talented students and I wish them every success in their future career path.” Students who exhibited: Calven Lee (photo), Abi Emmerson (photo-dress), John Hardy, Louis Crossley, Sophie Donnelly, Georgia Bennett, Jade Adams, Ebony Machin and Philomena Sargent.

Our final appearance of the year will be at the New Parents Evening in July and then we will be kicking off the new academic year on 10th September with the PSFA AGM, complete with wine and nibbles and open to all to attend.

Recycling of Academy uniform: Itʼs the end of term and donʼt forget that we happily receive donations of Academy uniform items which your son or daughter has long since grown out of or no longer have need for. Please just hand in to either Dove or Trent receptions.

Textiles, Photography and Sculpture.

ICELAND TRIP 2013 After the great success of our visit to Iceland in October 2011, we are now planning another visit. It will take place from Friday 25 October – Tuesday 29 October 2013.

The cost of the visit is £715 which includes:  Flights (including taxes and transfers)  All tours  Accommodation  Breakfast and Dinner  Insurance

The five day visit will be action packed with a variety of excursions to explore this unique country. These include:

 An opportunity to see the spectacular Aurora Borealis otherwise known as the Northern Lights.  South Shore Adventure. A full day tour to see a variety of waterfalls, coastal features and volcanoes.  Golden Circle. A full day tour to see Geysers and Hot Springs.  A half day trip to the Blue Lagoon to swim in geothermal heated pools.  A walking tour of the capital, Reykjavik.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about a variety of Geographical and Scientific Processes including Plate Tectonics, Rivers, Glaciation and Coastal Processes. A deposit of £30 per student is required by Wednesday 18 July 2012 and the rest of the payment will be in instalments. The payment schedule will be released once the trip is confirmed and will be from September 2012 to July 2013. There will only be thirty five places available for this trip and be on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Miss Donovan if you have any questions about the trip.

INTRODUCING THE NEW SIXTH FORM SENIOR TEAM The de Ferrers Academy is proud to announce that your new Senior Team is:


Reece Russell, who has just completed Year 11, has been chosen as the winner of the Burton Rotary Clubʼs ʻYoung Digital Photographer Competitionʼ. As one of the winners in the ʻNatural Worldʼ category of the competition, Reece and the Academy each received a cheque for £50. Rod Gent, Vice president of The Rotary Club, said: “We have a lot of talented young photographers in Burton so making the final decision was not easy. Reece, his parents and The de Ferrers Academy should be very proud of his achievement.” He added: “The Young Digital Photographersʼ Competition is a great opportunity for young people to try photography and develop their creative skills. Iʼd encourage any budding photographer out there to enter next yearʼs competition.” Rod Gent presented Reece and Mr Allen with the cheques on Friday 6 July at the Trent Campus. Mr Allen said: “I would like to congratulate Reece on his achievement and thank The Rotary Club of Burton upon Trent for giving our young people the opportunity to develop their skills through this wonderful competition.” If you would like to find out more about Burton Rotary Club Young Photographer Competition, visit

Staffordshire Young Teen Fiction Book Award 2012 On Tuesday 3rd July, six students from our Reading Groups attended the Young Teen Fiction (YTF) Book Award day at JCB Lakeside.

HEAD BOY Tom Purslow

Students from Years 7-10 voted for the best book for teenagers published in 2012. Schools from around the county also did presentations on the six shortlisted books.

Winner: ʻA Monster Callsʼ by Patrick Ness and Siobhan Dowd. 2nd: ʻScorpia Risingʼ by Anthony Horowitz. 3rd: ʻYoung Sherlock Holmes – Black Iceʼ by Andrew Lane. We were entertained and enthralled by Chris Bradford, martial arts expert and author of the ʻYoung Samuraiʼ series of books. Later, performance poet Paul Cookson gave a hilarious talk with musical accompaniment about his poetry work in schools. Charlotte-Ann Knopik (Y10) was awarded the YTF Reading Champions certificate for outstanding promotion of reading within the Academy over the last few years and for helping with the Summer Reading scheme in Burton Library. Here are some comments from a selection of our students attending the YTF who were asked:

Participating in YTF….how does it make you feel? “It makes me feel part of something…” “It makes me feel that Iʼm being rewarded for something I love….reading!” “Itʼs great to know that Iʼve been chosen out of the school.” What has been the best part of today? “Being able to make new friends and I like reading!”


Jonathan Annett

Tommy Bailey

Kireandeep Boughan

Eleanor Dawson

Jack Eaton

Susannah Horobin

Ellie Thomson

Year11 Prom On Saturday 30th June, over one hundred and eighty Year 11 students attended their Prom at the Burton Albion Football Stadium.

Although the weather was appalling, it didn’t dampen the students’ spirits during the evening and everyone had a fantastic time. Many students arrived in various modes of transport; the winner this year was Ben Ward and his friends on the Open Top Bus. How they managed to keep dry we will never know!

Once inside the stadium Burton Albion gave permission to have the group photo in the stands because of the weather, which turned out to be a great picture.

After the photo session, everyone entered the main function room, which was decorated out to this year’s theme of ‘Casino Royale’. There were huge dice and playing cards decorating the entire room and the students also had a ‘mock’ Roulette and a Black Jack Table to play at (with play money not real money). This proved to be very popular especially with the boys!

The music was provided by the Burton Albion DJ and, once again, he did us

proud. The students were all up and dancing from the first moment until the very end at midnight.

This year’s Prom King was awarded to Jacob Dunbar, Prom Queen was Emma Hill, Most Glamorous Girl was Olivia Hines, Best Dress went to Veronica Stepien and Best Couple went to Joss Bennett and Abbie Harris. These categories were all voted on by the students themselves.

The evening was a huge success and a just reward for all their hard work in Year 11, culminating in their recent GCSE examinations.

Team Nicaragua It doesnʼt seem five minutes ago that the team was coming together for the first time, taking part in team building activities and getting to know one another; and now here we are, a matter of days away from our long awaited expedition to Nicaragua! The team members canʼt wait to begin the next stage of their expedition, and now they donʼt have to wait long. However, as exciting as it is, there is also a small element of fear. This experience will not be like anything we have ever done before, which is slightly daunting as none of us can know for sure just what to expect. At the same time, thatʼs the best bit; stepping out into the unknown, somewhere completely different to everyday life and immersing ourselves in a different culture. The team has worked hard to prepare themselves for the rigours we will face and, with only a few days to go, we are almost ready to take the final step.

The last twenty months havenʼt been easy but weʼve all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, taking on greater responsibilities and learning about ourselves and each other. The team has held a number of fund raising events from car washes and cake sales, to race nights and discos; each one helping us get closer to our target. Whilst we had to lead the way in these events, we have by no means been alone and we would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at The de Ferrers Academy for their support over the last two years; we would not

have been able to achieve the things we did without your help. Special mentions go to, Mr Brown, Mr Aston, Miss Tagell, Mr Mills, Mr Hughes and Mrs War for helping with the race night, cake sale and publicising Team Nicaragua. We must also thank the ladies in the Trent office for organising our finances, and Mrs Evans for her support and guidance in all of our fund raising events.

The team would like to say a big thank you to Bob Fraser and Liz Staples for donating a generous sum of money to the team; whilst our fund raising efforts made a big difference to the money pot, without donations like these Team Nicaragua wouldnʼt be able to plan ahead in detail as our funds would be minimal. We would also like to thank people outside of the Academy who have offered advice on vaccinations, the country itself and how to prepare both physically and mentally. June Mowforth, Mrs Boast, Dan Swain and Mrs Mclean in particular have given us support and guidance that will prove invaluable to us when in Nicaragua.

If youʼd like to keep up to date with our adventure, we have a Facebook page; just search for ʻde Ferrers Team Nicaragua 2012ʼ page on Facebook and 'like us' or use the direct link: Francesca Gallone - Team Nicaragua


On June 19th, thirty eight Year 10 students visited the site of the Olympic Games 2012 in the Lea Valley area of East London as part of the Geography event for the Academy Show.

They were given a guided tour of the Olympic Park and learned about the huge scale of the building programme, the regeneration of the area and

the legacy that the Games will leave. Students also saw the sports stadia and new housing (the village where the athletes will stay) and learned that the houses will have kitchen pods installed before being sold to the public. Students were also told about the legacy of the ʻGreen Gamesʼ, which is very important, with re-cycling and re-using featuring strongly throughout the Olympics.

A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting time was had by all. On their return, students contributed to the Academy Show by producing displays on the impact of the Olympics on London and further afield, in all its forms.

Student Band comes second in Staffordshire Rocks competition

Student band, ʻThrough the Rainʼ, was awarded second place in the annual ʻStaffordshire Rocksʼ Battle of the Bands Competition. The final, which took place at The Staffordshire Gatehouse on Saturday 23 June, saw eight bands compete for the top spot.

Vocalist, Louis Crossley who is in the Sixth Form at the Academy, said: “We all had a great time at the Staffordshire Rocks competition and weʼre really pleased to have come second. There were a lot of other talented bands there so weʼre all really happy that the judges thought we were one of the best.”

The group, consisting of Lawrence Johnson and Oliver Ford on keyboard, Ryan Hughes on drums, Thomas Ward on bass guitar, Tom Hughes on guitar and Louis Crossley on vocals, all met at the Academy. The band formed to compete in a talent show at the Academy in February 2011 and competed again in an Academy talent show earlier this year and came second. The band also recently played at the local ʻBurtfestʼ festival.

Keyboard player Oliver Ford, said: “We always love playing Burtfest as itʼs got a great atmosphere; everyone is really happy and just there to enjoy the music.”

Since they got together, they have played at many local venues and gigs including: Swadfest, The Wetmore Whistle and The Mill House. Guitar player Ryan Hughes, said: “Weʼve got loads of gigs planned over the summer so come along and check us out!”

For more information about ʻThrough the Rainʼ and to find out when their upcoming gigs are on, you can follow them at ain or Fans can also email the band directly on

Despite the wettest year on record for The de Ferrers Academy Duke of Edinburgh camps, most of this year's expeditions have now been completed!

Two more Gold groups take to the hills in hopefully sunny Wales during July and the Bronze Assessment expedition will take place in September.

Well done to all our candidates for braving the elements!

SPORT Despite the consistently poor weather our summer activity programme has continued as normal. Football

The Academy was busy over two weekends in May as we provided the ball boys and girls for all three Npower Football League Play-Off Finals at Wembley. In addition to carrying out the duties at the Carling Cup Final in February and the Johnstoneʼs Paint Trophy Final in March, a total of thirty students have experienced the fantastic atmosphere at the home of football this season; a just reward for their commitment to PE and Sport at the Academy.

Miss Brown’s Inca Trail Hike August 2012 During the month of August, Miss Brown will be completing a twenty-five mile hike to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru to raise money for the Heart Link childrenʼs charity, which supports the Glenfield Hospital for children with congenital heart problems. So far over 479,630 Vivos

have been donated by students. Miss Brown would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated to such a wonderful cause!

Everyone at the Academy wishes her the best of luck on her expedition and we canʼt wait to hear all about it when she gets back.

Additionally this summer has seen five academy records broken:

 Simon Billings (Year 10 Discus) – 28.37m.  Lucy Roach (Year 10 1500m) – 5 mins 32 secs – Lucy now holds all four 1500m records from Year 7 to 10!  Lucy Roach (Year 10 800m) – 2 mins 24 – Beating the old record by 11 secs that had stood since 1991.  Daniel Wildman (Year 10 Javelin) – 42.90m – Beating the record from 1993 by 28cm.  Owen Bowring (Year 9 200m) – 25.10 secs.

The time, effort and dedication of the students and staff at the Academy continue to push the boundaries. Up to Friday 29th June we have competed in a phenomenal 277 fixtures! This breaks down per term as Autumn Term - 130, Spring Term – 88 and Summer Term – 59 (to date). This works out at an average of 7.69 fixtures per week which, on top other commitments as well, is a fantastic achievement and a credit to all staff and students involved.


The Academy continues to be one of the outstanding performers within the district in cricket, with numerous outstanding performances from all of our teams. The stand out individual performance so far has been from Daniel Featherstone (Year 10) who took five wickets for no runs in an emphatic victory against William Allitt! With league matches still to be played it is hoped several teams will be able to win their district leagues.


ʻA group of Bronze candidates find a rare pocket of sunshine in June.ʼ

 Lauren Swalwell (Year 8) – Long Jump

It has also been another successful summer on the Athletics track. Our students have competed in four separate district festivals at Shobnall. As a result of some high quality, consistent performances the following team successes were achieved:  Year 8 Girls District Champions  Year 9 Boys District Runners-Up  Year 9 District Runners-Up and Girls District Champions

These results were backed up by some phenomenal individual performances. Four of our students have been selected to represent Staffordshire Schools this year. They are:  Daniel Wildman (Year 10) – Javelin  Lucy Roach (Year 10) – 800m  Chris Moxon (Year 9) – Hammer

Have a well-earned break over the Summer and we look forward to an even more successful year of de Ferrers Sport in 2012-13!

Student Success

Congratulations go to Ashley Holman in Year 10 for achieving a personal best on 12.4 seconds in the 100m run at Burton Athletics in June.

On Wednesday 4th July Ashley yet again improved on his personal best by recording a time of 12.35 seconds. He now trains every night by Jogging 3.5 miles around Stapenhill to build up his stamina. Ashley joined the Burton Athletics club earlier this year to improve his fitness and try something new. Since joining, Ashley has improved his athletic ability and now aspires to compete in the Olympics one day. He said: “I decided I wanted to try something a bit different; Iʼd played football in the past but wasnʼt all that committed to the sport. My mum encouraged me to try athletics as she thought I had a natural talent for running so I thought Iʼd give it a go.” He added: “Since joining the club Iʼve met loads of new people and pushed myself to improve as an athlete. Iʼd definitely recommend taking up and extra-curricular sporting activity to every student at de Ferrers as itʼs a great way to get fit and healthy and make new friends.”


de Ferrers Academy Principal: Mr S L Allen BA NPQH

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent School Games 2012

On Tuesday 3rd July the Academy competed in the Staffordshire School Games Finals at Keele University. This event is a multi-sport Olympic style competition which saw 1,500 young people aged 9-16 come together to compete across eighteen different sports. This was the first time that this event has taken place and is the new flagship school competition structure of the Conservative government.

The competition saw the district winners from across the county come together to crown the best school in Staffordshire in each sport. We had twenty eight students attending, with the Year 8 and 9 Girlsʼ Football Team and Year 10 Boysʼ Rounders Team competing. We also had 6 Year 10 students who were selected to act as umpires for the Girlsʼ Rounders competition, having completed umpiring and coaching qualifications in recent weeks. Year 10 student Danielle Coltman was awarded the honour of carrying the flag at the opening ceremony for East Staffordshire, having been selected from all schools in the district; a fantastic and well-deserved honour for Danielle. After an impressive opening ceremony the teams got into their pool games, with the Boysʼ Rounders Team drawing their first game 3 ½ all against Erasmus Darwin Academy. This was followed by two impressive wins, beating Sandon 8 – 2 ½ and Cardinal Griffin 10 ½ - 4. This set up a semi-final against Blessed William Howard. In a close, highly skilful game we won through 9 ½ - 8 to set up a repeat of our group game against Erasmus Darwin in the

Year 10 Boysʼ Rounders Team – County Champions

final. The team put in a much sharper performance to get Erasmus Darwin all out for 4 ½ rounders. In reply it took our boys just ten of their allotted twenty balls to pass the target and thus win the tournament and become County School Games Champions!

The Year 8 Girlsʼ Football Team, who have had such a fantastic season, had a new challenge as they competed against other schools in the Year 9 age group, thus meaning they will hopefully be able to qualify for this competition again next year. They started will with group game wins of 3-1 and 7-0 but a 1-0 defeat in their final group game, conceding in the final minute, meant they finished second in the pool and were then in a play-off for third / fourth place. Another great win for the girls meant they claimed the bronze medal to finish third in Staffordshire! Another impressive achievement for the team considering they were a year younger than all of the other teams in the competition!

Year 8 Girlsʼ Football Team – County Bronze Medallists

Staffordshire School Games 2012 Participants e-mail:

DOVE CAMPUS Harehedge Lane, Burton upon Trent DE13 0AS Telephone: 01283 239961 Fax: 01283 239971

TRENT CAMPUS St Maryʼs Drive, Burton upon Trent DE13 0LL Telephone: 01283 239936 Fax: 01283 239950

Communiqué 65  

Communiqué 65

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