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Be Prepared

When you are the first on the scene, you need the right gear to save the life in your hands. Be confident that your H&H casualty care supplies will do the job so you can do yours. H&H Medical brings our expertise in creating complete trauma kits to the law enforcement community with our line of pre-packed trauma response kits.

In Your Pocket › Pocket Law Enforcement Kit

Our newest and smallest kit is our Patrol Officer Casualty Kit for Emergency Trauma (POCKET). The POCKET puts everything an officer needs to immediately respond to a major trauma in a package designed to fit in small spaces and weighs less than a pound.

Part No. POCK-01 Size: 4.5" H x 4.5" L x 2" W Weight: Less than 1 lb.

In Your Desk ›

Bleeding Response Injury Control Kit When severe injuries occur and public access bleeding control is required, having a kit with essential equipment is vital. The Bleeding Response Injury Control Kit (BRICK) is designed for easy use, easy access, and quick response to severe emergencies, and has a five-year shelf life. Part No. BRICK-01 Size: 6" H x 4.25" L x 2"W Weight: 12 oz.

In Your Vehicle › Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

The H&H TECC Kit is designed to hold enough emergency products to respond to a mass casualty situation, containing everything you need to treat the three most preventable causes of traumatic death: blood loss, airway occlusion, and sucking chest wound. Our kit meets the basic requirements for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.


Military Grade. Battle Tested.™

Part No. TECC Size: 8" H x 6" L x 3.5"W Weight: 2.0 lb

For detailed product information, go to Tactical Gear 2017 DEFENSE STANDARD 67


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