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Publishing Art & Creative Direction Editing Petros (ptrs_0) Vasiadis δeface365 ATHENS, GREECE




Things are getting mixed and progressing into areas that people always enjoy themselves. world is practicing younger, more creative and more effective or even more true experiences. artists, designers and persons of knowledge & Music are making neu tymes vol.35 the scenery of latest activities on these sections. minds, actions & dreams are been connected with everyone's opportunity to create a better future in culture producing a unique weapon of survival. the most interesting is that every presentation here is special for its offer on civilizing. have fun and don't forget to go forward to each link to explore more about each subject.

ELAFINI Music, cinema, djing, musicology

ATHINA KORDA Fashion and creations in Athens

ALDO BECCA Sound coming from Italy

BARB WIRE DOLLS The explosion of Greek Punk in USA




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elafini is a Greek expression for the little deer


Eleni Mitsiaki answers in NEu Tymes Elafini in the Clouds | Thursdays 6-8 pm | City Lights | Sundays 8-10 pm |

What's is your connection with the music generally and which relation with it is your favorite? From Piano and Composition studies in the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and Musicology studies in the Music Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki to many years of teaching and giving solo piano performances and chamber music concerts. And then dividing my time between my day job as a musicologist at the Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri” of the Athens Concert Hall (specializing in film music, aspects of popular music and connections between music, literature and mixed media and coordinating the inauguration of the first teen web radio station of the Friends of Music Society), being a music jounalist and a DJ and radio producer (at ,  and I also used to be an editor in chief for the portal and an editor for Muzine, SONIK, Project Amoeba and Pepper music magazines, the literature portal, film e-zine and music e-zine. For the last few years, I have been promoting new and noteworthy indie music, as well as film scores and soundtracks on my personal radio shows: Elafini in the Clouds and City Lights ( also featured on http://amagiradio. com web radio station and on my personal websites http://www. and (partly under construction.) My latest obsession is  dealing with the history of silent film, early films and experimental cinema, as well as contemporary practices for their musical re-scoring, by giving lectures, such as “Silent Films and Music Accompaniment” and “History of Soundtrack” and working as a music editor and compiler of silent film screen-

ings for the 2nd and 3rd Silent Film Festivals at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens, Greece (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - Robert Wiene, Nana - Jean Renoir, Mother - Vsevolod Pudovkin, The Merry Widow - Erich von Stroheim, Le Retour A La Raison Man Ray, Les mystères du château de Dé - Man Ray). Where you spend your time more, nature or urban places? Even though I’m a city child, I would be extremely happy if I could live and create surrounded by nature. A completely Wi-Fi-enabled house on the edge of a forest could be my paradise... Do you want to tell us few thoughts about the new media? New Media is my open window and my most powerful tool. It’s my way to learn, to create, to educate, to communicate, to share, to give, to promote. What it would be your favorite participation with the film industry? I’m devoted to these three parts: The love for films and film music, the love for silent films and the continuοus research and promotion of interesting avant-garde music. Trying to combine those three elements, I’m lately mesmerized by silent films and the idea of creating a audiovisual result that you couldn’t have heard back in the silent era. I’m a music compiler concerned in creating a kind of overall musical sound world for each film, rather than playing music that audiences will think was composed in the film’s era. For each scene, I select music that I feel supports the film, that enhances the emotion. I’m looking to make a consistent sound across the film, so I’m selecting music from widely different genres. Would you share with us a secret? I’m organising big and secret plans for the domination of film music! Soon to be revealed!


Aldo B

Becca Sound, visionary scaping, Italian culture, optimistic noisy intelligence including a global vision of united free system by people that can escape from themselves' economic soundscape prison. Projection of a clima that history offers in our lifes. Communication with his local art active sphere he's expanding a wealthy abstract human motion that keeps the patterns of our souls growing to love, freeing life and forgiving passions. He runs Palustre record label with all his efforts and he's always creating new events on the scene that supports the European civilizing.

"Obligated Orbitals" GD'A winner #1, 2011 Choreography: Michela Minguzzi Dance: Michela Minguzzi / Shani Militello Set: Antonio Rinaldi Costumes: Lucia "Bubilda" Nanni Sounds: Aldo Becca


Palustre Records

>C FB: My inspirations came from everything around me. From the world, the objects the music, I would like to make myself designer to help me dress women with my creations. So I have decided on plan to study fashion and to continue to discover till today. I like very much to work on a solid fabrics. I feel more free to own what I have in my mind, as well as complex it is. Nevertheless I'm getting mixed with many. My style is a little tight, a little sexy beast, a little rock, it is ... me. When you can't get back, the only thing that remains is to find the best way to go forward. wanting to live, I like it and I'm making ... now. You will find the Athena Korda in or you can get the big stuff through a visit by the atelier to see the creations and herself for real. SHORT BIO Athena Korda was born in 1980 and grew up in Athens. A slight began to 'flirt' with the fashion and to experiment with that material could be worn. In 1995 he studied fashion design and from 1998 he worked in subscription companies as an assistant women's clothing production, cutting and design clothes. The year 2005 opens its own construction company while 2011 is presenting its first collection (the report Greek designers tell a story) "This is just the beginning" signed with creations which illustrates the dynamic woman of today through its own gaze. The tone of the radially from strict lines and dark tones and colors, creating a rock disposal, thus become masters women's body. The main design goal is to formulate garments which can be redefined according to the woman who wears. The whole structure and production of clothing organized and ends in Greece. Since 2011 keeps Atelie in downtown Athens following the beat of the city. Αtelier - 4,Pitaki Str (1st fl) Psyrri- Athens Greece Tel:211.710.90.24 Mob: 6942.90.77.92 Open:12.00-18.00





New Punk Sensation" Barb Wire Dolls release debut album Slit recorded by Steve Albini, Split Vinyl Single with OFF!, & Tour US & EU "Barb Wire Dolls are the most explosive and exciting new punk band I've seen in decades!" - Mickey Leigh/ brother of the late Joey Ramone and ex-tour manager for the Ramones. Being heralded as "the most important punk invasion to the U.S. since the Sex Pistols" (PMP) and receiving the "Best Live Punk Act" award in 2012 (Indy PRN), Barb Wire Dolls have become the critics and fans new choice as leaders of today's new generation of punk bands. "Like a shot heard around the world, Barb Wire Dolls are a true-tothe-genre punk band" - Guitar World. After getting non stop airplay on Los Angeles' KROQ, Barb Wire Dolls were invited by the radio station to the U.S. for a series of concerts where they stormed L.A.'s music scene by selling out the Roxy Theatre, packing monthly residencies at the Viper Room, and attracting to their shows members of the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, L7, Flogging Molly, D Generation, Murder Junkies, and Frances Bean Cobain. Based in Los Angeles (originally from Greece), Barb Wire Dolls is a politically charged blast of high energy rock and roll that combines first wave punk, grunge, and metal riffs. With comparisons ranging from "a more punk rock Hole" to "Blondie meets the Plasmatics", the band is fronted by the wild and out spoken blond bombshell Isis Queen along with guitarist Pyn and

drummer Krash. In November of 2012 Barb Wire Dolls released their much anticipated debut album Slit recorded by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Stooges, Pixies) with three record release shows in New York City. Barb Wire Dolls since forming in 2010 have completed two coast to coast tours of America sharing the bill with TSOL, Cro Mags, Sublime lbc, Angry Samoans, Mushroomhead, Static X, and Status Quo, headlined major festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, played direct support to Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy's) and Bouncing Souls, worked with A&R mogul Tom Zutaut (Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Motley Crue), headlined two SXSW showcases, garnered a Top Ten radio hit in South America, "Punk Rock Revolution" a photo book on the band was published by Spin magazine photographer Stets, and Barb Wire Dolls graced the cover of three magazines (Punk Globe, Hollywood Weekly, and BPS). 2013 has started off with a bang with the world-wide release of a split vinyl single with OFF! (featuring Keith Morris/ex-frontman of Black Flag and Circle Jerks), another book on the band by Glenn Pine, a live dvd filmed at Tremont Music Hall, more magazine covers and tv appearances, another U.S. coast to coast headlining tour, a co-headlining U.K. tour with punk legends GBH, 999, & The Lurkers, and more European summer festival appearances.


Videos Barb Wire Dolls "Your Escape" official video Barb Wire Dolls "Revolution" live video Barb Wire Dolls "L.A." official video Barb Wire Dolls "Destroyer Boy" live in New York City

Music Stream on SoundCloud Full Album Stream for the Music Industry

image: Bill Ebert

Quotes "There is a punk band from Greece called Barb Wire Dolls. They moved to LA a couple of years ago and they are talking a lot about the occupy movement and the corporate greed on Wall Street and the destruction of our freedoms and liberties. Greece is in a really bad situation so they are speaking from the heart and the singer, Isis Queen has a lot to say on the subject. A kind of a new, young, punk rock band that I kind of like because they’re really outspoken and they’re really trying to be true to punk rock. True to punk rock attitude. You know, being like real rebels. Greece is in really bad shape, so they know what they’re talking about and they’re not just doing it to get attention. They really mean it. There’s a lot of really really really great music out in the world." - Stephen DePace/FLIPPER “As the world is experiencing a new punk rock renaissance, one punk band in particular has taken the city of Los Angeles by storm. There is a raw energy to their performances that make you want to sit up and pay attention to what they are saying, because for them, it’s not just about music. It’s about all aspects of existence. Their music carries a message, much like the anarchy of the Sex Pistols, but without the “no future for you” aspect of it. They preach free love and free-

dom to do what they want without being harnessed by society and ancient moral limitations.” – Teddie Dahlin (Sid Vicious’ ex-girlfriend)/MUDKISS FANZINE (UK) "In the late 70′s Joe Strummer wanted a riot of his own. In the 80′s Henry Rollins promised us we would rise above. Later in the 90′s NY street punks like The Casualties encouraged us to believe that “Tomorrow belongs to us.” Today, as many are plugged into a hologram prison of false reality, we have the Barb Wire Dolls, creating the architecture of the militant battle cry for your escape. Isis Queen is pure operatic cataclysmic liberation. Her appeal is sexy and savage together in one identity. It would almost be as if you took the “dolled up” sex appeal of Debbie Harry (Blondie) and combined that with the sexual savagery of Wendy O Williams (Plasmatics), giving you what Isis Queen delivers on stage." - WALK THE PLANK magazine / New York City “Who says punk is dead? Not Barb Wire Dolls, the Greek girl-fronted “street rock” band that is cranking up Los Angeles. Tune in to KROQ, the world-famous Los Angeles radio station that launched the careers of bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and you’ll catch their single “Califor-

nia” which has been on the playlist for well over twenty weeks–and counting. DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, an arbiter of rock tastes who has helped the public discover bands from The Clash and Blondie to Nirvana and Coldplay, says the band is “really good” and pronounced the song “a hit”. – ODYSSEY MAGAZINE “Greek rockers “Barb Wire Dolls” are storming through the Hollywood scene, leaving a trail of rock-n-roll devastation in their wake. (Barb Wire Dolls) throw down the gauntlet to today’s pre-fab rebellion, pointing a middle finger where it so clearly belongs.” – BLANK TV "Punk’s not dead and it never went away. It has been pushed underground for decades by the media because it speaks of the truth and exposes hypocrisy, but with the political climate of the world rapidly changing, a new female oriented punk resurgence has created a movement across the globe. One band in particular is shaking things up with their debut album. Hailing from the birthplace of Democracy, Barb Wire Dolls is a politically charged female-fronted Punk trio from Greece that combines the furious raw elements of first wave punk and grunge rock into a modern melodic sound that decimates hearts and minds." - FIXE MAGAZINE "Some of the best punk rock since the Ramones!" - Christopher Stets/SPIN magazine photographer

“Where did the music go? In a time of transparent music and artists, one could say music sucks. In my opinion, it does! What does not suck, is the new movement peeking its head out in Southern California called, “the Street Generation”. I have not seen a band with such drive and confidence in a long time. No matter what stage they stand on, they play as if there are 10,000 people in front of them. Barb Wire Dolls are leading the Street Generation into battle. Confronting a scene that many would have considered dead and stale until they got here.” – PANCAKES AND PUNK “There are plenty of bands playing the Sunset Strip every night but no band has had such an impact as quickly as the Barb Wire Dolls have had on the scene in recent times.” – THE VIPER ROOM “This is just what the world needs now, a good girl-fronted punk band” – Charlotte Cooper/bassist THE SUBWAYS “This band is really good!” – RODNEY BINGENHEIMER (RODNEY ON THE ROQ/KROQ) “Barb Wire Dolls could become huge, they are kinda like a girl-fronted Green Day” – Michael McDermott/ drummer BOUNCING SOULS “Barb Wire Dolls are the real fucking deal! The most excited I’ve been about music in 15 years!” – BRYAN CARL-

STROM/producer (Offspring, Alice In Chains, Social Distortion, Anthrax, PIL, Billy Idol) “Grecian imports the Barb Wire Dolls have taken The Sunset Strip by storm, building an exponential word of mouth buzz after their stunning debut performance at The Roxy Theatre.” – THE ROXY THEATRE “Barb Wire Dolls, a female-fronted punk band from Greece, have caused quite a buzz in L.A. since moving here in 2010. Lead singer Isis Queen is one half Wendy O. Williams, one half Brody Dalle and all attitude. They’ve played the Punk Rock Picnic and opened for the Bouncing Souls. They’ve appeared on the cover of Punk Globe, and Rodney Bingenheimer has played their music on his show. That’s not bad for a band that was living in a commune in Greece a year ago. The band’s ballsy performances and in-your-face marketing campaign may be a bit much for people used to mopey indie bands, but true rockers will appreciate it.” – THE SLUMS OF HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD “The sexiest band alive!” – REBEL MUSIC TV “They are hitting Los Angeles with a powerful force. And they have only just begun to unleash their immense talent… Look Out America.. Here come the Barb Wire Dolls….” – PUNK GLOBE MAGAZINE “There is a buzz on the streets of L.A.,

it’s loud, it’s nasty and it’s hitting the region like a tornado. The music they played was so refreshing and full of an energy the Punk scene needs desperately.” – BIG WHEEL MAGAZINE “This band is breaking audiences out of zombiehood with electrifying live shows. Raw, wild, loud, and very R-rated sexy.” – BIKER NOTES “For 16 consecutive weeks and counting, Rodney on the Roq has been playing Barb Wire Dolls music on KROQ. He has declared them as “really good” and has said their song “California” is a hit. Rodney Bingenheimer has been instrumental in launching careers of such bands as The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash, Blondie, Nirvana and numerous other popular ‘take it to the street’ rock bands.” – HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY MAGAZINE “Punk Rock Goddess and the coolest fucking band I’ve seen in over 20 years! Thank god they are here to put things straight! Barb Wire Dolls are going to take over the world. The world needs their music and attitude. Everything is so lame and boring and these punks are a breath of fresh air. Take it from me, I’ve been around and experienced and lived all the scenes from the past 30 years from London to Seattle. I feel the change and it’s called Barb Wire Dolls! They are the next fucking Nirvana!” – DAINTY SEVENTY SEVEN

image: Spin


image: Daniel Messemer

image: Daniel J Reyes

Cre Deco Liv

eate orate ve

Human beings are central to the environment in which they live and this environment can influence their feelings and actions. An interior of any kind, private or public - museum, hospital, office, airport, station - permanent or temporary, is always a complexity of elements that contribute to the quality of private life and human relationships. In recent years the design of interior space has acquired a fundamental role in defining the functional and cultural quality of contemporary cities. The dimension of space and furnishing elements, the technical and expressive management of light, of colour, of sound and micro-climate are the elements that an interior designer have to shape and compose today. Such necessities change rapidly and often call for innovative, flexible environmental products. The fair imm Cologne in Germany, the first international show and a highlight for the furniture and interior design sector, is about to close its doors on the 20th of January 2013. Here each year the major brands and trend-setters from all over the world present their new products and concepts to visitors personally. The new event LivingInteriors is where complete worlds of interior design are created and presented. Designed as a life style event it aims to respond to the new emphasis on the holistic home interior and to the development of the market. In these installations besides furnishing, products from the bathroom, flooring, wallcovering and lighting segments are

Das Haus

presented within the overall context of home interiors. This year imm cologne chose the award-winning industrial designer Luca Nichetto from Italy as the guest of honor to fulfill his vision of home in the project “Das Haus (The House)- Interiors on Stage 2013”, which has been designed using natural materials and colors and provide the setting for the furnishings and a collection of products most of which are his own designs. According to design-thought leader David Carlson, Nichetto compares his “Das Haus” with a small planet where the living room becomes as important as the Amazon rainforest is for the Earth, due to his interest in sustainable design. This is exactly where Nichetto starts designing his “Das Haus” from – a house that is almost entirely made up of semi-enclosed walls and large windows, so as to emphasize the concept of merging the “inside” with the “outside”. That is nature entering the home. The living room, located in the centre of the house, is the “green heart” of “Das Haus”. All the other rooms are connected with this “heart” that turns the house into a totally eco-friendly environment. Here the entire living area is surrounded by the nature, which marks off the space by becoming the wall. A selection of plants, designed to best suit each environment, was made to fill the various rooms with its invigorating presence. As Luca Nichetto says, “I wanted to be able to create the atmosphere of connection to nature while fostering

imm cologne

a sense of intimacy at the same time. I want to live in a modern home, but I also want to feel at home�. Lastly, designing an interior means starting with the outer shell and working within it, operating not only on its furnishing systems and settings, but also on the entire range of components that make space culturally and functionally inhabitable. Here the challenge is to direct and co-ordinate the design of space and its functions, as well as the relationship between space and user. Therefore, we need designers who are able to critically and creatively interpret new social and individual needs that occur in the great universe of internal (and external) space in contemporary cities. Alexandra Velnidou Production & Management Engineer

p.s. If you are still hungry for decoration I suggest visiting on web the Greek Architectural & Design Showroom 2nd Floor based in Thessaloniki. Links: imm cologne - Luca Nichetto - David Carlson - 2nd Floor -


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