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Vol.39 Summer 2013

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A magazine about extraordinary humans, their ideas and achievements!

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The emancipation The 7-day-weeken Theatro ston kivo BetaRob Deconstructive Sam Lose 5 pounds tod Styrofoam Mallil Kapoyiannis

of labor: nd

mples of 90's day and forever!

The emancipation of labor: The 7-dayweekend

Worldwide rigid Manager stunned at the Brazilian company Semco  , a very broad-based service company, which operates from industrial equipment up to post solutions in various fields: What happens there contradicts everything what they believe. Select the 3000 staff their superiors determine their own working hours and salaries. There are no business plans, no HR department, almost no hierarchy.All profits will be divided by vote, the salaries and all business books are visible for all, for strictly private and how much money the emails the employee for business or their computer, them is up to you.

Respect as a recipe for success

What may sound for today's recruiters as an anarchic nightmare is actually a success story.Since the company was owner of Ricardo Semler changed, profits rose from 35 million to 220 million dollars. And not just the numbers indicate Semler right, but especially the staff: The staff turnover rate at Semco is below one percent. The recipe is simple: Treat your employees like adults, they behave that way.The more freedom you give them, the more productive, happier and innovative they are. A company consists of adult equal human beings, not labor. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely and to find a healthy balance between work and private life.Contrary to everything you currently seems to believe that pressure and stress make people not productive, but quite simply broken. And while the company loses ultimately just as humans. Semler It is a new understanding of work: A company is a joint venture, at best, a shared passion. The company, however, has taught us otherwise, we should see ourselves as masons, painters and laborers, not as cathedrals creator. At Semco, employees are an essential part of a whole, they are co-creators, not just a cog in the system. They have ideas, they understand their work, they know what it is worth.

Trust takes control

But our hiring managers still believe that you need to control employees, over time clocks, fixed working hours, productivity reports and e-espionage. Semco has given up all control and replaced by confidence - and, seriously, who really wants to work with people who can not be trusted? Semler for the delusions of control of most companies is just going crazy. His staff educate their children and choose governors, there are adult people who know best what they want and need."It's completely crazy, this idea that people are still fixated on how something is done. None of us said, 'You're five minutes late' or 'why this factory worker goes again to the loo?' [...] If you look around you at Semco in the office, there's always plenty of empty seats, the question is:. Where are these people I have not the slightest idea and it does not interest me too.I'm interested in the sense not that I do not want to make sure that my employees come to work and give the company a certain number of hours per day. Who needs a certain number of hours per day? we need people who deliver a specific result. With four hours to eight hours or twelve hours in the office -. come on Sundays and Mondays stay at home, it is irrelevant to me, " says Semler strange plausible.

No hierarchy, this team

Semco is something that really should not exist according to the human nature of today's managers. And if they do, it would not work.But it does. Three questions Semler heard again and again: Are you really doing that? Does it seriously? And: What now The first two are easy to answer: "We do this now for 25 years, so almost everyone that it really cares about is come here to see if it's true And our numbers are beyond any doubt. sublime " , Semler says confidently. To him was breaking up the company structure from the beginning, not pipe dreams, but rather the only possible answer our inhuman working world. He learned it the hard way, woke himself on until he collapsed and was taken to complete burnout in a hospital. That was the point at which he decided his mental and physical health will never submit to the job - and not to demand the same from his employees. That the madness must come to an end. "When one looks at it more accurately, one must realize that the traditional system is not working and this is the incentive to look for something else." - simple looks Semler das. But it lacks many entrepreneurs still struggling to let go of control. For today's companies are not built as places of scooping, but as the military: a hierarchical power structure, with command donors and recipients.Semco, however, is built in concentric circles and permeable, there is no job title, no fixed offices. No one has to come to work, whether you work from home, from the jungle or a cafe on the beach promenade, is left to the individual employees and teams themselves. these teams are at the heart of Semco. People work in groups to finish one product or an intermediate product independently. How do they do it, what time and with what money, that's their business. Who wants to sleep in between, simply go to the company garden and lies down for a few hours in the hammock - who is tired anyway only makes mistakes.

The company without HR

Semco has 3000 employees, but no personnel department, as is the traditional business of cold sweat on his forehead. Who sets these people? Who checks the power? They do it all themselves employees Adjusts team found that a new person is needed, she writes on the intranet of the company from an appropriate meeting. This is of course voluntary. Everybody can come, no one has . "We do not want is someone involved in something that does not interest him, so all meetings are voluntary Namely, the meetings will be announced and who is interested, can and will come and will leave at the moment the space back when it begins to bore him " , Semler said the meeting philosophy. folks that go in the middle of a meeting, because it bores - that would drive many a supervisor in the madness. But at Semco just only the people should meet and carry that concerns it directly interested and a decision. On such a meeting could be decided, for example, that new employees will be needed and what he or she may need. Then an advertisement is written collaboratively, and as soon as the applications come, they will split the team: Anyone who wants to just take a few home with you and brings the most interesting then again.Instead of interviews, there is a group interview with all candidates at the same time -. Allowed to come here, who wants the only employees who are regularly evaluated formally, are those in decision-making positions - and that of all others.If one of these managers repeatedly get bad reviews, he usually goes by itself

Peer pressure

In fact, almost all the teams settle among themselves. Does anyone no good job, then the debate team, or convene a meeting. Who assigns a high salary be increased so that the expectations of the team and the pressure to perform. But the employees now have a different relationship to work: If someone earns a lot of money, all week actually only playing golf, but still does a good job and its tasks done - then who cares? What counts is the result. A study of CNN has found that employees at Semco a much healthier balance between work and private life have to take more time for relationships, children and hobbies, but at the same time also unusually high level of commitment and remarkable achievements show at work.Not in spite of but because of the freedoms. For Semler is not surprising: people must be able to develop in order to optimally apply their potential.

And it works

Semler is certain: his approach works everywhere. He has used it in factories as well as in IT offices.  In fact, it's actually the other way around - it works at all that way. Our current work world with its burn-out syndromes, with bullying, stress, ulcers and depression works namely just not, it is continuing madness. , it is time that we create a society that is again associated in the work of vocation and passion, not slavery and exploitation. The people again to make choices and be treated with respect. In private life and work are equivalent - for the supervisor. It is time for the seven-day weekend! Ricardo Semmler several books have been published including "The Seven-Day Weekend: A Better Way to Work in the 21st Century" and "The Semco system: management without a manager" .   Editor: David Rotter

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(theatre in a cube) Photography: Penny Boedof


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“Theatro ston kivo” (theatre in a cube)… a black box, which was born with the strength to create history. The theatre’s philosophy, in contrast to the political direction of inertia of the mind, expression and creativity which are imposed upon us, is to offer to those who love the art of dance, the opportunity to retain action of mind, spirit and body, by maintaining low prices aimed at covering the running expenses with complete professionalism. It is a welcoming space which, beyond the cycle of classes and seminars, opens its doors to creativity. The first cycle of classes began dynamically filling the atmosphere with energy. The program consists of Contemporary, Ballet and Barre a terre, Combination techniques, Choreography, Physical training, Yoga, Pilates and Reiki sessions. Our wish is for the new season is that the “Theatro ston kivo”… will be able to offer even more classes in dance, theatre and alternative therapy. The classes are given by professional teachers, who following this ideology, and, in their turn, offer their own “side and corner” to the harmony and dynamics of the “cube”. Address 5 Margariti, Neos Kosmos (near Avenue Subway-Fix, tram Vouliagmeni) Tel +30 694 912 1098 (16.00-22.00)

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BetaRob isn't a 21th century bandit neither a test beta program, but a charismatic singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer


BetaRob isn't a 21th century bandit neither a test beta program, but a charismatic singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer that sprang out of his old London Punk Trio band Betamax (just like they do in the movies...) Popcorn or no popcorn, when things “dry” out in a band and don’t cling along, you have to move on and make some choices experimenting with whats given to you. Great things were spoken on the hour interview that's featured on BetaRob's soundcloud page. Chitchat on Jam City America Radio extracting info for the future, and many highs of the past on Betamax band life were notated (including 5singles released on HTT records, an EP & supporting of legendary Graham Coxon on his UK “A+E” tour). We all know when it's time for a break. BetaRob decided to jump into the unknown and concentrate solo on his own work when things finally got blocked down with the band. You can tell that he is gliding in a different parth from the usual punk roots, experimenting with different sounds,styles & techniques, and getting into the dirty business of self production and engineering at his home studio when catching a listen to all the fresh tracks and after watching all the Betamax videos.

First official solo release and downloadable on soundcloud was “She's in love” it's strings of which pluck mischief feathers in the red mist air with an indie/pop grotesque to it. Im sure the influences of “Pixies,Nirvana, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Blur, The Jam, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead” always are a promising sub conscious memoir to drive personal soul viewings into new musical direction. After reviews and local air plays “She's in Love” reached number 4 on the MusicReviewUnsigned and thats when you know that the game is rolling the dice. Listening to BetaRob speak up you can tell he misses the process of working up music or playing in a band but the freedom capacity of finding the way on your own really sums up to new journeys. BetaRob is always uploading new tracks on his page, last one up was “Fuse” about five days ago, a dreamy intro leading into powerfull sleaks of the electric guitar drive and getting ragged into with bleeps of shiny singing. BetaRob sings his insides out but always in such a dynamic soft way. One second your riding the coaster down alt-rock avenue, the next your floating in a psyched out punk pop bubble. When things get soft side up we have to know where that rustik heart comes from. Now you do. Punk will never die and BetaRob will have new things up his sleeve I promise and hope soon enough, based on the fan love he is receiving lately on his pages. On behalf of Deface365 we wish upon great passion, luck and an amazing contract!


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Samples of Deconstructive Graphic Design in

90's by Typographics Cybertype2



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Lose 5 pounds today and forever! distribute it to your friends!

The known diets express, potty or 'magic wand' that promise body model, only managed so far is to use up our nervous system, uploading our extra pounds. Is there a reliable way to permanently rid of those extra pounds quickly, but without ups and downs on the scales? There are foods that weaken Can we eat sweets without fatten? Yet "yes", she reveals nutritionist Peace Paschaleri. Allies with the right combinations, new supplements slimmer and "foods new generation", the loss of five pounds in a month does not seem more difficult. Beneficial foods

The turkey-, Parmesan and the dark chocolate containing tryptophan substance that increases serotonin, improves mood and combat depression, which leads to overeating. -Green tea helps metabolism when taken three times a day. -Cinnamon also in coffee reduces appetite for sweets. Discover what a fattens secretly When lifestyle and your diet does not justify the fat that accumulates in your body, then ask you to do some tests to measure your hormonal levels. Hormones should check the TSH, cortisol, the luteinising / follicle and testosterone. Food after 11pm? Avoid rice and potatoes after 18:00 in the afternoon, because the night will more easily converted to fat! Follow this easy secret and you will see the scales going down while eating and at night!

Hearty foods

Foods such as sugar and white flour, make us hungry faster than fiber foods such as raw vegetables or carbohydrates (whole grains without sugar), "state" the body fuller for longer. Also, the same food can satiate brute us more than when cooked. The carrot raw, for example, has a lower glycemic index than what the boiled and satiate more.

Nutritional supplements help in weight loss

For this issue we consulted the experts Paschaleri Peace, biologist specializing in nutrition & Nasia Paschaleri, dietician - nutritionist (www. Cinnamon: Improves blood glucose levels thus avoiding sweets. Spirulina: Stimulates the metabolism and acts as a multivitamin. It is advisable to avoid people with thyroid disorders. Green Tea: Reduces conversion of carbohydrates into fat. Protects against aging and free radicals. Garcinia Cambogia: Tropical plant that naturally prevents the formation of fat and reduces appetite. Rhodiola rosea: Fat Burner herb which simultaneously increases the body's resistance to stress and fatigue. Raspberry ketone (Rasberry ketone): It is believed that it helps in weight loss and fat burning. There are no clinical studies to prove this effect in humans. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid): part of sunflower oil. Recommended for reduction of localized fat and firming. It has excellent results in combination with exercise. -Before you decide to take any of these supplements, it is advisable to ask your doctor who knows your history.

Lose fat eating!

* ** * ** ** * *

Cereal bars or wholegrain bun instead of cheese, croissants, etc. Barley (eg barley flour) instead of white bread. Wholemeal pasta instead of white. Fruits like peaches, apricots, strawberries, watermelon instead of other intermediate snacks. Oil every meal instead of butter or margarine. Unsalted nuts, like 7-10 almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts instead of biscuits. Green tea instead of soft drinks. Jelly, ice cream or sorbet instead of another dessert. Frozen drink cocoa or dark chocolate instead of conventional chocolate. Cream Cheese or cheese slice low-fat instead of whole.

5 things not to hang the scales

1. Drink more water, reduced alcohol and salty. 2. Weighing not! 3. Changed your dinner. 4. Add variety in fruits and vegetables. 5. Increase the activity, eg walking, gymnastics.

Follow any combination you like, always respecting the rule "no food 2 hours before bedtime." Breakfast Decaffeinated coffee or light without sugar or milk Juice of carrot, apple or orange with parsley and celery Oat flakes with semi-skimmed milk or half-fat yogurt with one tablespoon sesame raw or one tablespoon flaxseed. Intermediate snacks 2-3 fruits (mainly apples) with peel 7-8 walnuts or 10 almonds Noon 2 times a week Brown rice + chicken or beef + vegetables with olive oil. 2 times a week Fish (x1 greasy, one time white) + salad (eggplant, zucchini, peppers or lettuce, tomato, cucumber) + lemon + olive oil + 1 slice wholemeal multigrain

2 times a week Legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans) or soy + brown rice 1 time per week Wholemeal pasta with basil + tomato sauce with olive oil Afternoon Juice: carrot, orange or apple + parsley + celery or 1 tablespoon juice birch 1 cup soy milk Night 2 times a week Omelet with 3 egg whites and one egg + salad with raw vegetables + one barley flour 2 times a week Salad with tuna or salmon or avocado 1 nut barley 2 times a week Half-fat yogurt with barley flour 1 time / week Food from noon source:

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Lose 5 pounds in 30 days!

© Edizioni Walk Over


Š Edizioni Walk Over

Styro Styrofoam is a trademarked brand of closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam currently made for thermal insulation and craft applications. It is owned and manufactured by The Dow Chemical Company. In the United States and Canada, the word styrofoam refers to expanded (not extruded) polystyrene foam, such as disposable coffee cups, coolers, or cushioning material in packaging, which are typically white and are made of expanded polystyrene beads. This is a different material from the extruded polystyrene used for Styrofoam insulation. The polystyrene foam used for craft applications, which can be identified by its roughness and by the fact that it "crunches" when cut, is moderately soluble in many organic solvents, cyanoacrylate, and the propellants and solvents of spray paint, and is not specifically identified as expanded or extruded. Another tradename for expanded polystyrene is thermacol, originated by BASF. Ηistory In 1941, researchers in Dow's Chemical Physics Lab found a way to make foamed polystyrene. Led by Ray McIntire, they "rediscovered" a method first discovered by Swedish inventorCarl Georg Munters. Dow acquired exclusive rights to use Munters' patents and found ways to make large quantities of extruded polystyrene as a closed cell foam that resists moisture.

ofoam Uses Styrofoam is composed of ninetyeight percent air, making it light weight and buoyant.[3] Because of its insulating properties and buoyancy, it was adopted in 1942 by the United States Coast Guard for use in a sixperson life raft. In 1971 a Dutch marine salvage company, Smit International, used styrofoam balls to refloat part of a wrecked bulk carrier, the London Valour. Smit succeeded in towing the wreck for about 90 miles (140 kilometres) but it then sank, spilling large amounts of Styrofoam on the surface of the sea. Styrofoam has since found a variety of uses. Dow produces Styrofoam building materials, including insulated sheathing and pipe insulation. The claimed R-value of Styrofoam insulation is five per inch. Dow also produces Styrofoam as a structural material for use by  florists and in craft products. Dow insulation Styrofoam has a distinctive blue color; Styrofoam for craft applications

is available in white and green. Styrofoam can be used under roads and other structures to prevent soil disturbances due to freezing and thawing. Environmental effects The EPA ( and International Agency for Research on Cancer ( iarc/vol82/82-07.html) have determined styrene as a possible human carcinogen. The National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research ( Styrofoam.pdf ) found 57 chemical byproducts released during the creation of Styrofoam.

"...the plastic polymers commonly used in consumer products, even as single molecules of plastic, are indigestible by any known organism. Even those single molecules must be further degraded by sunlight or slow oxidative breakdown before their constituents can be recycled into the building blocks of life. There is no data on how long such recycling takes in the ocean--some ecologists have made estimates of 500 years or more. Even more ominously, no one knows the ultimate consequences of the worldwide dispersion of plastic fragments that can concentrate the toxic chemicals already present in the world's oceans." Image: Ralph Hockens

image: David Gilford


Sherrie Thai

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Mallil Kapoyiannis

Photography: MaLLiLKapoyannis Fahion Styling: Yorgos Mesimeris Hair Styling: Christos Vourlis Make Up: Joanna Estella Pouloudi

Photography: MaLLiLKapoyannis Fashion Styling: Nikos Zanas Hair Styling: Pepe Bonjeux Make Up: Lia Apostolopoulou

You have a diploma on piano with distinction, civil engineering and finally photography. Is it about love or is it for the money in a crisis era? You cannot really go any far if you do not love what you do , but only the idea of what you can make out of it. We need money to cover our expenses, but it is a means not an end. Concerning photography, it is all about the love of beauty and creation. About working with extremely beautiful creatures and exquisite, talented individuals. How was business this year? We do live in a crisis era as you mentioned. Fortunately I keep standing and getting stronger every day. As for working hours, lots of them! Something you discovered and learned lately? Talented people who I currently work with and have learned from their creativity. Also, the things you learn through δ365 magazine are neverending. Engineering, Arts, Architecture are some of the many different themes that one can educate him/ herself on.

Studio. Models. Fashion. Was it easy in the beginning? Nothing is really hard unless you work consistenly and take it step by step. Patience and politeness is a virtue, as real people are involved and it is all about team work. Can you tell us about your favorite colaboration? In a colaboration, each team member has its own creative skills and I favor each and everyone of them. Colaborations can be different to each other, but within them exists the soul of every individual team member which is , just different, not better or worse. Color or grayscale? It depends on the mood of the shoot. Cannot say one or the other. I hate stereotypes, so I see them as equal. Things that annoy you? Not saying thanks or please. Basic stuff. Have you got a quote? Revolution is in kindness, darkness is for the herds.

Photography: MaLLiLKapoyannis Fahion Styling: Yorgos Mesimeris Hair Styling: Christos Vourlis Make Up: Joanna Estella Pouloudi

Photography: MaLLiLKapoyannis Fahion Styling: Yorgos Mesimeris Hair Styling: Christos Vourlis Make Up: Joanna Estella Pouloudi

Photography: MaLLiLKapoyannis Fahion Styling: Yorgos Mesimeris Hair Styling: Christos Vourlis Make Up: Joanna Estella Pouloudi

Photography: MaLLiLKapoyannis Fashion Styling: Natalia Panko Hair Styling: Faih Tsalta Make Up: Marina Christoula

Photography: MaLLiLKapoyannis Fashion Styling: Natalia Panko Hair Styling: Faih Tsalta

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Make Up: Marina Christoula

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