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the intro issue.



place to be born, grow or die, to let your soul be known or hide it, a place to be yourself or your other self.


(in order of appearance)

Aránzazu Martín Amandine Paulandré J.R. Furbush Eva Gonzalez Lucas Ottone Catherine Lemblé

Crista Leonard Sofía Haltrup David Sosa Carly Scott Lorena Martínez Acha Lucía Gómez Meca Berta Pfirsich Alexandra Urbanowicz

Naruemon Puriso ·Eve· Oswaldo Maqueos Sophie Fontaine Ben O’Reilly


efeated Mag&zine is a one-theme issue for young photography. We want the artists to express themselves, not only showing what they do but also the story within the photograph.

The Intro issue brings forth to a serie of zines in search of the poetry behind the shot. By proposing a topic we encourage the artists to relate their work to a subject supported by few words of their own. Our first beginning.

One theme, three words: Origin, Introduction, Beginning. We pay tribute to our very ďŹ rst issue. Therefore, it is all about a start. 18 young photographers reading their photographs for the audience.




“The beginning of a new phase I have just discovered after an excess of sentimental

abstraction and introspection. Rebuilding my interior space. The Origin of what is inside and outside my world.

Aránzazu Martín Madrid

Amandine PaulandrĂŠ Paris

J.R. Furbush Seattle


va onzรกlez

Jaen & Granada, Spain.

“ It represents the birth and roots of an intimate photo serie I did:

source of my ideas, a magic and lonely place surrounded by nature where I create oniric worlds… blending with nature and the elements... a secret magic place.

Eva Gonzlez Jaen & Granda

Lucas Ottone Palma de Mallorca / Barcelona

“Last year I made a project about nature and how nature revives by extinguishing. Forests generate and degenerate. Dead branches vanish into new ones. The same with a starry sky. The beginning is the end is the beginning... It's infinite.

Catherine Lemblé Aalst




“My origins are the mountains...




Whoareyou? I’m Crista Leonard, sometimes a dreamer, often laughing, master of bad jokes and frequently travelling. I like pasta, wine, sunny evenings, snow, shenanigans, listening to music preferably on vinyl with a glass of wine...duh.

Wheredoyoucomefrom?Whereareyounow?Whereareyougoing? I come from a little country called Andorra in the Pyrenees, although my parents are from other places, but they’re mutts too.

Whichcamerasyoushootwith? Hasselblad 500 C/M, Nikon FE2, Canon 5D, Polaroids in all shapes and forms, a Vivitar 35EF (thanks Brenton) and an Olympus XA which I just stole from my Mum ) always raid your parent’s and grandparents closets for cameras)

Whatisbehindyourimages? I try to shoot without too much of a purpose or a pre-conceived idea (having said that for fashion shoots I’ll often be working from a mood board, but again I’m trying to feel it rather than transmit a specific idea). I think that as a result, my images are very personal, often much more so than I would like, for example I recently went through a darker episode in my life and I found myself producing much moodier work than I usually would. For 2012 I want everyone to be laughing hysterically in my photos, running around being naughty.

Wherecanwefindyourworksofar? I shot the last cover and editorial for Monki magazine, I have editorials coming out in Lodown magazine and Desillusion magazine, La Mono, Oh Comely, Alachamp, Hook and Line etc…I also work for brands like Element Eden, LXV, Violet Darkling, About Arianne shoes, Brixton hats, Lifetime clothing, Sea Of Bees jewellery and others but my brain isn’t working right now.

Animagethatmoves/inspiresyou? I find any image by William Eggleston infinitely inspiring, and I love illustrator Arthur Rackham’s illustrations, they magnified my childhood imagination.

Anyregretsinlife? Regrets are how you interpret them in the moment; regrets should only ever be lessons, no?

Whatcolorareyou? It’s not a colour I love because it reminds me of those new age crystal shops from the nineties, but I would have to say a dark almost maroon purple, because I’m not entirely black, but I’m far from white.

A song,amovie,abook I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind by next week, but… A song: “Ceremony” by Joy Division A movie: “Dead Man” Dir. Jim Jarmuschz A book: Steinbeck’s ”the grapes of wrath”

Haveyoueverbeendefeated?Whathappened? I think the worst defeat you can suffer is from your own hands, when you don’t allow yourself to do something out of fear. I know I’ve done that to myself many times, but it goes hand in hand with regret, gotta learn from your mistakes.

Whyisthatimagerepresentingourissuetopicinyouropinion? “

It’s a girl’s back, that could be me or someone else, but she is standing firmly on the snow, looking to the horizon. My origins are the mountains, I feel that she is owning her surroundings in this photo.

“It's obvious that we all come from the ocean, we always end up searching for it.... ” Sofía Haltrup Madrid

SofĂ­a Haltrup Madrid

David Sosa Las Palmas

Carly Scott London


orena artĂ­nez



London, Uk & LogroĂąo, Spain.

“ The origin is in the night, in the roads.

Night. To close the eyes and open new ones. To be amazed again. Always a new day, a new chance. Roads. To take some distance. To reach the far away or the nearest. To start over. Night, road, trip. Genesis, beginning, origin.

Lorena Martínez Acha London & Logroño

“ the beginning is a blank Lucía Gómez Meca Barcelona & Madrid

“ Fire represents the beginning of a demonic popular holiday; when the flame is lightened up demons can start to play. Berta Pfirsich Barcelona

“Why? It is bare, a bit exposing. natural and defenseless. I'm not good at words, that's why I take photos... ” Alexandra Urbanowicz Toruń

Naruemon Puriso 路Eve路 Bangkok

Oswaldo Maqueos Mexico

“The relationship to the land: Every life emerges from soil and returns to the land.

My pictures show the beginning but also the end of every thing: birth or death,sunrise or sunset. These photos pay tribute to Mother-Earth,source of all life.


Sophie Fontaine Nancy

“ the beginning of the end... Ben O'Reilly Folkestone



Aránzazu Martín Amandine Paulandré

J.R. Furbush

Eva Gonzalez

Lucas Ottone

Catherine Lemblé

Crista Leonard Sofía Haltrup

David Sosa

Carly Scott

Lorena Martínez Acha

Lucía Gómez Meca

Berta Pfirsich Alexandra Urbanowicz

Sophie Fontaine Naruemon Puriso ·Eve· Oswaldo Maqueos Ben O’Reilly under construction

Thank you To the artists: for being part of this project and for submitting your work, Family & Friends: for the support and trust.

Defeated Mag&zine #1 The Intro Issue