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place to be born, grow or die, to let your soul be known or hide it, a place to be yourself or your other self.


(in order of appearance)

Peer Runge Ben Longland Sarah Evers Ashley Jordan Gordon Peer Runge (bis) Lucas Ottone Antonella Moltini Ada Muntean Evan Humphreys Malguina Douglas E. Pope Efisio Marras Elena Rast Jazmin Sanz Maria Pavlova Johan Darcel Zach McCaffree Ana Vigueras

*Cover picture by Evan Humphreys


efeated Mag&zine is a one-theme issue for young photography. We want the artists to express themselves, not only showing what they do but also the story within the photograph. The issue searchs for the poetry behind the shot. By proposing a topic we encourage the artists to relate their work to a subject supported by few words of their own. Into the darkness of the revealing night...

Night is for the lonesome. In the darkness they found themselves, the truth and what day hides with light. It was at night when they met their fears and the answers to questions left unsaid before the sunset. 17 young photographers shooting in the dark.




Peer Runge Berlin

“Any night shot is, in part, about the night itself:

how the subject relates to the darkness & light around it.


Ben Longland Los Angeles

Sarah Evers Oakland (both)

“The yellows and oranges of street lamps cast a new meaning onto its subjects, a meaning more mysterious and more soft, more up for interpretation. There is a certain thrill to being active after the sun is down, which makes night photography all the more appealing.


Sarah Evers Oakland

“Night is a place of boundlessness...

it is not interminable nor full of fears from whence the day brings. It is a sea of freedom where my energy floats between quiet under an endless ride of stars and exultant dancing to the energy of Nocte.

Ashley Jordan Gordon San Francisco

PR eer


Berlin, Germany.

“ For me taking photos in the night is magic

and it's always an exciting journey: walking though the streets, never knowing what´s behind the next corner; observing people and places, watching the clouds move, listening to voices and noices. It's a wonderful passion...

Peer Runge Berlin

“...In some way night reveals many truths that remain hidden during the day. � Lucas Ottone Palma de Mallorca (next two pages)

Antonella Moltini Montevideo

“ I love going out at night, I’m not afraid of the dark anymore Me encanta salir de noche, yo no le temo a la oscuridad ” Antonella Moltini Montevideo

“Projected reality in the darkness

(more exactly I photographed the TV during the night). I was interested how the virtual reality captured in that tiny little box (the TV) could "explode" in the actual reality during the night, giving birth to holograms that seem to come from another world. Ada Muntean Cluj-Napoca






“ ... nighttime excoriates our societal skins and leaves bare our vernal flesh




Who are you? Evan Humphreys.

Where do you come from? Where are you now? Where are you going? I just came back to my home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin from college in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m moving to Portland, Oregon in a few months to go to art school.

Which cameras you shoot with? I shoot with my mom’s old Pentax K1000, and a Bronica ETRS.

What is behind your images? Behind my images is a lifestyle. I don’t ever go out with people to take photos. I simply bring a camera wherever I go and I document whatever happens. That keeps it true for me. At first some of my friends didn’t really know what to do when I pulled out my camera, but now they just ignore me and it works out fine.

Where can we find your work so far? I shot an editorial for the Portland-based camping company Poler Stuff earlier this year. It’s up on their website. Other than that, I just have mentions on art blogs around the web.

Why photography? Photography is something that I’ve always been interested. When I was younger, I’d always steal my mom’s camera whenever I’d hang out with my friends. Towards the end of high school I started shooting 35mm and medium format film, and I got more serious about it. It’s just a way to capture a moment and make it permanent, and that continues to fascinate me.

Do you see the picture before or after looking through the lens? Oftentimes I’ll have several shots in mind before going somewhere with friends. I don’t ever set them up, I just try to put myself in the position to capture the moment I’m looking for if it happens. If it doesn’t happen, then I just keep shooting.

What color are you? Blue.

Something you shoud have said to someone but you never did? If you want something to happen, make it happen. Get the ball rolling. Stop coasting.

An image that moves/inspires you. All of the shots I miss. I can still see them in my head after the moment has passed and I’m out of film or the camera is still in my bag. It just keeps me coming back for more. I don’t like missing things.

A song, a movie, a book A Song: Shampoo Suicide. A Movie: Red State. A Book: 1984.

Have you ever been defeated? What happened? Every day it’s something new that gets overlooked by too many people. Governments run by corporate interests, the pollution in the Pacific Gyre, Wolf poachers getting nothing but slaps on the wrist, but mostly the general ignorance of the public. It continues to defeat me on a day-to-day basis, and I just have to pick up and move on.

How do you relate your photographs to our issue topic? “

When the sun goes down, something spectacular happens. Nighttime excoriates our societal skins and leaves bare our vernal flesh, and our souls manifest themselves as something they cannot be in daytime society. If you have never before, I highly recommend living at night; Under the stars, under the moon, out of the public's eye.

“...pressing night, stifling night creates meaning.

Malguina St. Petersburg

Douglas E. Pope Melbourne

EďŹ sio Marras France (both)

ER lena


Lucerne, Switzerland.

“ The night is fascinating. I love lying in the meadow in summer, watch the sky and dream of other worlds, lives and what the new dawn will bring... But sometimes even these nights become darker and secrects, fears or hidden feelings come up to hunt me. So I try not to be alone in the darkest nights. Elena Rast Lucerne


“We dance into the night light, into the forest sky.

Jazmin Sanz Bariloche (next two pages)



Night is the time for whispering, the time for naked truth. I feel the night as a tiny hole to the beyond, some kind of the rehearsal of death. Nobody knows where our souls wander overnight.


Maria Pavlova St. Petersburg


This picture is a self-portrait. it was taken by Pinhole camera during 9 hours of my sleep. It's strange and little bit scaring experience to feel the camera-eye watching you all night long. Maria Pavlova St. Petersburg


Johann Darcel France (both)

ZM ach


Honolulu, EEUU.

“ I've always been somewhat nocturnal.

Deep inside my brain something tells me not to quit the day yet. i am just built that way. When shooting photos idealy I will start close to dusk, when the light is perfect... but time afer time many of my favorite pictures end up being the ones shot in darkness. There’s something special about those photos. maybe it is because it difficult to see your subject and maybe it because they can barley see you. I think helps you both relax more. the results are always a surprise and usually a pleasant one, often with an air of mystery or mischief. Zach McCaffree Honolulu

“Because our nightlife is dark and full of terrors. Ana Vigueras Cartagena



Peer Runge

Ben Longland

Sarah Evers

Ashley Jordan Gordon

Lucas Ottone

Antonella Moltini

Ada Muntean

Evan Humphreys


Douglas E. Pope

Efisio Marras

Elena Rast

Jazmin Sanz

Maria Pavlova

Johan Darcel

Zach McCaffree

Ana Vigueras

Thank you To the artists: for being part of this project and for submitting your work, Family & Friends: for the support and trust. Design, production & art: Jael Levi

Defeated Mag&zine #05 The Night Issue  

Defeated Mag&zine is a one-theme issue for young photography. We want the artists to express themselves, not only showing what they do but a...