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Amidst the distracting and fast moving political events that are currently underway my sole contribution to the festival programme is proving even harder to write than usual. It’s all proving exhausting. So I’ve decided that a more traditional programme introduction might be called for – highlighting the delights in store for you this year in the hope that you leave Baldersby Park with a sense that there are many things in the world that transcend the many divisions that the referendum has laid bare. So, a couple of new elements have been added to the Deer Shed mix. The first is a brand new Sport Arena on Queen Marys School’s expansive front lawn. Open early on Friday before the main arena cranks up we hope all the family will enjoy the chance to run about on a surface that is much more even than the rest of the park. Many thanks to head Carole for her ongoing support of our event, it is much appreciated. The next new thing, in support of our theme, is that we are shooting a movie over the weekend! The trailer has been released and over 40 of you have auditioned for the main roles which is a fantastic response! It is quite an ambitious project to say the least but it has been, and continues to be, enormous fun! There are many opportunities to be in this production (please go to page 57 to find out more) and we owe an enormous thank you to director Yann Secouet and his amazing team of professionals who have all given their time to make possible what might be a first – a film shot at a music festival where any of you can be in the cast – what could go wrong? ;) So as well as those two new things we have the usual mix of music, arts, science, spoken word, comedy, cabaret and literary content. We hope you catch all that you wish to see, there are too many amazing performers to mention here.

Close to my heart is our spoken word headline act – a panel hosted by The Guardian’s Dave Simpson with the title The North Will Rise Again? A discussion on the cultural differences and struggles (perhaps) between the North and South of England. See page 47 for details of our expert panellists. We are looking forward to this very much. Finally, Kate and I would like to thank all our team, friends, and family who continue to work so hard to make it a special weekend for everyone. If you are staying over on Sunday night please come and join us all for Andy Kershaw’s African, Caribbean & Latin Dance Night which last year proved to be the perfect end to the weekend. Oliver x 1










Everything Everything






Field Music







8.30pm–9.30pm Join the Conversation with #DeerShed7



Morrissey & Marshall


Patch & The Giant Hide & Seek Takeover 2

Actor is the alter-ego of Louisa Osborn, a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Leeds. Together with producer Chris Mulligan and drummer Ste Anderson, she creates incredibly refreshing alternative pop. There’s definitely a buzz around this fiercely independent and sassy young lady. She recently played her first ever headline gig at Headrow House in Leeds, following the release of her single Girls Do which was premiered by Radio 1’s Huw Stephens to much acclaim. Acclaim given to it not only because of its pulsating beat and ingenious pop effects, not only because Actor can’t half belt out a tune, but because the bitingly clever lyrics reflect Actor’s own views on sexism in the music industry. This is a theme throughout her work so far and has led her to create nights at venues promoting female artists to help the cause. PRS gave her a prestigious Women Make Music Award for her work.

8.40pm–9.30pm 10pm–2.30am

Look out for our social media team, camera crew, and photographers who will be out and about all weekend taking photos and recording the event. If you object to having your photo taken, please let them know.

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IN THE DOCK STAGE 4.45pm–5.20pm Lusts are brothers Andy and James Stone from Leicester. They make wonderful shoegazey, catchy indie tunes with driving, hypnotic rhythms that conjure up all kinds of early nineties indie treats. Echo and the Bunnymen, New Order and a smattering of Oasis all play a part in this duo’s musical palette. The siblings first decided to form a band after spending time in Paris chasing the shadows of artistic giants such as Oscar Wilde. For inspiration, James bought Andy a copy of French poet, Rimbaud’s Illuminations, but mistakenly picked up the French copy, rather than the English translation. This inspired them to write about what they thought the book might be about. Fast-forward a few months and that innocent mistake becomes their cracking debut album, Illuminations. As Andy admits “One of the good things about being brothers is that it doesn’t matter so much when one of us does something ****ing weird, it can spark something off”.




FRONTEERS MAIN STAGE 5.30pm–6.20pm These four guys are cooking up some seriously joyful sounds that evoke those deliciously addictive tunes from The La’s and early Oasis, before it all went a bit laddish Britpop. Hailing from Hull, this band’s jangly guitars and impeccably clean vocals, which harmonise one moment and blend to become one the next (a bit Lennon and McCartney if I dare venture into Beatles comparisons), bring a smile to your face and a tap to your toe. Their musicianship makes them stand out from the crowd and it’s not just us saying it. Despite being a band for little over a year and fresh out of their teens, they’ve already been picked up by BBC Introducing and released their third single, Idol, in Spring. NME describe them as the “hottest thing in Hull” and were selected to play at a special NME Awards gig where they supported Pretty Vicious.

MAHALIA LODGE STAGE 4.45pm–5.20pm Mahalia is a gifted, young, singer/songwriter that has accomplished more at eighteen than most artists can hope to achieve in an entire career. She was signed to a record label by the age of thirteen, and had collaborated and supported Ed Sheeran by fourteen. Then things go quiet for this soulful singer, as she paused to study and take her GCSEs. At the start of college Mahalia began working with Rudimental, a positive experience for both, that resulted in her writing a song for his album. Since then she’s appeared on Jools Holland and released her second EP, Never Change. She’s authentic, thoughtful and passionate with a beautiful, resonant voice that digs deep into your soul.




JESS MORGAN OBELISK STAGE 6.25pm–6.55pm Singer/songwriter Jess Morgan is inspired by folk storytellers such as the legendary, Nancy Griffiths. However, she’s quick to add that she likes to mix in a bit of upfront Britishness, a la Billy Bragg. This combination turns out country-folk ballads that are acutely observed and beautifully delivered. With her chosen topics of cover travel, people, history and love, Jess is an artist you’ll want to discover when a moment of calm and solitude might be in order. She will rebalance and regroup you before the need to refocus comes along. Gorgeous stuff.



WHITE IN THE DOCK STAGE 6.30pm–7.20pm This five-piece from Glasgow are busy energising the music scene in Scotland. Not since Franz Ferdinand have critics and fans been this excited about a new band. Their heady reformatted version of post punk pop is really rather exciting. There’s absolutely no hiding from the fact that the funk of the 70’s and the early 80’s is their starting point, in fact the band says “Our whole approach is about making a bridge from the 70’s via the early 80’s to today.” The theatrical croonings of singer, Leo Condie, echo Bowie’s distinct half sing/half say style. The relentless, pulsating electronic beats and funky bassline take care of the rest, but with clever up-to-date additions that just elevate their music to another more contemporary level. They are currently half way through a huge number of dates across the UK and Europe, including a summer-long residency at London’s Lexington venue. Be warned, these guys are going places….

GWENNO LODGE STAGE 6.30pm–7.20pm When talents were handed out, Gwenno must have queued up several times. She writes music, plays music, dances and is fluent in both Cornish and Welsh (as well as English). Not only that, she has done all these things (sometimes all at the same time) with happy, rapturous, paying audiences looking on – unbelievable. Right here, right now she’s a solo artist, dishing up some rather tasty electro pop delights. Blissed out, soporific beats topped with Gwenno’s honeyed, breathy vocals singing in Welsh, is blow-you-away stuff. Don’t just take our word for it though, her debut album released through Heavenly Records, Y Dydd Olaf, gained her the 2015 Welsh Music Prize. Gwenno is the true definition of ‘unique talent’ and it will be a sorry thing if you miss her.






MORRISSEY & MARSHALL OBELISK STAGE 7.25pm–8.10pm This harmonising duo hail from Dublin but decided to move to London four years ago to find their fortune...or at least a recording contract. Well, they’ve not done too badly, considering their first few months in the capital saw them busking outside banks to pay for their food. They say fortune favours the brave and lady luck came knocking when Morrissey & Marshall happened to be harmonising in a pub in London. A member of The Magic Numbers was having a pint with a friend, heard what he liked and asked the pair to join them on tour. They also caught the attention of legendary producer, John Reynolds, who now manages them. As you can imagine they get compared to Simon & Garfunkel and The Everly Brothers. Whilst, yes, it’s a style of singing you haven’t heard recently, Marshall & Morrissey are very different, mostly because those legendary harmonisers were doing it decades ago and these two are writing songs in the here and now – brilliant, relevant, emotion-rousing songs.

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LONELADY MAIN STAGE 7.30pm–8.20pm Lonelady is a solo artist and all round fascinating woman, Julie Campbell. She started composing music in 2007 whilst completing a Fine Art degree in her hometown of Manchester. Too shy and uncertain of her musical talents, she bought a 4-track cassette recorder rather than pull together a backing band. Here began what’s become her trademark economy of sound and her hyperinventiveness with those limitations. Post-punk vibes permeate her work with a strong dance and funk groove ensuring you don’t sit still for long when listening to her latest album, Hinterland. The Quietus called it “a masterpiece” and all four singles released from it went straight onto 6Music’s ‘A’ playlist. She’s also bagged herself a nomination for Sky Arts Best Breakthrough Act in the process. People are getting very excited about this lady and her genrebusting music. Yet, there is more…she shies away from recording in a regular studio, preferring the open, rundown spaces of old factories and mills that she once occupied as a fine artist, or the confined, cell-like space of her tower block apartment. These places litter her own personal landscapes and are the inspiration behind Hinterland. Surprisingly the end result isn’t an industrial, brutal and isolating piece of music. It’s a magnificent, vibrant work with fabulous vintage synths and gripping grooves with just enough 80’s juice to know you’re there, but not enough to warrant getting your neon leg warmers on.






FIELD MUSIC IN THE DOCK STAGE 8.30pm–9.30pm Field Music – aka Sunderland brothers, David and Peter Brewis – formed in 2004 and have racked up five albums since their conception, their latest being Commontime which was released earlier this year. Read any review or write up of these guys and descriptions like ‘art-rock’, ‘progressive’, ‘highbrow’ and ‘anti-fashion stance’ get thrown at you; all stuff that can frighten the heebie-jeebies out of your average music lover. They are essentially clever people making clever music. The time signatures are odd and choruses are jerky but it’s all well-crafted and easy on the ear, in a Peter Gabriel/XTC sort of way. The bottom line is they are a delight to listen to and a real stand out band. It’s four years since their last album – and four years since they played at Deer Shed – and much has happened since then, most notably that both brothers have become fathers. This is shared and expressed tenderly in their new material. “I’m sorry if I’m ever short with you,” David sings to his wife on Stay Awake. It just makes you love them more.

Leeds rock band, Eagulls, will never be the band that you struggle to remember at the end of a festival. They are a rip-it-up and throw-it-at-you type of group that will leave your senses in tatters – though having had a jolly good work out, at the very least. After the release of their self-titled debut album in 2014, things went meteoric for these five guys. Suddenly they found themselves NME prize-winners, flying to the US to appear on the David Letterman Show, and stealing the limelight from Hollywood guest, Bill Murray. Their music is dark, urgent and intense – brooding guitar riffs and screamed out vocals characterise their sound and reflect their thoughts and opinions on modern life. Singer George Mitchell is very Robert Smith at times; his voice echoing the 80s icon with eerie precision. Their second album, Ullages, (an anagram of Eagulls) sees the band developing and extending their sound. A shade more reflective and a shade less adrenalin-pumped – leaving the listener with more to sink their teeth into, greater depths to explore… if you have the stamina, that is!




Patch & The Giant are also playing on the Obelisk stage, Saturday, 10.45pm.

Forging a great name for themselves on the alt-folk scene are Patch & the Giant; a five-piece, multi-instrumentalist group from London. Their rustic, folk roots loveliness shines through all that they do – and they’ve been doing a lot. Back in 2013, they released their debut EP, The Boatswain Refuge, which was produced by BBC Folk Award winner, Ben Walker. The following year saw them hitting the road and performing an incredible fourteen festivals that summer. This led to some live on-air sessions, the highlight being performing for BBC Radio 2 Country Legend, Bob Harris. This year is the culmination of that hard work as they head to the studio with producer Nick Trepka (Emmy The Great and Mercury Prize winner, Speech Debelle) to complete their debut album, as well as setting out on their debut headline tour of Europe. Catch them while you can.

EVERYTHING EVERYTHING MAIN STAGE 9.40pm–10.55pm Could you wish for a better finale to a festival’s opening night? The excitement that these four men create is palpable. Putting the media frenzy they cause to one side for the moment, their music alone evokes an excited agitation that you just can’t ignore. You might not be able to label their music easily, but there’s no doubting the presence it makes. This quartet is three albums into its career with a style of music that is generally agreed by all to kick genres into touch. The band themselves say they are a rock band first and foremost, but it’s when you start adding the other musical influences that things start to unravel in the heads of music purists everywhere. RnB, electronica, progressive rock and a good smattering of pop all add into the mix, with complicated rhythms and twisted beats to boot. Nirvana, Radiohead, The Beatles, Destiny’s Child and R. Kelly are cited as some of the band’s key influences. Bassist, Jeremy Pritchard said from the outset they wanted “to avoid clichés expected of white men with guitars from Manchester.”…well, they’ve certainly accomplished that.



Sometimes it’s a bit weird; sometimes the hooks are so addictively pop, you’re almost embarrassed to be singing them; but it’s all ‘yes, here we go again’ exciting. This is not always what we get from music – and sometimes it’s not always what we want – but Everything Everything stir up feelings and emotions that few artists ever achieve. With three Ivor Novello nominations and a place on the Mercury Music Prize shortlist, their heady mix of styles with some clever and insightful lyrics mean they are to be taken very seriously. How do they live up to playing live? Well, that excitement spills over to the stage where these guys perform with such confidence that you’d think they’d been doing it for years and years. They look like they’re having such fun doing it that you’ll be swept up in the hype. Watch out for lead singer Jonathan Pritchard, one reviewer described him as ‘a psychedelic priest’ in his long, illuminating robe. That would be a sermon worth listening to….





OBELISK STAGE 10pm–2.30am


GALAXIANS Galaxians are a dance act from Leeds, the pair got together in 2012 and things have been set for a meteoric rise ever since. Taking their cues from classic labels such as SAM, TRAX and Street Sounds and producers such as Leroy Burgess and John Morales, Galaxians fuse 80s drum machine sounds with acoustic drums and analog synths played live. As a result their live shows have earned them a reputation for being a true dance spectacle, leaving you both exhilarated and elated with the soulful energy of it all. This year things are changing for founder members, Jed and Matt, as they take on a full time vocalist. Emma Mason is a friend as well as a darn good singer and when things went so well in the studio, they realised it was a talent they needed to have on tap. You can hear Emma’s handiwork on their forthcoming debut album, Let The Rhythm In.

Post War Glamour Girls are a post-punk indie outfit from Leeds, formed in late 2010. Heavy hitting and dry witted, they create songs which swell up and boil over into brooding, thumping masterpieces reminiscent of Tom Waits, Grinderman and Joy Division. Clearly fans of punk poet, John Cooper Clarke (they’re named after one of his poems), singer and songwriter James Smith picks up Clarke’s baton to bring us lyrics that observe, question and expose society and morality for what it is. But that’s just the start of it… Accompanying those hard-hitting realities is an equally hard-hitting musical backdrop. Smith has an amazing voice; a baritone with a resonance that makes your chest vibrate, but then he breaks into what can only be described as a raging growl. Alongside is perched his bandmate’s sweet backing vocals, a perfect contrast to the well-crafted assault happening to your ears. It’s indie, it’s punk, it’s thrash, it’s metal, it’s even pop on occasion. It’s all going on, but in a good way. However, if you’re waiting for the ‘stripped back slow one’ to come along, think again.




Truax is an American singer, musician, inventor and multi-media artist – and probably one of the most imaginative characters on the pop music fringe. Since the start of the century, Thomas has been travelling the world performing with his own array of self-made instruments including a motorized drum machine made of bike wheels (Mother Superior) and a pimped-up Dr Seuss-ian Gramophone (The Hornicator) as well as a regular guitar, just to keep things real. Truax crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology and a lifelong obsession with things lunar. Notable supporters and collaborators include Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley, Amanda Palmer and the late, Terry Pratchett.

MAIN STAGE Declan McKenna


Cattle and Cane


Misty Miller


Rae Morris


Steve Mason


Richard Hawley






Tuff Love


Emma Pollock


Boxed In




Anna Calvi


Marconi Union


LODGE STAGE Amber Arcades


Plastic Mermaids


Holly Macve


Meilyr Jones


This Is The Kit


C Duncan

FEWS are three Swedes and an American, based in both Gothenburg and Malmo in Sweden. Founding members, Fred and Dave forged a musical bond, either side of the Atlantic via MySpace. They communicated online for 5 years before turning their virtual dreams into a reality. As dreams coming true go, they’re doing pretty well. Producer Dan Carey (Bats For Lashes, The Kills) heard what he liked of this new band and has taken them under his wing – collaborating on their single, Ill, last year, and also producing their recently released debut album, Means. Their music has stomping, propulsive rhythms, screaming vocals and guitar reverb aplenty. In fact when asked what they would grab first if their tour bus burst into flames, their pedals came a close second after their vodka!

Join the Conversation with #DeerShed7



Steven James Adams


Cristobal and The Sea


Patch & The Giant

IN THE DOCK STAGE 11.10am–11.40am



Amber Arcades


8.30pm–9.30pm 10.45pm–11.45pm

Look out for our social media team, camera crew, and photographers who will be out and about all weekend taking photos and recording the event. If you object to having your photo taken, please let them know.

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AMBER ARCADES LODGE STAGE 11.10am–11.40am Amber Arcades is the musical project of Dutch singer/ songwriter, Annelotte de Graaf. She started writing about five years ago and this first foray into music produced a collection of soft-voiced, melancholic folk ballads. Not content with sticking to the safe and sweet confines of folk music, she sought out new horizons and hooked up with New York based producer Ben Greenberg last year. The result is an album called Fading Lines that is as dreamy and esoteric as it is gripping. Immerse yourself in floating pop melodies over a mixture of kraut-inspired drums, cutting guitars and fuzzed-out organs.

Amber Arcades are also playing on the Obelisk stage, Saturday, 8.30pm.




This duo comes from Glasgow and they write dazzling, sun-streaked guitar pop songs with mesmerising lyrics, heart-wrenching vocals and dreamy melodies like the sound of pure summer. They make all their music in singer and bassist, Suse’s flat, self-engineering and self-producing everything. Tuff Love have an army of supporters who love their fuzz pop revivalist stance. BBC Introducing have lapped them up, as have pretty much the full schedule of DJs on 6Music. The Guardian called them ‘delicious’ and NME offered yet more praise. Perhaps their most significant fan is Scottish folk popster, Paolo Nutini, who invited them to perform with him last summer at Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park. Their album Resort was released earlier this year.

MAIN STAGE 11.50am–12.35pm Seventeen-year-old Declan McKenna won Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition last year. It was at that point that everything went a bit crazy for this talented teenager. Not only was he suddenly £5k better off, but he got to perform on Glastonbury’s main stage, picked up a management contract, was told by the NME that he was ‘one of the most sought after acts’ and had forty record companies vying for his signature. Is it any wonder he had to leave school and continue his studies online? Why the buzz? Well, Declan stands out from the other floppy-haired, cute-looking wanabees, not just because he can craft a good song but because his subject matter is a little more thought-provoking. His debut, self-released, single Brazil is a critique on FIFA and how Brazil came to host the World Cup. His most recent release, Paracetamol tells the tale of how transgender teenagers are misrepresented in the media. Not your usual pop teen fodder, you’ll admit. He’s by no means a polished product, but equally he’s by no means a one-hit wonderboy. He played at Radio 1’s Big Weekend a couple of months ago, has already done some live dates in North America and has a summer of festivals lined up – all before his eighteenth birthday!


PLASTIC MERMAIDS LODGE STAGE 12.45pm–1.30pm On the release of their debut EP, Drømtorp, Q Magazine described this five-piece band from the Isle of Wight as sounding “like Mercury Rev going on a road trip with The Flaming Lips”. A comparison that many bands would give their right leg for, I’m sure you’ll agree? What came next was BBC Introducing, support from 6Music’s Edith Bowman, and a follow up EP, Inhale the Universe, last December. This release was praised for its orchestral moods, fantasy arrangements, and extra-terrestrial sounds. The quintet have a string of headline gigs under their belt, building a hunger amongst fans for more shows as they become known for their eye-catching, handmade, stage production – lasers, projections, film clips, even string sections and choirs appear on occasion. The group love the theatre of performance so much that last year, at their hometown Bestival show they blew (quite literally) their entire fee on a massive confetti canon to shower the audience as their finale!

Quite literally back by popular demand, this merry band of Teesside siblings (and Tom), continue to whip audiences up into a pogo-ing, arm-pumping frenzy, that we can’t get enough of. Their music is full of heartfelt, soaring melodies and possesses a timeless quality that we all need in our lives. Last year their ever-swelling ranks of fans were eagerly waiting for the release of Cattle and Cane’s debut album. Well, we are happy to announce Home landed and was received with all the warmth and celebration it deserved: a fabulous collection of their story so far. The good news just keeps on coming, as the band announced via Facebook in May that they were on their way to Belgium to start work on album number two.






Singer/songwriter Emma Pollock was a founding member of acclaimed Scottish band, The Delgados. Since the amicable split of the band a decade ago, Pollock has been going it alone. This has involved collaborating with other musicians and bands, such as The Burns Unit and The Fruit Tree Foundation, as well as writing and recording her own material. To date, she has released three solo albums, the most recent of which, In Search Of Harperfield, came out in January and is inspired and influenced by her family history and the passing of her mother. Former Delgado and fellow founder member (and Pollock’s husband), Paul Savage helped with the making of this album, adding beautiful arrangements to the range of emotions that Pollock stirs up lyrically and vocally. Poignant and moving stuff, made all the more engaging by the touches of light and warmth hidden within Pollock’s work.




MAIN STAGE 3.30pm–4.15pm

HOLLY MACVE LODGE STAGE 2.35pm–3.20pm Holly Macve is currently a bit of a mystery. On the back of a bedroom demo, the Yorkshire-born singer was asked to play at The Great Escape in Brighton last year. There she landed a deal with Bella Union’s Simon Raymonde after he witnessed a beery room of boys fall silent after hearing her first few notes. She looks like a country singer who’s travelled to us via Paris Fashion Week – long, bleached blonde hair, red blood lips and cowboy-style hat, yet all finished off with a fur coat or co-ordinated silk shirt. In fact, she sounds like a country singer who’s travelled via Paris too. There’s a definite twang and drawl in her voice – like she’s had a few after losing her true love – but it has a touch of sultriness and confidence of a person you might imagine sitting over the table from Simone de Beauvoir smoking Gauloises on a few occasions. Her voice is haunting, almost bewitching – you won’t forget it, that’s for sure. John Grant certainly didn’t, inviting her to support his UK tour five minutes after hearing her open her mouth. What we do know is that she grew up listening to old blues, country and jazz with a dollop of Dylan and Cohen too, which is an exciting musical palette to start your career with. The release of her debut album later this year will no doubt reveal more….



MISTY MILLER There are few artists that have released a second album by the age of twenty-one, but even fewer that have already reinvented themselves in the process. At sixteen Misty was a cute, curly blonde singer/ songwriter famed for her amazing ukulele playing skills. The Guardian pitched her between Lily Allen and Laura Marling. You only need to glance at her current publicity shots, to see that much water has passed under the musical bridge in the intervening years. Tattooed; lashings of black eyeliner; straight, black Emo-esque hair and a diet of Patti Smith and Lou Reed have transformed this talented young lady into a grunge pop sensation. She’s clearly found her groove, but don’t be lulled into thinking that’s she’s now found herself. At a recent interview she admitted that the material she’s beginning to work on for her next album is different again from her latest release, The Whole Family Is Worried. But right here and now we’re happy where she is, as grunge pop doesn’t get much better.


BOXED IN IN THE DOCK STAGE 4.25pm–5.10pm Oli Baynston is the clever mind behind Boxed In. After seven years of touring with a Manchester band, Oli decided to move south to find an antidote to the relentless performing of the same twelve songs every night. That antidote began in 2011 when he became assistant to Dan Carey (now of Speedy Wunderground fame) and gained momentum when he moved into his own studio in Hackney and began writing and producing his own stuff, as well as a smattering of work for other people. He released his self-titled, debut album at the beginning of last year. Full of electronica delights and piano-led dance riffs, Baynston’s heady mix of quirky house music and impressive songwriting will, as NME puts it, “enhance your life”.


RHAIN MEILYR JONES LODGE STAGE 4.25pm–5.10pm It’s been three years since Meilyr Jones’ band, Race Horses, split. He’s returned as a solo artist and a rather good one at that. Not one to be constrained by styles or instruments, he’s openly stated he doesn’t like the idea of (or feel the need for) a theme to make an album complete. Jones operates more on the premise that if he fancies trying something, he’ll just give it a go and see what happens. What happens is an incredibly interesting and musically alive debut solo album which goes by the name of 2013. Called so because, quite simply, 2013 was the year when he wrote this collection of songs. They are mostly inspired by the time spent in Rome after Race Horses broke up but he also includes what he calls ‘field recordings’; these are essentially recordings done in different places at different times, when the mood or inspiration strikes. On 2013, this includes an old Italian lady reading a poem and Jones performing karaoke. Jones’ music is often described as chamber pop – lots of orchestral arrangements embedded into an indie foundation. However, there’s never a hint of a theme even within the orchestration – harpsichord, strings, piano, trumpet all taking the lead at some and all laced together with Jones distinct warbling tenor voice.


OBELISK STAGE 5.20pm–5.45pm



Rhain is considered a bit of a hidden gem, but given the number of people calling her that, the likelihood she’ll stay hidden for long is slim. Bristolian Rhian is ripping up the script on song structure, vocal use, and piano playing. Her live sets are gaining a cult status. This lady treads her own path, and an interesting and inspiring one it is too. Her wonderfully titled single, Humdrum Drivel, captures you from the first note you hear – you’re unsure whether it is an instrument or her voice that greets you (it’s her incredibly versatile voice by the way). This unpredictability continues throughout, taking you on an amazing musical journey that captivates you because not only is the music brilliant but her lyrics draw you in too. Rhain invites you to look at the world differently and she’s proving to be an exciting tour guide.

RAE MORRIS MAIN STAGE 5.20pm–6.10pm Rae Morris performed as an 18-year-old fledgling artist at Deer Shed four years ago; ‘the epitome of raw talent’ is how we described her. It’s so gratifying to see a young artist return to our stage having honed her talent and found her musical feet. Four years on and Rae has released her debut album, Unguarded, which went straight to number 9 in the UK album charts. It was recorded in LA, a million miles mentally and emotionally from her hometown of Blackpool – the backdrop to many of her songs. She’s also been busy on tour with George Ezra and collaborated with Bombay Bicycle Club and Clean Bandits. Her voice is still as awe-inspiring as ever and her song writing skills are showing a level of maturity far beyond her years. That comes as no surprise from a woman who purposefully chose to sign with Atlantic Records at seventeen, because they were the label who would “take things slowly and let me find out who I was”. She’s clearly thinking of the long game, which is reassuring to her ever-growing fanbase. We can only imagine what sort of greatness she’ll be releasing in another four years….

Rae Morris is one of our Featured Artists, see page 14.



Rae Morris



lackpudlian singer-songwriter, Rae Morris was wowing audiences whilst still studying at school. She gigged in her hometown and around the North West in her teens until her big break came when she was invited onto the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival in August 2011, at the age of eighteen. Just a month later she’d secured a record deal with Atlantic; and twelve months later she was on stage at Deer Shed Festival bowling over audiences with an immense amount of raw talent, as she belted out her stunning folk-pop melodies. We are delighted to have Rae back and find out what’s been going on since her ‘hear-a-pin-drop’ performance at Deer Shed 3. “The most significant thing that has happened to me since then is releasing Unguarded, my debut album. It was something I worked towards for so many years, so its release really was a special occasion to me.” It’s well documented that Morris had several record companies interested in her. Her decision to choose Atlantic was that they agreed to take things slowly, allow her the time and space to discover what her music was about and hone her talent. They put her on a diet of singles for a few years before allowing the release of Unguarded, which is the culmination of the last few years of her life, musically and personally. “Unguarded is like a diary. The songs were written over the course of a few very significant years. I discovered that songwriting was a wonderful way to document moments that you don’t think you’ll ever have again and to investigate feelings that spring out on you and take you by surprise. It covers a lot of ‘firsts’ and follows the complicated emotional development of a teenager turning into an adult.” For her debut album, Morris worked with LA-based producer Ariel Rechtshaid (HAIM, Vampire Weekend, Charli XCX), many, many miles emotionally and geographically from Blackpool where Unguarded was created. “…it felt like the right decision to go there to work with him. LA is so relaxed and surprisingly calm. I didn’t expect that. I was 20 years old at the time and really far away from home, with no car or ability to drink alcohol, or to be distracted by friends. I had to just concentrate on recording, and that was a great thing!” Now she’s had a taste of LA and Unguarded has been released (along with all the emotional stories told within it), is that Blackpool over and done with? “Blackpool is definitely deeply rooted in me. I definitely see the world in a certain way because of that little seaside town and all it’s beautiful strange quirks. Its influence will always remain but I feel like I’m moving into a different phase of my life now.”

Rae hasn’t just been writing and recording music since becoming a full time musician. She’s gathered together a fantastic band that has helped her perform to new audiences. Over the last few years she’s supported Bombay Bicycle Club, Lianne La Havas, Noah And The Whale and Tom Odell as well as, George Ezra. She’s also embarked on her own headlining UK tour, so she’s had chance to get used to life on the road. “I love watching songs transform every time you play them and how different they become by the end of a tour. And I love being in a van with my band for ten hours a day, mostly sleeping all day and watching box sets; stopping for snack breaks every hour. The only thing I don’t like about touring is when it stops and real life resumes; that transition takes a few weeks.” Rae is currently working on her next album, but real life can wait a little this weekend, as she tells us, “Deer Shed is one of the only live gigs I’m doing this summer so it will be a real treat.” So what will she be sticking around to see? “It’s such a great line-up. I recently saw Richard Hawley play the Hammersmith Apollo, it was a great show so I’d love to see his festival show too. Beth Orton, I love her! C Duncan. He’s amazing. I know Oli from Boxed In – he’s a lovely guy and I’m yet to see them perform – very exciting!”

Rae Morris is performing on the Main Stage, Saturday, 5.20pm.







This Is The Kit is the musical alias of Bristol-born, Kate Stables. Her mix of old folk with new sounds has been earning her critical acclaim since the release of her debut album, eight years ago. Last year saw the release of her third album, Bashed Out, which was heralded as her ‘breakthrough record’ – The Line Of Best Fit calling it “timeless and completely modern all at once” and Guy Garvey giving his support on 6Music. Stables has had a loyal and talented group of musicians to help This Is The Kit become the established band they are today, such as Rozi Plain and Jesse Vernon. However, Stables is not resting on her laurels and Bashed Out sees her delving into new territories with The National’s, Aaron Dessner and a fresh group of musicians he chose for the project. Live, This Is The Kit, are as laidback and understated in their appearance as you would imagine, ensuring the audience isn’t distracted by shiny effects or theatrics and just leaving the music to work its unstoppable magic.

IN THE DOCK STAGE 6.20pm–7.10pm This Manchester four-piece were selling out shows before they’d even released a single, such is the power of their performance. They formed in 2011 and kicked up a storm when they chose to play at some unconventional venues – a church, a derelict building overlooked by Strangeways prison, and an abandoned factory. Hearing the chatter surrounding Money, Simon Raymonde of label, Bella Union, went to find out what all the fuss was about. He was confronted with what he describes as an “extravagant and thoughtful” band. Frontman Jamie Lee encapsulates that perfectly – so thoughtful and intense in his choice of lyrics, yet extravagant and provocative with his gestures both on and off stage. He posed naked clutching a gun on the cover of their debut single; on their latest album, Suicide Songs, a knife seemingly appears plunging into his forehead; he also published his phone number on Facebook. Aside from the theatrics, and at the very heart of the band, is the music, which deserves as much column inches as their eccentric frontman. It’s mature indie music: powerful song writing with brilliant, guitar-led arrangements. Money comes with a goosebump warning.

STEVEN JAMES ADAMS OBELISK STAGE 6.10pm–6.45pm Steven James Adams is also playing the Lodge stage, Sunday, 10.30am–11.05am. See page 25 for more information.




MAIN STAGE 7.20pm–8.20pm One of the Britpop generation’s few genuinely brilliant and original songsmiths is Steve Mason. His extraordinary talent first came to light in The Beta Band’s The Three EP’s – an influential masterpiece that put him well and truly on the musical map. He’s been delivering equally amazing stuff ever since. The Beta Band’s material had a massive impact on the UK pop landscape and beyond, bringing a fresh, playful, genre-busting spirit to the use of new technology and traditional instruments. Thereafter, The Beta Band, led by Mason, struggled beneath the weight of expectation. After they split up in 2004, Steve went to ground in his native Fife, firing off wonderfully unconventional records under a series of pseudonyms – most prominently, King Biscuit Time and Black Affair. Fast-forward a decade, he’s shed the aliases and is onto his third album, released earlier this year, Meet The Humans. An album that Q Magazine describes as Mason’s ‘solo creative peak.’ It swings quite happily across dance, pop, folk, dub and house and back again – your ears happy to be there for the ride. However, Mason’s usual exploration of the human condition continues to shine through, not least because of its positivity and its confidence in human beings for redemption and improvement. In essence he’s full of love, hope, and joy. Now, who wouldn’t want a bucket load of that?

CRISTOBAL AND THE SEA OBELISK STAGE 7.15pm–8pm Listening to Cristobel And The Sea is like holidaying in the Med when you were twenty. Warm sun, carefree attitude and a heady slice of beat generation vibe that you thought would last forever. Tropicalia pop is how they choose to describe themselves – there is a bossa nova thing going on, so it sort of makes sense. You won’t be surprised to hear that this band do not originate from Blighty. They met at university here but come from Spain, Portugal and France – the drummer, a late entry from the UK. Cristobel And The Sea have taken their varied inspirations and diverse cultural backgrounds and melded them into their own distinct sound. The result is rich, warm and sometimes, disorientating songs that swirl with moments of psychedelia, but bring you back down to some sweet, laid back melodies.





LODGE STAGE 8.30pm–9.30pm With parents as classical musicians, it was likely that Glasgow-born, Christopher Duncan would grow up playing some sort of instrument. Indeed, he started out on piano and viola and ventured into guitar, bass and drums during his teenage years when he started playing in bands. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland was his next calling, where he studied music composition. This provides the backdrop to this phenomenal artist, known as C Duncan, who on the release of his debut album last year, landed a nomination for a Mercury Music Prize. The album in question is called Architect; aptly named as it describes how C Duncan approaches his work. Methodically building a piece of music, layer upon layer, instrument upon instrument, until all the components are in place. When you listen to Architect you hear the superb blend of classical with modern – lush choral harmonies sinking in to beautiful acoustic instrumentation to create a dream pop heaven. Architect would be a great accomplishment by any standard, but C Duncan wrote and produced it all himself in his ‘bedroom studio’ – an enormous achievement for such a complex and highly crafted piece of work. Live performances see C Duncan bringing these ‘layers’ alive; you’ll see and hear guitars in every guise and Duncan harmonising with his fellow band members, as The Guardian puts it, ‘like a barbershop chorus in a cathedral’.

IN THE DOCK STAGE 8.30pm–9.30pm Hold onto your hats festival-goers as you prepare for In The Dock headline act, Anna Calvi. Undoubtedly a force to behold, watch as Calvi prowls on stage, seducing the audience with her electric guitar – locked and loaded. It’s her weapon of choice and, my word, she’s not afraid to use it. Known to be a virtuoso on guitar she has been compared to some of the greats, Ennio Morricone and Jimi Hendrix for starters. Similar to those artists, she plays guitar in such a way that she creates a fluid, wash of sound. Calvi herself says she imagines playing her Fender Telecaster as an orchestra, something she began doing at the tender age of thirteen when she’d try and emulate the sound of her favourite composers, Debussy and Ravel on her electric guitar. Calvi has released two albums, the most recent, One Breath, was released earlier this year and both have received Mercury nominations. She’s supported Arctic Monkeys and Nick Cave and collaborated with Marianne Faithful. Though, perhaps the biggest endorsement this incredibly talented artist has received is from Brian Eno, who in an interview on 6Music described Calvi as “the biggest thing since Patti Smith.” Let’s leave it at that, shall we?



AMBER ARCADES OBELISK STAGE 8.30pm–9.30pm Amber Arcades are also playing on the Lodge stage, Saturday, 11.10am. See page 10.



RICHARD HAWLEY MAIN STAGE 9.40pm–10.55pm If Richard Hawley was a version of himself that coveted fame alongside the millions of albums he’s sold over the years, he’d be a household name. He’d have appeared on endless episodes of Buzzcocks, perhaps a Celebrity Masterchef (or Celebrity Crufts in his case) and a good smattering of comedy panel shows. As it is, he doesn’t, he never has, and will never do so (read his interview on page 20 for more on this). Hawley genuinely believes he is less important than his music. He’s more a word of mouth kind of artist – you hear a whisper on the cool people’s grapevine; you Google him…looks interesting; you download a couple of tracks and BOOM! Where has he been all your life? How is this man not on The Graham Norton Show every week? You then realise he doesn’t need to be and you go off and quietly whisper about him into somebody else’s ear. Alongside their day jobs, Hawley’s parents and grandparents were musicians and performers, so he’s known music his whole life. He began performing in bands in 1989, when still at school in his hometown of Sheffield. Indie nineties band, Longpigs, was probably the most well-known of these before they split in 2000. Since then he’s never looked back. He’s been writing and creating music he wants to make, in a way he wants to make it with people he wants to make it with. It results in albums of unfettered wonder and joy, a folk/pop talent that touches and moves you like no other artist can claim. In the seven studio albums he’s recorded and released, he stays true to himself and isn’t distracted by passing trends or fashionable themes. This isn’t to say his music is static and predictable, far from it; the shift in pace and timbre of his 2012 album, Standing At The Sky’s Edge, got the critics in quite a pickle. Instead, it allows Hawley to develop and explore his creativity and as a listener

you know you’re getting the real deal, and not an over produced version of what it once was. Few artists can claim to have reached this creative idyll. The solo story so far: seven studio albums (with three out of the last four charting in the Top 10) twice nominated for a Mercury Prize, and once for a Brit Award. He’s collaborated with Lisa Marie Presley, Arctic Monkeys, and Paul Weller and co-wrote The Fix on Elbow’s, The Seldom Seen Kid, which incidentally, did get the Mercury Prize! All the while, Hawley remains in his beloved Sheffield bringing up his three children with his lovely wife and two dogs – a veritable everyday hero. Thankfully he’s willing to skip town on the odd occasion to play live to his audiences. Here you see Hawley in his natural habitat, relishing in the playing and giving his fans the chance to see his personality shine. There’s no denying that Hawley is the straighttalking Northerner you’d maybe expect – ready to take the p*** in the blink of an eye – but yet, he can radiate untold amounts of deep felt emotion too. Hawley’s been working with the same band for seventeen years (a fact that nearly blew him away when he worked it out during our conversation). He takes inspiration from the Sun and Chess Record approach where music was captured in the moment, nothing was too prescriptive and thought out. Hawley and his band have a tried and tested recipe before performing, but what you get on stage is sheer alchemy, and I for one cannot wait for that magic to happen.

Richard Hawley is one of our Featured Artists, see page 20.



Richard Hawley “My mum and dad were cool as f***. They were steelworkers and nurses and stuff but they were into absolutely brilliant and wicked music and as a kid I was this little sponge.”


ichard Hawley is staunchly proud of his heritage; it is at his very core. It permeates throughout his twenty-seven years of music making and, even having only met him for just a short time, I leave knowing it will continue to do so until the day he sings his last song. He was born and raised in his precious Sheffield, “…it’s the greenest city in the EU by a mile,” he proudly states – to parents and grandparents who worked the steel in the city by day and performed in music halls, pubs and living rooms by night. This strong sense of musical and geographical identity has enabled him to tread an unswerving path, avoiding the trappings of fashion and celebrity that many others would have fallen prey to. As bluntly as a stereotypical Northern man would, he’s far from apologetic about it, “You’ve got to do your thing… not be scared. I sound like nobody. I sound like me and I know that because I dedicate myself towards the creation of music.” This purist attitude isn’t arrogance, to Hawley it’s just obvious that that’s how you should make music – true and honest: it’s as simple as that. Seven studio albums, two Mercury Music Prize nominations, millions of records sold and a huge and loyal fanbase tells us there’s a truth to his philosophy.


Sheffield is where he writes music; Sheffield is where he records it; Sheffield is referenced in every solo album title; Sheffield is where he lives with his wife, three kids and two dogs and Sheffield is where it all began with a band called, Longpigs. Their single, She Said, released in 1996 was the one everyone remembers, reaching the Top 20, and further success seemed within their grasp, on both sides of the Atlantic. However, record company troubles thwarted their efforts and things started to turn sour as the century drew to a close. It’s oft cited that at this point Sheffield pal, Jarvis Cocker, swoops in and offers Hawley a job on tour with Pulp, providing the space and encouragement for Hawley to begin his solo career. Hawley is quick to correct this re-writing of his history, ”It’s a bit of a myth, there was a huge crossover. I was in the Longpigs and Pulp and I was doing session playing as well. I remember those years were insane… I don’t think it was encouraging because they were Pulp. It was encouraging because they were dear old friends. Steve Mackey [Pulp bass player] was actually my oldest living friend and we had, and have, known each other since we were four years old.” It was during this ‘insane’ time that Hawley honed his studio skills. One day working with Pulp, the next

doing hip hop records with Nellie Hooper, to provide the foundation which Hawley would build his solo work on. His solo debut album, Late Night Final arrived in October 2001, named after the cry of vendors selling the Sheffield Star evening newspaper; and so began an amazing, fruitful career – though Hawley is quick to chip in, “I hate that word career. I became a musician to avoid having a career.” Regardless of whether he likes the word or not, he’s established himself as songwriter of immense talent, as he himself reflects, “The proof is in the pudding. It works. We’re still going. The main body of the group, we’ve been together for sixteen years. It’s quite frightening actually, it’s almost three times as long as any other group that I’ve been in….oh my God, I’ve just realised that!” Hollow Meadows is his current album, released last year and named after a small hamlet outside of his city. It evolved from a period of serious physical incapacity for Hawley, so serious that doctors said he might never walk again. In 2013 whilst on tour in Australia, he slipped whilst wearing some rather natty Italian leather-soled shoes and put his back out. No one said stop; no one said rest; he was handed a limitless supply of the strong, opiate painkiller, Tramadol and continued to tour. It wasn’t until he returned home to his wife that the enormity of the situation began to dawn on him. Being a psychiatric nurse, she knew the drug was far uglier than the doctors had made him realise and having had a history of addiction she demanded he stopped taking it. Hawley describes Tramadol as worse than anything else he’d come off before, and is strenuous in his numerous offers of caution about the ‘hand them out like sweets’ mentality of the medical profession during our conversation – signs of just how deeply this experience has affected him. With the drugs out of his body there was now nothing to mask the damage done to his back, “It was terrifying because I was told I might not be able to walk again. It was really bad, You are faced with yourself and your own thoughts, it was six months and not being able to walk very far… I chose the logic which was – l got in this position by natural means, albeit f***ked up, but I can get myself out of this situation by natural means.” This tough and isolating convalescence was the breeding ground for Hawley to create Hollow Meadows, “A weird by-product of it all was it just made me stop. In a way there was a kind of death in it. All you’re left with is your own thoughts, lucky for me my internal thinking processes are not that bad!” During this time, Hawley’s thinking concentrated on reflection – reflecting on the precious non-material elements of his life and the sadness which comes from the realisation that as a society we don’t focus enough on these

aspects, “That album [Hollow Meadows] – there’s lots of dark twists and turns in there. It’s not like this ‘isn’t life wonderful’, it’s about excepting things the way they are and you can’t unmend things. There are some things that must always be broken.” The whole ordeal has had a profound affect on him, choosing the long, slow recovery (as opposed to risky surgery) he believes he is mentally and physically stronger for it, helped along by his beloved friends, Sheffield Wednesday, whose expert physios he sought advice from. “I tell you something, when I got better we had the mother of all parties! I invited so many of my lovely friends and I was nearly in tears because I just realised how blessed we can be… I am aware how lucky I am.” Since his epiphany Hawley leads a much simpler life. Aside from his strong personal relationships, he puts his continued good health down to his two dogs, which he religiously walks twice a day. “They’re polar opposites. The collie is very dour and things have to be so… you have to have commands and rules. Whereas the springer just, yeah, just a big sprawling mud fest of a dog. Into everything.” After further discussion about Hawley’s dog walks and the amusement of it not being a very ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ sort of thing to do, I discover that my idea of what’s involved in being a musician these days is vastly out-dated. Hawley sets me straight and drops into the conversation that he sometimes sees Phil Oakley in the same park, ”Yeah, I see Phil with his dog and that, it’s a big lovely, slobbery, brown furry thing. I see loads of creative people all walking around trying to write f***king songs!” So where does this new found love of a simpler, slower-paced life leave his live performing? Will we be seeing less of Hawley the performer? “I enjoy the rhythm of family life which is one of the reasons why I’m more reluctant to go out on tour these days. I got to the point before Sky’s Edge when I’d stopped enjoying it. It had become a real bind. And now, having come through the last two records I laugh at myself and think “you silly f***er – enjoy it” and walk on stage with a good heart and hopefully entertain the folks.” Deer Shed audiences will be thrilled to see him no matter what, and in Hawley’s ever present understated way, he’s not going to indulge me and get all giddy about it when asked what we can expect. “It’s a wait and see… I don’t want to build it up to be all fireworks and flames when it’s just kind of five blokes on stage playing rock and roll, you know!” Some how, I think that will be more than enough.

Richard Hawley will be performing on the Main Stage, Saturday, 9.40pm.



Marconi Union

“There seems to be a special atmosphere about Deer Shed Festival so it’s definitely good to be back.”



e’re rather thrilled that this Manchester-based trio are returning too, especially as we’ve hatched a plan together that will be a first for both of us. Marconi Union will be playing a special afterhours gig on the In The Dock Stage on Saturday night where you, the audience, will listen entirely on stateof-art headphones. It’s what’s known as a silent gig. “We're really happy to be the first band at Deer Shed Festival to use this new format. It's definitely the first time we'll have played to an audience wearing headphones. Hopefully that sort of immersion in sound will suit our music. We like the idea of trying new things out, even when you’re not really sure what's going to happen.” Marconi Union have been creating and producing groundbreaking minimalist and introspective music for twelve years. Founder members, Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley (Duncan Meadows joined in 2010) began Marconi Union as a way to make music they wanted to hear, but couldn’t find. They reject the standard modern/commercial music making process and prefer, instead, to use hardware and software to build music that is resonant, precise and measured. This is not to say it’s cold and detached, “We think it’s important for our music to have an emotional resonance. It’s basically a process of addition, subtraction and refinement.” Essentially, they work hard to pinpoint a particular feeling or ambience in order to connect with the listener… “For us, making music revolves around trying to evoke a mood, or an atmosphere. In practice, that can involve a lot of back and forth, removing and adding parts, until we're happy. Sometimes we’ll work in the same room, and at other times we do it individually.” They tend to fall into the ambient and electronic categorization, but they are much more than that they use piano, strings and guitar for a start. They also have a flexibility and open mindedness that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a band of guys who like everything to be perfect and just so. For example, two years ago they were asked by Brian Eno to perform at Punkt! in Norway, where they did live sampling and remixing. More recently they did a three hour improvised piece in Manchester Art Gallery to accompany a number of different exhibitions there. And then of course, there was the ‘experiment’ they undertook for the British Academy of Sound Therapy in 2011, to write the ultimate piece of relaxing music. That one attracted twelve million views on YouTube and was named as one of the Inventions Of The Year by Time Magazine! Their performances like their music making are precise

and purposeful. “We probably do a lot less gigs than you think…we like gigging and we like to try new things. We tend to play at events and festivals that, like Deer Shed Festival, include all the arts, not just music.” The visual side of things plays an important role in Richard, Jamie and Duncan’s music. The symbiotic relationship they have with visual imagery is as evident in their performance work as it is in the actual evolution and development of their audio work, as they band explains, “One thing that we tend do a lot is talk about music in terms of imagery. We might say that a track, or an instrumental part, feels like ‘a train ride at night through the snow” or a “deserted underground car park” etc. This sets the mood and allows us to develop the track from there. It’s quite a slow way of working but it feels natural to us.” Their 2009 album, Tokyo, was inspired entirely by TV and film images of the city. None of the band at that time had visited Tokyo, but the images encouraged them to write a soundtrack to the fictionalized city of their imagination. Marconi Union has released an impressive seven albums to date, all with the ability to conjure up thoughts and feelings and images in a way that no other music or band can do. Their last album, Weightless, came off the back of the original Weightless track they wrote for the science experiment on relaxation. They used the same approach on the whole album, stripping tracks back and removing elements rather than adding them. It received much critical acclaim, so where does Marconi Union go next? “Our new album “Ghost Stations” is going to be released in summer. We’re very excited about it and we think it takes us to new places musically. We’ll be playing some of it here so I guess people can judge for themselves.” Brand new tracks from Marconi Union and a whole new audience experience to listen to them in – be excited, very excited, but silently of course…

Catch Marconi Union on the In The Dock Stage, Saturday, 11.15pm.




PATCH & THE GIANT OBELISK STAGE 10.45pm–11.45pm Forging a great name for themselves on the alt-folk scene are Patch & the Giant; a five-piece, multi-instrumentalist group from London. Their rustic, folk roots loveliness shines through all that they do – and they’ve been doing a lot. Back in 2013, they released their debut EP, The Boatswain Refuge, which was produced by BBC Folk Award winner, Ben Walker. The following year saw them hitting the road and performing an incredible fourteen festivals that summer. This led to some live on-air sessions, the highlight being performing for BBC Radio 2 Country Legend, Bob Harris. This year is the culmination of that hard work as they head to the studio with producer Nick Trepka (Emmy The Great and Mercury Prize winner, Speech Debelle) to complete their debut album, as well as setting out on their debut headline tour of Europe. Catch them while you can.

Patch & The Giant are also playing on the Obelisk stage, Friday, 8.40pm.

MARCONI UNION IN THE DOCK STAGE 11.15pm–12.15am British band Marconi Union have been breaking musical boundaries for over a decade, receiving worldwide critical acclaim for their continually evolving fusion of electronics, dub, and atmospherics. It was their technical approach to music that caught the eye of the British Association of Speech Therapy. They wanted to conduct a scientific study on relaxation and music and asked Marconi Union to help. The trio set about creating what came to be the single Weightless. The study revealed that their music slowed the heart rate, reduced blood pressure and decreased levels of cortisol (stress hormone). This musical exercise went on to inspire a whole album’s worth of material, Weightless – Ambient Transmissions Vol. 2, which was released on Just Music in 2014. This special Deer Shed after-hours performance is a rare chance to these guys live. Listening through headphones to enhance the immersive experience, you will witness the coming together of live musicianship, electronics, percussion and bespoke film. It’s blow you away stuff, done in the most chilled out way.

Marconi Union are one of our Featured Artists, see page 22.




Lanterns On The Lake


Ed Harcourt Beth Orton

2.05pm–3pm 4.15pm–5.30pm




LODGE STAGE 10.30am–11.05am


Serious Sam Barrett


Steven James Adams’s former band, The Broken Family Band, reached cult hero status, but not the commercial success sort of status that pays your mortgage. He went on to form Singing Adams, which too has now run its course. The frustration of making music versus making a living is evident in Adams’ solo work, but on first listening you wouldn’t perhaps realise. That’s because he does it in such a charming and melodious way. His catchy indie-pop tunes skip merrily along, and it’s not until you really listen to the hook you’re singing that you begin to understand that Adams has a lot more to say (personal and political) than you’d imagined. He wears his world-weariness well! Adams released his second solo album, Old Magik, in March this year, on the Fortune POP! Label.

Buffalo Skinners


Steven James Adams is also playing on the Obelisk stage, Saturday, 6.10pm.

Dancing Years


Steven James Adams


Saint Sister


Dan Mangan


Sam Lee And Friends



Holy Moly & The Crackers 5.05pm–6.05pm

MT. WOLF MAIN STAGE 11.10am–11.50am


In 2013 Mt.Wolf split. They were on the brink of something big, the industry’s hype machine had gone into overdrive and the world was eagerly awaiting their next move. That move was vocalist, Kate Sproule, saying she’d had enough, leaving the three remaining male members to figure out what to do next. Guitarist, Sebastian “Bassi” Fox, stepped up from the subs bench, a little hesitant about how a male voice would sound with Mt. Wolf’s special mix of electronic, ambient and indie. Venturing further up the register than usual, Bassi found a talent he didn’t know he possessed, a falsetto voice. Mt. Wolf was reborn and the level of hype swirling around these guys is as evident as it was three years ago. They recently released their EP, Hex to huge acclaim and we await their debut album after the summer. This is beautiful, yet haunting music. Layers of atmosphere and ambience over the falsetto vocals drench you with emotion that lifts you one moment and drops you the next.





LODGE STAGE 11.55am–12.30pm Saint Sister is Irish duo Morgan McIntyre and Gemma Doherty and they formed a couple of years ago. Their music draws from early Celtic harp traditions, 60s folk, and electronic pop to create what they describe as ‘atmosfolk’. It’s an unusual but pleasing mix of soulful harmonies, dreamy synth, and electro-acoustic harp. McIntyre and Doherty have blissful, crystal clear voices that whisk you away to some serene and magical place deep in the lush green of the Emerald Isle. They create beautiful, ethereal soundscapes. The pair is fast making a name for themselves both at home and abroad. Having released their debut EP, Madrid, they are now working on their second whilst embarking on their first UK tour, this summer, including a headline show in London.


DAN MANGAN LODGE STAGE 1.20pm–2pm Dan Mangan has clocked up four albums to date, his latest Club Meds, is the biggest and boldest yet, as he officially joins forces with his long time band members, Blacksmith, and lets rip. Starting out in Vancouver, Canada he made his first recordings with the help of a bank loan and some kind community musicians. Since those early days Mangan’s work has evolved, and picked up many an accolade along the way. Two-time winner of Canadian’s prestigious JUNO Award, iTunes Album of the Year in the singer/songwriter category as well as a Canadian Screen Award for his soundtrack to Hector And The Search For Happiness, which starred Simon Pegg. However, he’s not been distracted by his elevated status in his homeland, as his music is as honest as it always was. Mangan admits that he’s got a shade more political as he’s gotten older saying, “I start to wonder what is the point if you’re not saying something?” The added political purpose gives his music more confidence and clout, but it doesn’t relinquish the more touching and personal sentiments that audiences have come to love about this man.


LANTERNS ON THE LAKE MAIN STAGE 12.35pm–1.15pm “One of Britain’s most crucial bands of the present moment,” is how Drowned In Sound chose to describe this five piece from Newcastle. Who are we to argue? Their third album, Beings, released late last year, really put them on the musical map. It led to their largest hometown performance so far with the added honour of being accompanied by the Royal Northern Sinfonia. Their music is serious. It’s has depth, thought and feeling in abundance which is translated into soundscapes that are airy and beautiful to dense and forbidding; often that whole journey being taken in just one song. Vocalist, Hazel Wilde, adds to the atmosphere with such expressive singing that you’re feeling it all with her – she’s that hypnotic. The subject matter moves through the full gamut of weighty topics – community, love, culture, politics and self: thoughtful and thought-provoking stuff, that’s well worth the effort.



OBELISK STAGE 1.45pm–2.30pm Old friend of Deer Shed, Serious Sam Barrett, is a solo acoustic artist drawing on a vast range of traditional music to create his own unique sound. His songwriting contains echoes of the great blues masters such as Bukka White and Blind Willie McTell, but also of American folk and country artists such as the Carter Family. Don’t be thinking he’s from the other side of the pond though; this boy is Yorkshire to the core, leading him to describe his music as ‘Yorkshirecana’! Sam also draws heavily on English, Irish, and Scottish folk music and arranges his own versions of traditional songs, taking influence from such luminaries as Ewan McColl, Tim Hart, and The Watersons.







This thirty-eight year old, dad-of-two from Sussex is a prolific songwriter. It seems he just can’t help himself and in fact, he’s got enough of them whirling around his multi-talented head, that he can offer them around like tempting treats. The lucky recipients are an illustrious bunch – Sophie Ellis-Bexter, Paloma Faith, Jamie Cullum, Lana del Rey and James Bay – to name a few. That’s just a sideline, a distraction from the main event. Ed Harcourt started his solo career in 2000, when his former band Snug split up. Having mostly played guitar in the band, he sat back down at the piano (in which he’s classically trained) and fifteen years on, the instrument continues to have a major presence in his music. The other signature feature to his material is Harcourt’s soulful voice. He gives it his all, whether a romantic ballad or a more indie-pop creation. This is very much his personality; Harcourt describes himself having a “heartfelt and melodic” side as well as an “anarchic, weird and idiosyncratic” side, waiting in the wings. Once you understand this, you begin to get the man’s music. Critics have found it difficult to pin him down over the years due to the fact he is a master at genre-hopping. Through his six studio albums (the first one was Mercury Prize nominated) Harcourt has veered between orchestrated pop, minimalist ballads and Britpop/rock and promises “harder, louder, darker and euphoric” material in his hotly anticipated seventh. You imagine Harcourt to be the child at school that can never sit still, always on the go, ready for the next thing. Exhausting for his co-workers, exhilarating for his fans.



BUFFALO SKINNERS OBELISK STAGE 2.45pm–3.30pm The Buffalo Skinners were a busking band from Scarborough, but since performing at Deer Shed two years ago, they’ve gone for an upgrade and now appear to be a songwriting collective from Sheffield. Six years together and their energetic mix of folk, blues, rock’n’roll and anything else that takes their fancy sees them release their third studio album, Cease Your Dreaming, produced by Colin Elliot (Richard Hawley, Kylie Minogue). Their live shows come equipped with an infectious energy and an arsenal of instruments; Fender Rhodes keyboard, violin and accordion, topped off with their signature ‘harmonious vocal cacophony.’ After a busy day at the festival, these guys are the perfect tonic.





Dancing Years are five guys from Leeds who met at school and started writing and performing three years ago. Their music stands out from the crowd because of its emotive and heartfelt style that marries perfectly with singer, David Henshaw’s, strong, vibrato voice. The band’s rich instrumentation adds an extra layer of intensity that really makes you sit up and listen. They released their debut EP, Learn To Kiss, in February and it’s a gorgeous bundle of tracks. Before playing at Deer Shed they’ve been travelling across Germany on their first ever headline tour of the country. Dancing Years are definitely a band on the one-to-watch list.

SAM LEE & FRIENDS LODGE STAGE 3.05pm–4.05pm Sam Lee is a man of many talents, most of which are deeply rooted in folk music. Not only is he a recording artist, but he’s also a traditional music specialist, dedicated to the collecting, restoring and sharing of ancient music from Britain and Ireland, especially Romany Gypsies and the Irish travelling community (there’s a Mastermind appearance in that, surely?). He’s also the creator and manager of The Nest Collective which is a folk music promotional network which puts on events to celebrate and develop their cause. Sam is also a wilderness survival expert, once travelling as a student of Ray Mears - but let’s not get distracted… Sam has recorded three albums, the first of which got shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize, back in 2012. Since then he’s produced another two, the most recent of which is called The Fade In Time. Lee’s recorded music follows a “roots and wings” concept of how traditional music needs to thrive to survive. He brilliantly innovates by reworking traditional sounds and mixing them with modern instrumentation. He’s done this to much critical acclaim, BBC Radio 3 calling him ‘ground-breaking’. When live, Sam Lee performs with an ensemble that play a myriad of instruments, such as the tabla, Japanese Koto and Klezmeresque cello in amongst the more regular. The whole band superbly showcases the unconventional and contemporary interpretations of traditional folk music, challenging all preconceptions of what it should sound like. You’ll be amazed.




BETH ORTON MAIN STAGE 4.15pm–5.30pm There was a time in music history that if you didn’t have a copy of Beth Orton’s Central Reservation, you were a serious nobody, likely still buying albums from Woolies. That was an unbelievable seventeen years ago. Nearly two decades later and there’s still no mistaking the unique and magnificently, beguiling voice of Orton on the freshly released Kidsticks, her sixth studio album. She’s gone back to her roots for this latest release. For most artists that would mean stripping it back and picking up a dusty, almost forgotten guitar and recording it in a bedroom. Not for Orton, her roots are firmly planted in the rich, majestic soil of 90’s electronica that garnered such heavyweights as William Orbit, Chemical Brothers and Red Snapper. Having relocated to California in the last couple of years, aside from motherhood, she’s been busy experimenting with electronic loops and being inspired by the wide-open space that LA and its surrounding landscape offers (per chance a little more interesting than Norfolk). This has produced a confident, focused Orton with a collection of bright and brilliant songs, which evoke memories of those world-class producers, particularly her mentor, Orbit. Following the release of Kidsticks, Orton has spent June touring the States before heading over this side of the Atlantic to play for us here at Deer Shed, we’re honoured to have such a class act.

Beth Orton is one of our Featured Artists, see page 30.


HOLY MOLY & THE CRACKERS OBELISK STAGE 5.05pm–6.05pm Holy Moly And The Crackers, are a 7-piece band who are a fantastic mix up of traditional gypsy folk, Americana, and contemporary folk rock. Starting out from their hometown of Newcastle three years ago, they have really made a name for themselves as a first class live band, playing well over 200 shows throughout the UK. As well as Deer Shed, they’ve also performed at Hop Farm Festival and Secret Garden Party and have added Glastonbury to the list for the first time this year. They released their debut album, First Avenue, in 2012, which won over legendary folk critic, Mike Harding, and are hoping to release their second later this year. However, it’s their live shows that really capture what The Crackers are all about.



Beth Orton


“…it is an album marking out its own territory rather than trying to conform to expectations.”


hilst this is Clash Music’s analysis of Beth Orton’s latest album, Kidsticks, it could just as easily be an accurate description of the artist herself. Beth Orton came to fame in the nineties through collaborations with electronic dance giants William Orbit, Chemical Brothers and Red Snapper. However, through her subsequent solo work has explored acoustic, folk and took up the role of singer/ songwriter, which she has well and truly run with. In 1999 when her second album, Central Reservation, was released – and earned her a Brit Award for Best Female Artist – anybody who was anybody had a copy playing on loop in their CD Walkman. Back to 2016 and Kidsticks sees that old electronic influence re-emerge, but it wasn’t a case of feeling it was time to revisit old haunts and reflect, as Orton stresses, “It was not a conscious decision. Starting with electronic instrumentation was the catalyst.” Collaborating with Andy Hung (F**k Buttons) she started experimenting with loops inspired by her new surroundings and new family life in LA, “The initial idea behind spending some time in LA was to mix things up a bit – an adventure. That decision in itself was an influence on the record. The light of the place was illuminating.” The wide-open space of the outskirts of LA was a far cry from the urban jungle of Dalston in London or the flat landscapes of Norfolk where she’d so far lived. “We live in a laurel canyon. It has a community and is in a world of its own. Living on the side of a mountain I would forget sometimes we were in LA. I needed the change.” Change has played quite a big role in Orton’s life since the decade began. When she began writing what was to become, Sugaring Season – the album before Kidsticks – she was a single-mother isolated in Norfolk. She had just been dropped by her record company and wondered if she would ever, or could ever, write, perform or release music again. She decided to re-learn the guitar, having never formally been taught it, and sort tutelage from one of her guitar heroes, Bert Jansch. Over a period of time she built her confidence back up and found a new freedom in being untethered from the record company and her London life. Through motherhood she also found new

ways of writing, “The delirium of exhaustion brought on by having children is a cheap way of getting high! It’s the new drunk. It takes you out of yourself and brings new insight.” This new-found confidence saw her reaching out to collaborate once again, hungry for new influences and directions. Old friend and Chemical Brother, Tom Rowlands provided access to new electronic techniques and American folk singer, Sam Amidon, gave her encouragement on the songwriting front. This collaboration proved to be more than just professional – in 2011 they got married and had a child. Which brings us neatly back round to Orton’s new life in LA and the release of Kidsticks, earlier this year. Critics and fans have embraced and celebrated her new work – a fresh take on old influences – almost as much as Orton herself, “I love the record for many reasons. I enjoyed the production and writing. Doing all of this with two small children and managing to stay on top of it all was an achievement.” Nods of agreement all round, on that score, Beth. So what about performing, is she equally as excited about being on the road and playing to audiences? “Kidsticks is a real kick to play live! My band kicks ass!!!!” I guess that’s a ‘yes’, then! After twenty years making music, Orton’s uniquely beguiling voice and dedication to non-conformity has stood the test of time. She’s intrigued us, surprised us and captivated us; and will no doubt mesmerize us when she performs on the Main Stage at Deer Shed.

Beth Orton is performing on the Main Stage, Sunday, 4.15pm.




Hide & Seek Label are going to be taking over Friday Night at the Deer Shed Festival – see more about the bands they’ve booked on page 8. As well as introducing some of the finest musicians around, they’ll be hosting an awesome silent disco in the Obelisk Stage which means we can play great music late into the night.

BIGTOP; FRIDAY 9.45pm–11pm Manchester club night ‘Across the Tracks’ has been entertaining dance floors in clubs and at festivals since 2005. Founded upon a bedrock of soul and funk, Across the Tracks has developed in to a melting pot of house, disco, alternative/indie, breaks, hip hop, classic R n B, electro and pop gems. For Deer Shed Festival 7, Justine and Martin have something special planned, expect to hear a cavalcade of movie classics, blockbusting tunes from the greatest soundtracks as Across the Tracks release their exclusive Friday Night at the Movies set.




BIGTOP; FRIDAY 3.45pm–4.45pm

Boomchikka Boom are running a baby rave. See page 65 for details.



Rockahula are a talented bunch. As well as running workshops throughout the weekend, they will be hosting a huge party onsite with their Big Top Rave. They can also do circus tricks (of course they can!) and will also be putting on a pretty special circus tricks performance on the Buskers Stage. And don’t forget to check out their exercise workshop on Sunday in the Sports field, find more details about that on page 75.

FIND HIM IN THE SPORTS ARENA EVERY DAY! DJ Cranked to the Max has been a favourite of the Deer Shed Festival for a number of years. After finishing Sunday night’s disco for youngsters last year, he’s back this year to entertain the crowds in the sport’s field. He’d be mixing awesome tunes to the sound of the skating, footballing, and Frisbee-throwing festival goers.

CLUB YOGA OBELISK STAGE; FRIDAY 5pm–5.45pm See Yoga Section on page 61.


Club Groovy is a sell-out daytime dance phenomenon created for the coolest kids and funkiest families! A dance and show event that is guaranteed to get you and your mini movers GROOVIN’ to top tunes underneath the disco ball. Team Groovy will take you on a totally funky journey with performances to watch, party dances to follow and an awesome introduction to disco theatre! A magical, energetic experience not to be missed. Saturday will be an 80s themed rave, whilst Sunday is being described as an alternative rave. We can’t wait for both!

DJ RORY HOY BIGTOP; SATURDAY 9.45pm–11pm Rory Hoy is a Multi-Award Winning DJ and was the Winner of ITV’s Yorkshire Young Achiever of the Year Award. His incredibly successful 2008 debut album Cosmic Child can often be heard playing on various American Airlines and department stores. A favourite of Craig Charles, Fatboy Slim, and Afrika Babbaata among others, Rory thrives on stage! Rory has enjoyed DJ-ing throughout the UK and France and has performed at many Festivals and Clubs. He is an active and crowd pleasing performer!



MARC RILEY (DJ SET) OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 11.45pm–1.15am These days Marc Riley is soothingly sensible voice of new music on BBC 6 Music’s evening show, but his past includes eleven years as part of Mark and Lard (a Radio 1 show which he hosted with Mark Radcliffe), being a member of The Fall, and even performing at Glastonbury with his and Radcliffe’s spoof rock band Shirehorses. Marc will be performing an evening DJ set which will undoubtedly comprise of music you love now and music you’ll love soon. He will also be introducing our main stage on Saturday Night.


MORNING RAVE WITH SPIKE AND SPONGE WALKABOUT RAVE MEET AT GLAM UP TENT; FRIDAY 6.30pm BIGTOP; SUNDAY 8.30am–10.30am Spike and Sponge are hosting an early morning uplifting pop-up rave at Deer Shed Festival. The morning rave is to bring festival goers together in a positive, happy environment where families and people of all ages can dance, socialise and be energised by uplifting music ready for the day ahead!

Fifteen years as a Radio 1 DJ, co-presenter of Live Aid, symbol of music around the world, and owner of more Sony Awards than any other broadcaster in history are just a few of the things that crop up on this man’s CV. He wowed audiences staying on to Sunday Night at the Deer Shed last year with his World Music set and is returning this year to play out the festival with an African, Caribbean, and Latin Dance Night. Andy pioneers extraordinary music from all over the world with the motto “We're not here to give the public what it wants. We’re here to give the public what it didn’t know it wanted.” A great finale to a great weekend. If you’d like to stay to the Deer Shed Festival’s After Party please see page 67 for more details.



Laugh until your sides split this Saturday as the Big Top transforms from circus-style arena into a top Comedy Club. We veered away from traditional stand-up in 2015, but we’ve come careering back towards it in 2016. Join top comics as they discuss family, life, and music with hilarious outcome. N.B: Whilst we ask all of our comedians to perform a PG set, these are live performances and some artists may use language which could cause offense.

TIERNAN DOUIEB BIGTOP; SATURDAY 11.50am–12.35pm Tiernan Douieb is pronounced ‘Eee-Waaaah Crunk’ according his comically untrustworthy website’s “About Tiernan Douieb” page. It also claims he’s the 6708th most hirsute person on his street and that his full time job is ‘beard wearer’. We’re dubious! The truth, of course, is that Tiernan is a brilliant stand-up comedian working around the country. He is the regular host of Comedy Club 4 Kids, winner of CBBC’s The Slammer, and warm up for BBC’s Dick & Dom. Tiernan performs silly stand-up for kids and bigger kids. That’s children, not baby goats. He’s specified that no baby goats allowed! Ages 6-99.



Mrs Barbara Nice will be making a welcome and popular return to the Deer Shed Festival this year. This mother of five from Stockport believes in getting the most out of life… and bargains! Whilst her husband believes she’s at the bingo or out dog sitting, Barbara Nice has been entertaining audiences across the country. Not only is she full of comedic wit, she also offers a vital community service acting as an agony aunt to the audience. Prepare to be mothered! Barbara Nice is the alter ego of the award winning comedian, Janice Connolly, who is perhaps best known for her roles in Coronation Street, Phoenix Nights, and That Peter Kay Thing as well as her part in the critically acclaimed play White Open Spaces.

ROB DEERING BIGTOP; SATURDAY 6pm–6.40pm Comedian and TV quiz fiend – he’s won both Celebrity Mastermind (with 27 points) and Celebrity Weakest Link – Rob Deering will be at Deer Shed performing his trademark comedy with music. Using a guitar, a loop pedal and his voice, Rob creates impressive rock and pop soundscapes… he also tells jokes, of course. Not only a well-loved part of the British comedy circuit, a staple of the Edinburgh Fringe, and a familiar face and voice on both radio and television, Rob’s performed throughout the world with shows from the Middle East to Melbourne, Shanghai to the South of France and now Baldersby Park.





BIGTOP; SATURDAY 7pm–7.30pm Justin will MC between 7.30pm–8.50pm

The North-Easts answer to the question: “Hey, NorthEast, which of your comedians used to be a college lecturer and ruined his life with football manager?” With his carefully woven tales of the everyday, and fun riffs from his man-child lifestyle, Tony is guaranteed to light up any room… or Big Top. As well as four successful shows at Edinburgh Fringe, he has been entertaining audiences all over the country with his effortless charm. At the Deer Shed Festival, Tony will be bringing laughs, hilarity, and more than a few quotable lines.

Opening the ‘Comedy Night at the Big Top’ is comedian, actor, dog walker, and parent Justin Moorhouse. A familiar face on TV after appearing on Live at the Apollo, The Comedy Store, and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Mancunian Moorhouse will be bringing his trademark northern charm as he discusses life after 45. He will also be introducing Mark Watson, Tom Wrigglesworth, and Tony Jameson (and making sure the Deer Shed Audience don’t get out of hand!).

TOM WRIGGLESWORTH BIGTOP; SATURDAY 8.10pm–8.45pm Yorkshire man Tom Wrigglesworth is now firmly established as one of the UK’s most distinctive and sought after talents. Since his Edinburgh Comedy Award nomination in 2009, he’s continued to gain momentum as a phenomenal live performer, accomplished TV presenter, and star of BBC Radio. He’s enjoyed several nationwide tours with live shows, has written and starred in 4 self-titled series for Radio 4, and been invited to perform at comedy festivals across the globe including the prestigious New Zealand, Sydney, and Montreal Comedy Festivals. Now he brings his globe-trotting comedy to the Deer Shed Festival with a show that is a gorgeous testament to his granddad’s small-scale heroism. Hilarious, moving, and not to be missed.

MARK WATSON BIGTOP; SATURDAY 8.50pm–9.30pm Headlining this year’s comedy line-up is familiar face of TV and familiar voice of radio Mark Watson. Ever since his Perrier Award and Barry Award nominations for “Best Newcomer” in 2005 and 2006 respectively, Mark Watson has been taking the comedy world by storm. 10 years on, he’s a well-established part of the British comedy scene and one of the funniest men in the country. Satire and hilarious observations about family, everyday life, and politics make Mark a great fit for the Deer Shed Festival.

Mark Watson is one of our Featured Artists, see page 36.



Mark Watson


At festival shows: “I quite often go wandering or end up singing. But I wouldn’t say to expect those things, because then they wouldn’t be fun anymore.”


ristolian funny man, Mark Watson, is a face, name, and voice you will recognise. Though some of you may have mistaken him for David Baddiel (a lot of people do apparently) which, even after years of the mix-up, Mark still finds odd. “There’s a decent age gap, size gap and appearance gap. We’re only alike in the most superficial way; we both have a beard and glasses.” And if people mistake Mark for David based on glasses and beard, they also used to mistake him for Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert based on accent! You won’t hear it anymore but when Mark first appeared on the comedy scene in the early noughties, he was using a Welsh accent (“I’ve got plenty of Welsh roots so it was easy to do”). He says it was partly to stand out and partly as a shield to distance the real-Mark from the on-stage-Mark. The accent was phased out as Mark’s confidence grew and the Welsh lilt is barely even detectable these days but whose confidence wouldn’t grow after nominations for both the Barry and Perrier Award as well as a Critics’ Choice Award win? After 15 years of success on the comedy circuit, we suggest that being onstage must feel like second nature. He almost agrees with us but he’s quick to point out that being on stage isn’t mechanical. “If it did (become mechanical), I think that would mean something was wrong,” he says. “The whole enterprise depends on a certain amount of spontaneity and nervous energy.” Mark first rose to notoriety after he challenged himself to put on a 24-hour gig at the Edinburgh Fringe (twice!). This quickly established him as the ‘craziest guy at the fringe’ a title which he distances himself from a little these days. “I’ve just got an instinct to push myself towards things that are unusual or exciting”, he explains. “Even if that means doing stuff which is, on the surface of it, stupid.” After the “stupid” came the well-deserved recognition. His rise in fame began with a BBC radio show, Mark Watson Makes the World Substantially Better, which also stared Tim Minchin and Tim Key and (due to its cult status) can often be heard replaying on BBC Radio Four’s digital sister BBC Four Extra. After radio came TV shows (We Need Answers, The Mad Bad Ad Show, and Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson) and after that, more than a few TV comedy panel show appearances including Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and Have I Got News for

You but it is his appearance on Celebrity Mastermind which we were particularly interested in. Three of this year’s Deer Shed comedy line-up (Mark, Justin Moorehouse, and Rob Deering) have all held that most prestigious of celebrity TV quizzing titles: Celebrity Mastermind Champion. So we asked Mark who would win if the three were to go to go head-to-head. “I’d back Deering,” he answers immediately, describing the musical-comic as having “that competitive edge which perhaps Justin and I lack.” However, his own competitive edge quickly shines through: “Having said that, I did get one of the highest scores they’ve ever had on the show. JUST SAYING.” Mark’s comedy style is very much observational, usually observations about himself, often observations which are self-effacing in nature. Whilst reviewers have described his stand-up as ‘deeply personal’, Mark himself describes it as “more or less autobiographical”. “To put it bluntly,” he says, “it gives me the chance to rant about whatever I please”. Sounds good to us …better to rant humorously to an appreciative audience than on social media, right? Though Mark doesn’t quite go along with our suggestion that this style of stand-up might be cathartic. “I’m not sure I’m a calmer person as a result or being a stand-up,’ he explains. “Some would argue the opposite.” So what can the Deer Shed audience expect from their date with Mark Watson in the Bigtop on Saturday evening? “I don’t even know what I’M expecting. Festivals are hard to predict,” he explains, suggesting that he’s been known to sing at festivals in the past but he’s determined not to give anything about his show away. “Let’s just see what happens,” he smiles. So, an award winning stand-up, critically acclaimed author (“Deep down I’m probably more of a writer than a comedian …but I would never underestimate how much of a buzz I get from doing live comedy”), and one of the highest scorers on Celebrity Mastermind ever, is there anything Mark Watson isn’t good at? Convincing people he isn’t David Baddiel perhaps. “I hardly ever correct anyone. If they like me more as David Baddiel, then so be it.” Join Mark (or David, whichever you prefer) at 8.50pm in the Bigtop on Saturday Night – just don’t ask him to sing “Three Lions”.



There’s no business like (theatre, performance and) SHOWS business! Well, the shows are being put on by an exciting bunch this year – the outfits alone are eye-wateringly spectacular! Expect JURASSIC-sized laughs and music-based mayhem!

ANONYMOUS BOSH THEATRE FIND THEM IN THE ARENA ON FRIDAY Grumbly Bear is a cranky, cantankerous young bear. The residents of Grumbly Wood are fearful of his bellyaching, and enlist the help of fairy-tale celebrity Little Red to help the out. Through stories, songs, and sock puppetry, you can join Anonymous Bosh as they explore the Grumbly World. Can the residents of Grumbly Wood learn to appreciate Grumbly Bear for his many talents?



All your favourite movie soundtracks beautifully blended into an upbeat brass band performance from the Hyde Park Brass Band. Pick out your favourite themes, dance along, and enjoy. This group will also be providing lots of walkabout sessions throughout the weekend.



MEET THEM AT THE OBELISK MONUMENT ON SATURDAY 12pm AND SUNDAY 12pm Breaking News – The star of long awaited movie ‘Mancanti’, is missing! The world has been waiting with baited breath to see this momentous production, but just two days from the end of the shoot everything has unexpectedly ground to a halt. Popolare Productions is appealing for your help in solving this mystery and to finish this important film!

BLOXED BEATS BIGTOP; FRIDAY 6pm–6.40pm This trio of beat boxers are known for some pretty remarkable covers of chart toppers and can count Dizzee Rascal, Kiesza, and Jamie Cullum amongst their numerous celebrity fans. They’ve wowed audiences at Soundwave Festival, Leeds Festival and even performed at Wembley Stadium during the NFL game. Urban beatboxing at its finest.

BIGTOP; FRIDAY 7pm–7.50pm We know what you’re thinking: Not another cabaret, comedy, rock and roll duo boasting ill-fitting tiger suits, punk-rock sensibilities, and invisible ensemble music... or maybe not. Rayguns Look Real Enough might just be the most unique duo in the UK right now. Coming off the back of an excellent Edinburgh Fringe, they’ll be entertaining the Deer Shed Audience with their wacky humour and excellent mashups. They’re the world’s greatest stadium rock band, don’t you know?

SUPERBOLT THEATRE PRESENTS: DINOSAUR PARK – THE JURASSIC PARODY BIGTOP; FRIDAY 8.30pm–9.30pm Teenagers have decided to hire out the local community centre to hold a memorial screening of their palaeontologist mother’s favourite movie, Jurassic Park. Disaster strikes when the VHS tape (ask your parents) goes missing and the teenagers are left to act out the film themselves! This splendidly silly super spoof comes to the Deer Shed Festival after a very successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe. +++++ The Londonist

Dinosaur Park is one of our Featured Artists, see page 44.



WRONGSEMBLE SHOW AND WALKABOUT OBELISK; SATURDAY 9am–10.15am AND FIND THEM IN THE ARENA ON SUNDAY “Theatre for the young of passport to the young at heart” is the tagline for this theatre group from West Yorkshire. Whilst their shows are suitable for kids aged 3+, parents will enjoy it as much as the kids. Three is certainly the magic number for these guys: three actors and three tales all staring the number three. This energetic storytelling weaves original live music and classic tales to create an experience which everyone will enjoy.



FAULTY TOURZ MEET THEM AT THE FILM TICKET BOOTH (NEAR THE FILM TENT) ON SATURDAY AT 10.15am; 12.30pm; 3.15pm; 5.15pm AND SUNDAY 10.15am; 12.30pm; 3.15pm Hey you! Do you love movies? ‘Course you do – who doesn’t love movies? Join your expert guide as they take your through the real* sets of some of your favourite blockbuster movies. Experience hit scenes from films played out by the actual actors*. Step right into the middle of the movie making magic* to experience movies like you’ve never experienced them before. *DISCLAIMER (as insisted upon by stuffy, fun-sucking, prisonthreatening Hollywood lawyers): Sets won’t be ‘real’ in that they’re actually from the movies; they are real because they’re not imaginary! There will be actual actors – just not ones from the films… or any recognised acting medium. Tours won’t contain any actual magic… or will it? (Max. 10 people per tour).

SAMSAM BUBBLEMAN BIGTOP; SATURDAY 10.45am–11.30am It wouldn’t be Deer Shed Festival without skies full of bubbles. Always a favourite among the kids (and adults), self-titled bubbleologist Samsam Bubbleman is back with his ever-popular bubble shop and unmissable performance in the Big Top. Jarvis Cocker once told Sam “Your bubbles blew my mind” and who are we to argue with the great Mr Cocker?


SAME DIFFERENCE THEATRE – ‘WHERE’S WANDA?’ & ‘FEW FEET UP’ FIND THEM IN THE ARENA ON SATURDAY Established in early 2015, Same Difference combine street theatre skills with contemporary art practice to create simple interactive performances which engage audiences of all ages. After very successful performances of ‘A Few Feet Up’ at Bradford Festival, Same Difference have continued to grow creating engaging theatre that interacts with both their audiences and their surroundings. When it comes to the new performance ‘Where’s Wendy?’, think Where’s Wally? Without the copyright issues.

HENRY RABY & CHRIS SINGLETON FIND THEM IN THE ARENA ON SATURDAY Watch out for roaming poets! Henry Raby and Chris Singleton will be out and about writing and performing poems especially for you! Challenge them to create a completely new unique poems based on your ideas, or even about something you’ve seen or done at the Festival.

MEET THEM AT THE OBELISK MONUMENT ON SATURDAY 11am & 4pm; AND SUNDAY 11am & 4pm Welcome to Hatchling College, an eggciting place to learn all about native birds and how to be a good birder. Sit in a giant nest and get involved in this interactive eggsperience led by our three eggstrodinary professors. Filled with a fantastic mix of music, puppetry, facts and fun, this humorous show brings to life native bird characters in a new and engaging way. A fantastic new interactive show for young explorers. (Shows are 60 minutes long)

THE KAGOOLS BIGTOP; SATURDAY 2.10pm–3.10pm The Kagools are the silent, strange, but friendly duo who (through the magic of mimed sketches, audience participation, and interactive multimedia) take their audiences on some incredible adventures through time, space and realms. Their universal appeal has made them a huge success at both Edinburgh Fringe and Leicester Comedy Festival. Mime has never been so good!



JAVIER JARQUIN – CARD NINJA BIGTOP; SATURDAY 3.40pm–4.25pm Javier Jarquin is just like any other mild mannered kiwi card player… until he turns into a silent assassin using playing cards as weapons. The multi-award winning Card Ninja is a one-man comedy show with upbeat humour which promises a riotous and dazzling mix of hilarity and card stunts. Perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to be a little bit Ninja!



RACING MINDS BIGTOP; SATURDAY 4.45pm–5.45pm AND SUNDAY 11.50am–12.50pm Critically acclaimed, festival favourites Racing Minds are returning to Deer Shed Festival 7 with their brilliant improv performances. The boys will be building whimsical stories around audience suggestions and they welcome a challenge!

Racing Minds will also be running improv and accent workshops, see page 60.

E15 ACTING SCHOOL’S ROWDYDOW THEATRE COMPANY FIND THEM IN THE ARENA ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Dearly Beloved is a family-friendly, fantastically frantic frenzy of fun; a street theatre piece devised by a group of East 15 Acting School graduates, Rowdydow Theatre Company. Dearly Beloved invites you to attend a wedding and a funeral… but not as you know them. Chaotic from beginning to end as everything goes spectacularly wrong, this street theatre uses elements of mime, clown, movement, music and physical theatre to create an exhausting but exhilarating performance.


SNICKLEWAY THEATRE FIND THEM IN THE ARENA ON SUNDAY This children’s theatre company based in York are bringing their new show ‘Major Mole’s Musical Menagerie’ to the Deer Shed Festival. It promises to be a veritable feast of larger than life props, music and quirky wit which children and adults alike can engage with. Telling the futuristic tale of the discovery of an ancient relic (an iPod) by a wise mole. As animal scientists work to figure out just how this strange, enchanting sound is made, the animals just can’t decide which type of music is best! Lots of music, fun, and interactive brilliance with this one.

BIGTOP; SUNDAY 2.40pm–3.40pm Film-themed improv at its finest in this spontaneous play around Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s seminal super sleuth, Sherlock Holmes. What case will Sherlock need to solve? How will he solve it? With the audience deciding the key plot points and the actors improvising the plot, this is going to be anything but elementary.

BIGTOP; SUNDAY 4.00pm–4.10pm AND 4.35pm–5pm KO Productions are award winning urban street dancers who are returning to the Deer Shed Festival after a successful stint in 2014. They will amaze you with this explosive show which includes stunts, tricks, and high-impact dance moves set to charts songs and underground hip-hop.






ON SALE NOW IN THE MAIN ARENA Great quality T-shirts and Hoodies for children and adults in all sizes.

See page 89 for more details 43


Superbolt Theatre’s

Dinosaur Park


“The Deer Shed Audience can expect laughs, roars and possibly a few tears”


t’s not unusual to hear a performer being described as having had a ‘big year’. Some might say the phrase is becoming overused but, when it comes to Superbolt Productions Dinosaur Park, there is no better description. After being declared a sell-out show at Edinburgh Fringe 2015, the group have bounced from one 5 star review to another picking up numerous awards on the way. So, did they see this success coming? “I did not!” exclaims Dinosaur Park’s Simon Maeder. He recalls never looking past the first performance; the group were entirely focused on writing and practicing the show. He also remembers the nerves: “I’ll never forget walking from the rehearsal room to the first show. No one spoke a word. We were going through lines in our heads.” On paper, a show where three humans re-enact a film where most of the characters are dinosaurs (“We wanted the most un-stageable film we could think of.”) can only be hysterical but there’s more to creating a fantastically funny stage show than simply having a hilarious idea. And, as Simon points out, Dinosaur Park is “not just a retelling of their favourite dinosaur movie, but a whole other story too!” This ‘whole other story’ is infinitely funnier than the Spielberg epic but, surprisingly to most, its more moving than the original too. “There are some (tears) every time,” Simon admits. So just how do the Dinosaur Park group get the balance right between hilarity and sombreness? “This was one of the things we were most nervous about,” Simon tells us. “People really surprised us in how willing they were to be lead on these emotional ups and downs.” He believes that it is the show’s strong characters that make the emotional transitions easier for people. Audiences and reviewers have generally agreed with this assessment and perhaps it is the way Dinosaur Park are able to read their audience that has seen them have such a “big year”. (Woops, we said it again!) Despite, the sombre moments (“My highlight as a performer is doing the more heartfelt scenes where we explore the past of the Park family”), Simon also promises the Deer Shed audience some big laughs and tells us that the mysteriously named “T-Rex sequence” always has the audiences in fits of laughter. What more would you expect from a

group whose roots are so firmly planted in the art of clowning? Before you begin imagining the trio donning brightly-coloured curly wigs and big shoes whilst entertaining 9 year olds with balloon animals, you could not be further from the truth! Studying at the prestigious Parisian physical theatre school L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq (alumni include Toby Jones, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Geoffrey Rush), the group were studying clowning at a different level. The group eventually bonded over a shared love of physical theatre. “A lot of people form small companies with other students that they've enjoyed working with at the school,” Simon explains. “Lecoq gives you the skills to make your own work but as students you only ever get to create 5-10 minute pieces so everyone is eager to create something bigger by the time you leave.” All we can say to that is – mission accomplished.

Catch Dinosaur Park in the Bigtop, Friday, 8.30pm.








Kjartan Poskitt is the well-loved and bestselling author of many hilarious books for children including Agatha Parrot, Borgon the Axeboy and the Murderous Maths series, translated into over 30 languages. With a background in children’s television, he is a tireless and brilliant performer. Kjartan will bring his fun-filled Murderous Maths show to Deer Shed this year.

Brix Smith-Start is best known for her work in The Fall at the time when they were perhaps the most powerful and influential anti-authoritarian postpunk band in the world. At Deer Shed Festival she will talk about her memoir The Rise, The Fall and The Rise, which tells her whole extraordinary story.

MARTYN BEDFORD OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 11.30am–12.15pm Martyn Bedford wrote five novels for adults before publishing Flip, his first for teenagers and young adults. A former journalist, he is now a senior lecturer in creative writing at Leeds Trinity University. Between them, his novels have been translated into fifteen languages. Martyn brings his creative writing expertise to Deer Shed with a talk for young adults – and older ones are very welcome too.



HOLLIE MCNISH OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 13.45pm–2.45pm With Benjamin Zephaniah stating ‘I can’t take my ears off her’ and Kate Tempest describing her poetry as ‘welcoming, galvanising and beautiful’, Hollie McNish is a poet whose readings are not to be missed. She will be joining us at Deer Shed to perform her poems, and to chat with fellow poet, Kate Fox, about her latest book Nobody Told Me: Poetry and Parenthood.










OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 3.15pm–5pm The North Will Rise Again? brings together a group of prominent people involved in the arts to tackle topics surrounding the cultural differences between England’s North and South. BBC Leeds presenter, screenwriter, and chief theatre critic for the Yorkshire Post, Nick Ahad; Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary, Andy Burnham; poet, comedian, and writer, Kate Fox; The Unthanks’ Adrian McNally; and ex-Kenickie member and Arts Council guru, Marie Nixon will be going head-to-head under the watchful eye of Guardian journalist Dave Simpson as they debate hot topics such as: What has changed about the Northern cultural scene in the past decade? Are arts in the North given the same exposure as in the South? And can Northern culture act as a foundation to build a stronger North?





KATE FOX OBELISK STAGE; SUNDAY 10am–10.40am Kate Fox is a Northern stand up poet who has appeared everywhere from BBC1 to Radio 4 with funny, satirical poems about everything from running to politics, Northernness, perfect bodies and failing to be middle class. Working towards a PhD in Northernness and Performance, Kate Fox is as insightful and thoughtprovoking as she is entertaining. Think a sort of edgier Pam Ayres.

Katie Harnett is an author and illustrator from Sheffield. Her first picture book Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat explores how one well-loved cat can change a lonely woman’s life and bring a small community together. She will be reading from ‘Archie Snufflekins’ and running a cat-themed crafts workshop.





A humorous, poignant and award winning one hour spokenword show with Michael Burdett. This is the retelling of one man’s journey round Britain with a camera and a lost Nick Drake recording which was recovered from the bottom of a skip. It’s guaranteed to enthral, entertain, and, above all, make you smile.

OBELISK STAGE; SUNDAY 12.10pm–1.30pm In 1974 Michael Bradley joined his friend’s band which consisted of two guitars and no singer. Four years later that band recorded ‘Teenage Kicks’ and became one of the most fondly remembered UK bands of the post punk era. In this talk, Michael Bradley will be discussing his incredible life as documented in his book: Teenage Kicks: My Life as an Undertone.


THE CASTING COUCH; SUNDAY 1pm–2pm BEDTIME STORIES; SUNDAY 7pm–7.30pm Author and school workshop provider, Stephen Pass, will read from his book Madge the Mermaid about a mermaid created from recycled materials. He will also show how he made his book and recite some of his poems. Educational and lots of fun! Suitable for children aged 7-10 years.

MISS TROUT BEDTIME STORIES (IN THE CAMPSITE); FRIDAY 4.45pm–5.15pm Miss Trout is the pen-name of children’s author, Anna Rogers. Telling quirky tales which incorporate dark twists on classic fairy tales and Aesop’s fables, Miss Trout has created something bursting with creativity and refreshingly different. Using props to help bring her stories to life, Miss Trout will be conjuring up entire worlds for youngsters to enjoy and with festivals already under her felt.


LORNA MALLET BEDTIME STORIES; FRIDAY 7.30pm–8.30pm BEDTIME STORIES; SATURDAY 8.30pm–9.30pm Lorna Mallet is as integral to the Deer Shed Festival as the Deer Shed itself. She’s been an important part of the Deer Shed little ones’ bedtime ritual since year one and her expertly weaved bedtime stories are the perfect way to lull your festival critters to a gentle sleep.






If your little ones are early risers, why not take them to start the day with the weird and wonderful word-weaving wondrousness of Pip Theatre? Interactive, early-morning storytelling at its finest.

THE CASTING COUCH; SUNDAY 2.15pm–3.45pm If you’re really scared of horror films, why don’t you run out of the cinema? Is it OK to enjoy ethically dubious films? What is our role as a film audience? Lots of films raise philosophical questions: questions about ethics, identity, reality and fantasy and Nick Wiltsher (whose work encompasses the philosophy of art and culture, natural and human aesthetics, the imagination, and feminist psychology) will be discussing these questions and more in his talk ‘Philosophy at the Movies’. Bring along your burning questions and enjoy an entertaining talk which will show you films like you’ve never seen them before.

MUD PIE ARTS BEDTIME STORIES; SATURDAY 7pm–7.45pm OBELISK STAGE; SUNDAY 9am–9.40am Telling stories in the campsite and running an interactive storytelling experience at the obelisk stage, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy Mud Pie Arts. Especially engaging for under 5s, this is a fun-filled morning where the children are encouraged to use their imagination through art and drama.



This year’s festival theme has shaped every part of the festival but its real legacy will be the sheer number of films being shown! Whether you want an interactive sing-a-long experience, to wind down with some family movies, or get ready for BETH ORTON’s live show on Sunday by watching her feature film debut, we’ve got it all!




PLUS Q&A WITH CAST AND CREW FROM THE FILM FILM TENT; SATURDAY 7pm–9.30pm When Dad’s Army first reached our screens in 1968 in grainy black and white, it would have been an optimistic person who’d have believed that nearly 50 years later those most-beloved of sitcom characters would be returning to the forefront in their very own feature length film. This fantastically funny homage to the original tells the tale of how the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon deal with a visiting female journalist and a German spy as World War II draws to its conclusion. A significant investment from Screen Yorkshire’s Yorkshire Content Fund was integral to bringing the muchloved iconic British comedy to Yorkshire and to the big screen and the Deer Shed Festival is celebrating this with a Dad’s Army Q&A. Join Screen Yorkshire’s Hugo Heppell along with some cast and crew from the film as they chat about making the 2016 film with Yorkshire Post’s Nick Ahad.

SING-A-LONG… TANGLED (PG) & PITCH PERFECT (12A) TANGLED; IN THE DOCK STAGE; SUNDAY 11am–1pm PITCH PERFECT; IN THE DOCK STAGE; SUNDAY 2.30pm–4.30pm Considered the favourite independent cinema in the UK, The Prince Charles Theatre (based in Leicester Square) is also home to the best interactive cinema events around. Come along and experience Pitch Perfect and Tangled like you’ve never experienced them before. Get a team together and practice your favourite Pitch Perfect number to be in with a chance to win the title ‘Aca-Champions of Deer Shed 2016’! If singing isn’t your forte, don’t worry – there will be a Cup-Song Challenge to enter, a mermaid dancing show and many other fun moments to get involved in with too! For Tangled: sing along to all the wonderful songs as your favourite character for a wonderful costume parade and cheer and boo all the characters in the film – don’t forget to dress-up! Prince Charles Cinema will be hosting a film quiz on Sunday Night see page 67 for more details about Sunday Night at the Deer Shed Festival.




FILM TENT; SATURDAY 11.05pm–12.35am



A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE HAÇIENDA AUCTION (15) FILM TENT; FRIDAY 11.05pm–12.35am ‘Do you own the Dancefloor?’ tells what happened when the legendary Manchester nightclub the Haçienda was knocked down and sold off. In November 2000, many of the key elements from the iconic venue were split into 69 lots at a charity auction before the building was demolished to make way for a block of apartments. This auction resulted in parts of the nightclub – the epicentre of Manchester’s pop culture in the 1980s and 1990s – being scattered across the world. The film follows the journey of these lots and the people who own them. Interviewees include Hacienda DJs Graeme Park and Mike Pickering, Liam Gallagher of Oasis, and Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order.



LIGHT YEARS (12) Staring Deer Shed Festival headliner, Beth Orton, in her first acting role, Light Years is the startling story of loss, hope, and the deepest of human connections. Rose longs to see mum. But nobody will take her. Ever. Dad disappears to work. Sister waits for a boy on a damp golf course while their brother communes with spirits online. But Rose reckons a family’s like a constellation – connected up there in the infinite. Stars feel each other, even if they’ve died millions of years ago, even if they’re lightyears apart. Taking destiny into her hands, Rose slips out at dawn into England’s forgotten edge lands. Her departure provokes a family to change, to search for Rose and each other, until discovering the truth of their own awesome inheritance.

LEEDS YOUNG FILM FESTIVAL SHORTS FILM TENT; FRIDAY 9.15pm–10.45pm AND SUNDAY 6.30pm–7.30pm (SUNDAY NIGHT CAMPING) The prestigious Leeds Young Film Festival are bringing a selection or the best animated short films from their collection including a programme of 11 films curated by Ciné-Jeune International Film Festival and a programme of 12 films screened at the 17th Leeds Young Film Festival. These films showcase the very best of tomorrow’s filmmakers, animators, and visual storytellers as well as Golden Wings Audience Award winner Thomas Babbitt’s popular ‘The Something’. All the films run between 30 seconds and 10 minutes and are created with children 4-11 in mind.

Bringing you beautiful short films of Yorkshire through the ages. From the exceptional scenery that makes Yorkshire one of the most stunning landscapes of the UK, to the people, architecture and everything else that makes this county so special.




AMBIENT ZONE 2 IN THE DOCK; FRIDAY 9.45pm–10.45pm The fifth instalment in the hugely popular Just Music Café series of compilations, these twelve tracks perfectly encapsulate quiet introspection, comfort in solitude, and promise of the new. Contributors include a combination of new names alongside familiar Just Music artists and alumni. Each artist responded to feeling evoked by a beautiful series of carefully selected photo images. Shot in one continuous take, the video features footage of a ballet dancer performing a live visualization and interpretation of the album. As you watch, you cannot help but be drawn in with utter wonder and intrigue as the mind tries to make sense of the stunning imagery. Uses Headphones.

TIM INEAUX IN THE DOCK STAGE; FRIDAY 11pm–MIDNIGHT Tim Ineaux makes good time collages for the information era, mixing video streaming live from the internets. In a field! His sets feature music videos, soundtracks and mashups, interspersed with clips from film & TV. His Deer Shed show samples all the dance floor fun from cinema classics. Uses Headphones.

MARCONI UNION IN THE DOCK STAGE; SATURDAY 11.15pm–12.15pm Part music, part movie, part magic, Marconi Union are bringing an audio visual experience like no other. Uses Headphones. See page 24 for details and page 22 for our interview with the band.

GREEN GOBLETS AT DEER SHED This year’s Deer Shed Festival cups are pretty cool, aren’t they? They feature the humble Deer Shed Sea Monster who’s endured years of being attacked by Terry’s Trebuchet and is now being blasted by robotic laser eyes in our 2016 poster! This might be his last hurrah, and so we’ve immortalised him on our top-quality plastic cups which we’ve made with Green Goblets. Green Goblet’s Mantra is ‘refill not landfill’ so instead of using hundreds of plastic cubs which are ultimately destined for landfill sites, we’re using good quality, Deer Shed 7 cups which you can keep as souvenirs. These cups come at a small fee of £2 and you will need to return your cup to the bar when purchasing a drink to avoid being charged again.


THE GOONIES (12A) FILM TENT; FRIDAY 7pm–8.45pm From the imagination of Steven Spielberg, The Goonies plunges a band of small heroes into a swashbuckling, surprise-around-every-corner quest beyond their wildest dreams! Following a mysterious treasure map into a spectacular underground realm of twisting passages, outrageous booby-traps and a long-lost pirate ship full of golden doubloons, the kids race to stay one step ahead of a family of bumbling bad guys... and a mild-mannered monster with a face only a mother could love. A family adventure classic from start to buccaneering finish, is a cinematic treasure trove of breath-taking action, dazzling effects and shiver-yer-timbers thrills!




IN THE DOCK; SUNDAY 8am–9.30am The enchanting Irish animation Song of the Sea tells the story of Ben and his little sister Saoirse – the last Seal-child – who embark on a fantastic journey across a fading world of ancient legend and magic in an attempt to return to their home by the sea. The film takes inspiration from the mythological Selkies of Irish folklore, who live as seals in the sea but become humans on land. SONG OF THE SEA, directed by Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells) features the voices of Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, Lisa Hannigan, Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny.

INSIDE OUT (U) PAPER PLANES (U) FILM TENT; SATURDAY 9.15pm–10.45pm Eleven-year-old Dylan (Ed Oxenbould – The Visit, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day) is getting a hard time from a school bully, whilst his father (Sam Worthington – Avatar, Clash of the Titans) is at home grieving over the death of Dylan’s mother. When a regional paper plane tournament is announced at Dylan’s primary school, he soon discovers his natural talent for creating the ultimate paper plane. During a whirlwind adventure that takes him all the way to Japan for the world championships, Dylan meets the junior Japanese champion, Kimi, and they develop a close bond challenging each other to build the most beautiful paper plane ever made.

FILM TENT; SUNDAY 8pm–10pm (SUNDAY NIGHT CAMPERS ONLY) Growing up can be a bumpy road, and it’s no exception for Riley, who is uprooted from her Midwest life when her father starts a new job in San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotions – Joy (Amy Poehler), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). The emotions live in Headquarters, the control centre inside Riley’s mind, where they help advise her through everyday life. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, turmoil ensues in Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley’s main and most important emotion, tries to keep things positive, the emotions conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.



Monsters vs Machines

A movie shot over the festival weekend that you can star in!


Founder of Open Mind, Peter Black, has created the ultimate in modern child behaviour control: a cyber-cyclone-supervisor called T.H.A.I, (The Home Artificial Intelligence). Above all else, Black promises to enforce good behaviour choices and make “day dreaming a thing of the past”. But a small resistance of young hackers calling themselves The Monsters aren’t fooled by Black’s pseudo-charm and team up to put a stop to the THAI-rant forever. Will they manage to save the day or will they be sentenced to a lifetime on the naughty step? “The idea came out of this year’s poster” says Oliver Jones festival director. “The B-movie style we were looking for inevitably had to include some monsters and some machines, all B-movie posters do! Clearly kids are the monsters in all this and we had to pit them against some ruthless controlling dystopian force.” The film’s director Yann Secouet got together with Oliver over the winter months and the two of them fleshed out the plot of the film. Yann was very excited as this was a project like no other he had ever been involved with telling us: “The idea that everything about the film is open to participation from the Deer Shed audience was something I thought was unique. We had to develop the plot with a great number of opportunities for the audience to appear in front of the camera, even if they hadn’t done any sort of acting before”. With the plot complete, what comes next? “A great writer,” Yann tells us referring to Ulric Van Den Bogaerde who was so instrumental in taking the story and turning it into an actual script. Once you have a script, you need the crew and what a crew it is! The film is being produced by BAFTA member, Denise Galloway, without whom this project would have only ever been an idea. As the project gathered pace, Yann and Denise some of the best movie professionals in the business all of whom were willing to volunteer their time towards a project that promised to give so many unique opportunities to our young (and old!) audience. Next came the casting, a process which continues up until the Film Tent closes on Sunday afternoon. The main role of Peter Black is being played by award-winning actor, Jonathan Hansler (as seen in My Family, The Drummond Will, and Axed ) – you may have already seen his terrifyingly brilliant portrayal of Peter Black in the film trailer on our website and social media pages. “I love the idea of giving kids a chance,” explains Jonathan when we ask what drew him to this project. “This film is a novel idea and its Big Brother style message is important. Technology is getting out of hand. There’s so much beauty and we are being controlled by machines.”

So why are all these very brilliant people giving up their very valuable time for this project? “We are all doing this to show aspiring young filmmakers and actors what can be achieved when you set your mind to it,” Yann explains, “to give people the experience of making a film and to showcase the talent and skills of those that made it.” The inclusive feel of this film is evident throughout the whole process. Oliver has described the process of making Monsters vs. Machines as ‘open filmmaking’. “This is a Deer Shed Festival film and we want as many of the audience to get involved with the film as possible, indeed most of the main roles in the film have gone to Deer Shedders who have auditioned” he says before promising plenty of other opportunities for the general audience to get involved over the festival weekend.



MISBEHAVING AT MEAL TIMES FILM TENT; SATURDAY 10am–2pm SIGN UP FROM 9am SATURDAY Play the part of one of our film’s misbehaving kids! Step into the middle of the film set, smile out at the camera crew and festival audience, and become a star. This Film Tent activity requires you to act as naughty as you can whilst you cause havoc in our specially designed kitchen film-set! Everyone who stars in the Misbehaving at Mealtime activity will walk away with a copy of their footage set in a small film clip to show their friends and family. A number of the performances will also be chosen to appear in the finished film! Please Note: With just 40 spaces to fill on this workshop and we are expecting them to fill-up very quickly. This will be first come first serve so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.


Monsters vs Machines

WALL OF NAUGHTY KIDS FILM TENT; SUNDAY 9.30am–2pm T.H.A.I likes to show just how many misbehaving children she can send to the naughty step at once so one scene in the film will show a wall of miserable looking children as they serve their time on the naughty step. Come and get involved by being one of our endless “sad-faced” children who will be stars of the Wall of Faces! We appreciate that it’s almost impossible to be unhappy at the Deer Shed Festival so you’ll have to draw on all of your top quality acting abilities!

PARTY KIDS FILM TENT; SUNDAY 9.30am–2pm The Film Tent is throwing the biggest part of the Deer Shed Festival weekend! T.H.A.I’s lost all control and the kids are rebelling in the most hilarious ways they can think of! Bubbles, silly string, streamers, dancing, playing, skipping, stupidity, silliness and lots, and lots of fun; this is a chance to enjoy yourself whilst being part of one of the busiest, most exciting scenes in the entire film!



If we’re honest, we might have overdone it this year. With over 80 workshops across 4 tents, this is by far the biggest programme of arts and performance activities we’ve ever had! But, if we’ve learned anything over the years it’s that the creativity of our Deer Shedders has no limits… and never throw away your water bottles! Here’s what our craft-conjurers and workshop wizards have on offer this year… WORKSHOPS KEY Calm and creative Make and keep Tuition and guidance Hustle and bustle Intricate and tricky 11+ Tactile for hands on explorers Get stuck in and take part – noisy Improve or learn a new skill – Physical Messy

OSCARS CLIFFHANGER; FRIDAY 3pm–7pm Who wants to ‘do a DiCaprio’ and spend 23 years waiting to finally be handed an Oscar? Not us. We also don’t want to have to put in all that ‘hard work’ and do all that ‘acting’ that’s required. (We’re also not talented.) However, we’ve come up with a clever way around it… make your own Oscar Statue. It may be made of cardboard, but from a distance, no one will be able to tell the difference. Now all you need to do is work on a killer acceptance speech.




It would be fair to say that pompoms can brighten up even the drabbest of materials and we’re going to be using pompoms to create decorations that are as bright and as exciting as your brain can imagine. We’re particular excited to see the number of pompom tent decorations. A nice simple work shop with lots of colour and fun.

The TLC Chinese Theatre in Hollywood is well-known for displaying over 200 celebrity hand and footprints on its forecourt. We’re replicating this with clay handprints of our own. Get a perfect outline of your hand and add a special quote or smiley face under your name as you take home this unique memento of your time as Deer Shed royalty.



POPCORN; FRIDAY 3.30pm–6.30pm

TANGLED; FRIDAY 1pm–7pm Who would have thought something as simple as some decorative ribbon, and a white party plate could create such a beautiful keepsake? Rachel, that’s who! Simple to make and very effective, you can create a lovely ornament that will look wonderful in any home.


An old favourite at the festival we’ll try and keep this one going over the whole weekend. Make a finger pot, hamster, dalek, racing car, a pony, scale version of the Large Hadron Collider... with our quick drying clay.


IN THE CAN; FRIDAY 2pm–6pm Your cardboard camera might not be able to actually capture the memories of Deer Shed… but you’ll certainly look the part. Using cardboard, colours, and your own creativity, you’ll be able to create a cardboard camera fit for cardboard paparazzi.


ENCHANTED; FRIDAY 3.30pm–7pm If you’ve ever seen a picture of a festival crowd, you’ll have noticed the unusually high number of festival headbands. Whether they’re practical and have a torch attached or are just a colourful hair accessory, we’re going to help you upcycle boring old headbands and create a unique festival bands to exactly your own style.





The majority of workshops are free unless otherwise stated.

You may have noticed that writing by hand is making a comeback. From hand-drawn chalkboards to beautiful quotes on Instagram, hand lettering can really up your creative game! Leeds College of Art will show you different styles of lettering and teach you how to create them yourself.

LINOCUT CLIFF HANGER; SATURDAY 10am–4pm This is one of our favourite forms of printing. Lino cutting is an incredible way of creating a relief print you can use time and time again. You’ll learn how to set up this machine, cut linoleum properly, and print awesome pictures with it.




Crafting with paper may be cooler than you think! Tell a story or create a scene with paper illustration. We’ll help you learn the basics, and then set you free with nothing but your own creativity to guide you!

You can’t beat a classic craft like Friendship Bracelets. This is a relatively straight-forward skill once you know how to do it. Using little more than a pin and some coloured threads, you’ll create a beautiful little wearable keepsake. Make them for your new friends. Make them for your old friends. Make them for your festival friends. Simple.



Storyboarding is the important stepping stone between script and filming. In this workshop, you and your family can create your very own story, document your Deer Shed trip, draw your favourite festival memories, and create your very own family film storyboard. Suitable for younger Deer Shedders.

This sort of sounds like the name of a poem, or perhaps some kind of aching-heart ballad – it’s neither. This is our workshop in which you learn to bend, twist, and tie beautiful willow branches into classy, heart-shaped artwork.







Hollywood stars have their names immortalised above stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame and this year, in honour of our theme, Deer Shed Stars are going to be immortalised on the Deer Shed Walk of Fame. Design your star, add your name and let everyone know just how important you are.

Create your very own minion to take away. Give him one or two eyes, paint him yellow… or purple if you’ve got a naughty streak (or any other colour if you’re an anarchist!) Take your minion to enjoy the rest of the festival and even try and order him to do your evil bidding, just like in the film. NB: Minion may not follow your orders, but don’t worry – mum and dad will.

CD PAINT DESIGN IN THE CAN; SATURDAY 10am–4pm CDs have a vast number of surprising uses – a man we knew used to use them to scare cats away from his garden. At Deer Shed Festival, we’re using them as decorations. Paint them with pretty patterns and hang them to decorate our wishing tree.

SOCK SLUGS TANGLED; SATURDAY 10am–4pm The mystery of the missing sock is a long standing one. If you google it, there are several pages dedicated to the phenomena. Well good news – we’ve found all the odd socks and we’re turning them into a quirky cuddly companion to accompany you during the festival.

MINECRAFT HEADS POPCORN; SATURDAY 10am–4pm Hyper realistic Minecraft heads are simple enough to make. We have lots of head-sized boxes for you to decorate and colour. We fully expect to look across a field of Minecraft Characters by Sunday afternoon.



OWL FINGER PUPPETS TANGLED; SUNDAY 10am–4pm Wouldn’t it be great to have this wisest of creatures always on hand (did you see what we did there?). Share your festival experience with this simple-to-make puppet. All you need is a little fabric glue and the ability to follow instructions. And if you can’t follow instructions, someone will be on hand to help. If you won’t follow instructions, you could create a mutant cyclops owl with wing for a mouth. Hooray!

THAUMATROPE IN THE CAN; SUNDAY 10am–4pm The thaumatrope was first made popular in the 1820s and is just as impressive now as it has ever been. Scientifically speaking, it demonstrates the ‘persistence of vision’. We actually think it’s just magic – a magic spinning disk which blends two images together using magic. We’re not sure what the images will be yet. Perhaps the classic bird in a cage? Perhaps a monster fighting a machine? Either way it will be awesome… and magic.





ENCHANTED; SUNDAY 10am–4pm The humble pebble can be transformed with a little paint and gloss into a rather wonderful little ornament or paperweight. We’ll provide the pebbles and the paint all you have to do is find one that’s the right shape and design it to your taste.

ZOETROPE IN THE CAN; SUNDAY 10am–4pm Before computers, before TV, even before radio (or the wireless as your gran calls it), children explored the magic of moving images with the mystic Zoetrope. Create your own characters, colour them, draw them, design them until their perfect and then watch them come alive.

SET DESIGN POPCORN; SUNDAY 10am–4pm Whether you’re planning to create a sit com, period drama, sci-fi, chat show, or replicate your favourite kids TV show, you’ll find all the materials you need to achieve your TV set dream in this workshop. Think backdrop, curtains, scenery… you could even create your own props.

SUPER HERO MASK MAKING If we’ve learned anything from superheroes it’s that a very simple mask can completely disguise you from everyone you know. Turn yourself into the ultimate anonymous crime-fighting machine by creating your own individual mask. Be sure to add your superhero name and add a little super hero personality to the mix.


SCIENCE TENT; MAKE SHAUN THE SHEEP; FRIDAY 5.30pm AND SATURDAY 10.30am, 12.30 AND 2.30pm MAKE GROMIT; SUNDAY 10.30pm, 12.30pm AND 2.30pm We’ve teamed up with Aardman – the creators behind Shaun the Sheep, Wallace & Gromit and Morph – to offer some ewe-nique workshops and the opportunity to learn from an Aardman expert model maker how to make your own Shaun the Sheep or Gromit clay model to take home!


THE CASTING COUCH; SATURDAY ACCENTS 10am–10.45am / IMPROV 2.30pm–3.15pm Learn to speak with an Irish lilt, a Texan drawl, or a West Country Twang with the brilliant Racing Minds in their morning workshop. The boys will also be running an improv workshop in the afternoon so we expect everyone to come away with at least one new accent which they can drop into any improvised situation. Also see page 40 for details of their live performances. Aged 7+ (25 people max).

THE TELEVISION WORKSHOP THE CASTING COUCH; SATURDAY 11am–MIDDAY AND 5.30pm–6.30pm Nottingham Casting Company, The Television Workshop, are going to be taking you through acting for screen. What’s your best angle? Which of your expressions best conveys anger, happiness, or sadness? How do you act around the camera? This is perfect for all those future stars who are just waiting to be discovered. Aged 7+ (25 people max).





Time to unleash your hidden drama queen/drama king in this awesome acting workshop from the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Can you be the next stage starlet or the next leading man? Is this where the dream begins? Step one, theatre in the Deer Shed Festival workshop… eventually, entering the West End Hall of Fame. Aged 7+ (25 people max).

THE CASTING COUCH; SATURDAY 1.20pm–2.05pm For the younger audiences, there will be theatrical speaking using PG Shakespearian insults: “Thou hast no more brain than I have in mine elbows”, “Thou dost infect my eyes”, “You have such a February face, so full of frost, of storm and cloudiness” – that sort of thing. You can’t really say you’ve experienced Shakespeare until you’ve thrown brilliantly poetic insults across a room. Aged 7+ (25 people max.)

MIMING WITH THE KAGOOLS THE CASTING COUCH; SATURDAY 4.30pm–5.30pm Fancy yourself as the next Marcel Marceau? Look no further than miming with the Kagools. This silent but strange comedy duo with an enchanting stage show are going to be hosting some miming workshops. How much can you say without words? Lots apparently. They will also be performing in Bigtop at 2.10pm. Aged 7+ (25 people max).

STAGE COMBAT WITH IAN STAPLETON IN THE CAN; SATURDAY 5.15pm–7.15pm Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, or Kung Foo Panda. Whoever your stunt action hero is, here’s where you learn to be just like them. This non-contact fighting is as much an illusion as a test of your action skills. Think Batman in the POW, BANG, WALLOP days. (All safely choreographed to avoid injury.) Aged 7+ (25 people max).

PRESENCE THEATRE VOICE PROJECTION READING LIVE THE CASTING COUCH; SATURDAY 6.45pm–8.15pm Presence Theatre will be running their very popular ‘Reading Group Live’ for older children and adults. Read from classic plays and scripts in this interactive, group performance theatre run by Artistic Director, Jack Tarlton. Aged 12+ (10 people max.)


GO YOGA CLUB YOGA OBELISK STAGE; FRIDAY 5.10pm–5.55pm What do you get if you mix yoga and clubbing? Club Yoga! This is an upbeat twist on the usual yoga theme with disco anthems which promises to take the yoga feel-good factor to the extreme.



TREAD THE BOARDS INTERPRETIVE DANCE IN THE CAN; FRIDAY 6.15pm–7pm This modern dance phenomena allows the dancer to tell a story through the medium of dance. Weave intricate emotions, conditions, and fantasies and translates them into modern dance through traditional movements and dramatic expression. It’s as much an art form as a dance routine and all done to your favourite epic film scores. You can also catch Tread the Boards putting on a Car Boot Disco in the campsite on Friday.

GO YOGA PILATES THE CASTING COUCH; FRIDAY 6.15pm–7pm Pilates has something to offer people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness, from beginners to elite athletes. It’s all about low impact exercise focusing on core strength. If you can master core strength, you can master all exercises. Usually done on a mat or in a small space, you’ll be amazed at how much you can push yourself in a relaxed, steady environment. (15 people max.)

GO YOGA TEEN YOGA THE CASTING COUCH; FRIDAY 7.15pm–7.55pm Yoga is for everyone… except teen yoga. That’s just for teens. Get rid of your little siblings, get away from your parents for a while. It’s time to spend a bit of time relaxing and exercising away from the rest of your family. Teens (aged 12-17) Only. (15 people max.).

TREAD THE BOARDS BOLLYWOOD DANCE IN THE CAN; FRIDAY 7.15pm–8pm Dance yourself fit to Bollywood beats with this lively workshop. Learn all the moves from the Thumka to the Bhan˙gra¯ and everything in-between. Fun for all the family. You can also catch Tread the Boards putting on a Car Boot Disco in the campsite on Friday.


UNIVERSITY CENTRE at Leeds City College


If you want the Art Look, come and join us in the Leeds City College Tent. Everything from stop frame animation & screen printing to special effects make-up & a pop-up photo studio. School of Creative Arts Developing the CREATIVES of the future Degree Courses in Art Enterprise, Dance, Computer Games, Performance Practice & Photography. Call 0113 216 2406 |

UNIVERSITY CENTRE at Leeds City College

WANT TO TEACH? Ready to explore a career in the teaching profession? There’s a number of options available, some with very attractive bursaries on offer... CHAT TO US IN THE LEEDS CITY COLLEGE TENT FOR DETAILS | 0113 216 2406 | |

BIGTOP; SATURDAY 9am–10.30am We’re not going to tell you when the flashmob is taking place… that would defeat the object of the whole thing, but we are going to tell you that practice is taking place in the Bigtop on Saturday morning. If you come to practice, you’ll be told the secret time and place for the flashmob and you’ll also have a chance to star as a dancer in our film Monsters vs Machines!

TAI CHI THE CASTING COUCH; SATURDAY 9am–9.30am AND SUNDAY 9am–9.30am A silhouetted figure on the beach at sunrise, or a group of impossibly flexible people stood under a tree, stock images would have you believe that that is all Tai Chi has to offer but there’s so much more to it than that. Originally conceived as a martial art with amazing health benefits, it has since become popular among competitive wrestlers. Which category do you fall into? (15 people max.)

GO YOGA MEDITATION THE CASTING COUCH; SUNDAY 9.45am–10.30am Ommmm… discover a little peace and quiet with our meditation workshops. It’s said that meditation can increase relaxation, focus, and can even benefit aching backs… might be just what you need at the end of a weekend of “can I go on your shoulders please?” (15 people max.)

MATTHEW BOURNE’S NEW ADVENTURES & RE:BOURNE BIGTOP; SUNDAY 10.45am–11.30am AND 1.30pm–2.15pm Mixing popular appeal with a ground-breaking, unique theatrical language, wonderful dancers and high-quality production values, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures is one of the great success stories of British theatre and has notched up numerous international awards and a staggering 10 Olivier Award nominations. Now they are heading to the Deer Shed Festival to impart their wisdom on you. Not to be missed!

GO YOGA YIN YOGA THE CASTING COUCH; SUNDAY 10.45am–11.30am Are you in with the Yin Crowd? This is a slow-paced, more meditative style of yoga which includes holding poses for five minutes or longer. It is said to increase flexibility and bring inner enlightenment. It’s also said that Yin Yoga compliments other yoga activities… good job there are plenty to choose from. (15 people max.)



GO YOGA FAMILY YOGA THE CASTING COUCH; SUNDAY 3.45pm–4.45pm Gosh, there’s a lot of yoga this year! If you’re an entire family of yoga enthusiasts then this one is for you. Forget separating into teen, adult, and parent and baby yoga, get the entire family together so you can improve your collective family aura. Let us know how many family member you have persuaded to join in with this – we want to know which Deer Shed Festival Family are the more yoga-y!




Here’s your opportunity to have a go at screen printing your own souvenir poster of the Deer Shed Festival. Designed by students and staff from Leeds City College, you’ll be able to get your hands dirty printing the final colour of one of these unique limited edition prints – signed by both you and the designer, and take one away with you for just £2.50. Workshops last 30 minutes. Advanced Booking required (groups of 10) suitable for 8 years upwards. £2.50 including copy of poster

PHOTO BOOTH DRESS UP WORKSHOP In need of a bit of frivolity – here’s your chance to dress up for the camera in a pop-up photo studio in a tent – lights, cameras and all the gizmos. Workshops last 30 minutes. Advanced Booking required – suitable for 8 years upwards (any age if accompanied by an adult)





You can work with our staff & students to create your own short animation, with your own characters and sets. Workshops last 1 hour. Advanced Booking required (groups of 4) suitable for 8 years upwards.

Join the Abundant Earth team as they show you how to turn scraps of felt into beautiful bracelets and small felted rugs. Using the tried and tested techniques of our outdoorsy ancestors, this is not to be missed.



Create your own front cover of the Deer Shed Festivals Film Magazine, with your face on the front cover using computer design software. Workshops last 30 minutes. Advanced Booking required suitable for 8 years upwards.

Join Groovy Records as they upcycle classic vinyl records into fashionable mirrors and photo frames. Paint the records to your own taste and then turn it into a tasteful addition to your house. Add a photo of the family at Deer Shed to your frame and it’s the perfect memento of your weekend.



Media Make Up staff and students will demonstrate their artistry creating Steam Punk and Zombie characters on live models who will then parade around the festival creating their own spooky mayhem. Demonstrations last 1 hour. Audience may be limited – suitable for all ages.

It’s impossible to be unhappy in a poncho. It’s the wearable blanket that predates the snuggie and the slanket and allows you to be as cosy as it’s possible to be… aside from being wrapped in a duvet. Using natural products and wool, this workshop will help you make the happiest clothing product in the world.

SCARS & WOUNDS SPECIAL KINDLE WOODS SPINDLES £2.50 EFFECTS TREATMENT It would be fair to say that fairy tales have given spindles Amaze your friends and scare your parents with realistic and totally gory scars and wounds provided by media make-up students. Treatments last 15 minutes. Advanced Booking required (groups of 4) suitable for 6 years upwards


ABUNDANT EARTH BLACK SMITH Heat some metal up until malleable bash it with a hammer. Amazingly, this method can wield the most amazing decorative hooks for you to hang in your home or garden.

ABUNDANT EARTH WILLOW WEAVING The Abundant Earth team show you how to create spectacular fish and flowers using ancient willow weaving practices. The techniques – perhaps best known for creating baskets – are going to be adapted so that you can create a lovely ornament to take home.


a bad name over the years. Rumblestiltskin, Sleeping Beauty – neither of these stories painted the noble spindle in a particularly good light. However we – along with our friends at Kindle Woods – are going to rescue the good name of spindles in this awesome old-worldy workshop. We can’t guarantee you’ll be spinning straw into gold, but you might just create something special to take away with you. [NB. All spindles have been checked for Sleeping Curses and they’re all curse free.]

BUSHCRAFT You never know when you might need to set fire to something or make a shelter or stop the bleeding from a lost limb with little more than a cotton wool bud. Postapocalypse, you’ll be pleased that you attended one of our bushcraft workshops. They will also be helping you track the animals native to Baldersby Park. Will there be bear prints? Wolf prints? Deer prints? No, of course not… but there will be plenty of animals who do live in the park for you to track.

DEN BUILDING SPORTS ARENA; SATURDAY 10am–4pm AND SUNDAY 10am–4pm Join our professional team of den builders, yes really, as they turn sofas upside down and attach sheets to clothes lines with clothes pegs. Build yourself a small sanctuary over the weekend in which to escape your family for as long as possible.

JUNK MODELLING TEENY BEANS; FRIDAY 2pm–8pm Take what might once have been considered ready for the recycling bin and turn it into all manner of monsters, machines, and movie-themed models. You’ll be amazed at the things our model minions and crafty folks are able to build with nothing more than an egg box and a milk bottle.

PIPE CLEANER PETS TEENY BEANS; FRIDAY 2pm–8pm We had so much fun creating pipe cleaner insects last year that we’re bringing them back this year. There’s so much scope with pipe cleaners that we’re letting you create whatever you like. Just make sure they’re at least a little bit creative… no stick insects please!

BOOM CHIKKA BOOM MESSY PLAY TEENY BEANS; FRIDAY 2pm–6pm Little ones can use hands, feet, sponges, giant stampers and even vegetables to make amazing painty creations. We will have a mixture of safe poster paints and food-based paints for the babies who just want to eat everything! Big sheets of paper on the floor make it easy for babies and toddlers to use their whole bodies and become immersed in the painting experience. And you get to leave us to clear up the mess!

SAND PIT FIND THIS NEAR THE TEENY BEANS TENT Eight tons of sand undercover and exclusively reserved for our younger audience. Build an elaborate sea monster, a castle, or anything else the sand and your imagination will allow. Last year, one toddler was so excited that their sandcastle stood up unaided that they did an impromptu victory dance – awesome! We’re very pro-impromptuvictory-dances at the Deer Shed Festival!

SOFT PLAY FIND THIS NEAR THE TEENY BEANS TENT You know what you’re going to get with a soft play area – fun slides, cubes, and shapes for your little ones to spend hours of fun playing on. Sometimes we wonder if we should give up with the bands and comedy and simply host a giant soft play area festival!

COLLAGE TEENY BEANS; SATURDAY 10am–4pm Collage comes from the French word ‘coller’ meaning ‘to glue’… which makes sense really, doesn’t it? This modern art technique is all about gluing things together to create a picture. We’ve have all sorts of ‘bits and pieces’ for your to make pictures with.




TEENY BEANS; SATURDAY 10am–4pm AND SUNDAY 10am–4pm Playdough is now officially a festival favourite. Come along and create creatures and patterns in this multi-coloured dough. If you want to keep it film-themed, you could probably create a camera or a clapper board. If you don’t want to stick to the theme film, you can create anything you like.

MUSICAL SHAKERS TEENY BEANS; SATURDAY 11.15am–11.45am AND 2.30pm–3pm This drop-in workshop gives little ones chance to shake, rattle, and bang to their heart’s content. Including rhymes, songs, and a variety of instruments, this is the magical, musical moment every under-5 has been looking for.

GO YOGA DRAMA WORKSHOPS TEENY BEANS; SATURDAY 12.15pm–1.15pm AND 3.15pm–4.15pm Imaginative play through some basic drama and theatre techniques. Explore strange and wonderful worlds with our workshop leaders who are trained specifically to build a fun, creative environment for children to play, learn, and be theatrical.

BOOM CHIKKA BOOM BABY RAVE! TEENY BEANS; SATURDAY 4.30pm–6pm Into their 4th year of hosting some of the country’s most exciting and innovative family events. Boomchikkaboom, formally known as Baby Rave North will be joining us for some raving of our own! Expect good music, bubbles galore, pompoms, shakers, parachute fun, snow machine, dancing and 100% good vibes for the whole family from 0-100yrs!



PARENT AND BABY YOGA TEENY BEANS; SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 10am–10.45am Enjoy all the benefits of Yoga with the whole family. Babies all the way through to grans and grandads are welcome to join this inclusive introductory yoga session which will be provide fun for all the family.

COLOURING SHEETS TEENY BEANS; SUNDAY 10am–4pm Sometimes the simple things are the best. We’ve got a whole load of lined pictures which haven’t been coloured. We’ve also brought lots of coloured pens, pencils, crayons, and paints. We’re going to allow you to put the two together. Bonus points for colouring inside the lines.

SENSORY AND MESSY PLAY TEENY BEANS; SUNDAY 11.30am–12.30pm; 1pm–2pm AND 2.30pm–3.30pm Your little ones can exercise their imaginations and create small worlds whilst enjoying a great multi-sensory experience. Jelly, edible snow, colourful spaghetti, it’s all there so your little on can create entire worlds, landscapes and stories with materials that feel great, look colourful, and smell nice.


HYDE PARK BRASS BAND BIGTOP; FRIDAY 5pm–5.45pm KEEP AN EAR OUT FOR THEM IN THE ARENA ON FRIDAY AND THE CAMPSITE ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY. Do you have a family? Do you love music? Do you love interacting? If you answered ‘no’ to all of these questions then don’t come to this interactive performance. The Hyde Park Brass Band workshop is the interactive music performance for all the family. Plenty for all you aspiring musos and for anyone harbouring plans on start one of those 70s-style family bands like The Jacksons or The Osmonds.


UKULELE WORKSHOP TANGLED; SUNDAY 10am–10.45am AND 4pm–4.45pm Join Jessica Bowie (no relation) for the workshop dedicated to ukulele enthusiasts all over the festival. Grab a ukulele and learn how to play it like Jason Mraz, Laura Marlin, or Jeff Beck. Fun Fact: Ukulele means ‘Jumping Flees’ in Hawaiian. See, Deer Shed Festival is educational as well as fun! (30 people max.)

FOLK SINGING WITH SERIOUS SAM BARRETT TANGLED; SUNDAY 11am–11.45am The workshop is an interactive, singing focused session designed for children of Key Stages 1 and 2 which was developed in consultation with teachers across North and West Yorkshire. The workshop introduces children to the idea of folk and traditional music in various forms from all over the world. The session will also educate children about some basic aspects of the social and economic context in which shanties/work songs were sung.

BILLY & ANDY’S MUSIC SCHOOL TANGLED; SUNDAY 12.45pm–3.45pm Billy & Andy’s Music School will be at this year’s Deer Shed Festival presenting their weird and wonderful musical instruments for everybody to play on, jam with, and generally make a racket. They’ll also be hosting a live filmscoring event using their homemade instruments, pieces of junk and anything else that you can bang, bash and beat. Come along and join in. No musical talent required!

AIR GUITAR BIGTOP; SUNDAY 1pm–1.15pm AND 4.15pm–4.30pm Always wanted to pull the face and moves of a lead guitarist but don’t want to bother with the actual music bit? Who needs to be able to read music and play chords when you can power slide on your knees across a stage whilst looking like a rock-god? This is one for all the musically-challenged superstars run by the Rock School from Leeds.

The majority of workshops are free unless otherwise stated.


EVERY GREAT “AT THE MOVIES” PARTY, NEEDS AN IRRESISTIBLE “AT THE MOVIES” AFTER PARTY! DON’T LET THE PARTY END! BUY A SUNDAY NIGHT CAMPING TICKET FROM THE CAMPSITE MERCH TENT TODAY! From 6pm, The Obelisk Stage and bar will be opening exclusively to those with an after party ticket (Sunday Night Camping Pass) and will be playing host to Andy Kershaw’s African, Caribbean, & Latin Dance Night which will keep you dancing late into the night. If that isn’t to your taste Urban Kaos will be hosting a Neon Rave just next door. For those looking to wind down, Prince Charles Cinema will be hosting an excellent film quiz, and Oscar winning movie, Inside Out, will be screening in the Film Tent. There will be storytelling in the campsite whilst NCT will be on hand for all your welfare needs covered by NCT.

HOW DO I BUY A TICKET? Tickets are sold at the Merch Tent located in the Campsite and are charged at £50 per tent or live-in vehicle.

HOW IT WORKS? You will be given a tag to attach to your tent/live in vehicle and each adult in the party will be given a specific wristband which entitles the wearer access to the site all weekend and the Obelisk area on Sunday Night. The site will be staffed and the welfare team will be on hand. For holders of the Sunday Night Pass, the campsite will close at MIDDAY on Monday.



“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Albert Einstein We like to think that what remains is what one has learned at the Deer Shed Festival science tent! It’s in its fourth year now and it’s as full of super-science fun as ever!



The majority of workshops are free unless otherwise stated.


An old favourite from last year. Take a boring old water bottle and decorate it with glitter, fins and bits and bobs to aid stability and aerodynamics… or, more often than not, turn it into a very cool-looking (but ultimately air-resistant) flying machine. Either way, take your interstellar creation to our launch area where, with assistance from mission control, we will launch your rocket skyward!

SOIL INVESTIGATION There’s so much life just below our feet, entire ecosystems of microorganisms just waiting to be discovered… plus there’re big, fat gooey worms which are awesome! With the aid of microscopes, and an expert who can make sense of what you’re seeing, we’re going to be sifting through Yorkshire’s finest soil to see just what’s going on down there.

FORENSICS: CAN YOU SOLVE THE CRIME? SIGN UP REQUIRED An elaborate diamond heist has taken place and it’s up to YOU to find out who did it! A statement from an eyewitness tells half the story but with so many suspects to choose from you must scour the scene for forensic clues. Has the culprit left a finger print? Have they left a strand of hair? Can you solve the crime? Highly recommended. (Max. 30 people per go).



We are introducing some horticulture to the science tent for the first time. We will be planting all manner of plants into some big containers and you can plant up your own small garden to take home and tend to. Lolly stick fences, a small potting shed, imagination is key!


GUERILLA ARCHEOLOGY CARDIFF UNIVERSITY This year at Deer Shed, Guerilla Archaeology from Cardiff Uni will be exploring the science of Ancient Bodies and Beauty. From early cosmetics and ancient tattoos to bygone haircuts and varying body shapes we explore the how science allows us to understand how humans altered their bodies to express individuality, beliefs and desires over thousands of years.


TREE IDENTIFICATION MEET AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE SCIENCE TENT. WORKSHOPS WILL BEGIN AT 10am, 10.30am, 2pm AND 2.30pm If you take a moment during the festival weekend to glance around at your surroundings, you’ll probably be struck by how beautiful Baldersby Park truly is. As well as green, rolling Yorkshire Parkland, we’re surrounded by tall, majestic trees just waiting to be identified. We have no idea which tree is which so we’ve invited along a Tree Expert to help us. This workshops is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the difference between your Birch and your Beech.

PIMORONI Paul from Pimoroni was the fella who designed the Raspberry Pi Logo – a good claim to fame. He has been coming to Deer Shed on the bus ever since the science tent came into existence in 2013. We have watched his Sheffieldbased company, Pimoroni, grow quickly over the last few years and are very excited to see what Paul will bring along for you to play with this year.


ROBOGALS A selection of the best science, technology and engineering students from Manchester University, with the sole aim of encouraging more girls to study those disciplines. They’re festival regulars by now and never fail to put the fun in science and technology. Top robot action.



3D Virtual Reality Machines are all the rage these days but they can also cost a lot of money. Not with this workshop! You’ll learn to make your very own 3D Virtual Reality machine made from household items. A favourite of Newcastle’s Maker Faire audience and we’re sure it’ll be a favourite among the Deer Shedders too.


Madlab are an innovative electronics company that manufactures electronic kits that you can put together to make your own useful gadgets. From lie detectors to electronic bagpipes they have something for all budgets and all abilities, from beginners to master solderers. (Max. 25 people)

LOVE SCIENCE Love Science is a company dedicated to running exciting practical science activities that show school kids that science is not just numbers and formulas – it’s actual, real, proper fun! The team are running their incredibly popular drop in electricity workshops. It requires a van der Gaff generator which is awesome!

DAN ALDRED'S PI SHOP Dan is head of computer science at the kid’s high school in Thirsk. He is relatively unscarred by this day job to the extent that he spends his spare time coding, building stuff and generally being a fantastic advocate of improving the coding skills of today’s youngsters. Expect Dan and friends to bring along all kinds of cutting edge but accessible tech.



at Leeds City College


UNDERGRADUATE & POSTGRADUATE COURSES AVAILABLE FT 2.5 days per week | PT 1 evening / 1 day per week Smaller class sizes and excellent support Specialist ACCESS TO HIGHER EDUCATION courses, providing an alternative route into studying a degree, also available. CHAT TO US IN THE LEEDS CITY COLLEGE TENT FOR DETAILS | 0113 216 2406 | |

MANAGEMENT & PROFESSIONAL Programmes ranging from traditional professional courses delivered on a part-time basis, to bespoke learning and development programmes for corporate clients and accreditation of existing in-house company courses


Sometimes in life you just have to take a long, hard look in the mirror and admit “one cosmodome at a music festival just isn’t enough”. We have two this year – hooray! Both cosmodomes will allow you to enjoy film like you’ve never enjoyed it before.



ABLETON MUSIC PRODUCTION Push is an instrument that puts everything you need to make music in one place—at your fingertips. These days, computers make it possible for one person to create whole worlds of sound. But instruments are where inspiration comes from. Push gives you the best of everything! Come along and discover the current state of music making with Ableton Live + Push.

TAKING THINGS TO PIECES Over the years we have taken apart quite a lot of electrical bits and bobs to take a gander at their insides (mostly wires and such). There’s definitely a sense of joy that comes from breaking things apart. It’s not something kids are usually allowed to do and consequently, this is a very popular activity.

MECCANO Parents, there’s something truly satisfying about watching your kids getting enthusiastic about Meccano but there’s something infinitely more exciting about being able to relive your youth by playing with Meccano yourself. The Meccano team are back for their fourth year at the festival and we’re hoping to see some monster movie Meccano mayhem in the science tent!

A LOLLY STICK BRIDGE TOO FAR Any budding civil engineers out there? In the science tent, we will have a span to span. We shall challenge you to build a bridge from lolly sticks and plastic bands that spans various sized gaps with various sizes of load. Prizes will be awarded for the best engineered structures.



Look at our brand new sports field. It’s so shiny, flat, and well-maintained and not a divot in sight – hooray! For everyone caught up in Rio 2016 fever, this is a perfect place to start your summer of sport.


EXTREME SPORTS WITH ONBOARD SPORTS FIELD; SIGN UP REQUIRED Onboard are an amazing group of people aged 21-25 who have been taking part in skateboarding and BMX since they were just six or seven years old. They’ve been delivering workshops for almost as long. To put it bluntly, they know their stuff! To find out more about the Onboard Team, read our feature with Amy Cooper from Onboard on page 76.

PARKOUR SPORTS FIELD Clearly Parkour (the transcendental state one can achieve by jumping over stuff) originally came to the fore in urban environments. The idea was to turn the urban world around you in to a playground for athletic adults and young people. Our team are developing a rural version of Parkour.

HUNGRY HIPPOS SPORTS FIELD Hungry hippos is played with 4 children, 4 adults, 4 skateboards, 4 washing up bowls and loads of those ’ball pool’ balls. We think you can imagine how it works and if not, sport types will be on standby to talk you through it. For competitive families, this can quickly descend into highly competitive hilarity!


FOOTBALL WITH MIDDLESBROUGH FC FOUNDATION SPORTS FIELD; SUNDAY ONLY 9am–11am AND 2pm–4pm On Sunday, the sports field will be playing host to newly-promoted Middlesbrough FC’s MFC Foundation who will be holding two coaching sessions held by their professional coaches! The Foundation engages with more than 35,000 people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Working in four key themes; education, health, social inclusion and sport participation, the Foundation team is dedicated to raising aspirations across Teesside and beyond.

ULTIMATE SPORTS FIELD; FRIDAY 12.30pm–1.30pm AND 7pm–8pm AND SUNDAY 4.30pm–6pm You have to have some confidence to simply call your sport ‘ultimate’ but with Ultimate, that confidence is not misplaced. A kind of cross between netball and American Football and all played with a Frisbee, Ultimate is every bit as mad and exciting as it seems. Last time we played we learned that you can throw a Frisbee either forehand or backhand!

SPORTS FIELD; SATURDAY 11.45am–12.30pm AND SUNDAY 11.45am–12.30pm

SLACKLINING SPORTS FIELD Viewed by a distant alien race from afar, us humans get up to some crazy pursuits. This would be one of those. Slacklining – a haulage strap ratcheted between two trees or similar solid fixed objects for you to regularly fall off… sorry, we mean balance on.

SKILLZ ‘N’ THRILLZ SPORTS FIELD; SATURDAY 10.15am–11am AND SUNDAY 10.15am–11am The exciting, new fitness class for kids. Using a great mix of structured exercises and engaging games, the 45-minute sessions are designed to actively improve your child’s agility, coordination, balance and communication skills. The skills learnt are intentionally non-sports and non-gender specific and are tailored to match the key PE attainment targets outlined in the Primary National Curriculum. Skillz ’n’ Thrillz classes don't instruct the exact moves associated with a specific sport, such as an overhead kick or a tumble turn, but we do teach and develop the core skills of agility, balance and co-ordination required to perform such moves. Age suitability: 5 to 11

OLD SKOOL PLAYGROUND GAMES SPORTS FIELD This is a chance for both adults and kids to act like kids. Come and play the forgotten games of your childhood such as chain tag, tag, blocky, British Bulldog, stuck in the mud. We have everything you could ever need to enjoy proper old skool games – we also have medics on standby because, let’s be honest, some of us aren’t as nimble and athletic as we were the last time we played these games.



The hottest cardio-conditioning workout around. This high-intensity group workout class uses MAX Interval Training, which alternates between maximum intensity exercises and short periods of rest, to completely transform your body. Whether you’re a beginner just trying to get into shape, or a fitness enthusiast looking to push past your limits, exercises can be tailored to meet your needs. Sessions include blocks of Endurance & Plyometrics; Strength & Balance; and Agility & Coordination. Work against yourself within the encouragement of a group environment to get the results you’re looking for. Age suitability: 14 plus

THAT GAME WITH A TENNIS BALL ON A STRING® FIND US IN THE ARENA Dozens of children and adults stood on the Deer Shed Festival hill playing That Game with a Tennis Ball on a String has become a stable of the festival. It literally wouldn’t be the same without it and this year is no different.

BALL GAMES SPORTS FIELD Simply put, these are the kind of super fun warm-up games you play at school and the invented games you played in your garden as a child. There’re no limit to the games you can invent when the normal sporting rules don’t apply. Lots of fun for those bored with conventional sports and who never really understood the offside rule anyway.

HANDBALL SPORTS FIELD; SATURDAY 9am–10am AND 3.30pm–5.30pm Combining many of the rules of netball, the goals of football, and a smaller ball which means you can catch and throw with one hand, Handball is probably what would happen if netball and football had a child. High in energy and high in fun.



FOOTBALL SPORTS FIELD; SATURDAY 11am–Midday AND SATURDAY 1pm–3pm As is traditional, Thirsk Falcons will run football games and training again this year but with a major upgrade in playing surface thanks to Queen Marys School who’ve leant us their sports field for the weekend. Positives, those with genuine football skills will be able to show off like never before. Negatives, those with questionable football skills with no longer be able to blame the surface for their poor first touch or for leaving the ball behind on what was so close to being a Messi-style dribble through the field.

BADMINTON SPORTS FIELD It’s like tennis with a higher net, lighter racquets and a shuttle cock which looks a bit like a Native American Headdress for a small mammal. (When you actually sit down and think about sports, they’re all a bit odd aren’t they?) A bit more challenging than tennis but just as fun!

WILD RUNNING MEET AT THE WELFARE TENT; SUNDAY 9am It baffles us non-runners, but this has proved a popular part of the festival year after year. As a treat for you loyal runners, we’re changing the route a bit this year to take you on a 2.7 mile loop through the wooded bits of Baldersby Park that you might never have seen before. Runners must be aged 10 or over. 10-15 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.

ROUNDERS SPORTS FIELD Some call it British Baseball. The Irish call it cluiche corr. We call it awesome! It’s the epitome of summer sport and it wouldn’t be a sports field without it. Rounders will be running across the weekend and will be available for groups and individuals to join in.

TABLE TENNIS SPORTS FIELD If you’re anything like us, Table Tennis is the sport you’ll have only ever played whilst on holiday. You may have perfected your skills whilst wearing inappropriate footwear (possibly flip flops) on some inappropriate flooring (possible something impossibly slippery). As the Deer Shed Festival you can continue this tradition with our Table Tennis tables.

CAPOEIRA SPORTS FIELD; SUNDAY 11am–MIDDAY AND 2pm–3pm Join in with the martial art of capoeira. Said to have evolved as a dance routine amongst Brazilian slaves who were banned from practicing martial arts, this part-dance, part-fight has grown in popularity over recent years. A great way to burn off a few of those festival calories.

ROCKAHULA HULAHOOP WORKSHOPS SPORTS FIELD; SUNDAY 9.30am–10.10am AND 3pm–3.40pm Zoey Deschanel, Kelly Osbourne, and Beyoncé are just three of the celebrities who claim Hula-Hooping as part of their regular fitness regime. This high-energy workout routine set to music takes you back to your childhood as you wiggle your hips in order to fight off gravity and keep that hoop rolling around your waist. Hey, if it’s good enough for Beyoncé, it’s good enough for us!



Onboard Skatepark 76


fter generously being allowed to use Queen Mary’s School’s Field as our brand new sports field this year, we began to dream of bigger and more extreme sporting possibilities. “Let’s build a half-pipe,” someone suggested. “Great idea,” said everyone else and with that the plan was hatched. It was only after the plan was well underway (we’d already marked out an area for the mini half-pipe to go) that anyone actually considered the logistics of building a halfpipe and finding someone to run it. Then again, the Deer Shed Festival is prone to having a great, brilliant, impossible idea and then finding a way to make it work later. Once the excellent team at Sheffield’s Onboard Skate Park were on side, they made everything much easier for us. We spoke to Onboard’s Amy Cooper to find out what the team were looking forward to most at the Deer Shed Festival. “We’re looking forward to meeting great families and creating a weekend of memories,” she answers. Amy also explains that she’d like to encourage at least a few members of the audience to take up the sport. Increasing participation in extreme sports is central to Amy’s dreams for Onboard particularly in their hometown of Sheffield. “We are a not for profit company that predominantly work with some of Sheffield most vulnerable and disengaged young people,” she explains. And what began as a humble skate park has grown into a centre where young people can go to access professional and educational support as well as simply hanging out with their friends at a skate park. “We offer diversionary and enrichment activities to support confidence and motivation.” Amy believes that much of Onboard Skatepark’s transformation into an “open house” of activity and support comes from her team. “We have been extremely lucky to have such extremely talented role models,” she tells us. “A lot of the lads have taught as part of being a youth worker.” We ask about the team coming to the Deer Shed Festival and Amy tells us that they are all massively experienced (“All an average age of 21 to 25 years and the majority riding since they were 6 or 7 years old!”). She also tells us that they’re always practicing. “They make it look so easy when they are doing displays,” Amy explains before telling us that she herself has tried (and failed) many times to master even the simplest skills.

So what does it take to get good at skateboarding? Confidence, guts, and commitment are the three words Amy chooses. “Our lads in the Onboard team practice constantly. It becomes a way of life for a lot of them …even down to picking holiday destinations based on the world’s best riding spots.” Since the inclusion of BMX in 2008’s Beijing Olympics, the sport has gained in popularity and participation so, who knows, perhaps one of our Deer Shedders will discover their talent for BMX riding and take it all the way to the biggest stage in world sport …or perhaps they will simply discover their favourite new hobby which they can continue to enjoy for many years to come. Both outcomes seem like a roaring success to us and we’re sure the Onboard team would agree. After all, Amy hopes for Onboard at the Deer Shed Festival is to demonstrate that “everyone, despite ability, can have a go and improve their skills and knowledge.” She also promises “Lots of laughter and fun!”

You can catch Onboard in the Sports Field all weekend… they’ll be the ones next to the enormous half-pipe!



Deer Shed Festival is committed to providing its audience with delicious food and lots of variety. Our vendors are hand-picked to ensure we have the finest mix of local favourites, scrumptious surprises, and international delights! Here are a few of our favourites... We have listed which vendors offer at least one Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian option but please check with the vendor about all other allergens. KEY: V = Vegetarian; Ve = Vegan; GF = Gluten Free



Family friendly alternative to regular festival food, Mac Shac have been bringing banging mac & cheese to festivals across Europe since 2013. They bake mac on site, from scratch, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Delicious toppings are designed to complement the mac and fill you right up for a fair price.

At Whats’s Your Beef, we specialise in making the juiciest, tastiest, melt in your mouth burgers! The jaw dropping taste comes from our carefully selected grass fed beef and our homemade sauces to bring you a taste of burger like you have never experienced before.... Make sure you don't miss out!!



This Yorkshire based high quality sophisticated street food company have it all going on. Serving healthy & hearty breakfasts, including grilled bacon & beans on toast. Lunchtime will see healthy salads & wraps with marinated meats & fish from the grill. Dinner will include their signature Moules Mariniere along with other seafood delights & meats from the grill.


Ginger’s Comfort Emporium - an ice cream van for the adults and kids alike! Salted Caramel & Peanut Butter / Malted coconut milk (v) / Plum Gin & Juniper / Strawberry & Pink Pepper sorbet / Ndali vanilla / Pure Origin chocolate & chocolate brownie / Fennel pollen / Rhubarb & custard. Come see us! x

JOHNNY BAGHDAD (V/VE/GF) Falafel is our signature dish to the uninitiated falafel are small gently spiced chick pea balls served either on their own with cous-cous and a Greek salad or enveloped by a warm wholemeal pita-bread smothered with houmous and yoghurt. Other dishes include, skewered Lamb kebab, grilled halloumi cheese pitas, sweet Turkish chicken and our Meze Platter – a combination of what we do best!




FAIRYLOVE STALL AND WORKSHOP SPACE Offering a world of fun and magic for everyone. With a gorgeous range of unique handmade wings, accessories and fabulous costumes to make you feel magical. Come visit our amazing glitter station for some sparkles. Workshops – Wing decorating, garland making,beading, hat and wand decorating.

Join NCT in the Obelisk Area for all your baby and new parent needs. They’ll be providing microwaves for baby bottles, nappy changing facilities, a discrete area for breast-feeding, high chairs and facilities to sterilise any dummy’s and bottles. Thank you NCT, you’re awesome! For vintage lovers come and join a lovely selection of vintage traders in the Britain Does Vintage marquee – selling all things from vintage jewellery and vintage homewares to vintage and retro clothing and accessories. A great little haven for fabulous deals and unique pieces!


Loves Life and Enjoys Learning

Queen Mary’s School Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, Thirsk. YO7 3BZ 01845 575000

Girls 2-16 Boys 2-7

A School of the Woodard Corporation Registered Charity No: 1098410

With so much happening at the Deer Shed Festival this year, it’s easy to find yourself wondering where to start. We’d thought we’d ask a few of our expert friends what they’re most looking forward to and here’s what they said:


BANNER FAMILY MINI TRAVELLER Science Tent: Samuel age 10 is ‘all about the making’. This year’s line up in the science section is for every child who is inquisitive and loves to have ago. I know one child who is already designing engineering ideas for bridge building, creating his water bottle launcher, a Meccano robot and getting very excited to be taking a computer apart. Who will be chosen first from Teesside University Forensics or Cardiff University guerilla archaeology! Science Tent, Friday 4pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-4pm



Richard Hawley: Flinty realism rubs shoulders with heady impressionism in Richard Hawley’s best work. His gruff vocal sounds lived-in and utterly authentic, and while the influence of Scott Walker and Roy Orbison always looms large, neither had quite the same way with a salty anecdote. Seeing this national treasure in his native Yorkshire will be a treat. Main Stage, Saturday, 9.40pm LoneLady: If you’re hankering after the itchy guitar sound and lo-fi electronics of early New Order, Julie Campbell is your woman. Initially working on a four-track in her tower block flat while finishing a fine art degree, her music is inspired by psychogeography and brutalist architecture, but ends up as playfully funky as Madonna throwing shapes to ZE 12-inches in New York’s Funhouse. Main Stage, Friday, 7.30pm Field Music: Sunderland’s Brewis brothers recently unexpectedly found out that Prince was a fan. Sadly, the purple one didn’t live long enough to see them bring new album Commontime to the stage. Taking some cues from David Bewis’s School Of Language spinoff – they’ve also had a hand in The Week That Was and Slug – it sees the duo trading their abrasive XTC riffing for a slick Steely Dan sheen, yet always with a very northern nonconformist streak. In The Dock Stage, Friday, 8.30pm

Arts Workshops: There are two other workshops our two boys will be rushing to. Model Making and Acting. The boys can’t wait to learn from an Aardman model maker creators of Shaun the Sheep and Gromit and also attend the workshops for acting, improvising and learning to perform in front of the camera. These workshops will be ideal for budding enthusiasts with the likes of West Yorkshire Playhouse taking part. I know personally I’m excited to meet the team behind Matthew Bourne New Adventures and intrigued by the second hand limb shop special effects. Workshops, see pages 58–66 Green Crafts: Another highlight for this family is of course the ‘Green Crafts’ with bush crafts, animal tracking, den building and meeting the Black Smith to have ago. We will be looking for animal prints while tracking but hopefully not discovering any bears or wolfs. Green Crafts, see page 64


LoneLady: What once had been the domain of Joy Division, The Smiths and The Stone Roses now belongs to LoneLady. She has become the sound of modern Manchester. Her music – a bristling, twitching amalgam of punk, funk and glorious dancefloor grooves – captures in one rather majestic fell swoop all of her native city’s vibrancy, style, decadence and despair. Main Stage, Friday, 7.30pm Meilyr Jones: Years from now you will be able to impress all of your friends and family by saying “I remember when I saw Meilyr Jones on the second stage at Deer Shed Festival” because this son of Wales is surely destined to be a huge star. With talent to burn and a curiously off-kilter take on orchestrated chamber pop, he is going to punch one almighty hole in the heart of this particular Saturday night. Lodge Stage, Saturday, 4.25pm

Dan Mangan: Just like Slow Club and Ibibio Sound Machine before him, Dan Mangan will this year bring some positively good vibrations to Deer Shed’s early Sunday afternoon slot. The Vancouver-based musician absorbs the social environment in which he finds himself and then translates this into music that feels every bit as spontaneous, honest and inventive as it does intense, improvised and alive. Lodge Stage, Sunday, 1.20pm

HANNAH BENTLEY THEATRE RELATIONSHIP MANAGER AT ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND Theatre Programme: I’m really excited to get the chance to see so much new work in the theatre programme this year. It is great to see such a wide range of performance and Deer Shed’s commitment to showcasing new and emerging talent – take this opportunity to go and see the emerging and new companies while you can, as in a few years’ time we may all be saying that we some them here first! There is so much to choose from but I am particularly excited to see Beat Bloxed, KO dance and The Kagools as well as the student platforms – it’s going to be a great chance for me (and everyone at the festival) to see and participate in theatre aimed at a whole range of ages. Shows, Performance and Theatre, see pages 38–45



Kate Fox: If you haven’t been lucky enough to see Kate Fox weave her word magic live then take this opportunity to be in her unique company and be charmed and disarmed in equal measure. Hearing her on the radio alone stopped me in my tracks so I’m excited to see Hollie McNish will be performing live. Her refreshing take on life as a parent feels like a perfect starting point for everyone as we spend the weekend together in a field juggling kids, camping and culture! Bonus prize is that Kate will be joining Hollie to discuss her book and Poetry. Obelisk Stage, Sunday, 10am Interactive Family Activities: For those looking to burn off some energy (or some of your kids energy!) Rockahula is the way to go – bringing glamour and glitz to the humble playground hula hoop this is a great way to get stuck in and have a go whilst being inspired to try harder when you see what the amazing Rockahula team can do with a hula hoop...! And if you’re looking for a different kind of bedtime story to fit the festival – join local theatre company Mud Pie Arts for an interactive workshop that brings everyone’s ideas together to create a truly original tale in a totally inclusive way – I think you’ll be surprised at what happens!





Open – 10am on Friday Close (for normal weekend tickets) – 8pm on Sunday

Cumfy Cabs Dale Taxis Of Thirsk Chapmans Taxis

Close (for Sunday Night Ticket holders) – midday on Monday


Close – 2.30am on Saturday

We have four cash machines in the main arena which are located near the Welfare Tent. They will accept most cards with a surcharge of £2.75 per transaction.

Open – 7am on Saturday


Close – 2.30am on Sunday

Close (for Sunday Night Ticket Holders) 11pm on Sunday

Please be aware that prolonged exposure to loud noise can damage your hearing and in particular that of small children. Please consider ear protection for yourself and your children. You can purchase ear plugs (adults and children) and kids ear defenders from our main merchandise stall in the arena.



ARENA OPENING TIMES Open – 1pm on Friday

Open – 7am on Sunday Close (for weekend ticket holders) – 6pm on Sunday

Arena Bar: 1pm-11pm Friday 11am-11pm Saturday 11am-5pm Sunday Obelisk Bar: 1pm Friday – 2.30am Saturday 7am Saturday – 2.30am Sunday 7am – 11pm Sunday

THIRSK TRAIN STATION SHUTTLE BUS The shuttle bus costs £4 one way. The shuttle bus stop is the main entrance gate 1. The bus will have our logo displayed in the window. Operating between the following times: Friday 1pm to 9pm Sunday 12pm to 7pm

MERCHANDISE Deer Shed Festival has a wide range of branded t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands, frisbees and a load of other goodies. All great quality products with something to suit all budgets. The main merchandise tent is next to the Arena bar with a smaller stand located next to the Ticketing tent in the campsite. Swing by early when we have lots of stock.


07974 200336 01845 522 745 07960 568 299

Please use the bins provided around the site for your rubbish. All the rubbish is sorted and recycled by our waste management company and zero percent will end up in landfill. Bin bags are available from the Campsite wardens or Welfare.

BABY AND SMALL CHILD FACILITIES Baby changing is available in the disabled toilets, Welfare and the NCT tent (situated next to the Workshop tents in the Obelisk area). The NCT tent provide food / bottle warming, equipment sterilisation, bath time, feeding area, eco nappies. Highchairs are available in the Obelisk bar, Welfare and NCT tents.Nappies are available to buy in the campsite shop.

CRIME Whilst we have had extremely low levels of crime at Deer Shed in the past please do not encourage criminals. Please look after your valuables at all times. Don’t leave anything of value unattended in your tent. If you are a victim of crime please report it immediately to a member of security. We will take it extremely seriously. Similarly if you see anyone acting suspiciously please report it to a security staff member. Only in an extreme emergency should you call 999.

There are fire points on all stages and arena tents. Additionally fire points are located and clearly marked throughout the campsite. Please contact a member of staff or security immediately if you discover a fire in progress.

WATER Drinking water is available in the campsite as well as at the bars in the arena. Please note that to provide running water is an expensive process so please do your best to conserve water by turning off taps when not in use.

TOILETS We have a variety of toilet types on site. Standard portaloos are situated in the campsite with larger disabled units containing baby changing facilities. Within the arena are our own very popular composting eco-loos and gents straw urinals.

SHOWERS Situated at the bottom of the campsite along the fenceline next to the Medics tent. £3 / shower. Friday 6pm–9pm Saturday 7am–noon & 6pm–9pm Sunday 7am–noon & 6pm–9pm Monday 7am–noon

MOBILE PHONE CHARGING Mobile Phone Charging is available with Friends of the Earth who are located near the Campsite Ticketing line.

CHILDREN We want your children to have the best possible time at the festival, however, it is important to remember that workshops and performances are family activities and that children should not be left unsupervised. Please do not treat our workshops as free childcare. On arrival, ensure that you familiarise your children with the site layout and with the location of the Welfare tent. Lost and unaccompanied children will be taken to Welfare. If you and your child find yourselves separated from each another, you should make yourself known to a member of security or one of the Deer Shed volunteers who will be able to help reunite you.

We strongly advise that you write your mobile number on the white wristbands provided at Ticketing so that we can easily contact you should your child become lost. Extra white wristbands are available at Welfare. For added Security please retain the stub of your child’s white wristband as that contains the unique ticket number.

LOST & FOUND PROPERTY The Welfare tent handle all lost and found property so report any lost items and hand in any found items here. Many items appear after the festival closes so e-mail us at



FIRST AID AND MEDICAL ASSISTANCE The main Medic Tent is located in the campsite near to the showers and is manned 24 hours. The Main Medic Tent also has a fridge to store medication if required). There is also a smaller Medic Tent in the arena between the Big Wheel and the Welfare Tent. On Sunday Night, the Medics will have a base in the Obelisk Area. If you require urgent medical attention, contact any member of staff of security who will be able to contact the Medical Team.

INFORMATION & WELFARE The Information and Welfare tent is located in the arena next to the Big Wheel. All volunteers must induct with the Information staff prior to starting their shifts.

SITE RULES Please keep campsite noise to a minimum after 11pm at night. Late night revellers are more than welcome to join us in the Obelisk Stage Bar until 2.30am with a great selection of beverages and entertainment. No amplified music or drumming in the campsite. No camp fires or barbeques. Small Camping Gas Canister (up to 2.7 kg in gas weight) are permitted. No animals allowed in site. No glass on site. Your own alcohol is not permitted in the arena area.



















































D 14








14 15







T 13







9 6


15 13 17




Alc. 3.6% Vol.


Proud to support the Deer Shed Festival 88

Great quality T-shirts and Hoodies for children and adults in all sizes. KIDS IDS TEES









EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM 10.00AM 8 SEPTEMBER 2016 Programme content: Hannah Secouet and Hayley Ford Programme artwork: Anna Jones Cover Illustration: Graham Pilling Every effort is made to ensure that the information in this programme is correct at time of print, however some details may be subject to change.

Deer Shed Festival 7 Programme  

All the gubbins that took place in Baldersby Park over the 2016 festival weekend.

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