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What is ? HYDROBox it’s innovative, patented solution helps fully enjoy beauty of plants HYDROBox, due to patented structure keeps water, which is gradually absorb by plants. It’s easier to have home and garden vegetation in a good condition even during droughts or vacations. HYDROBox due to continuous watering ensure optimum plants growth

Po co jest ? Basic task for HYDROBox is – To ensure water during planting – To ensure water during plant growth – To ensure water during droughts or when you are away – Can be taken out if necessary

How works? HYDROBox is able to keep water in a soil Roots freely can grow inside the HYDROBox’u Plants can absorb up to 95% of water from the HYDROBox The process of keeping and uptake of water can take place many times Construction of HYDROBox ensure space for free swelling of superabsorbent (SAP)

What gives you


Deliver water just when is is needed Provide water exactly where is needed Plant decides its self when and how much of water to uptake Gradually provides water when there is not enough of water in soil

How SAP works? 1g of SAP can absorb up to 300g of water During swelling SAP increase its volume even 300 times To swell so many times SAP needs space In soil there is no such space That is why SAP in soil can not swell freely In HYDROBox SAP has space to swell freely (and to absorb water)



Higher percentage of adopted plants after planting Faster develop of plants and roots Higher resistance for deficiency of water in soil Reduced number of watering / irrigations Stored water does not evaporate in practise



Reduction of water use Reduction of fertilizers use More spare time Higher efficiency of cultivation – bigger and more beautiful plants Simplification of transport and exposition of vegetation

Simple construction Easy to install High efficiency



after vegetation season

Roots growing though SAP particles inside

Examples of plants with and without geocomposites

Brunera wielkolistna Brunnera macrophylla

without HYDROBox

Bergenia mieszańcowa Bergenia hybrida

with HYDROBox

Perennials during vegetation season with and without

Tawułka Astilbe cv

without HYDROBox

with HYDROBox

Bonsai trees with and without without HYDROBox


after two weeks

after three weeks

with HYDROBox

Chryzanthemum without




Garden with

after instalation

after 4 months

in cultivation of strawberries

Apple tree orchard

in city park


without HYDROBox

with HYDROBox


with HYDROBox

and Azalea condition No. 4, 5 without HYDROBox No. 6

with HYDROBox


Potted plants

Garden plants

Greenery in city

Bonsai trees

Green /vertical walls

Green barriers

Nursery production

Transport and exposure

Production of strawberries, raspberries, grapes, currants, etc..

What to look for?

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Hydrobox Presentation  

Hydrobox Presentation