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Shirts College tie Socks Shoes (not trainers) style.

Number 047 Summer 2009


Dear Parents This time of year is always ‘actionpacked’ and this half term has been no exception. The list of awards, events, activities, trips, theme days and opportunities has been endless. In everything we have attempted over the last few weeks, the common theme has been that the students have been superb ambassadors for de Ferrers. It has been really encouraging to note the number of parents who have joined us in a variety of activities. Thank you to those parents who have given their time in support of college events. This was particularly important to the success of our Technology Show. All students taking examinations this year need to be congratulated on their level of attendance and behaviour. I was particularly impressed with Year 11 in this regard. We now look forward to some excellent levels of achievement in external examinations. The Year 11 Prom and Sixth Form Ball have both been spectacular occasions. The variety of transport used at the Year 11 Prom was highly imaginative! de Ferrers has had an excellent year. Thank you, once again, for your support! Have a good break and we look forward to even more success next academic year!


The week started with the massively popular staff versus student cook-offs, nine rounds of culinary delights in front of a live audience. This year each round had an international flavour, including Jamaican, Mexican, Thai and Greek meals – recipes coming soon. The final result – Staff 7, Students 2! Congratulations to all of the winners! Assault Events returned to put on a very successful catwalk fashion show, with Year 9/10 students given just four days to practise dance moves and produce the music and background movie. All the fashions were produced by our own D+T Textiles students – you can see some of them on the website in the galleries. For the last two days of the Technology Show, Trent campus housed exhibitions and workshops in many curriculum areas for our

ICT teamed up with Humanities to produce environmental movies and turned a history room into a very popular green-screen news and weather studio. MFL helped students produce Vokis – talking on-line avatars – and Enterprise ran some challenge sessions with Y9 and Y10 groups, supported by our award-winning QWERTY Young Enterprise team. PE once again displayed how ICT can be used to analyse and enhance performance in a variety of sports, including trampolining, rowing, table-tennis and cricket. Maths showcased the Activexpression quiz handsets they have been using and ran a robot workshop.

Principal M A York Principal


College blazer with badge Skirt (of reasonable length) Trousers Blouse

At the end of June de Ferrers held the 9th Annual Technology Show, our celebration of how Technology College status has benefited ourselves and the community. This year we had the biggest, boldest show ever with almost four hundred primary visitors from eight local schools, forty visiting school leaders and advisors and dozens of parents. students and guests. Science featured many hands-on experiments , including the ‘devolution’ photo-shoot, creepy-crawlies up close, model volcanoes, fossils and the Space Zone. This year, the Social Science area displayed work and gave people the chance to visit the optical illusion room.

D+T had demonstration workshops and fantastic displays of work by our students, including

Bottle green Plain dark grey/black – formal style, i.e. not jeans style. White – worn tucked in

Plain dark colour All black – sensible

Boots are not acceptable footwear in college

Technology Show!

This year, we produced a new website – to allow visitors to blog about the show and see images and news being updated during the week. We also used Twitter to post headlines!

Boys College blazer with badge Trousers

College tie Socks Tights Shoes (not trainers)

some of our ex-students now at university. Many students had the chance to work with the Designers in Residence group on a challenging brief – well done to all of the winners! We also had smoothie and pizza workshops, the chocolate assembly line for primary visitors and cooking masterclasses for parents and their children.

Shalwar Kameez (optional)

Head scarf

Bottle Bottle Bottle White

green green green – shirt style worn tucked in

White/black Black or neutral All black – low heel, sensible style Bottle green worn with blouse & tie Bottle green

Boots are not acceptable footwear in college

As if that wasn’t enough, we had GPS treasure hunts and camping skills with the D of E team on the field and visits from the local fire service and police.

SPORT Physical Education for Boys and Girls - Kit List Bottle green rugby shirt Plain white polo shirt Bottle green shorts Bottle green football socks embroidered with the de Ferrers logo White sport socks Football/hockey boots White trainers Shin pads and gum shield

Many thanks to all staff and students involved and to everyone who attended – we are now planning the 10th Technology Show in 2010 with even more things to look forward to.

It is advisable that students bring a towel in case showers are needed after outdoor activities.

Communiqué This year we will be experimenting with making the electronic version of Communiqué more interactive. The website will feature ‘hotspots’ linking to pictures, movie clips and other stories on the de Ferrers websites.

Y E A R 11 P R O M - S E E PA G E 3

Optional College bottle green tracksuit bottoms College bottle green fleece jacket Hijab headwear ( – sporting range – Aerobics option.



We have not made any changes to our official dress code for September but there are two main areas for concern and we would value parental support in this matter. The areas are as follows:


Must be all black, of a leather-style construction and NOT a training shoe (please see photographs and view website). We reserve the right to make judgements on appropriate footwear. If you are in doubt, contact the college before making an expensive investment. We will be placing examples of acceptable shoes for boys and girls on the website in the Parentsʼ section.


We are currently looking at a re-designed skirt that will enable our students to wear it in a more appropriate manner. Skirts must be worn at a respectable length and not rolled over at the waist. A reminder that all students should wear the prescribed uniform properly – i.e. ties done up to the neck and shirts tucked in. Please note that cardigans of any colour are unacceptable.

We will be challenging all students who are dressed inappropriately. Examples of inappropriate footwear for boys:

Examples of appropriate footwear for boys:

Examples of inappropriate footwear for girls (trainers/cloth):

Examples of appropriate footwear for girls (leather-type construction):



Free School Transport Entitlement

With effect from September 2008, new legislation brought an additional entitlement to free home to school transport for secondary age children (11-16), from low income families. Low income groups are defined as those who are entitled to free school meals, or those families who are entitled to the maximum level of working tax credit. Those entitled under the new legislation will be subject to an annual reassessment in the summer term. It is also important to note that those no longer entitled will have their free transport withdrawn from the start of the next academic year. The entitlement is summarised as follows:  Children of secondary school age (11-16), from low income families are eligible for free home to school transport to one of their three nearest qualifying schools, where they live more than two miles, but less than six miles from that school.  Children of secondary school age, aged 11-16, from low income families, will also be eligible for free home to school transport to the nearest school of their religion or denomination, preferred on the grounds of the parentʼs religion or philosophical belief, where they live more than two miles and less than fifteen miles from that school.

Parents need to apply using application form B, which is available from rt and then use the ʻtransport policyʼ link, or by contacting the Admissions and Transport Service on 01785 278593.

COGS, which stands for Communication Opportunity Group Scheme, is open to Year 7-9 students by invitation during morning registration. The aim of the group is for students to develop their communication skills and social skills by working in groups. In each session the students take part in games that work on different types of communication e.g. listening, verbal, non-verbal and visual. Our group has ended the year with a display that has shown all the things which we have learnt in COGS, this can be seen in Dove learning centre. Here is what one of our students thinks of COGS:

COGS stands for Communication Opportunity Group Scheme. The two people that run our group are our lovely leaders who are called Mrs Rhodes and Miss Glanowski. This group is for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. We have COGS on a Tuesday to Friday. The group starts in the morning when it is registration time and at ten past nine it finishes. We play games and activities which

Sixth Form Induction 2009

thunder and lightning really did show why the village was called Wetton!

Following the normal Sixth Form Induction Day in College, eighty students boarded the bus for Wetton in the White Peak. The students were game for anything and everything! On arrival at Wetton students pitched their own tents and cooked dinner for themselves. The new Senior Team then organised a tournament of games which naturally turned out to be the most competitive battle Wetton had ever seen.

The students took shelter in their tents and set about the first challenge of the day. It was quite a team challenge: seven students in a two man tent trying to make the tallest tower out of straws, with extra points if it could support a marble! The staff braved the rain to deliver supplies of biscuits to the tents which were very much appreciated!

The following morning the students just about managed to cook breakfast and get cleared away before the rain,



The rain briefly stopped and the students managed to crawl out of their tents to embark on some serious orienteering before a very wet lunch! Despite the rain, the students were in high spirits and took part in all activities with good humour and enthusiasm. The students were a real credit to themselves and the college.

Twenty nine students from Years 10, 11 and 12 performed their production of Davey Anderson’s play ‘Blackout’ at Salford’s The Lowry as part of the National Theatre’s New Connection programme in association with The Bank of America. Senior Drama Club is one of two hundred youth groups that took part in New Connections, which is one of the world’s largest celebrations of youth theatre.

are cool. All the students love it. We have been doing sign language which was very fascinating to learn about. We had learned about colours in the rainbow which was led by Mr Tucker. It was very good. Miss Glanowski and I had done this really nice display which basically explains everything the group does. We have each done posters to explain what COGS is. They were very colourful. I think COGS is a very useful and fun group to go to. When I go to it I always think that there will be something fun for us to do. COGS is a cool, brilliant, fascinating group. By Miss Glanowski & Saba Akhtar Year 8

We are what we do! Young Speakers

We Are What We Do is a global movement inspiring people to do small everyday actions to help make the world a better place. Their motto is simple: Small actions X Lots of people = BIG CHANGE!

They have done an incredible job in spreading the word through their books ʻChange the World for a Fiverʼ and ʻTeach Your Granny to Textʼ, which show how small , everyday actions, which anyone can do, can have a massive impact either on the planet or its people! For example, Action #5 is ʻSmile and smile backʼ; Action #22 is ʻDonʼt charge your phone overnightʼ.

Members of the Sixth Form were given the opportunity to be trained as Young Speakers for We Are What We Do. Just to be invited was a real honour, and it was a unique experience to be part of such an inspirational global campaign. We participated in various games, stories, film making, group presentations and feedback sessions. It was a truly great experience to build our confidence and our ability to speak and inspire other people about the We Are What We Do message, and we

‘Blackout’ was originally performed on Dove stage on March 23rd and the audience was left impressed by the high degree of focus and commitment from the students involved. The play was inspired by interviews the playwright had with a Glaswegian young offender and our interpretation focuses on the potential consequences when individuals lack the strength to show the child the affection it needs. Year 10 Sam Moorcroft undertook the part of troubled teenager, James, whilst the rest of the cast worked as an ensemble taking on a variety of roles such as bullies, friends, jurors and teachers. The students rose to the challenge of handling the dark subject matter sensitively and perfected moments of choral speaking through hard team work. had such a good time! It was really fun to meet lots of new people and feel part of this awesome organisation – I would recommend it to everyone.

After two days of training we have returned to college and are determined to spread the word further around our community and hopefully inspire you all to make small changes to improve all of our lives. We will be doing a number of presentations using all the skills we have learnt through the Young Speakers training – so watch out for us!

We truly ARE what we DO, and in the words of Ghandi ʻBe the change you want to see in the world.ʼ Beth Evans

de Ferrers Young Speakers: Grace Childs, Beth Evans, Samina Zaheer and Laura Fisher

QWERTY AT THE NATIONAL FINALS At the Young Enterprise West Midlands Regional Finals held at Aston University on June 18th, our seven QWERTY Sixth Formers yet again showed their business and presentation talents by winning the Best Company Award against extremely strong competition. They won the Media Award with their fifteen second advert which has been displayed on the Daily Telegraph website. They were close runners up in the Best Trade Stand and Best Presentation and they won the Company Report and Administration. The standard was very high and the team of Sonam, Holly, Antonia, George, Lewis, Chris and Liam are over the moon with their achievement. Andy Glover (West Midlands Young Enterprise Regional Final Judge) had this to say to the team:“The reason you won was down to your solid consistent performance throughout all areas of the competition. Your trade stand was very striking and very clear. The central piece is very good and you do not overwork your trade stand - or make it too busy. Your presentation is of good quality and reinforces your very appealing, quirky, yet professional image. Your finances are clear and outline success; it was nice to see you outline the problems you faced and more importantly how you overcame those problems and overall you emphasised a very well-rounded and successful company. On the whole you came across as confident, not arrogant, relaxed and that you were really genuinely enjoying the experience and getting lots out of it. This was particularly emphasised in the interview room where you performed brilliantly. We all felt that you were so relaxed, smiling and enthusiastically interacting with us, you knew your business inside out, you clearly outlined how you developed as a team and individuals. Also a big thing I saw in you along with this other stuff was the ambition. That ambition along with the other mentioned qualities stood you out as a quality well rounded team of individuals.” QWERTY then went on to the National Finals held at The Park Lane Hotel in London on the 6th, 7th and 8th of July. Here twelve schools from the regions were all that remained of the three thousand original entrants in this competition and the standard was exceptionally high, with some of the teams having achieved several thousand pounds of

profit and registered as limited companies in order to continue after the official Young Enterprise year ends. QWERTY did not gain an award although their video advert was listed in the top three for the New Media Award. However, they represented the West Midlands in a very competent, professional and enthusiastic manner. They were a credit to themselves, de Ferrers and Young Enterprise in their attitude to the whole event, the mutual respect they had for the other teams and the maturity they clearly displayed. They also really enjoyed the whole event which was full of drama. Just before the Celebration Dinner on Tuesday evening, London suffered a massive thunderstorm, with damage to Victoria Station and the closure of many underground stations. The Park Lane Hotel ballroom and kitchens were put out of action due to flooding and electrical power failure. Trade Stands set up on Monday were fortunately still in the dry. Le Meridien Hotel, Piccadilly was secured at very short notice and the event went ahead but without the formal dinner. Afterwards the Young Enterprise board and QWERTY went to Chinatown for a bite to eat and took in some sights including the Harry Potter Premiere and an ice cream parlour. The final presentation on the Wednesday was moved to the Hilton Park Lane Hotel and we were treated to a three course lunch which we didn’t expect. The team have been invited to a Civic Reception at County Hall in Stafford on July 16th in recognition of their achievements. A silver lining for them may be the positive interest from Head of Marketing for Rymans who was extremely impressed with the QWERTY band and QWERTY holder and is to show the products to Theo Paphitis. So watch this space ......

Food Club

The Year 7 Fantastic Food Club has finished its programme on a high by inviting parents in to pass on recipes in a practical session. The ten sessions were thoroughly enjoyed with all students receiving their Active Kids Get Cooking Bronze Award.



Best Boy始s Outfit Thomas Holmes (centre)

Best Arrival Tractor and Trailer

Year 11 Prom

Best Girl始s Outfit Rebecca Hickman (3rd from left)

27th June 2009 The Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon Trent

Prom Queen Wendy Kidley

Prom King Liam Quinn


Sixth Form Ball 2009

First secondary school in the country to receive top award

The Annual Sixth Form Ball was celebrated on Saturday 4th July at the Hilton Hotel East Midlands.

One hundred and twenty six students and staff attended and it was a night thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the Sixth Form for both students and staff.

de Ferrers has just been awarded the ʻDesign Markʼ and is the first school in the country to receive the prestigious award. The award itself is based on four categories:

 Beliefs and Values about Design Education  Management of Design Education  Effective teaching of the subject  Learning through Design Education

The college had to work extremely hard to achieve the award and demonstrate the commitment to ʻdesignʼ and excellence in ʻdesign teachingʼ. The award ceremony was held in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London on the 9th July. Two of our students were also invited to the ceremony and spent the afternoon working with top designers.

Team Tanzania

Over the last half term, Team Tanzania has continued to host events and fundraise towards reaching their goal of travelling to Africa next summer. The most recent event, Race Night, was a huge success and lots of fun as people waited with baited breath and cheered on their horses in Trent Hall. A night at the races provided a champagne drink for all horse owners before their race began and prizes for

the winners, donated by companies from the surrounding area. Team Tanzania has recently received a cheque for £350 donated by Punch Taverns, which they are very grateful for, and they would also like to thank all those who donated a bag for schools. Over the holidays, many bag-packing dates are underway as the fundraising continues into the summer months. The team members would just like to say a huge thank you to all those who have supported them throughout this year - £7000 in five months is a wonderful achievement.


PSFA The summer term is nearly at an end and the holidays beckon but the PSFA cannot sit back and take it easy just yet. We are looking forward to the 14th July when parents of September’s Year 7 intake are invited to Dove campus for a New Parents’ Evening. We will be there with our Stand and information about our activities plus our stock of second hand uniform will be available for sale. Then, on the 16th, we will be providing refreshments for a Year 9 disco, also taking place at Dove. Already we have pencilled in some dates for events in the Autumn term which include a Car Boot sale in October and the Christmas Fair in December. In January we will be running another Quiz Night and then there are all the college events at which we run the bar such as the Autumn and Spring Concerts. Our meetings usually take place every six weeks or so on a Monday night at Dove campus. But the Christmas Fair requires a bit more time and so we will most probably pop down to the Spread Eagle or some other pub to get stuck into the nitty gritty detail of whether to run Panning for Gold, Wheel of Fortune or Booze or Lose

this year – all very important decisions which can only be taken after a glass or two. So if you come to the Christmas Fair this year and find stalls called Wheel of Booze, Panning for Fortune or Lose your Gold, you’ll know why! The first date for you to put in your autumn calendar is our Welcome to Parents’ Evening which will coincide with our AGM and first meeting of the year. This will be on Monday 14th September and is an opportunity to come along and meet the members of the PSFA who, believe it or not, are all quite normal people, like you, all with one or more children who attend the college and who have joined the PSFA to meet like-minded parents with an interest in supporting the college in any way they can. The meeting will start at 7pm, at Dove and will include refreshments will no obligation to stay on for the AGM afterwards. A letter will come out at the beginning of the autumn term as a reminder. But please put the date in your calendar now and do come along – you would be most welcome.

All that remains now is for me to say have a wonderful holiday, enjoy the summer and see you in September. Anita McLean Chair


Over the last the last few months, de Ferrers students have been given the opportunity to attend three outdoor activities. In May, a group of Year 9 students headed down to Poole Harbour for a weekend of exhilaration on the water which included bell boat racing, sailing in some rather extreme conditions and driving a power boat.

A week later, another group of Year 9s visited Carsington Reservoir for the day and developed their personal skills through rock climbing, orienteering, cycling and raft building.

And thatʼs not all, as we are taking forty nine students to the South of France for a week of water sports activities during the first week of the summer holidays!

If you would like to know more about the range of Outdoor Education opportunities offered at de Ferrers please see Mr Brown, Mr Orchard or Mr Taylor. Come and join us!

Finally, a range of students took part in a taster course at Carsington Reservoir. Students were taught how to sail, wind surf and kayak. Despite the hot weather recently, itʼs safe to say a lot of people got very wet!!

Year 8 Trip to Normandy

Early on Wednesday 1st July, eighty three students from Year 8 accompanied by eleven staff set off on a trip to Normandy, France. Despite an unscheduled stop of three hours at a service station for one coach, all arrived safely. We stayed in a chateau set in fabulous grounds in the Normandy countryside. The weather was excellent; lots of sun cream was needed. The schedule was hectic with a visit to a market, D-day landing muse-

um, a 360 degree cinema and an American war cemetery. Students also saw the Bayeux tapestry, visited a hypermarket and a theme park. Students

were able to sample French food including frogsʼ legs, snails and crêpes. It was a busy few days but very enjoyable and certainly a trip to remember!

Music Notes As usual it's been a hectic term for the musicians, but in a different way from normal.

Most of the normal college bands have been given a rest until September so that rehearsals for ʻLittle Shop of Horrorsʼ could take place at lunchtimes and after school. However, the College Jazz Orchestra, DeFJO, have been at hard work for their performance at the National Festival of Music for Youth at the Adrian Boult Hall in Birmingham, which took place on Friday 10th. The band had a lot of support on the day from families and fellow students, cheering them on to a superb performance. The band were lucky to play two world premieres especially written for them for this event. One was a brand new arrangement of the classic John Miles song 'Music', whilst the other was a composition by former student and DeFJO trumpeter Josh Hawthorn, entitled 'Hank's Cooking Something'. The final number in the set was the beautiful jazz standard 'Autumn Leaves', stunningly sung by Year 12 student Amy Harrison. The band then entertained the public on the outdoor stage at nearby Chamberlain Square and, later in the afternoon, took part in a Jazz Workshop in Birmingham Town Hall. For the rest of the day they were free to listen to the other jazz orchestras that participated, as well as take in some of the Wind Band Festival in Symphony Hall. A fantastic end to yet another highly successful year!

As always, we lose students who have played in college ensembles since they started at de Ferrers seven years ago, so, as well as thanking all the musicians that have worked tirelessly this year, we would like to give a special mention to Gemma Williams and Edward Thorpe for all that they have contributed during their time with us. Good luck in the future!

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you again in September!


We are hoping to take a party of KS4 students to Paris once again in October half-term 2010. The trip will be open to all language students in Years 10 and 11 at the time of the trip (present Years 8 & 9); priority will be given to those studying French GCSE. We may be able to extend it to the present Year 10 if there is room and providing that they will still be at de Ferrers for KS5. This has always been a very popular and enjoyable trip. Full details will be available during the first week back in September. See your language teacher if you are interested.

Key Stage 3 Trips

We have had a very busy term taking each year group out on a variety of trips. The Year 9 students enjoyed a day at Alton Towers, while the Year 7 students went to Splash Landings. This was a new trip for us but it proved to be very successful venture. On the last Monday of term we are taking the Key Stage 3 students to “Tenpin” at Derby. We have been fortunate in being able to book the whole of the bowling alley for our exclusive use. The students will be able to compete in two games of bowls. The special deal that we have secured also includes their food. There will be a number of prizes awarded during the evening that will be linked to style, technique and performance.

YEAR 7 PEER MENTORS Once again we have been fortunate to work closely with the Staffordshire Youth Service and secure another training course for twenty six of our students. The nominated students attended a two day training course at Branston Golf and Country Club. The course is designed to give the students the skills and knowledge on how to work and support their peers in a variety of situations. The first task for the new Peer Mentors will be to support the new intake students when they have their Induction Day on Tuesday 14 July. The students will also support the tutors in the evening by being in the meetings with parents. The Peer Mentor role will continue into Year 8 where they will be used to support students in a variety of ways. Eventually the students will receive their Young Achievers Awards.


This year saw the return of Assault Events for our fourth fashion show. The professional music and dance company worked with over fifty students to produce a show within FOUR days. Music students created the music for the show whilst dance and textile students worked hard on all the sleek moves worthy of any Paris catwalk! Congratulations to all the students who made the fashion show such a huge success and a big thank you to Assault Events for making the whole event such a fantastic and rewarding experience.

Twitter You can now follow us on Twitter – you can search for ʻdeferrersʼ or go to

We will be posting regular headlines and some tweets about whatʼs happening at college. We donʼt have one million followers yet, but who knows…


During three days in June the Dove Campus of De Ferrers Specialist Technology College took on a very different identity. After several months of planning, the whole of Years 7 and 8 (six hundred and thirty students) embarked on a journey around the world. The three day event saw the students travel to different Continents within different curriculum areas. A vast array of activities, many never experienced before, were brought together under the theme of “International Mindedness”. During the three days the Year 7 students did the following activities:  Bhangra Dance with a professional dance group and watched a presentation  Visited North America and did an apprentice style challenge based on the Ford Motor Company  Travelled to Australia and learned about the continent in terms of the geography before doing some aboriginal art  Europe was next with Modern Foreign Languages. Here they built famous monuments out of newspaper, did an online quiz about various aspects of Europe and then looked at and tasted some the traditional foods from France, Germany, Italy  Science provided a mixed array of experiments based on increasing the studentsʼ understanding of Antarctica. This included making snow!  Africa was the final destination. During the sessions the students put together a short news bulletin. They researched the materials using technology and then were filmed using a “Green Screen” putting together short television extracts. Year 8 have equally had a busy time also travelling the world and completing work in:  Creative Arts where the students visited South America. Here they made carnival headdresses and learned to play the “Samba beat” on a variety of instruments. The highlight of each session was the carnival parade that took brightly adorned students and staff about the building dancing, cheering and playing instruments.  Quickly onto Asia, where the students learned the art of Batik and made small bags or encountered the skills of Asian cookery making chapattis and learning about spices before tasting a variety of curries.  Circus skills, a traditional form of entertainment from around the world, saw the students challenged in juggling, balancing and choreography  In North America the students

Communiqué learned about the Indians and had the opportunity to make their own “Dream Catchers”. They looked at the traditional stories and folklore.  Quickly into Europe and the students were mapping their way around. One wrong calculation and suddenly you were many miles from your destination. Mathematical skills were definitely needed. A mathematical based european quiz using the “Quizdom” handsets made Mastermind look easy!  Finally the survival task. All Year 8 students have done some basic camp craft which involved the putting up and taking down of tents as well as making a hot drink. This activity was supervised by staff who are actively involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Alongside this, the students also did some team challenges. Representatives from The Staffordshire Youth Service supported the Physical Education staff in these tasks. De Ferrers would like to thank all of the staff and visitors to the college who have helped to make the events such a success.

Enterprising Dragons

Over the past two weeks, approximately two hundred students have taken part in a range of enterprising activities which have required them to work in teams, be creative and to think of new and original business ideas. The first event which was held as part of the Technology show, required students to work in teams and to think of potential business ventures using a diverse range of random items. The second activity involved all of our Year 10 Business Studies students who spent the whole day working on a “Dragonsʼ Den” project which gave the winning team a cash prize of £50. Once again the students excelled themselves and the innovative ideas they came up with were amazing.

Young Dads’ Football @ Shobnall Leisure Complex Wednesday 16th September 2009 6.00-7.30pm

@ Winshill Village School Thursday 17th September 2009 6.00-7.30pm

For further information contact Kevin James on 07837651668 or at




In accordance with the Collegeʼs Asthma Policy, students who require inhalers to control their asthma should ensure that they carry their own with them. A spare inhaler may be handed in to the Nurseʼs Office on Dove and to the Campus Advisor on Trent for use in an emergency.


Students who require medication in college should hand it in to the Nurse on Dove and to the Campus Advisor on Trent at the beginning of the day. No student will be given medication without the written consent of an adult with parental responsibility. Parental Consent forms can now be collected from the medical room.

Please note that all medication should be sent in the original container and labelled. Loose tablets in envelopes cannot be given. Labels should include:

 Name of student  Name of medication  Dose and dose frequency  Special storage instructions  Dispensing label (if applicable)  Expiry date Aspirin will not be administered to students unless prescribed by a doctor.


Parents / Guardians have prime responsibility for their childʼs health and should ensure that they are well enough to attend college. The College Nurse is unable to offer a consultation service at the start of the day but supports students who become unwell or have an accident during the day. It is the Parent / Guardianʼs responsibility to ensure that students are collected if they are unwell and need to return home.


We have recently had some cases of head lice in college. We would ask that all parents/guardians regularly check their childʼs hair and ensure that any live lice are treated before they return to College. For any advice on how to check for and treat head lice please contact the College Nurse on the Dove Campus.

Bring a parent to school for the morning! Bring a parent to school for the morning. It sounds exciting, doesnʼt it? Well, believe you me it was! Especially trying to keep your parents under control! First period, my group had Maths. What a great way to start a Monday morning! Off we went down the corridor and into a Maths room. We were given Activexpression handsets to type in the answers and see who could come first in the race by answering the most questions correctly as well as trying to be quick! Mum didnʼt know how to work it at first but in the end she got the hang of it (slowly!). Mum and I didnʼt come at the top of the board unfortunately, so we can only hope we did not come too near the bottom!

Our next lesson was English. We had to answer questions from a comprehension and by this time our parents were really getting in the mood for learning! They were possibly answering more questions than the students! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? We also watched a video on war about different themes and we had to guess what the theme was e.g. pain, danger, coming back home etc. It was quite


Our last lesson of the morning was Science. We had to do two experiments, which gave us a bit of a fright! In one of the experiments we had to heat up a tube of water by putting our hands over a glass tube and then we had to look at the results. It started to bubble! We had to cool it down by blowing on it and by doing this, the bubbles travelled back up the tube and left the water clear again. Out next experiment was to heat up a pop can which had just a few drops of water in. Once we had heated it over the bunsen burner for about one minute, we then placed it in a jug of water. BANG! And the can had been crushed!

I thoroughly enjoyed bring a parent to school for the morning and if I ever got the chance again I would definitely go!

by Hannah Wolfenden 7C6

Staffordshire County Council are holding a

FREE FAMILY WALK at Birches Valley on Cannock Chase Saturday 25th July 2009 1.00-4.00pm Lots of activities including den building,

drumming workshop, face painting etc. For more information ring 0845 650 9876 or look on

SPORT Athletics It has been a super season for the de Ferrers Athletics team. Over three festivals, all year groups competed against ten other schools in the Burton and District competition. De Ferrers won the overall competition and are the ‘Burton and District Athletics’ champions! Well done to all the athletes involved this year! For a full list of results, please visit the VLE page ‘Sports news – Athletics report’.

Cricket It has been an excellent year for de Ferrers cricket teams also. Cricket fixtures have been played on a regular basis throughout the summer and there have been some excellent performances over all years. The highlights of the season have been the Year 7 and Year 8 teams reaching the semi-finals of the Staffordshire County Cup Competition. Both teams lost in their semi-final matches to private schools but still produced gutsy performances! Results: YEAR7 League: De Ferrers (144-3) beat William Allit (91-4) De Ferrers (137-4) beat Abbot Beyne (57-6) John Taylor ‘A’ (52-2) beat de Ferrers (51 all out) De Ferrers (106-7) beat John Taylor ‘B’ (68-9) County Cup: (1st Round) BYE (QF) de Ferrers (128-7) beat Oldfields (12-4) (Daniel Wildman scored 61 runs!) (SF) Stafford Gram (87-2) beat de Ferrers (85-5) YEAR 8 League: De Ferrers (117-1) beat William Allit (68-8)

De Ferrers (54 all out) beat John Taylor (52-8) De Ferrers (103-5) beat Abbot Beyne (32-8) De Ferrers (105-5) beat Granville (51-4) County Cup: (1st Round) De Ferrers (76-6) beat Oldfields (33-7) (QF) De Ferrers (39-0) beat Kingsmead (38 all out) (SF) Wolverhampton Grammar (113-3) beat de Ferrers (80 all out) YEAR 9 League: De Ferrers beat Robert Sutton (won by default) Thomas Alleynes (82-5) beat de Ferrers (72-6) County Cup: (1st Round) Wolstanton (767) beat de Ferrers (58-7) YEAR 10 League: De Ferrers beat John Taylor (won by default) De Ferrers (77-8) beat Paget (72-8) Thomas Alleynes (88-4) beat de Ferrers (87 all out)

Staff Cricket Team The de Ferrers staff cricket team have played a number of fixtures this season also and are the only team undefeated this year! Results: STAFF (138-6) beat Year 13 (123-3) (Galloway-50, Lovell-34, Dolby-24) STAFF (147-5) beat Year 12 (121-8) (Tompkins-91) Staffordshire Staff County Cup: (SF) BYE (Final) de Ferrers Staff (71-4) beat Youth support workers (70 all out)

The de Ferrers staff cricket team are officially the ‘Staffordshire Staff County Cricket’ champions!! The Year 13 also believed that they had what it took to beat

a select staff team at Rounders. They were sadly mistaken. The staff beat the ‘shell shocked’ Year 13 team by 8 rounders (22-14). Some smooth fielding from Shenton, Longmore and Cromack, and some monster batting from Pearce and Allen ensured a comfortable victory!

Rounders This year the Year 7 Rounders Team have had a very successful season. With only one match left to play they are in a position to comfortably win the league. Some outstanding batting and fielding performances have resulted in the team winning by some large margins. The team members are Alex Mason (Captain) Tamikha Campbell Vicky Haward Millie Bowering Faye Brooks Evie Pauley Courtney Barlow Danielle Coltman Tiffany Fisher Holly Webster Zara Thompson A massive thank you to everyone, staff and students, involved in sport this year! The success in sport at de Ferrers is remarkable and it couldn’t happen without you! See you all next year!

from across the whole of the Midlands. Closer to home in the Burton & District League, de Ferrers students dominated by winning the following team competitions; Year 7 Girls, Year 9 Boys, Year 10 Boys, Year 7 Overall, Year 10 Overall and the Boys’ Overall title. In addition, de Ferrers won the overall District title. As a result of these notable performances at District meetings, a phenomenal seventy one students were selected to represent the Burton District in the County Championships, competing against the best athletes from across Staffordshire. Some high level performances followed at the County Championships with some students gaining a top two finish resulting in selection to represent the Staffordshire County Team in the Inter-Counties match which is the pinnacle of schools athletics in the Midlands! Well done to Dominic Robinson Year 10 - High Jump, Lee Belcher - Year 9 Long Jump, Bronwyn Miles Year 8 - 800m, Liam Goode Year 7 - Javelin on gaining County selection.

Congratulations to everyone who has represented the college this year in achieving such fantastic success!

FANTASTIC SUMMER OF ATHLETICS This year has yet again proven to be a highly successful one for the de Ferrers athletes in all year groups. Students have competed in a host of events across the Midlands leading to several notable team and individual achievements. The Year 9/10 Boys’ Team qualified for the Regional Final in the English Schools Cup, finishing a credible 7th place against schools

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