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place to be born, grow or die, to let your soul be known or hide it, a place to be yourself or your other self.


(in order of appearance)

Malguina Berber Theunissen Aleksandra Urbanowicz Fabrizio Mingarelli Kullen Pak Aina Climent Laura Carrascosa AurĂŠlien Buttin Anna Tea Tim Khadeyev Daniel Peter Schulz Sergey Filimonov Isaure Anska Eren Saracevic Christina Nelson Martina Kovacevic Marquitos Sanabria Eli Ordonez Giulia De Francesco Franck Jessueld Septa Absharin Husna

*Cover picture by Sergey Filimonov


efeated Mag&zine is a one-theme issue for young photography. We want the artists to express themselves, not only showing what they do but also the story within the photograph. The issue searchs for the poetry behind the shot. By proposing a topic we encourage the artists to relate their work to a subject supported by few words of their own. Between dreams and reality...

They shut themselves home as the lights of the day go down to play around their beds. They pretend to be asleep as they grin to the camera. Does who do sleep ďŹ nd themselves defendless to the shots. All these pictures are dreams of real moments. 21 photographers dreaming in frames.




Malguina Saint-Petersburg

“Most of my work is about a bed.

Or you can say: sleep, sex and just chillin. Berber Theunissen Amsterdam & Antwerp

“I just love sleeping.

No further comments.


Aleksandra Urbanowicz Torun

Fabrizio Mingarelli Rome

Kullen Pak Boston

Aina Climent Palma de Mallorca & Berlin

“Again last night I had that strange dream

Where everything was exactly how it seemed Where concerns about the world getting warmer The people thought they were just being rewarded For treating others as they'd like to be treated For obeying stop signs and curing diseases For mailing letters with the address of the sender Now we can swim any day in November Don't wake me I plan on sleeping (now we can swim any day in November) Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in...

Sleeping in - The Postal Service sent by

Laura Carrascosa Madrid


AB urĂŠlien


Amiens & Paris, France & Belgium

“PURE MORNING Aurélien Buttin Amiens & Paris

“Dream full of lights... ” Anna Tea Lutsk

(next two pages)

“The world of dreams doesn't always catch us at home.

For me, it's very difficult to sleep anywhere outside my bed, but there's a place I can feel myself pretty much comfortable. Somewhere near my favorite mall. These pictures are dedicated to 'temples of shopping' a place people is used to, a place that could be called a 'Second Home' for some of us. I can dream, where I can be ethereal at night, even without my blanket. Tim Khadeyev Kazan

“Close your eyes my love - tomorrow all will be good. Daniel Peter Schulz Paris





“Defeat is the nightmare of the pessimists. �



Who are you? My name is Sergey Filimonov.

Where do you come from? Where are you now? Where are you going? I live in Russia, but all the world interests me, discovering new countries inspire me. Particularly I am attracted by Scandinavia, North America and Australia.

Which cameras you shoot with? I use a Canon 5D Mark II and luminous fix objectives.

What is behind your images? I am interested on harmony and comfort in any manifestation, this is something I find on people and I show on my photos. Another element of my photography is sensuality. As soon as I find something that calls my attention on someone's eyes, something that interests me, that particular something makes fire appear.

What else would you do if you couldn’t take photographs? I would have to follow my intuition and then choose an occupation that could be agreeable for me. In general I have not a creative speciality. But photography is the affair that makes me feel in the place.

Do you see the picture before or after looking through the lens? First I see the picture as blurred, as a mosaic. Then everything meets in unity. I see in advance the ambiance and how the light must be, all the rest succeeds by intuition. Before every shot there is a preparation proccess, perhaps, the most complex: styling, make-up, scout-location…all this is very important, but during the shooting it's better not to think and just feel. Photography helps me having the freedom to express myself and the desire to make this world a little bit better.

What color are you? White.

Something you shoud have said to someone but you never did? I have never said to my parents that I love them. Still haven't.

An image that moves/inspires you. I am inspired by practically all photos of Paolo Roversi and the impressionists painters.

A song, a movie, a book A Song: The Black Keys – Howlin `for You A Movie: Wes Anderson - Moonrise Kingdom A Book: Terry Pratchett – Thief of Time

Have you ever been defeated? What happened? No. Everything I ever wanted was reached with my own effort, but so far I have everything I've wanted. I feel responsible for all the things I didn't achieve, but I never thought of this as a defeat. Defeat is the nightmare of the pessimists, and possibilities for the optimists.

How do you relate your photographs to our issue topic? and one of the most interesting subjects for me. “Dreams are the infinite flow of surprises It is a special world... ”

“The faces of these women surrender,

far beyond the image of resting that we can imagine in some sort of intimacy with them, wholly, their beings escape to other worlds, to other universes... Only them know the secret.


Isaure Anska Paris (next two pages)

Eren Saracevic Barcelona

Christina Nelson Oslo (both)


artina ovacevic

Belgrade, Serbia.

“When the willow bends towards the end of day and twilight falls again to the funny sound that a blackbird makes twilight falls again. Mark Lanegan sent by

Martina Kovacevic Belgrade, Serbia


Marquitos Sanabria Buenos Aires (both)

“Very often I have trouble sleeping.

I think of how nice it would be to drift into sleep like we drift into daydreams. Likely it would be less interesting, picking what we'd dream but how easy it would be to fall into bed and sleep.


Eli Ordonez Brooklyn (next page)

“The problem is your absence. ” Giulia De Francesco Perugia


ranck essueld

Paris, France.

When you sleep, “ you reinvent yourself,

the moon nurtures your soul, your dreams, stroke you gently like the woman who's by your side. Then, it's your turn to protect and celebrate her when the sun rises.


Franck Jessueld Paris

“Those eyes want to be closed.

They are tired of seeing the commotion and the void. The light is coming that’s why all the things are beautiful. we were misguided because they are not real and eyes are not a wise judge. That's the reason why we sleep.

Septa Absharin Husna Amiens




Berber Theunissen

Aleksandra Urbanowicz

Fabrizio Mingarelli

Kullen Pak

Aina Climent

Laura Carrascosa

AurĂŠlien Buttin

Anna Tea

Tim Khadeyev

Daniel Peter Schulz

Sergey Filimonov

Isaure Anska

Eren Saracevic Christina Nelson

Martina Kovacevic

Marquitos Sanabria

Eli Ordonez

Giulia De Francesco

Franck Jessueld

Septa Absharin Husna


Thank you To the artists: for being part of this project and for submitting your work, Family & Friends: for the support and trust. Design, production & art: Jael Levi

Defeated Mag&zine #10 The Sleepers Issue