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WELCOME TO DEER SHED FESTIVAL 6 Here we go again, the annual struggle to write an earthshatteringly poignant, profound and insightful festival programme introduction. This year I'm drawing inspiration, like we all do from time to time, from the back catalogues of the American chanteuses (Britney, Beyonce and now Taylor). Going further back still I've decided to riff on the sentiment of Whitney Houston's Greatest Love Of All....stick with it. Lyrically bookending the 1985 classic we have the eternal lines – "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way" and "Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all." The first of these is undoubtedly true. We're not getting any younger are we? I'm 45 and can understand why Michael Eavis handed the keys of the Pyramid Stage over to Emily some time ago. Let the boy mow the lawn on Grandad's sit-on-mower and silently hope he keeps his toes away from the blade. Running a successful festival seemingly involves delegating almost everything. Whilst we enlist folks of any age, it is always a delight to watch our young production chipmunks working over the weekend. It must open their eyes. If you've been with us since DSF1 then your kids will have changed out of all recognition too and perhaps become more useful! But this year we're not forgetting those less jaded parents with younger kids filling our ranks from 'below' – hence our new craft tent especially for the under 5s. It will be chaos, but you're used to it and the rest of us can explore the finer points of paper airplane aerodynamics whilst you get covered in paint and sand. And so to "Learning to love yourself, is the greatest love of all." I'm not so sure about this line. Applied to the festival it feels like the forerunner to "Pride Comes Before A Fall" – and we're never short of things that can go wrong. But we have achieved a lot in 6 years and selling all the tickets this year has been super and hard earned. Let us never forget that 'selling the dream' and 'delivering the dream' are two distinct concepts, although how were we to know that Terry's Potato Cannon was an official firearm with unlicensed possession carrying a minimum 5 year sentence? And so, from our prison cell we pledge to replenish, let go, nurture where possible, mentor, broaden horizons – but year-on-year knock fewer fence posts into the ground with a sledgehammer. Young George can do that. Oliver x

PS Have fun. Don't miss Damien, Racing Minds and Funz and Gamez.









The Felice Brothers



Billy Bragg




Black Rivers


Dan Croll




Kiran Leonard


Du Blonde


Palace’s rich, sultry songs resonate with such ease it’s obvious to hear that this four piece have known each other for a long time, though they’ve only been a band for a couple of years. If you’re any kind of fan of Jeff Buckley and Kings Of Leon, they are not to be missed. Despite having only released one EP, they’ve supported Smashing Pumpkins and were personally invited by Jamie T to support his comeback gigs last year. Some would say that’s just cocky, but then you realise Palace are as relaxed as their music and tend to do things at their own pace. Their music is all the better for it. It’s not an assault on the senses, more of a Grandmother’s Footsteps approach. It surreptitiously creeps up on you until you’re powerless to do anything about it, other than enjoy the moment; wide-eyed and open mouthed. The good news, especially for Palace’s fast growing fanbase, is last month they released their second EP, Chase The Light. No pressure lads, but what about an album?

Palace are also playing on the Obelisk stage at 8.40pm.

OBELISK STAGE The Lost Brothers






Holy Moly & The Crackers 11.10pm–12.10am Dan Donnelly 2


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LODGE STAGE 4.45pm–5.20pm Slug is essentially Ian Black, who performed for a while with fellow North Eastern music makers, Field Music. His sound is certainly influenced by his time there; the genre-blending madness that we’ve come to expect is all over it. In fact the Brewis brothers of Field Music have produced his recent debut album, Ripe, but he makes it his own, mixing rock, funk, and abstract film scores in a more disassembled way (if that is indeed possible). Field Music fans will be pleased to hear that the Brewis brothers make up part of his five piece live band here at Deer Shed. Be ready to have something totally new thrown in your face.



Cash + David are a duo: David is 24-year-old former folk singer, Liz Lawrence, who is also a touring member of Bombay Bicycle Club. Cash, refers to Tim Ross, a 25-yearold songwriter who has, oddly enough, been signed up to pen some tunes for the next Lego movie. This electro-pop duo from London met in 2009 when Tim (or Cash) produced Liz’s (or David’s) early solo work for EMI and they began operating as Cash + David four years later. To retain “utter creative control”, they established a label, +, on which they’ve released everything so far. With their up-tempo rhythms and bass laden hooks topped off with immaculate vocals, they’ve been gaining much adoration from audiences: Radio 1’s recent Big Weekend being a particular highlight.

DIAGRAMS MAIN STAGE 5.30pm–6.20pm Sam Genders is the man behind Diagrams, part solo, part collective from Sheffield that emerged onto the scene in 2011. Sam isn’t new to this music lark, having being a founder member of acid folk band, Tunng and indie-folk band, The Accidental. Unsurprisingly, Diagrams has a distinct folky sound to it and - as Genders progresses onto his second album, Chromatics - you feel he’s just getting into his stride. His voice has a soothing Simon & Garfunkel presence to it, matched by gentle undulating melodies that are punctuated with synth flourishes and futuristic sounds to lift you somewhere else for that moment.







THE LOST BROTHERS OBELISK STAGE 6.25pm–6.55pm “The Brothers have an ear for effortless poetry and stark powerful melodies underpinning, to die for, harmony singing.” is how The Irish Examiner describes the Irish duo of Mark McCausland and Oisin Leech. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, so we didn’t. They are an amazingly accomplished pair that racked up a fourth album this year, (New Songs Of Dawn And Dusk), with their unique and adorable blend of folk, country and blues. The synergy between the two is palpable. These guys probably haven’t had to speak actual words to each other for years, such is the musical bond between them. Their clout extends further; Leech lent a hand with vocals on the Artic Monkeys cover of Barbara Lewis’ Baby I’m Yours. The duo also has the prestige of being personally invited by Barbara Orbison to record a song for the 75th Roy Orbison anniversary album. These guys are just a joy and pleasure to watch.



Black Rivers are former Doves members, Jez and Andy Williams. They parted company with frontman Jimi Goodwin back in 2010, after twenty odd years of making music together. No fall out, no drama, just an unspoken agreement that they needed a break. Since then, they’ve all been doing a variety of musical things and one of those things was another brotherly collaboration, Black Rivers. Their self-titled debut album, began in Andy’s “man-shed” studio, journeyed through Salford, Anglesey and finally New York, where it saw its completion. Their sound isn’t so far away from that of Doves and that’s no bad thing (they were rather good), though it’s Jez who steps up to the mic these days. The difference comes in the introduction of trancier, electronic elements that elevates their music to different place, feeding into the theme of escapism that’s all over their album.

KIRAN LEONARD LODGE STAGE 6.30pm–7.20pm Kiran Leonard is not like your average 19-year-old. He’s not even like your average 19-year-old musician. He’s like a mad scientist of music on ten Red Bulls (other caffeine energy drinks are available). This mercurially talented teenager from Saddleworth is a multi-instrumentalist and prolific creator of music. His debut album, Bowler Hat Soup, he wrote, played, and produced between the ages of 14 and 16 and played over twenty instruments on it - including a radiator. He’s just released another album, Thread Colours, under the name Pend Orielle and cites this collection of electronic songs as “the product of 18 months on and off work”. He’s not shackled by genre or pre-conceived ideas; he’s avantgarde, experimental, even hairbrained, but it all sounds brilliant. He’s like a genius on the brink of disaster, but his work is truly like no other. See him before he combusts before your eyes, or decides he’d rather be a racing driver; he’d probably be amazing at that too.

HUMMINGBIRDS OBELISK STAGE 7.25pm–8.10pm The Hummingbirds are a Liverpool based five-piece country/indie band who capture that unique Liverpool sound, embedding Beatle-like harmonies alongside jangling acoustic guitars and country riffs. Their main influences are The Eagles, The Beatles, The Hollies and Johnny Cash, and are making quite a stir with their feelgood tunes and strong melodic, harmonic sensibilities. The 21-year-olds are unsigned but have raised money to pay for recording and mixing their debut album via an online donation site. For a donation you could in return have had The Hummingbirds play at your wedding, join them at one of their gigs (including travelling in the van!), or pick up frontman, Jay Davies’ first guitar - an Epiphone Hummingbird which was the inspiration for their name. The album is due for release this September. The first single to be taken from it, is called Knocking On Your Door and has just been released.



THE FELICE BROTHERS MAIN STAGE 7.30pm–8.20pm The Felice Brothers originate from the Catskill Mountains in New York State. They make fabulous Americana, rootsy music with a rough-around-the-edges aesthetic that has been charming audiences around the globe for near enough a decade. They started out wowing commuters in the New York subway as buskers, now they tour and perform with the likes of Conor Oberst, Mumford & Sons, and The Killers. These guys are great band to see with your kids, they get even the most reluctant dancer up and jumping, so couldn’t be better placed at getting your festival weekend started. Their latest album, Favourite Waitress, captures the spirit of their legendary live shows, full of rollickingly good folk rock.









Dan Croll’s career path is so far textbook for a musician. Introduced to music by his jazz and blues singing mother, he went on to attend Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, whilst there won a national Songwriting Competition for his folk compositions, which gave him a chunk of cash and an individual masterclass with Sir Paul McCartney! Using the money to fund his first release and improve his recording equipment, he’s since gone on to develop his love of folk and take it into a more pop/electronic field. As a result of all this honing and studying, you get the most amazing sounding debut album. Sweet Disarray is a culmination of everything so far for Dan. It’s a lilting and uplifting set of songs with sleek and catchy choruses sung in his relaxed Jack-Johnson-style (in a good way). All sat superbly on a bed of luxuriant electronic and ambient sounds, with the odd peppering of folk-ness to remind you of where he’s come from. That, together with a song on the Grand Theft Auto soundtrack and being noted by Instyle magazine for his “distinct bespectacled hotness”, he’s got this music malarkey all wrapped up.

Du Blonde, AKA Beth Jeans Houghton, kicked up a storm with her haute couture style mixed with her sassy, indiepop tunes when she performed at Deer Shed Festival three years ago. In her guise as Du Blonde, she’s back feisty and stylish as ever but a reinvention of her former self. It started when Beth had an epiphany at a David Bowie retrospective at the V&A… “I had this moment in front of all these chapters of his life: this is what I want to do... All this stuff that was really important to me in the beginning, all of the creativity, emotional expulsion, I’d just lost all of that. It was such a sad moment, but also good – because you can’t change it unless you realise.” Beth Jeans Houghton was dead, and Du Blonde was born. Her second album (first as Du Blonde), Welcome Back To The Milk, is one big dollop of pent up aggression captured perfectly by producer and Bad Seed, Jim Sclavunos. Heavy riffs, loud drums, and vocal snarls contrast beautifully with poignant balladry and tenderness that fans of Houghton’s previous work will recognize. Deer Shed finishes off her first tour as Du Blonde, one where she was relishing being able to reconnect with audiences. Like a caged tiger ready to be released, we present to you Du Blonde.

PALACE OBELISK STAGE 8.40pm–9.30pm See page 2 for more info on Palace.

BILLY BRAGG MAIN STAGE 9.40pm–10.55pm Where to begin with this incredible man…. Born in Barking, Essex in 1957, Billy Bragg is surely the workhorse of the industry, having a career that spans more decades than I’m sure he’d care to mention. Defying trends and fashions, dodging celebrity, and avoiding its trappings, he has instead stuck steadfastly to what he believes in and has consistently delivered that through music. From his first solo album in 1986 (Talking with the Taxman about Poetry) to his most recent in 2013 (Tooth & Nail), he’s chalked up an incredible, twenty-five albums. He’s recently received a glut of lifetime achievements and outstanding contribution to music awards from the likes of Radio 2 Folk Awards, AIM Independent Music Awards, and even XFM – proving that genre and generation mean very little to Billy Bragg and those that listen to him.



We see Billy at the Deer Shed Festival as part of his nationwide Tooth & Nail tour. The Guardian described this album as the “classiest sounding album to date”, reportedly a result of a rapid recording session in Pasadena with producer Joe Henry (Loudon Wainwright III, Bonnie Raitt). The content is mostly personal rather than political, his familiar voice set behind a distinguished backing band that moves his songs between Americana, gospel, ragtime and folk. It’s a wonderful collection of songs that past, present, and future fans will enjoy. Bragg is one of those artists that you need to see in your lifetime, irrelevant of whether you’re a fan or not. His role and place in musical history is uncontested and we all need to savour our own little moment of history. The kids will thank you one day!






OBELISK STAGE 11.10pm–12.10am Holy Moly And The Crackers, are a 6-piece band who are a fantastic mix up of traditional gypsy folk, Americana and contemporary folk rock. Starting out from their hometown of Newcastle only two years ago, they’re already making an impact live. They have played well over 200 shows throughout the UK, including sell out concerts in London, the Midlands, Yorkshire, and Newcastle. Last summer, the band performed at festivals across the country, including a main stage show at Cornbury Festival, where they opened for Jools Holland. They released their debut album, First Avenue, in 2012, which won over legendary folk critic, Mike Harding. They are about to head into the studio to write and arrange their second, but it’s their live performances which really capture what The Crackers are all about.



See page 77 for more details 8

DAN DONNELLY OBELISK STAGE 12.30am–1.30am This artist has been around the block as solo artist, band member, and session musician. Starting out in Belfast back in the 90’s with a band called Watercress, who reached the top of the indie charts, he then moved to New York to pursue a solo career. Two albums later and some amazing live performances with all kinds of artists, he came back to the UK and finally settled in the North East. His latest solo album is of his signature country/folk music, Country and Northern, but continues to tour and perform all over the place at his own gigs or supporting the likes of Seth Lakeman, Damien Dempsey, and Ian Dury. He’s lent his musical talents to The Levellers live band and he’s also the latest addition to The Wonder Stuff. At Deer Shed, it’s all about him, which is a treat as it’s his vast experience which enables him to weave together the perfect blend of country, folk and pop to accompany the perfect afterhours pint.


MAIN STAGE Robyn Sherwell






Dutch Uncles




John Grant


IN THE DOCK STAGE 11.10am–11.40am

IN THE DOCK STAGE Model Aeroplanes






Menace Beach




The Wedding Present




Scottish newcomers, Model Aeroplanes, will be opening the In The Dock Stage on Saturday. Their first single, Crazy, was enough to secure them a place on the BBC Introducing Stage at T In The Park and their follow up was just as warmly received, getting instant Radio 1 airplay. Infectious guitar pop sung and performed by four lads with rather good hair and good looks. Quite the perfect opener.

8.30pm–9.30pm EPILOGUES



Lisa O’Neill


The Pictish Trail


All Tvvins


James Yorkston


Damien Dempsey







Deborah Rose


Cattle & Cane




Buffalo Skinners


Part of the blossoming Leeds music scene, Epilogues, will be kicking things off on the Lodge Stage on Saturday; well, if a mellow melange of folk, lo-fi, acoustic pop can constitute a kick? Perhaps gently pushing things off is a better description. Originally the solo project of Mikey Donnelly, Epilogues has now augmented over time to a (semi) fraternal trio hailing from opposite sides of the country. The three draw influence from everything between Greek mythology to Katy Perry. Intricate guitars twist underneath lilting vocal melodies, shrouded by often dissonant, but always soothing, harmonies.




FURS IN THE DOCK STAGE 12.45pm–1.30pm


FURS came to life three years ago when founder Liam Wade sat down with his friend Olly and wrote some songs. Liam wanted a female vocalist to front his band, so handily asked his sister, Elle, to help out. Liking what they heard, they thought they’d keep her on the books and FURS was born. FURS hail from London, yet their psychedelic easy going pop is more stateside in sound. It’s this sound that has got them noticed. On the back of their first single, Striptease, they were asked to support Johnny Marr on his UK tour. Now with a fourth member, Amina, the last few months has seen them on tour with Gaz Coombes and releasing another great single I Wanna Know, which got them a live session on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show. We’ve got high hopes for the debut album.

MAIN STAGE 11.50am–12.35pm Robyn Sherwell is a name that is increasingly on people’s lips as she lights up the British female solo artist scene. Her EP, Islander, brilliantly produced by David Kosten (Bat For Lashes) was released earlier in the year and features the single Love Somebody, which gained her recognition when played (and played) by Lauren Laverne on 6Music. To cement the 6Music love, the title track has been recently chosen by Tom Robinson, to be included in their “BBC Introducing…” Mixtape. Islander is inspired by her upbringing in Guernsey and delicately blends R&B and pop, with emotion far beyond her years. Sherwell is now based in London, ready for action when super stardom kicks down her door, as we’re sure it will.





Lisa O’Neill started writing songs and music at an early age in her native Ireland and moved to Dublin, aged 18, to study music full time. From the outset, she was welcomed into the folk and traditional scene in pubs and venues around the city where her singular voice, witty lyrics, and observations on modern Irish life gained her popularity and set her apart as a unique talent. Lisa has released two albums to date, with a third in the pipeline, but it’s her live performances that are something to be treasured. For a start, it’s her voice; it’s like nothing you’ll have ever heard. Put that together with songs full mirth and insight, and her banter in-between and she creates that old-style folk intimacy that’s utterly captivating.

MAIN STAGE 1.40pm–2.25pm This three-piece band that formed in Kilmarnock and now reside in Glasgow, need to be filed under ‘soaring, melodic anthems.’ Heart-felt lyrics, crashing guitars, peppered with the requisite quieter moments to provide maximum impact when those delicious guitars crash back in. Watching these guys is like a Sunday dinner, straightforward ingredients that when put together in the right way is the tastiest, most satisfying meal ever. If you needed any further evidence of their evergrowing success, their single ‘I Like Not Knowing’ received plenty of airplay from Radio 1 giants Greg James and Zane Lowe. Their debut album, I Am An Island, released last year, reached number 11 in the Scottish Album charts, went Top 40 in the UK Indie Charts and peaked at number 5 in the iTunes alternative chart.




SHOPPING IN THE DOCK STAGE 2.35pm–3.20pm Post punk trio, Shopping, are known for their incredibly fun performances, so expect some surprises when they take to the stage. Formed in 2012, they a threesome that are all about DIY music. They recorded and pressed their debut LP, Consumer Complaints, hand delivered it to London record stores and it sold out. Rachel Aggs fronts the band with Andrew Milk on drums and Billy Easter on bass. Together they concoct a magnificent post-punk sound… shouty, off-mic vocals, angular guitar and heavy funky bass riffs with politically relevant lyrics. NME said they were a “band you need to hear.” No complaints there.


THE PICTISH TRAIL LODGE STAGE 2.35pm–3.20pm Johnny Lynch’s alter ego, The Pictish Trail, has been making his unique blend of folk and electronic (‘folktronix’, if you will) since 2002. He lives on the Isle Of Eigg in the Hebrides, in what must be the most creative static caravan for miles around. For many years he performed as part of, and helped run, the distinguished Fence Collective and still performs and collaborates with Collective artists past and present (KT Tunstall & James Yorkston). His recent album, Secret Soundz Vol 2, was produced by Sweet Baboo, the first volume, released in 2008, was Fence’s most successful ever release. The Pictish Trail takes folk to a new and interesting place but thankfully doesn’t stray too far. Lynch has a delicate touch that’s second to none.





HINDS MAIN STAGE 3.30pm–4.15pm Hinds are an amazing emerging talent from Madrid. The all-girl quartet are taking Europe by storm with their loose and lo-fi pop songs that charm the hardest of hearts. NME described them as “Europe’s most exciting new band.” …so no pressure. They’re barely out of their baby grows in band terms, really only becoming a fully formed quartet last year, having released their first record, Demo, as a duo. This uncertain and chaotic approach only seems to add to their appeal with a raw, unfinished style that has echoes of Velvet Underground running through it. They exude, effortless fun in their music, so much so, you want to get up and join them on stage, and make them all your best friends in that heady moment. It may be early days for these young women, but with a gruelling festival schedule across the summer, that sees them perform at Benacassim and Best Kept Secret, coupled with talk of a debut album in the Autumn, these sassy girls are on track for great things.

Hinds are one of our featured artists, see page 14

Part of the flourishing Leeds scene are Menace Beach, fronted by Ryan Needham and Liza Violet, but completed by a number of other musicians from other established Leeds bands, such as Hookworms, Pulled Apart Like Horses, Sky Larkins, and You Animals. It’s all credit to Needham and Violet that this super group doesn’t have an identity crisis with so many different personalities in the mix. Menace Beach is solid and secure in its early 90’s indie-rock influence of bands such as Elastica and The Breeders. Strewn with fuzzy guitars, heavy riffs, drowned out vocals. It’s blissful listening to anyone who enjoys that era, but new enough not to be pure nostalgia. Their debut album, Ratworld, was produced by Hookworms front, MJ, and released earlier this year.





Dublin duo, All Tvvins, are creating a lot of interest at the moment, particularly as the band are past members of two acclaimed indie groups, Adebishi Shank and The Cast Of Cheers. Despite having very little released, they’ve already toured with Arcade Fire and Pixies. They appeared at SXSW earlier this year, shortly followed by the release of their debut track, Thank You. It went straight onto XFM’s playlist, which is unheard of for a first release. Radio 1 was quick to follow suit, with the track getting great airplay. With their treated vocals, vintage synths, pulsating bass, and big drums, they have a bit of the 80’s anthemic stadium band about them; Police come to mind first. However, it’s an exciting, revitalising sound that is bringing something a little different to the current pop/ indie party.




SAM RUSSO OBELISK STAGE 4.45pm–5.25pm Touring singer/songwriter Sam Russo, proclaims he’s the ‘last wild son of the road’ and he’s certainly got the backstory for it. He wrote his first acoustic song in the back of a trailer home, on a guitar that a guy was about to burn as it ‘was full of bad luck’. From that moment he set forth to play anywhere that would have him, which resulted in gigs across the US (where he still tours frequently) performing with artists like Lucero, Tim Barry, Frank Turner, and Dan Andriano. His debut album, Storm, features ten desperately beautiful songs about hope, luck, and love; it’s deeply intimate and full of Russo’s stories. The playing is soulful, unadorned, and intrinsically heartfelt and Russo’s voice is a whiskey burn of warmth and honesty, cracking when the emotions soar.

MAIN STAGE 5.20pm–6.10pm Dutch Uncles played to a happy crowd at Deer Shed back in 2012 and we’re thrilled to have them back. They are four guys from Manchester, known for their use of atypical time signatures, who have racked up four albums since they formed in 2009. The latest, O Shudder, was released earlier this year to rave reviews (4 stars from The Guardian, 8/10 from NME). It reflects the thoughts and insecurities of a Northern Suburbian, nearly thirty- something. It’s cleverly grown up in its awkwardness and unease with world, and in particular sex, social media, and health. Their songs are still steeped in the 80’s, and as you listen (for those of a certain age) you can hear fragments of your youth flashing back through your ears - Nik Kerhsaw, Talking Heads, Tears For Fears. There’s even one moment when the androgynous vocals of frontman, Duncan Wallis sound like they’re coming from Alison Moyet: it’s a marvel. A marvel because the orchestration behind the synth and pop beat set them apart from any other band around. It’s fresh with an undercurrent of familiar.



“Sweat, beer, fire, rabbits and keyboards.”…was the answer the Madrid-based quartet, Hinds, gave us when asked: ‘What should Deer Shed audiences expect from a Hinds performance?’


music they’re beginning to make. The press isn’t helping matters either. The band has had amazing write-ups in The Guardian and NME, twice over, in the brief period they’ve been together. Greedy for new and fresh music, is there some new material in the pipeline to stave off the hunger? “Actually, we are right now at the studio!” Cosials enthuses, “We came back to remix it and it’s getting really good… we can’t wait to show it to everyone. We’ll play some songs off it at your festival.” Produced and engineered by fellow Madridites, The Parrots, it’s due out in October. We hope so, but who knows with Hinds, anything could happen…


Their offbeat response offers some insight into the minds of these cutely chaotic musicians – and let’s hope the fire is figurative and the rabbits, stuffed! Founding member and lead singer, Carlotta Cosials formed Deers (as they were then known) when on the beach with her friend, Ana Garcia Perrote, back in the Summer of 2011. Eighteen months later, they release ‘Demo’, their two-track debut, which was quickly followed by two new additions to the band (Ade Martin & Amber Grimbergen). “We convinced Ade by giving her a bass to play with us, and Amber by telling her she wouldn’t have to study anymore,” says Cosials in her charming, broken-English. Their unorthodox and unpolished approach to their music is part of their attraction; they even released some of their music on cassette, “Ana’s car only plays cassettes,” replies the singer, matter-of-factly. These ‘punk values’ extend to their live performances too. They’ve been known to arrive on stage late, setting up whilst the audience watches; perform half-baked songs; and even run out of material to play. We are forgiving, because what is undeniable is their natural ear for finding amazing hooks and head-nodding rhythms that excite and entertain. The joyful thing is that they are totally upfront about all this disorder, and when all’s said and done, they’ve only released two singles so far and existed as a quartet for a year. It’s just that we’re all fired up about the

Hinds are playing on the Main Stage on Saturday at 3.30pm





OBELISK STAGE 5.55pm–6.45pm Maia is a four-piece, genre-busting band from Leeds. That’s not to say they produce weird, experimental offerings, far from it. Their music is a wonderful mix of well thought out blissful sounds with sweet, stunning vocal harmonies layered over the top. The band says that they themselves invented ‘acoustic sci-fi folk pop’ – we aren’t going to argue, as it sounds ruddy marvellous whatever it is. They’ve got quite a name for themselves as a live band with Hop Farm Festival describing Maia as “mesmerising to watch both visually and musically”, and the Yorkshire Gig Guide naming them as an Outstanding Band in 2014. They’ve recently supported past Deer Shedders, The Staves.

Maia are also playing on the Obelisk Stage, Sunday, 2.45pm-3.30pm




Honeyblood are duo Shona McVicar and Stina Tweeddale and are the latest shining stars to light up the Glasgow scene. Despite their minimal setup, Honeyblood’s songs are fully formed and perfectly assured. Stina’s voice is strong yet beautiful, over deep melodic hooks. It delivers the kind of uncomplicated charm that’s drawn contemporary comparisons to the likes of the Dum Dum Girls. The duo unsurprisingly cites the darker currents of The Breeders, PJ Harvey, and Throwing Muses as lifelong influences. Honeyblood have been working hard to get themselves heard. Their eponymous album was released last summer to rave reviews (NME 9/10). A tour with Catfish & The Bottlemen soon followed only to be trumped by Glaswegian gods, Belle & Sebastian asking the pair to join them on their US tour this Spring. To top it all, they’ve now been nominated for Scottish Album Of The Year.

JAMES YORKSTON LODGE STAGE 6.20pm–7.10pm It’s hard to imagine James Yorkston started out as a bassist for a punk band when even a cursory listen to his songs demonstrates a blood-deep understanding of the dynamics of folk music, storytelling, and singing. Immerse yourself in one of his albums in the right conditions – an open fire and an open bottle – and you will wake up feeling you've made a friend for life. There are eight great albums to choose from, establishing him as a pillar of the Scottish music scene and by rights an integral cog in the Fence Collective wheel. His current album, the elaborately titled The Cellar Dyke Recording And Wassailing Society, was given four stars by The Guardian, who told its readers that the album “feels like an hour with old friends”. Seeing Yorkston live, you get a sense you’re seeing him in his natural habitat. He feeds off the emotion the audience feels in response to his stories and songs, often turning his shows into celebratory rambunctious affairs so be sure to get yourself along.



DEBORAH ROSE OBELISK STAGE 7.15pm–8pm Welsh singer, Deborah Rose, met folk legend Judy Collins at The Isle Of Wight Festival back in 2009. Collins described Rose’s voice as “one of the finest I’ve heard” and promptly asked her to go on tour with her. Clearly inspired and influenced by Eva Cassidy, Rose and her band send you on a journey of tranquillity through classic folk, country and bluegrass. Her debut album, Song Be My Soul released last year, to rave reviews around the folk scene. It was quickly followed up with a second, Wilde Wood, released earlier this year and sees her collaborate with raucous folksters, The O’Farrells Frolicks, Grey Wolf, and Robert Plant (yes, the Robert Plant).

Dublin-based indie folksters, Villagers (AKA Conor O’Brien and his band), are undeniably an industry hit with two Mercury nominated albums under their belt, in as many albums. O’Brien may sport a fetching beard these days but the third and latest album, Darling Arithmetic, finds him shaving his music right back to the bone. O’Brien plays every instrument on these exquisite, melodic songs in a beautifully sparse, spacious, intimate, and acousticleaning fashion. He also recorded and mixed it himself at home, revealing a single-minded artist at the peak of his already considerable songwriting powers. For those lucky festival-goers who saw his performance at Deer Shed back in 2012, when he’d only released Becoming A Jackal, you are going to be in for something magical. You will be able to see just how this class act has reinvented himself and has firmly set himself apart from the mainstream by creating music that is neither fixed nor constrained. As he said when releasing that first, and highly lauded, album, “I don’t want Villagers to be the finished product, but to be constantly changing, moving and growing. I’m really proud of this album but I feel like I’ve only just started getting somewhere, and I can hear so much more.” Lucky us.




CATTLE & CANE OBELISK STAGE 8.30pm–9.30pm Heavily championed by the BBC Introducing team, Teesside’s Cattle & Cane performed at T In The Park and BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park before they’d even released a single. The band comprise of four siblings (Joe, Helen, Fran, and Vin Hammill) and the brave outsider, Tom Chapman, on percussion. Their music is full of heartfelt, soaring melodies and possesses a timeless quality that we can all relate to. They have a very loyal and passionate following, which have been patiently awaiting the release of their debut album Home. That wait is nearly over as Cattle & Cane recently announced that their album launch gig will take place at Teesside University this September.







The Wedding Present headlined DSF1 and, like the festival, David Gedge and his band have continually evolved and grown creatively ever since. They formed in Leeds in 1985 from the ashes of a band called Lost Pandas. DJ John Peel was one of their first champions and invited them to perform a session shortly after their first two singles were released on their own label, Reception Records. Here began a life-long friendship with the veteran broadcaster. The time shortly came for their debut album and many a label (major and independent) was offering deals. Flipping the trend at that time, Gedge and his fellow musicians declined, and released their first album, George Best, themselves, along with all their future releases for the next four years. Over the next decade, they recorded and released five albums, toured the world, and garnered praise and acclaim from all corners of it. It was around 1994 that things began to change. Two of the original members left the band and weren’t initially replaced, rather other musicians ‘doubled up’. When replacements were found, another member left, and so after the release of their fifth album, Saturnalia, they took a break. For Gedge, this was a chance to indulge himself in his love

of cinematic scores and orchestral arrangements. His project ‘Cinerama’ soon became a full time band for the next five years, collaborating with his then girlfriend, Sally Murrell. We arrive at 2004, Gedge has split from Murrell, and announces that Cinerama’s line up will become the new line up of the reformed Wedding Present: and so began the iconic band’s latest phase of life. It has continued to evolve and it’s members change (Gedge is now the only constant member) but it’s testament to his passion and talent that this band is as relevant and creative as it ever was. Last year saw the coming together of their journey so far with the re-release of seven Wedding Present albums with historic recordings, radio session and videos. This year sees Gedge fulfil a long-standing ambition to record the same album by two different bands. In 2012 The Wedding Present released a critically acclaimed album, Valentina, produced by Grammy award winner Andrew Scheps. In May this year, Gedge released Valentina again, this time as Cinerama, with all the orchestration and cinematic sound you’d expect. Thirty years on and he’s as bold and brass-necked as he ever was, a true inspiration and a delight to welcome back to Deer Shed.


DAMIEN DEMPSEY LODGE STAGE 8.30pm–9.30pm Damien Dempsey is from Donaghmede on Dublin’s Northside and much of his work is influenced by the sights and sounds, both personal and social, that he experienced growing up in a deprived part of the city. In his native Ireland, this signature razor-sharp observation on society firmly planted in folk music have made him a huge star. In the UK, he’s a little less wellknown but in a best-kept-secret sort of way; this guy is amazingly talented. The post-pub music sessions held by his parents when he was a toddler were his first taste of music and the power it held. Growing up, the shy Dempsey turned to music and honed his singing and guitar playing, which resulted in a place at the local “rock school”. His first EP was released through the school label in 1997.

Since those fledgling days, Dempsey has released six albums, many of them platinum or double platinum selling, and last year released a Best Of…, which gives you some indication of where this artist is at and how well he’s received. Several prestigious Irish Meteor Music Awards adorn his mantelpiece and there’s a catalogue of musical legends that he’s shared a stage with and continue to support and endorse his work: Bob Dylan, Morrissey, Sinead O’Connor and U2 to name but a few. However, if you’re not convinced by the myriad of accolades, the platinum selling albums and celebrity followers, then strip it back down and you’ve essentially got what the Sunday Times calls ‘A phenomenal voice…’. His unique take on contemporary Irish folk, his rousing songs and insightful lyrics are just something that can’t be argued with.

Damien Dempsey is one of our featured artists, see page 20



“When I used to be sitting under the table on a Saturday night and all the olds would come back from the pub and be singing. I’d hide under the table because I didn’t want to be sent to bed. I’d see the feet tapping and look out from under the table and see the eyes closed and heads flying back. I knew then that’s what I wanted to do.”


our audience should expect from seeing him perform, “…people need to walk away feeling much better than they did when they walked in.” He’s traversed the globe several times bringing his unique blend of Irish folk (often with a hint of reggae, Dempsey cites Bob Marley as a huge influence) coupled with his insightful lyrics of life and strife on the city streets in Ireland. Having seen the passion he puts into every minute of being on stage, there’s little chance of anyone not walking away feeling much better than they did before a ‘Damo’ performance. This is the time when you see him raw and uncompromised, his voice at full force, holding no prisoners, as he sings from his soul. Having such a successful career, lesser people would become complacent and caught up in their own bubble. This is Dempsey, don’t forget, passionate to the core about music, be it past, present or future. After his own electric performance, he’ll be heading to the Main Stage to see John Grant. Why? “…because I sang one of his songs on a tribute album and I think he’s a legend.” Dempsey released a Best Of…album last year marking the wealth of material he’s written and recorded over the last decade or so. He’s also taken on side-projects in film acting and community art, which saw the painting of his lyrics on the side of derelict buildings in Dublin. As for his next musical move, Dempsey appears to be at a crossroads; is it time for reflection or time for new inspiration? Just like his music, his answer is definitive and uncompromising: “I just want to make music that doesn’t sound like anything on the Best Of album now. Pastures new.” That fire in Dempsey’s belly appears in no way dampened with age or industry, “[I’ll be] travelling the world and playing with indigenous musicians and learning from them someday.”


…And so, Damien Dempsey’s love for music was born. Those who know him and know his career so far would say this love hasn’t faltered, taken a break or deviated since that childhood moment first ignited his passion. Dempsey grew up in Donaghmede on Dublin’s Northside, not the most prosperous or pretty or privileged place, but for a budding musician it provided a rich and vibrant backdrop, personally and politically, to draw inspiration from. The sights and sounds of his community became the bedrock of stimulus for all of Dempsey’s songs. Even with the passing of time you still hear the echoes of his childhood stomping ground in his more recent work, be it the view of the sea, or railtracks visible from his window as a kid (Almighty Love, 2012), such is the impact of his hometown on his soul. Dempsey was no extrovert as a teenager, instead spending a lot of those years practicing guitar and singing in his room. It took a few years and a lot of courage, for him to get into the studio. “I was on the dole at about 19 years old and hadn’t a clue what to say or do. I was very nervous and felt like a fish out of water,” he says of his first recording session. Nerves or not, his talent clearly shone and music heavyweights were quick to support him. Sinead O’Connor was an early champion around the time of the release of his debut album, They Don’t Teach This Sh** At School. His second album, Seize The Day marked the beginning of his relationship with producer, John Reynolds and by the time he was making Shots, his third album, in 2005, he had Brian Eno knocking on his door. Shoot forward a decade and he is a charttopping, multi-platinum selling artist from the six albums he’s notched up, with a wealth of prestigious awards under his belt and queue of iconic artists that he’s shared the bill with; U2, Morrissey and Bob Dylan are just a selection. However, it’s live where ‘Damo’s’ music really happens, which is why Deer Shed is so excited to have him. “Stories, imagery, history, positivity and soul” is Damien’s response when asked what

Damien Dempsey will be performing at The Lodge Stage on Friday at 8.30pm




JOHN GRANT MAIN STAGE 9.40pm–10.55pm There was a time when John Grant thought he probably wouldn’t make music again. His country/folk band, The Czars, had split up after a decade, he’d become gripped by depression, drink and drugs: the future looked bleak. It’s to Grant’s credit and the world’s fortune that he fought his demons and got to a point he could channel them into music, more specifically his debut solo album, Queen Of Denmark. That was five years ago and he now stands with numerous awards, accolades and a following of millions. His two deeply biographical, yet acerbically witty, albums have received critical acclaim from all corners of the globe, including Rough Trade Album Of The Year for Pale Green Ghosts. He’s received a nomination for both a Q Award and Brit Award and had a knock out performance at last year’s Glastonbury. More recently he’s translated songs from his two albums into orchestral performances, collaborating with BBC Philharmonic Symphonia and Royal Northern Sinfonia and toured the US with The Pixies.


His first album, Queen Of Denmark, is considered his ‘seventies’ album, channelling the spirits of Karen Carpenter and Bread over Grant’s unique outpouring of eloquent rage. In contrast, Pale Green Ghosts, has been labelled his ‘eighties’ album, allowing Grant the room to play with his love of electronica and synth. He recorded much of it in Iceland, where he’s currently settled and features performances with Sinead O’Connor. Carried away by his effortless rich, expansive baritone you could for a moment forgive yourself for not realising the heartbreak, anger and bitter sweetness woven into much of his lyrics – but that’s what has made John Grant who he is, and forms the essence of his music, but in quite the most beautifully poignant and sardonic way.

John Grant is one of our featured artists, see page 24



OBELISK STAGE 11.10pm–12.10am These four guys are a folk/lo-fi punk, 4-piece from Glasgow. Not your regular blend of genres, but they pull it off with aplomb. They released their debut EP, The Tragedy Of Process, last year after relentlessly touring for months before that. The EP clearly intersects fuzzy, lo-fi noise with the clean folksy vocals of singer, Jamie Cameron. Since then they’ve released the ridiculously-hard-topronounce single, Kangerlussuaq (gang-er-loose-sue-arc), which is a town in Greenland, incidentally. The single begins to show the band flexing their muscles and trying something a little different with their sound. Falsetto, ethereal whispers evocative of Bon Iver melt away into uplifting guitar plucks. It’s rousing stuff for some late night revelry.

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BUFFALO SKINNERS OBELISK STAGE 12.30am–1.30am Scarborough based Buffalo Skinners started out as a busking band in 2010, playing old folk and skiffle. These days they play their own twist on folk. Lyric-centred songs arranged in a beat-pop style with an interesting arrangement of instruments and harmonies. The songs document their tales and travels through work, love, death as well as more specific situations, such as being mugged and losing all your money in William Hill. This toe-tapping, smile-inducing group have released two albums to date, which have led to them being heard across BBC Radios 1, 2 and 6. Last year’s highlight was performing as part of the BBC Introducing… at Radio 2’s Live In Hyde Park, with ELO and Blondie. Not bad for a bunch of buskers.


FEATURED ARTIST 47-year-old John Grant is a singer/songwriter hailing from the American Midwest. He grew up in a conservative and religious family who were ill at ease with Grant’s homosexuality. This brought about an isolation and self-doubt which haunted Grant for many years leading to depression, addiction and general selfdestruction. Many years later, Grant was able to explore and express these feelings in the form of two critically acclaimed albums.


Many artists choose to write and sing about difficult times and personal experiences, but for Grant that’s his music’s raison d’etre. It’s not contrived to be that way, or a conscious decision on his part. “It’s just what comes out,” he explains, “and because I don’t feel my story is particularly unique or special in this world of 7 billion stories, and because I love hearing about what’s REALLY going on with other people and what makes them tick, it seems quite a normal thing to do.”

onstage at the Meltdown Festival, that he’d just found out he was HIV positive. Around this time, Grant planted himself in Rejkavik, Iceland, where his second album, Pale Green Ghosts, was made. “I find the landscape and the language of Iceland very inspiring,” he says, revealing his other hidden talent: languages. “The languages I’ve studied in depth are German, Russian and Spanish. I’ve also dabbled in French, Swedish, Dutch and Danish as a hobby. Icelandic has been the hardest one I’ve attempted to learn so far.” Grant has embraced Iceland, sometimes in the most unlikely ways. He worked with Biggi Veira, from Icelandic electronica band, Gus Gus on his album, and also collaborated with the Icelandic Eurovision entry for 2014 by a band called Pollaponk. Grant smiles as he recalls the smiley, bearded band known for dressing in primary coloured suits. “Pollaponk approached me and asked if I’d give the song a listen and consider translating it into English. I’ve never been into Eurovision…but I listened to their song and I thought it was refreshing and catchy, and I loved the message which was aimed at kids telling them not to judge others for being different…they were quite lovely people.” Before starting his summer tour, Grant had been working in the studio on new material. Undoubtedly, people are incredibly curious to know what to expect… ”Well, I’d say it combines aspects of my first two records, but goes further and explores some new things,“ he says, giving little away. So that just leaves us with what to expect at his live performance at the Deer Shed. “Audiences can expect us to be there, in the moment with them, having a blast and doing the best show we know how to do.”


Before his solo career, Grant was a founder member of alternative rock/country band The Czars. It saw the start of a long and lasting relationship with ex-Cocteau Twins member Simon Raymonde. Raymonde saw great potential in Grant and worked hard to realise it; as a result, Grant is still signed to Raymonde’s record label, Bella Union. With The Czars’ split in 2006, Grant found himself entering a period of huge creative and personal self-doubt. He also found himself short of cash resulting in him turning his back on music and entering regular employment. Cue Texan, folk rock band, Midlake, who in 2010 finally coaxed Grant out of his musical torpor and made him believe enough in himself to want to start writing again. The end of this fragile rebirth saw the release of his debut solo album, Queen Of Denmark, which laid everything to bare and became a word-ofmouth hit. “I suppose it was a bit of a confusing time for me.” The singer, reflects, ”I wasn’t really able to process the success at the time, I just enjoyed it and was grateful for it because it provided me with some distraction from the difficult times. It was quite a rush in many ways.” Much of the enjoyment of the album - and indeed Grant’s music generally - comes from its lyrics. Grant is an accomplished wordsmith and despite the desperation, hurt and sadness he’s experienced, he turns these events into cleverly witty stories, which still manage to convey heartfelt emotion. Even with the wrapping of humour, surely writing and performing such personal songs must become too much? Grant shrugs: “No, not really. There are times when certain songs can be difficult to sing because I don’t want to be reminded of a certain thing on a particular day, but it’s in my music. I feel I am able to express myself as I would have liked to for decades, but never could. So it’s actually quite liberating.” Grant took this new found liberation to the extreme in 2012, when he publicly announced, whilst

John Grant is headlining the Main Stage on Saturday night at 9.40pm





MAIN STAGE Eliza Shaddad




Ibibio Sound Machine


The Unthanks



LODGE STAGE Rozi Plain Francisco The Man Emmy The Great

11.45am–12.25pm 1.05pm–1.45pm 2.45pm–3.45pm



Rozi Plain


Curtis Eller’s American Circus


MAIN STAGE 11.05pm–11.45pm Born to Sudanese and Scottish parents, Eliza Shaddad is a new singer/songwriter based in London. Her debut EP, Waters, was produced by Mercury Music Prize nominated producer, Chris Bond, and beautifully showcases her silky, soothing vocals and powerful songwriting skills. She’s also making waves on the live circuit; a reviewer at Liverpool’s Threshold Festival in March, described Eliza’s live performance as one that “brought us on the full emotional rollercoaster, one we will definitely be queuing up for again.” When not writing solo stuff, she moonlights as vocalist and writer for electronic outfit Clean Bandit, appearing on their debut album New Eyes. She has also played across the UK supporting the likes of Michael Chapman, Rue Royale, Finley Quaye, Dry the River and Rhodes. Definitely one to watch….



LODGE STAGE 11.45am–12.25pm This singer/songwriter is establishing herself with great poise on the music circuit. A talented musician she expertly blends electric guitar, vintage synths, and subdued beats under her beautifully crafted lyrics, sung in her dreamy, occasionally haunting, vocals. Though appearing as a solo artist, Plain is just as happy in other people’s musical company as she is her own. Her career so far is littered with collectives and collaborations that have broadened and diversified her musical horizons; Fence, Cleaner Records and This Is Kit are just a noteworthy three. Deer Shed audiences have the pleasure of Plain’s company twice across the weekend, and if the reaction to her third album release, Friends, is anything to go by, then we’re in for a double treat.


SEAFRET MAIN STAGE 12.25pm–1.05pm Bridlington is the setting that inspired duo Seafret, which are Jack Sedman and Harry Draper. Meeting at an open mic night sparked a musical chemistry that has seen them fly the nest into major label, Sony. Now living in London, they have released two EP’s and were supporting George Ezra at Brixton Electric earlier this year, showcasing new talent across BRITS week. They have an honest and captivating style to their music. Sedman’s vocals pour out emotion as he sings about life going by, his clear tone occasionally cracks to reveal vulnerability that only further warms you to their cause. Draper accompanies this with some fabulous fingerpicking acoustic guitar, setting the whole thing alight.

Although formed in 2008, LA-based Francisco The Man have only just released their debut album, Loose Ends. Line up changes and relocation are to blame, but for many it’s not considered a bad thing. What they’ve produced is an accomplished debut that sounds like a band that knows exactly who they are and what they are about, and haven’t spent three albums getting there. Named after a character from the famous novel One Hundred Years Of Solitude, this four-piece band produce exemplary guitar-driven indie-shoegazing rock. There are moments of My Bloody Valentine and Jane’s Addiction, particularly when lead singer, Scott Cantino, moves his vocals from smooth to snarl in one gear change. They’ve been making the most of the UK whilst on this side of the Atlantic, having embarked on a massive tour around the country ahead of a busy festival schedule.






Fronted by London-born, Nigerian singer Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine is a heady clash of African and electronic elements inspired in equal measure by the golden era of West-African funk and disco, and modern post-punk and electro. Weird and wonderful folk stories, recounted to Eno by her family as a child in her mother's Ibibio tongue, form the creative fabric from which the eight-piece band's unique musical tapestry is woven. They released their debut, eponymously titled album last year. On the strength of this release and their vibrant live performances, they have recently been awarded Best Newcomer in the Songlines Music Awards which celebrates the best music from around the world. These guys are exciting, adventurous, and original.




MAIA OBELISK STAGE 2.45pm–3.30pm Maia is a four-piece, genre-busting band from Leeds. That’s not to say they produce weird, experimental offerings, far from it. Their music is a wonderful mix of well thought out blissful sounds with sweet, stunning vocal harmonies layered over the top. The band says that they themselves invented ‘acoustic sci-fi folk pop’ – we aren’t going to argue, as it sounds ruddy marvellous whatever it is. They’ve got quite a name for themselves as a live band with Hop Farm Festival describing Maia as “mesmerising to watch both visually and musically”, and the Yorkshire Gig Guide naming them as an Outstanding Band in 2014. They’ve recently supported past Deer Shedders, The Staves.

Maia are also playing on the Obelisk Stage, Saturday, 5.55pm-6.45pm



LODGE STAGE 2.45pm–3.45pm

OBELISK STAGE 3.50pm–4.35pm

Emma-Lee Moss is the woman behind Emmy The Great. Moss was born to a Chinese mother and British father in Hong Kong. To sample any Western bands, they had to take the train to the nearest Tower Records to buy what was available; her formative years were filled with Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins and The Lemonheads. After Hong Kong was no longer a British colony, the family returned to the UK and settled in London, where Moss’s own music began to take shape. She started performing and writing under the moniker Emmy The Great in 2006. Whilst writing her own music, she was also collaborating with Fatboy Slim, performing with the likes of Noah And The Whale, and moonlighting as a music journalist whenever she found the time. She’s now two albums in to her career, the contrast between them clearly showing her developing and becoming more confident as an artist. Her music is described as indie folk and is being well received from both sides of the Atlantic. Emmy The Great performed at this year’s SXSW, followed by a packed US tour.

See page 26 for more information on Rozi Plain.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Hidden amongst this year’s music, comedy, and workshops is a small slice of tranquil relaxation complete with serene music and an all-encompassing sense of joy. Is it possible to feel anything but joyous when standing in a tent filled (and we mean filled) with pure, white balloons? For mere mortals, this is the closest we will ever come to floating among the clouds. Put on a special suit and be led into this balloon-filled dreamland by our performance artists. Immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime art installation of hundreds and hundreds of white balloons.

Please be aware that this exhibit is unsuitable for people with latex allergies.


THE UNTHANKS MAIN STAGE 3.45pm–5pm Songs from the Shipyard moved infinite numbers of people to tears last year such is the power held by Tyneside sisters, The Unthanks, and their deep, melancholic traditional folk. Deer Shed welcome them back with a 10-piece band performing tracks from their hotly anticipated and four-year-in-the-waiting studio album, Mount the Air. The album was made in their makeshift studio in Northumberland, very close to where Rachel Unthanks and husband, Adrian McNally, live with their two young sons. (You realise now why it’s been four years; Rachel has been understandably distracted). McNally wrote and produced much of the album, including the title track, Mount The Air based on a traditional ballad about a woman scouring the earth for her lost love. Despite having kids and getting married (Becky, this time), they’ve managed to collaborate with a number of artists including Orbital, Sting, and Brighouse Brass Band. This brass influence has certainly seeped into their retelling of old tales in the new album. Jazz bleeds into folk as you hear the mournful edge of brass band conjuring up Miles Davis’ lone trumpet; it’s an intriguing and stirring blend. Live, it’s going to be spine-tingling stuff. The Guardian described the album as ‘exquisitely melancholic folk’ and The Telegraph gave Mount The Air five stars. Joining the national press in their praise are two particularly prominent fans. Both Martin Freeman and Colin Firth liberally broadcast their love of The Unthanks, with Freeman saying “They sing and play what the hell they like, and if you've heard nicer harmonies this year, I may call you a liar. I'm glad to be around at the same time as them.”



CURTIS ELLER’S AMERICAN CIRCUS OBELISK STAGE 5.05pm–6.05pm Curtis Eller has a distinct old time American feel to his music, with a large helping of eccentricity. He’s a banjo player, yodeller, and songwriter from North Carolina, who sings about contemporary American culture whilst weaving in all kinds of historical figures into his lyrics. The group's latest release, How to Make It in Hollywood, is a collection of glittery show tunes, sentimental tear-jerkers, and rock and roll rave-ups. Eller’s lyrics are populated with an array of characters, including a Hollywood has-been and lapsed Gospel singer. Eller relentlessly tours the US and Europe with an ever expanding and contracting cast. He’s been known to play his banjo on stage, whilst climbing over furniture, and perched on ledges, and warns you to ‘lace up your dancing shoes’, so open your mind and be prepared to be drenched in good times and crazy shenanigans.




If we’ve learned anything from our workshops over the years, it’s that creativity knows no bounds …and never throw out your yoghurt pots! Join our crafts-conjurers in the Workshops and Activities area as they turn junk into jewels and your little-lovelies into workshop-wonders.


Bang On! have brought new standards to the music that can be made from simply combining junk, drumsticks, and a little rhythm. We’re giving your youngsters the chance to make as much noise as they want in this awesome workshop. FREE

ALTITUDE; FRIDAY 1pm-7pm Did you know that you can make a didgeridoo from nothing more than a balloon, a cardboard tune and a drinking straw? Well you can, and we’re going to show you how. Once completed why not give it a basecoat of paint, leave it to dry overnight, and take it along to the Q-tip Art workshop Saturday to give your didgeridoo an authentic aboriginal look. Thanks to Harrogate Recycling Project for their help in sourcing hundreds upon hundreds of cardboard tubes for this one.



ALTITUDE; SATURDAY ALL DAY [AGES 11+] Time to go back to the drawing board! Or keep going to the drawing board. This project from the Leeds College of Art is going to be open all day, so that you can create your own beautiful addition to the board. All you have to do is draw something which inspires you when you look up.

SCREEN PRINTING ALTITUDE; SATURDAY 10am-4pm [AGES 11+] Esker Art School (as part of Leeds College of Art) want to share their screen-printing technique with you. You can create your very own stencil, or use one of the pre-made ones in order to create your own unique print!


Clay meets stop-motion animation in this epic workshop from Leeds College of Art. You’ll be making your own short film using the same techniques Nick Parks and the Aardman Animations crew use. Start thinking about a plot now, you know how precious actors can be …even clay ones! FREE










Different coloured dots can be all it takes to make the most wonderful pictures. From Aboriginal Art to Van Gogh’s famous selfportrait, pointillist painting is certainly a skill worth knowing. Leeds College of Arts will show you how to turn dots into a masterpiece.



ALTITUDE; SATURDAY 10am-4pm [AGES 11+] Still-life is more than just staring at fruit bowls; you can stare at recycling too! Leeds College of Art are running a still-life drawing class for all you artsy types. Junk may be the subject, but that doesn’t mean your work will be rubbish.

CLOUD IDENTIFICATION ALTITUDE; SUNDAY 10am-4pm It’s time to learn which clouds are which and what they all mean. We’re providing pre-printed sheets to help you make your own cloud identification card so you can make sense of those fluffy things in the sky. (We did explain that there are no clouds in the sky over Deer Shed… they didn’t believe us.)

(If you’re interested in Clouds, be sure to visit The Met Office in the science tent who can explain the “hows” and “whys” of all those clouds you’ve spotted.)



ALTITUDE; SUNDAY 10am-4pm Strongly linked to this year’s “Up in the Air” theme, we bring you a reinvention of pet rocks… “Pet Clouds”. At this work shop, you can adopt a googly-eyed cottonwool cloud, give it a name, and create a cosy den for it to live in.



OVER THE RAINBOW; FRIDAY 1pm-6pm What can you make with pipe-cleaners? What can’t you make with pipe-cleaners? Any kind of creepy-crawly can be created with these wonderful strips of fluff-covered metal. Finish off your new furry friend with some googly eyes and a name and you’ll have a Deer Shed companion.





You just can’t beat the classic crafts. Friendship Bracelets are a relatively simple skill once you know how to do it and after this workshop, you’ll know how to do it. Make them for your new friends, make them for old friends, and make them for your festival friends.



OVER THE RAINBOW; SUNDAY 10am-4pm If you’re a tad small for needles, Paper Finger Puppets are the perfect replacement. You can decorate and colour our pre-made templates before gluing all the pieces together to make a papery-pal.





Allow Phoenix Dance Theatre – one of the UK’s leading contemporary dance companies – to teach you everything there is to know about this dance discipline. Not only a good workout for all family members, their workshops are truly inspirational.

YOGA OVER THE RAINBOW; SATURDAY 8am-8.45am [ADULTS ONLY] No festival is complete without Yoga. Whether you’re a yoga master or an absolute beginner, come and join our resident yoga instructor, Rachel Frazer, for an early morning slice of serenity to help stretch out those camping niggles and refocus the mind ready for the riproaring day ahead.

Rachel will also be at the Bigtop’s Sunday Morning Rave – 8am-9.30am


Distinguished opera company, Opera North, are joining us this weekend to showcase some of their incredible talent by teaching us some of their singing techniques. The Launch Pad’s morning session will be aimed at “Little Voices” – created with youngsters in mind, whilst The Launch Pad’s afternoon session is titled “Family Big Sing” session; designed with the intention of getting the entire family involved. Whether you harbour dreams of being the next Kiri Te Kanawa or Plácido Domingo or just really enjoy singing – this workshop is guaranteed to make your weekend.





OVER THE RAINBOW; SATURDAY 10am-4pm Using our pre-made templates, you can create a little finger-sized bird to share your Deer Shed Festival experience with this weekend. Simple to make with fabric glue and minimal sewing, you can make barn owls, tawny owls, green-alien owls… whatever owl you like.

Create your very own festival fairy to share your weekend with you. Using a dolly peg (ask your parents, kids), you can create the perfect fairy-friend. Give it a face, wings and a personality. Peg it to your tent or bed post to remind you of your awesome time at Deer Shed 6.

GARY BRIDGENS FAMILY UKULELE OVER THE RAINBOW; SUNDAY 10am-10.40am AND 12pm-12.40pm [MAXIMUM 35 PEOPLE] Gary Bridgens is making a welcome return to the Deer Shed Festival with his Ukulele workshop. With two standard workshops and a walkabout session, there’s no reason to leave the Deer Shed as anything other than a ukulele expert. Fun Fact: Ukulele means ‘Jumping Flees’ in Hawaiian.

Don’t forget to look out for Gary’s alter-ego, Trunks, and his musical box on Sunday afternoon in the Arena.

NYMAZ SAMBA DRUMMING OVER THE RAINBOW; SUNDAY 1.15pm-2pm [MAXIMUM 25 PEOPLE] NYMAZ, a youth musical development company in North Yorkshire, are going to be taking a series of musical workshops. The first is Samba drumming, transporting this a fun, upbeat style of drumming from the carnival in Rio to the festival in North Yorkshire. Brilliant!



NYMAZ GUITAR SINGER/ SONGWRITING OVER THE RAINBOW; SUNDAY 2.45pm-3.30pm [MAXIMUM 25 PEOPLE] The guitar wielding singer-songwriter is one of the staples of the British music scene. Can you be the next chart-topping, acoustic hero? Why not take this NYMAZ workshop and take the first steps towards global domination? Or the first steps towards a life-long passion for creating music – both are good.

NYMAZ AFRICAN DRUMMING OVER THE RAINBOW; SUNDAY 4.15pm-5pm [MAXIMUM 25 PEOPLE] African Drums are some of the most iconic in the world (and make some of the best noise). Using hands, sticks, or both, join NYMAZ in their excellent African drumming workshop.




TORNADO; FRIDAY 3pm-6pm [AGES 10+] Juggling is much easier if you make the balls yourself …okay maybe not. But that doesn’t mean that every festival goer shouldn’t have their own trio of juggling balls. We’ve studied the size and weight and believe we’ve got this just right. This workshop takes place midafternoon on the Friday, which gives you plenty of chance to learn how to juggle them with our professional juggler over in the circus skills workshop.

BOLLYWOOD DANCE STUDIOS TORNADO; SATURDAY 5pm-6.15pm Leeds-based dancer, Dola Rushia, and South Asian Arts UK present the Bollywood Dance Workshops. This is a lively workout suitable for all the family backed up with awesome Bollywood music.



Pip Theatre is bringing you interactive storytelling like you’ve never experienced it before. Offering a fresh take on the average drama and storytelling workshops, this will engage all of your creative energy.

How can you avoid tangled cables? Cable ties! How can you avoid tangled puppet strings? Cable ties …apparently. Our bird puppet workshop shows you how to make a pretty remarkable string puppet using cotton reels, paper, and lots and lots of cable ties. You won’t be disappointed with your faux-feathered friend. If you take your new creation to The Launch Pad at 4.30pm, you’ll be shown how to bring your puppet to life in the puppeteering workshop.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS Hidden amongst this year’s music, comedy, and workshops is a small slice of tranquil relaxation complete with serene music and an all-encompassing sense of joy. Is it possible to feel anything but joyous when standing in a tent filled (and we mean filled) with pure, white balloons? For mere mortals, this is the closest we will ever come to floating among the clouds. Put on a special suit and be led into this balloon-filled dreamland by our performance artists. Immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime art installation of hundreds and hundreds of white balloons.

Please be aware that this exhibit is unsuitable for people with latex allergies.







TORNADO; SUNDAY 10am-4pm Up in the Air theme meets science tent in this brilliant workshop. Simple but effective, we provide templates, you provide the decoration. A little bit of folding and nifty addition of a paperclip can create the perfect paper spinner.

MOBILES TORNADO; SUNDAY 10am-4pm It’s another chance to get creative with recycled materials. You can make a one-off, unique, beautiful mobile to decorate your garden, home, or bedroom. Beautiful, soothing decorations.




UP IN THE CLOUDS; FRIDAY 1.30pm-6.30pm Anyone who’s read Cinderella knows that brooms are the worst form of cleaning implement, but anyone who’s read Harry Potter knows that broomsticks are the best form of transport! You can make your very own, personalised broomstick at this workshop. Whether you plan to sweep up the dust in your tent, or chase a snitch in That Game On Broomsticks® (Meet at The Trebuchet, Saturday, 10am–5pm), a broomstick is essential kit this weekend.



UP IN THE CLOUDS; SATURDAY 10am-4pm Rediscover the forgotten art of weaving at this workshop. Enjoy the simplicity of this ancient craft as you learn to create beautiful and interesting designs.



UP IN THE CLOUDS; SUNDAY 10am-4pm What do you get if you put some string, a washer and some nail polish together? - “A right royal mess?” Well, think again. In this workshop, with those ingredients, you can create beautiful bespoke jewellery – or your money back!


STRATOSPHERE; SATURDAY 5.30pm-7.30pm AND SUNDAY (SUNDAY NIGHT CAMPERS ONLY) 6pm-8pm From kids to adults; from to Grannies and Grandads; from ABBA to Avicii, DJ Cranked to the Max rocks them all! Max is 14 and has been DJing for a few years now. Despite his age, he mixes like the best of them. He DJs for many a party and has held kids-only discos for charity. He’s back for a second year at the festival, after going down a storm with our young dancers last year.



STRATOSPHERE; SUNDAY 10am-4pm Using nothing more than our specially pre-designed paper, wire and your own imagination, you can create the perfect wishing star to make sure all your dreams come true …more sweets, more workshop fun, more awesome music – whatever you wish for, you’ll probably find it at Deer Shed anyway!






STRATOSPHERE, SUNDAY 10am-4pm This workshop has proven itself to be a firm favourite among our festival regulars. Learn to make a butterfly, rabbit, racing car, pony, or a full-scale replica of The Shard …whatever you can manage with our awesome quick drying clay.

DJING STRATOSPHERE; FRIDAY 3.30pm-6.30pm [ADVISED Ages 10+] DJ School UK are at Deer Shed this year to show you all the tricks of the DJ trade. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a superstar DJ, spinning discs and matching beats – the Stratosphere session is the one for you. The Big Top session is just a big disco using the songs you’ve requested on Twitter and Facebook. Those who enjoyed the earlier session will be invited on stage to show off their new skills.



ALTITUDE; SATURDAY 10am-4pm Perhaps we should rename this ‘not-quite-air guitars’ or ‘cardboard guitars’. We’re providing thousands of electric guitar templates along with pots of paint, glitter, glue and stickers, to inspire you to make the most awesome guitar at the festival.

DON'T FORGET... exchange your goblet at the end of the weekend for a fancy 'Deer Shed Festival Up in the Air' branded goblet. The perfect take-away souvenir from your weekend.

See page 68 for details







THE LITTLE STARS TENT; FRIDAY 2pm-8pm SATURDAY 10am-4pm AND SUNDAY 11am-4pm [AGES 0-5] This might be suitable for under 5s, but play dough is for everyone, right? Smash it, squish it, roll it… come to this workshop to make as many worms, pancakes or blobs as your pre-schooler and you can muster, with the added bonus of not having to give a hoot if the play dough falls on the carpet!

BABY YOGA LITTLE STARS TENT; FRIDAY 2pm-2.45pm AND 4pm-4.45pm [AGES 0-5] Happy baby means happy parent. Give your little one some wonderful one on one attention as you apply some gentle yoga moves to you and your baby. You’re both guaranteed to leave this session with a smile on your face and a feeling of calm.



THE LITTLE STARS TENT; FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 3pm-3.45pm [AGES 0-5] This is the perfect entertainment for tiny festival-goers. This drop-in workshop gives little ones chance to shake, rattle, and bang to their heart’s content. Including rhymes, songs, and a variety of instruments, this is the magicalmusical-moment every under-5 has been looking for.

Come and sing, dance, and play with the Jingle Bugs. This is the fun musical session for tots which allows your little ones to shake bells, pop bubbles, and run under the colourful parachute! Offering musical fun and games, this is guaranteed to be the highlight of your tiny tot’s festival.


What can you do with a few yoghurt pots and some plastic bottles? Make incredible (fully operational) flying machines of course. Or at least that’s what we’re expecting from our budding engineers. The best bit? We provide sticky tape dispensers so you won’t spend hours of your life chasing the end of the tape.

BIG TOP DEER SHED DANCE ACADEMY REHEARSALS: BIG TOP; FRIDAY 4pm-4.45pm AND SUNDAY 12.45pm-13.25pm AND SUNDAY 4.15pm-4.45pm. PERFORMANCE: BIG TOP; SUNDAY 4.50pm-5pm This is a real treat for all those budding street dancers. Attend rehearsals with choreographer, Sophie Jackson, to learn an epic street dance routine that you can perform at the Big Top Stage on Sunday night! Amazing!



BIG TOP STAGE; FRIDAY 9.30pm-11.30pm [DJ SET]

Early Morning Meditation at Obelisk Stage, Saturday and Sunday 7.30am-8am – Adults only




Mid-morning meditation is the workshop you never knew you needed. Helping you de-stress and prepare for the day, you’ll leave this workshop with a sense that all is right with the world. You can take on the day feeling refreshed. It’s better than coffee!



DJ School UK are at Deer Shed this year to show you all the tricks of the DJ trade. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a superstar DJ, spinning discs and matching beats – the Stratosphere session is the one for you. The Big Top session is just a big disco using the songs you’ve requested on Twitter and Facebook. Those who enjoyed the earlier session will be invited on stage to show off their new skills.

RACING MINDS IMPROV THE LAUNCH PAD; FRIDAY 4pm-4.45pm AND SATURDAY 1.30pm-2.15pm Racing Minds are one of UK’s best loved improvised comedy groups. This quintet of quick thinkers create brilliant comedy plays out of nothing more than a few audience suggestions, and now they’re going to teach you how to do the same. Not to be missed!

Racing Minds are one of our featured artists, see page 38

PIP THEATRE THE LAUNCH PAD; FRIDAY 5.15pm-6pm [AGES 4-16] [MAXIMUM 30 PEOPLE] Pip Theatre is bringing you interactive storytelling like you’ve never experienced it before. Offering a fresh take on the average drama and storytelling workshops, this will engage all of your creative energy.

RORY AND TERRY’S UKULELE WORKSHOP THE LAUNCH PAD; FRIDAY 6.15pm-7pm [ADULT UKULELE WORKSHOP] [MAXIMUM 8 PEOPLE] SATURDAY 12.15pm-1pm [FAMILY WORKSHOP] [MAXIMUM 8 PEOPLE] Rory Barke and Terry Brett are co-founders of Ukulele Sunshine Revival a seven piece ukulele band from York. Both originally played guitar but when introduced to the ukulele just fell in love with it. Come and find out just how infectious ukulele playing is at one of their fantastic workshops. Within minutes of picking up a uke, you’ll be strumming like a professional (well almost).

YOGA THE LAUNCH PAD; SATURDAY 9.15am-9.55am [AGES 6+] [MAXIMUM 25 PEOPLE] No festival is complete without Yoga. Whether you’re a yoga master or an absolute beginner, come and join our resident yoga instructor, Rachel Frazer, for an early morning slice of serenity to help stretch out those camping niggles and refocus the mind ready for the riproaring day ahead.

Rachel will also be at the Bigtop’s Sunday Morning Rave – 8am-9.30am

OPERA NORTH VOCAL THE LAUNCH PAD; SATURDAY 10.15am-11am AND 2.30pm-3.15pm Distinguished opera company, Opera North, are joining us this weekend to showcase some of their incredible talent by teaching us some of their singing techniques. The Launch Pad’s morning session will be aimed at “Little Voices” - created with youngsters in mind, whilst The Launch Pad’s afternoon session is titled “Family Big Sing” session; designed with the intention of getting the entire family involved. Whether you harbour dreams of being the next Kiri Te Kanawa or Plácido Domingo or just really enjoy singing – this workshop is guaranteed to make your weekend.

MAGIC WORKSHOP THE LAUNCH PAD; SATURDAY 11.20am-11.50am AND 3.40pm-4.10pm AND SUNDAY 12.30pm-1pm AND 2.45pm-3.15pm [AGES 6+] [MAXIMUM 25 PEOPLE]



Learn how to saw a sibling in half or survive a guillotine! Okay, maybe you need to work up to that. At this workshop, you will learn to master some slightly smaller (and often more impressive) close magic. Slight of hand, misdirection, a little bit of showmanship and you will leave your friends and family scratching their heads and wondering when you started attending Hogwarts!

FORWARD THEATRE PUPPETEERING THE LAUNCH PAD; SATURDAY 4.30pm-5.15pm You’ve made your bird puppets; now learn to bring them alive. At this workshop the talented Forward Theatre Group will help you bring life to your puppet. Learn how to make them dance, walk, jump, fly and everything else your imagination can management.

PUNK POET HENRY RABY THE LAUNCH PAD; SUNDAY 10.15am-11.15am AND 1.15pm-2.15pm [AGES 8+] [MAXIMUM 25 PEOPLE] Nerd. Punk. Performance Poet. On a Venn diagram, Henry Raby could make for a pretty unique figure in that central slice …and we love it! Co-founder of York’s Say Owt Slam and Edinburgh Fringe regular, Henry Raby will be asking you to share your stories and turning it in to a collaborative poem.



CAMPSITE CIRCUS WORKSHOPS CAMPSITE; FRIDAY 10am-1pm & 3pm-6pm; SATURDAY 9am-Midday & 2pm-6pm AND SUNDAY 9am-Midday & 2pm-6pm Circus Sensible will be in the campsite every day offering you the chance to learn some genuine circus tricks. Master the art of the diablo, spinning plates, hulahooping and much more. Perfect for anyone planning to run away with the circus, or anyone looking to learn a few new tricks.

PIP THEATRE VINTENT IN THE CAMPSITE; FRIDAY 10.30am11.30am AND SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 8am10am [AGES 4-16] [MAXIMUM 30 PEOPLE] Pip Theatre is bringing you interactive storytelling like you’ve never experienced it before. Offering a fresh take on the average drama and storytelling workshops, this will engage all of your creative energy.

ARENA SLACKLINING MEET AT THE TREBUCHET; FRIDAY 1pm-5pm [AGES 8+] In a nutshell, slacklining is one of those crazy pursuits that begs the question – who started this? Much like a low (slightly wider) tightrope, slacklining is a haulage strap ratcheted between two fixed points for you to fall off walk across.

BUSHCRAFT ARENA; FRIDAY 2pm-7pm AND SATURDAY 10am-4pm AND SUNDAY 10am-5pm If watching Bear Grylls has given you an appetite for survival and Bushcraft, this is the workshop for you. Taught in the Wood are coming to teach you some of the techniques and skills needed to survive in the wilderness.

SOFT PLAY [UNDER 5’S] Like the sandpit, our soft play area is a must on any preschooler’s festival itinerary. Thirsk Toy Library very kindly lends us its equipment every year, for which we (and every toddler) are very grateful.


PHOENIX DANCE THEATRE ARENA; OBELISK STAGE; FRIDAY 3pm-3.45pm AND 6.30pm-7.15pm Allow Phoenix Dance – one of the UK’s leading contemporary dance companies – to teach you everything there is to know about this dance discipline. Not only a good workout for all family members, their workshops are truly inspirational.

PATRICK AND PETE’S REALLY, REALLY BIG ENGINE ARENA; FRIDAY 3.45pm-4pm, SATURDAY 10.45am-11am AND SUNDAY 9.45am-10am Our friends Patrick and Pete brought their Bristol Hercules engine to last year’s festival half way through its rebuild. Twelve months later, the engine is up and running and boy is it impressive. These units propelled World War 2 bombers which used to fly from the many airfields that we have around these parts. Experience the thrill of more than 1500 horse power up close in the arena as the fellas let this fine piece of British engineering fly (not literally we hope).

DEN BUILDING ARENA [NEAR OBELISK]; SATURDAY 10am-4pm AND SUNDAY 10am-4pm We’ve invited den building professional, Chris, to show us how to make the most incredible dens out of household items. Sofas, sheets, clothes pegs and a little expert know-how is going to see our arena transformed into a village of small shelters and sanctuaries – all built by you!

ROCKAHULA MEET AT THE TREBUCHET; SATURDAY 11am-11.45am AND 5pm-5.45pm Rocking tunes; dancing; hula hoops – what more could you want? This part-dance, part-workout workshop is energetic fun that’s suitable for all ages.

Rockahula will also be at the Bigtop’s Sunday Morning Rave – Sunday 8am-9.30am

GIANT SANDPIT Eight-tonnes of the finest play sand money can buy.





Always a crowd pleaser amongst the smaller festivalgoers. More boxes of all sizes for the little, and not so little, folk to play in, draw on and generally enjoy.

It’s ‘That Game on Broomsticks’ complete with golden snitch. We’re welcoming Leeds Griffins Quidditch Team who will be running a workshop and giving demonstrations to teach you the rules. This version will be adapted for our younger guests (hence Kidditch). Bring along the broom you made in Friday’s workshop and join in a giant game at the end of the day. No magic necessary as the game has been adapted for muggles!

POND DIPPING MEET AT THE TREBUCHET; SUNDAY AT 9.30am, 11am, 2pm & 3.30pm [MAXIMUM UNACCOMPANIED 12 CHILDREN, MORE IF ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT] Baldersby Park’s Georgian man-made lake is full of interesting wildlife (we’ve had nesting swans this year), and no place more so than under the water. Discover the untold wonders of all things aquatic in the lake with these half hour sessions with our wildlife experts from Natural England.

BIRDS OF PREY DISPLAY WITH BEN POTTER ARENA; SUNDAY 10.30am-11am AND 3.15pm-3.45pm Falconer, Ben Potter, will be showing off the skill and trickery of his magnificent team of birds, as he puts them through their paces during this breath-taking flying display. Ben offers something a bit different from your typical flying display by concentrating on the natural behaviour of the birds and showing them doing what they do best – ‘flying free’. When not flying, Ben’s birds of prey will be on static display to the public, so you can get a closer look at these amazing animals and ask the falconers any questions you may have about them.

SPORTS & EXERCISE TENNIS ON A STRING Our purpose-built sets were really put to the test last year, but we’re pleased to say, despite some heavy-duty usage, they live to fight another day. Recalibrated for a new year, they are ready to take on the toughest of festival-goer, be your game strength or stamina!


WILD RUNNING MEET AT WELFARE TENT; SUNDAY 9am For those of you who just can’t help yourself (you know who you are), we’ve organized a fabulous off-road running route through the ‘unseen’ bits of Baldersby Park. Shake off the night before and see the festival site from a totally different viewpoint, as you run through 2.5 miles woodland and pasture back to all the fabulous distractions in the arena. We will guide you on the first lap and then you’re free to do as many extra laps as you choose.



Adults & accompanied children only. Registration required.

FOOTBALL COACHING SPORTS FIELD; SUNDAY 9am-12noon Thirsk Falcons will be providing a crew of coaches who will organise some team sport activities for kids in amongst some seriously good FA trained football coaching. Whether you fancy yourself as the next a Messi, Ronaldo, or the no-nonsense Vincent Kompany, you’re guaranteed to love this workshop! Children of all ages welcome.

CAPOEIRA YORK MEET AT THE LAUNCH PAD; SUNDAY 11.30am-12.15am AND THE LAUNCH PAD; SUNDAY 3.45pm-4.30pm Come and join the Brazilian Martial Art of Capoeira. Said to have evolved amongst Brazilian slaves who were banned from practicing martial arts, this part-dance, part-acrobatic fighting technique incorporates a number of skills and is guaranteed to help you burn off some calories.

SPORTS FIELD; FRIDAY 12noon-5pm AND SUNDAY 1pm-5pm Junior coaches from Thirsk Rugby Club will be coming on site to teach and develop tag rugby skills for boys and girls of all ages.



“We are firstly lazy, so the fact that we don’t have to write anything beforehand is a real pull. Secondly, we get bored easily so not having to do the same show over and over again keeps it fresh for us. Thirdly, this being-onstage-without-a-plan, mirrors the way we live our lives.” 38

They are so disgustingly talented at improv they are often accused of somehow scripting their shows. “Ah, the famous British cynicism!” mocks Turner. “We get different audience suggestions for each show, so do you know how difficult it would be to write scripts for all the different possible combinations of suggestions that might arise…?! Have faith cynics, if not in our integrity, then in our laziness!” The group has been performing jawdroppingly impressive improv, with a strong Pythonesque influence, for five years. Turner is quick to point out that the madcap does spill over into pure stitch-up on occasions. “If you come to the show, then you will see that we succumb to that temptation on a very regular basis. Working together for so long means that you do get used to how each other thinks. Although Tom can be harder to predict with his childlike imagination…” Expect side-splitting sketches, soaring ballads and blisteringly quick improv raps, all inspired by audience shout-outs. It’s magical stuff and these guys love a challenge, even when thrown a curveball. “We ask for a starting location for our show and once we got ‘in the middle’,” remembers Turner. “We normally get a geographical location, but we just did the show starting in the middle, which was challenging, but lots of fun!”


Taking to the stage takes guts. Taking to the stage without a script or even a plan, is tantamount to lunacy for most. Racing Minds, Britain’s finest improv group do just this, day in and day out. “Why on earth would you put yourself through it?” is the first question we put to Racing Minds’ member, Chris Turner: “We are firstly lazy, so the fact that we don’t have to write anything beforehand is a real pull. Secondly, we get bored easily so not having to do the same show over and over again keeps it fresh for us. Thirdly, this beingon-stage-without-a-plan, mirrors the way we live our lives.” Their act is based entirely on audience suggestions, relying solely on the inspiration of the audience and their own wits. They are incredibly accomplished at this, having had two sell out Edinburgh Fringe shows, slots on 6Music and numerous successful UK tours. The five guys met at Oxford University’s improv club, The Oxford Imps. At the end of their run, they had the desire to perform longer improv narratives, and so Racing Minds was born.

Racing Minds will be performing on the Bigtop Stage on Friday 6pm-7pm, Saturday 11.05am-11.55am, and Sunday 1.45pm-2.45pm and will be running an improv workshop in The Launch Pad on Friday 4pm-4.45pm and Saturday 1.30pm-2.15pm




TIME TRAVELLING TOBY WITH GRAHAM JONES OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 9.10am-9.45am Toby lives in a little unremarkable village and goes to a little unremarkable school, but Toby has a humongous secret that is sooooooo incredibly cool. Toby has a time travelling sports car! Join author, Graham Jones, as he takes you on an interactive adventure of a lifetime with Toby and his brothers. Travel with them through time to visit exciting historical events and discover amazing facts that you may never have otherwise known.

Join Graham for Time Travelling Toby storytelling at the Vintent in the campsite, Friday 5.45pm-6.35pm & Saturday 5.45pm-6.30pm


EMMA JANE UNSWORTH TALKS TO LAURA BARTON OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 11am-11.45am Emma Jane Unsworth's first novel Hungry, the Stars and Everything won a Betty Trask Award in 2011. Caitlin Moran described her second novel, Animals, as 'Withnail with girls' as it followed the hedonistic adventures of best friends Laura and Tyler, as they lived their lives in a fug of alcohol and drugs. The book was later picked up by BAFTA-nominated producer Sarah Brocklehurst and awarded BFI funding. As well as being tasked with writing the screenplay for Animals, Unsworth is working on her third novel, Girls On Fire. She spills the beans to author and journalist, Laura Barton.




Gary Northfield has been writing and drawing comics since 2002. He is most famous for Derek the Sheep – a comic strip that appeared in The Beano – but has also created comic strips for The Phoenix, The Dandy and Horrible Histories magazine among many, many others. His latest comic character is Julius Zebra who plays the lead role in Gary’s first children’s novel, Julius Zebra: Rumble with the Romans! Gary will be talking about his new book as well as running a comic book workshop later in the day, teaching all ages how to draw comics or cartoon characters.

Viv Albertine is one of our featured artists, see page 44

OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 1.15pm-2pm Songwriter and musician, Viv Albertine, was the guitarist in the hugely influential female punk band, The Slits. A confidante of the Sex Pistols and The Clash, Viv was a key player in British punk culture. Last year, she published her memoirs, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes. Music, Music, Music. Boys, Boys, Boys, both a personal and historic account of what it was like to be a woman in the 70’s music industry. Its complete candour and brilliant storytelling gained her Sunday Times Music Book of the Year, Mojo Book of the Year, and Rough Trade Book of The Year. The Guardian’s, Laura Barton, will find out more….


TIME TRAVELLING TOBY WITH GRAHAM JONES VINTENT (IN THE CAMPSITE); FRIDAY 5.45pm-6.30pm AND SATURDAY 5.45pm-6.30pm Time Travelling Toby fans get the chance to hear this incredible boy’s stories from the actual author, Graham Jones, in a cosy story-telling session. Let your imagination be taken on an amazing historical adventure in Toby’s famous time travelling sports car.



SOPHY HENN OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 2.15pm-3.15pm Sophy Henn is the author/illustrator of Where Bear? - about a little boy and his bear and their journey to find a place called home - which was shortlisted for Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize this year. Henn’s latest book, Pom Pom Gets the Grumps, is a fresh and funny take on toddler tantrums. Sophy will do a special interactive reading from Pom Pom Gets the Grumps, followed by a masterclass where she’ll show budding artists just how to draw expressions on a bear.





Plump up a pillow and snuggle down as you join the fabulous cloud lady for some dreamy bedtime stories about clouds. There is nothing clouds like better than shape shifting and story making, but they do have a habit of drifting off half way through the tale! Help Miss Cloud to finish the stories and who knows where you’ll float off to?



LORNA MALLETT’S BEDTIME STORIES VINTENT IN CAMPSITE; FRIDAY AND SATURDAY 8.30pm-9.30pm Storyteller Lorna returns for her sixth year at the festival. She will expertly weave bedtime stories of her own creation for all those young sleepy heads for whom the day is drawing to a close.


ANDY KERSHAW OBELISK STAGE; SUNDAY 11am-1pm Legendary broadcaster, Andy Kershaw, published his biography, No Off Switch!, earlier this year, offering stories and insight into an amazing career and fascinating life. Fifteen years as a Radio 1 DJ, copresenter of Live Aid, symbol of World Music, and owner of more Sony Awards than any other broadcaster are just a few things that crop up on this man’s CV. With his one-man spoken word show, The Adventures Of Andy Kershaw, he brings his biography in person, with captivating tales and the familiar sardonic and uncompromising wit you’d expect from Kershaw.

Andy’s Global Dance Night DJ Set follows later at the Obelisk Stage, 7pm-10pm


BONEHEAD TALKS TO DAVE SIMPSON OBELISK STAGE; SUNDAY 1.15pm-2.30pm Bonehead, AKA Paul Arthurs, was a founding member of Oasis back in 1991, when Tony McCarroll, Paul MacGuigan, and he were told that there were some brothers who wanted to start a band. That was 1991 and eight years later Bonehead left, feeling the spark had gone. The Guardian journalist, Dave Simpson, will be asking all the questions any fan of Oasis has ever wanted to ask and a few more. Bonehead will be bringing along his guitar, so expect a few impromptu performances.

BILLY BRAGG TALKS TO DAVE SIMPSON OBELISK STAGE; SATURDAY 12noon-1pm The Guardian’s Dave Simpson will sit down with Billy Bragg for a wide-ranging discussion about all aspects of this great man’s life. He’ll delve into music, politics, the election, the Labour party as well as his time in the army. An hour just won’t be long enough….




Students from York’s Access to Music College will be busking in our tent, performing their own work as well as playing a few crowd-pleasing covers. Future Mercury Prize winners could be amongst these talented students.

PIF PAF THEATRE’S - THE FLY CYCLE MACHINE WALKABOUT IN ARENA; FRIDAY SESSIONS BETWEEN 1pm–7pm Lucky passengers reach the front of the boarding queue and step into the VIP departure lounge, where Valerian, your air host, will search your imagination for a dream trip and robe you in appropriate glamorous attire for your chosen journey. It is now time to board the amazing flying machine and meet Captain Bigshot, your talented pilot. As you fly to dizzy heights, Captain Bigshot’s stories of travel and knowledge of geography will amaze you, be prepared for the occasional pocket of turbulence and enjoy the ride of your life in this flight of fancy for two! Don’t forget to pack your imagination! Pif Paf Theatre is part of the Northern Festivals Network project, Wild Rumpus, which is committed to giving families the chance to experience arts in the wild!

MUFTI DOES MASSIVE BATTLESHIPS ARENA; FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SIGN UP AT 10am Mufti is made up of three theatre makers who really like games. They reinvent classic kids’ games as a collective experience for all ages and are part of the Northern Festivals Network project, Wild Rumpus. To delight festival crowds they will be playing Battleships like you’ve never seen it before. Join the Mufti Sea Captains as they lead two teams, hundred of yards apart, each scheming at their own purpose built Command Station. Co-ordinates are signalled by flash cards. News of spectacular hits and unlucky misses broadcast with flags. Tension builds on each bridge as their fleet is whittled down, ship-by-ship.






Viv Albertine, songwriter, musician, mother and founding member of the influential, allfemale punk band, The Slits, has turned her talents into writing a book about her life. Cast aside your preconceptions about what an autobiography would be like from a person who lived and breathed that very special, but brief, moment in music history. Yes, there are stories and anecdotes about Sid Vicious and Mick Jones (Albertine’s first boyfriend), but it really is only half the story. “When I came back to music in 2010, I faced a lot of the same obstacles as I did the first time round with The Slits and I thought there was something so poetically symmetrical about my journey in and out of music that it would make an interesting and compelling arc to structure a book around,” reflects Albertine, when asked what prompted her to write Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys. “Up until then I didn’t want to write a book… because I didn’t want to just write about punk. The rest of my life and my adventures were just as interesting I thought.” She thought right. It’s been noted and admired by many a critic for its candour, its straight-talking, honest approach whether applying it to her lack of sexual prowess when finding herself in bed with Johnny Rotten, or dealing with the distress and heartache as the intrusive rounds of IVF don’t produce a baby. “I did have to police myself everyday when writing, even when you recount a story in a pub you tend to sex it up a bit and I had to be


The rest of Albertine’s story is taken up with the aftermath of The Slits: the loss, the feeling of failure and disconnection, and then ultimately the reinventing of herself. This pattern repeats as she navigates her life’s adventures to present day. It may take on a more domestic familiarity that the majority of us can recognise, but it doesn’t lack any of the excitement and drama that the punk phase gave us. By the end of the book - as Albertine has coped and conquered love, marriage, IVF, childbirth, motherhood, cancer, divorce and the deep and honest questioning of her creative identity versus her day-to-day life you realise she’s nothing short of heroic, as many women are, but Albertine had the guts to put it down on paper. Her daughter has been key to influencing Albertine’s recent life so far, and in the book she signifies the beginning of Albertine’s tortuous but determined journey back into music. Now a teenager, how does her daughter feel about her mother’s past? “She’s proud of me, which illustrates how different teenagers are today than in the 70’s! Teenagers now are generally more informed, more open and emotionally intelligent than we were.” Could this be the generation ready for a new punk revolution, reacting against the big music corporations? “Ain’t goin’ to happen. For punk, or anything with that energy and aggression to happen again in the West, we would have to go back to the same environment of the 70’s and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.” Well, she would know…


very watchful and write everything as boring and embarrassing as it really was.” Clearly punk takes an important place in Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys. The sex, drugs and music; the unstructured, rebel approach to forming a band that seems an alien concept nowadays. She also documents the paranoia and vulnerability she, and those iconic punk stars around her, felt at the time. These icons interestingly play very much a supporting cast, rather than a lead role, in Albertine’s story, making her account of this short, explosive era of music, all the more genuine. “’Punk’ only lasted 18 months in real life. After that, it got consumed and hi-jacked by all sorts of people. The Slits went on to be the forerunners of Post Punk. I only wrote about events that I witnessed, that I was in the room for, so it couldn’t take up more space.” What does take up some space, is clothes. What she wore as an 80’s film producer, and what her and her contemporaries were wearing in the 70’s. The slitted clothes immortalised by The Sex Pistols, but that were borne out of Sid Vicious cutting up his trousers in a fit of rage. Unable to find his other pair, he had to piece them back together with safety pins. Girls wearing Doc Martens that began with Albertine’s desire to shock|: “I started wearing DMs at art school to p*** off the hippies, they were so against skinheads. Then I wore them in the late 70’s because I was always having to run away from fights that Sid Vicious started.”

Viv Albertine will be talking to Laura Barton about her memoir, Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys at the Obelisk Stage on Saturday at 1.15pm.



SAMSAM BUBBLEMAN BIGTOP STAGE; FRIDAY 5pm–5.35pm SATURDAY 10.15am-10.45am The most famous bubbleologist in the whole world is Samsam Bubbleman! Samsam began bubbling way back in 1989 following his “bubble epiphany” whilst watching a bubble float across a field. A decade later, he began an international career in bubble magic. He’s broken nine world records including the most people in a bubble (50) and the largest frozen bubble. As Jarvis Cocker said of Sam: “Your bubbles blew my mind!”

RACING MINDS BIGTOP STAGE; FRIDAY 6pm–7pm SATURDAY 11.05am–11.55am SUNDAY 1.45pm–2.45pm





If you thought the time your paper aircraft flew the length of two rooms was impressive, then your socks are going to be knocked off when you see world expert on paper aircraft, Andy Chipling, in action. What he doesn’t know about paper planes isn’t worth knowing. This man is so knowledgeable about paper airplanes he wrote the rules for the Guinness World Records attempts. Taking time out from the Science Tent, he’ll be showcasing the world’s most ambitious paper airplane designs and showing the amazing things they can do, despite starting out life as a sheet of A4.

Racing Minds are a critically acclaimed UK-based improv comedy quintet. They first met at Oxford University, although Tom was kicked out, Dougie dropped out and Chris came within an inch of being suspended on several occasions for pursuing a career in comedy instead of his degree, Archaeology. Combining classic Python-esque comedic sensibilities with jaw-droppingly impressive improvisation, Edinburgh Fringe favourites, Racing Minds, rely completely on the audience to help create awe-inspiring hilarity - and they deliver every time. They raised the roof at DSF5, making their performance one of they highlights so we had to have them back.

(Racing Minds improv workshop Friday, The Launch Pad, 4pm–4.45pm see workshop section for more details) Racing Minds are one of our featured artists, see page 38


SLIGHTLY FAT FEATURES BIGTOP STAGE; FRIDAY 7.45pm–9.15pm Headlining the Big Top is one of the finest comedy cabaret troupes around. Slightly Fat Features is full of circus tricksters, astonishing physical skills, original live music, magical moments, and spontaneous madness. Think Monty Python meets Cirque du Soleil. They have been amazing audiences with their smashhit shows since 2010, gaining critical acclaim across the globe. Last year saw them scoop the prestigious Coup de Coeur at Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and this year brought them a run of West End shows in London. So gasp in wonder, laugh till your belly hurts, and gorge yourself on a smorgasbord of theatrical invention. This is an edge of your seat experience like no other....


THE HISTORY OF MAGIC (ABRIDGED)… BY OTIZ CANNELLONI BIGTOP STAGE; SATURDAY 2.30pm–3.30pm Magician and comedian, Otiz Cannelloni, blends both arts to create a fascinating trip through magic trick history that provides plenty of laughs along the way. There are lots of hands-on experiences for the audience as he starts with the very first magic illusion bringing us right up to date with a baffling illusion involving a mobile phone.




BIGTOP STAGE; SATURDAY 1pm–2pm Phil Ellis and his Funz and Gamez, was a surprise hit at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Presented as a “children’s show” but a show that gives the grown ups some laughs too as Ellis take on the role of antihero. This year he returns with more family fun and a new, much better, girlfriend. He's joined by all the gang: Bonzo the Dog, Jim the Elf, but not Uncle Mick because he's dead. His brother, Uncle Rick, fills that void. Winning the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Panel Prize, Fun And Gamez was the undisputed anarchic cult hit of 2014. 'Delighting both children and (on a rather different level) adults alike' **** (Telegraph). 'Completely bonkers... comedy gold, for all ages' **** (Independent)

Phil Ellis is one of our featured artists, see page 50




BIGTOP STAGE; SATURDAY 5.05pm–5.45pm SUNDAY 10.15am–11am Bang On! are a junk percussion duo who create funky beats and rhythmic treats using a huge homemade drum kit made from recycled objects. Their performances are a high-energy display of outstanding visual delights showing off their technique and showmanship. Katie and Dave have been performing as Bang On! since 2002. During the last decade or so, they’ve enjoyed a sell out show at Edinburgh Fringe, the chance to tour Taiwan (twice!), being semi-finalists of Britain’s Got Talent and most recently, running workshops for a school in Mumbai. Mostly though, they thrill audiences by using pretty much anything as percussion.

SHLOMO BIGTOP STAGE; SATURDAY 4pm–4.45pm and 6.15pm–7.05pm This man is a legend in beatboxing circles. Over the last fifteen years as a vocal performer he has consistently pushed the boundaries of beatboxing, bringing the art form to new and unexpected audiences through diverse collaborations and imaginative projects, which have taken him to the Southbank and Glastonbury and everywhere in between. He’s worked with hordes of musicians such as Jarvis Cocker, Bjork, Ed Sheeran and Damon Albarn. DJ Tim Westwood called him “the Harry Potter of beatbox” as wizardry is the only possible explanation as to why one man can produce the variety of sounds, at any one time with such accomplishment. It’s jaw-dropping stuff. His first show at the Deer Shed is aimed at a younger audience and gives folks a chance to try beatboxing with a real master. His later performance is more music based and an opportunity to see this phenomenal talent in all its glory.




Bang On!’s Junk Percussion workshop Friday, Altitude, 1pm–6pm see workshop section for more details

PUNK SCIENCE BIGTOP STAGE; SUNDAY 11.30am–12.30am [PUNK SCIENCE: THE GAME SHOW] SUNDAY 3.10pm–3.55pm [THE MOST DISGUSTING SHOW EVER] Meet the Science Museum's resident comedy team as they perform two distinctly different science shows for Deer Shed audiences. The first is… Punk Science: The Gameshow! Audience members will be selected at random to take part in tasty science demos and delectable brain-melting quizzes to win big prizes, all wrapped up with the duo’s trademark blend of science, comedy and music. In Punk Science: The Gameshow, nobody goes away empty headed… For their afternoon performance they will be delighting audiences with The Most Disgusting Show Ever, which takes you on an eventful journey from how poo is made, to what happens to it afterwards. There'll be revolting demonstrations and gross experiments and a bit of comedy, music, interactive voting and probably some plastic balls. Punk Science are the authors of the Do Try This At Home books and have performed to sell-out audiences up and down the country including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bestival and even Buckingham Palace. Despite the title of their books – don’t try this at home!



Pappy's are Britain’s best live sketch team. They have been nominated twice for Best Show at the Edinburgh Festival (2007 & 2012) they have twice won the Chortle Award for Best Sketch Performers (2008 and 2013); and their hit podcast, Flatshare Slamdown, won a Loaded Lafta Award (2012). Just to hit home with how prolific they are, they also wrote and starred in their own sitcom Badults, which ran for two seasons on BBC3. The first of which was nominated for Best TV Show at the 2014 Chortle awards. Five star reviews pop up everywhere when these guys produce a new show; they are not to be missed. As The Guardian succinctly put it "One of the finest sketch troupes of the last decade". Pappy’s will be joined by musical comedian, Jay Foreman; slapstick comedy group, The Three Half Pints; and comedian, actress and writer, Carly Smallman.




BIGTOP STAGE; SATURDAY 9.45pm–11pm What could be better than a DJ set and disco to dance away the last few hours of Saturday night? Across the Tracks will be providing the perfect outlet for your dancing shoes to tip-tap your way through the night. Playing an eclectic mix of modern and retro, there’s no way you’ll be able to resist showing off your best moves! JAY FOREMAN


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SPIKE AND SPONGE MORNING RAVE BIGTOP STAGE; SUNDAY 8am–9.30am Come and dance your way into the day - hands in the air, going back to your roots! Promising to bring festivalgoers together in a positive happy environment, Spike and Sponge are providing a fun-filled morning crammed with music and mayhem. They’re being joined by lots of other workshops making this the ideal, eclectic Sunday morning rave.



Phil Ellis is the comedian and creator behind the award-winning interactive “children’s” comedy show, Funz and Gamez. Before his success with this show, Ellis was experiencing a crisis in confidence. His 2013 debut at Edinburgh Fringe had crashed and burned; he’d lost thousands of pounds and had to move back in with a friend. Out of these troubled times came a crazy idea, which began to grow into Funz and Gamez, though his problems were far from over. “Other than the cast, who were all very dedicated and believed in the idea, it was very difficult. No one would touch the show,” explains Ellis. “My agent didn't like the idea and wouldn't produce it so we parted


Gamez at the start, Ellis had to promote it himself and hope he could convert audiences once they saw it live. Even without any backers, he believed wholeheartedly in the idea, and puts some of that down to his strong comic influences. “My comedy hero has always been Rik Mayall, so I always want to deliver that anarchic, spontaneous energy that he encompassed,” the Mancunian muses, “and probably the darker humour and characters that appear, come from years of being obsessed with the League of Gentleman and Chris Morris.” Show by show, audiences were converted and the anarchic and unconventional approach of Funz and Gamez, led him to win the Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Panel Prize at last year’s Fringe Festival. It was a surprise, stand out hit, seemingly coming from ‘nowhere’, but no one was more surprised than Ellis himself. “I could never have dreamed that it would be the success that it was. It still hasn't sunk in yet, if I'm honest. I had resigned myself to being a club comic for the rest of my days, which is no bad thing, but I'd always wanted to explore other areas of comedy and now, thanks to this show, I have that opportunity.” And opportunity just keeps knocking. Funz and Gamez has recently been transferred to a TV audience at the BBC Salford Sitcom Showcase. He appears at Deer Shed Festival with his cast, prior to another Edinburgh Fringe run, with Funz and Gamez Tooz. All the same characters, though since the passing of Uncle Mick, his brother, Uncle Rick has taken his place! If you and your family are up for unforgettable, boundary-pushing, rebellious humour then look no further than Phil Ellis and his remarkable show.


ways, and no other producers thought that it would work. I couldn't even convince any PR companies to take it on board. To be fair to them all though, it did sound like a risky venture and was always going to be hard work to preview, produce and sell. Plus in those early days, it was a lot darker.” In hindsight it’s easy to scoff at these 'non-believers', but as an idea written down on paper, you could easily imagine the authorities having to be notified half way through the show. The issue is this: Ellis and his fellow comedians purport to be children’s game show host and supporting characters (an elf, a dog and a friendly uncle), within a familiar game show format. But on closer inspection, they don’t seem as they first appear. The hosts, with their various life issues seeping into their onstage personas, invite kids from the audience to take part in games to win prizes, prizes that they are never allowed to win. It may seem cruel, but while the kids on stage are momentarily disappointed at losing an arm-wrestling match or staring competition, they're also given free rein to be naughty. Watch them gleefully squirting water at a man dressed as a dog and throwing balls at a sorry-looking elf and generally having a hoot. For the rest of the audience, mostly adults, the inappropriateness of these characters starring in a children’s show begins to dawn, thrilling and appalling them in equal measures. Ellis doesn’t pull any punches, and pretty much zig-zags across 'the line' as he sees fit. “If I'm honest, I don't really know where the line is. I still have never seen a kids' comedy show so I just go and say and do whatever I think is funny. I do however respect that there are kids in the audience so will never swear, reference drugs or sex,” he adds, with some reassurance. “Saying that though, it probably is a little over the line to tell a child with a particularly annoying personality that they are “going to die alone” but no-one's cried yet, so it mustn't be too offensive.” With no one wanting to touch Funz and

Phil Ellis will be performing in Funz and Gamez on the Big Top stage on Saturday at 1pm.


How do you i6 = With Dan’s screwdriver. Design graduate, Dan Walker designed the sonic screwdriver for the BBC’s Doctor Who series.



# DEERSHED6 OUR MOST “SOCIAL” FESTIVAL YET! 2015 HAS BEEN THE YEAR THAT THE DEER SHED FESTIVAL HAS FULLY EMBRACED THE STRANGE WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA Throughout the festival, we’ll be Tweeting and Instagramming all of our favourite moments. We even have three social media wizards running about in the crowds, so make sure you say “hello” and get yourself a starring moment on our twitter feed. We’re not encouraging you to be on your phones and tablets the whole time But we are encouraging you to take lots of pictures and share them with the rest of the Deer Shed Families using # DeerShed6.


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And when your phone runs out of juice? Never fear! The Birmingham branch of Friends of the Earth have joined us this year with their amazing device-charging facilities which use portable units pre-charged with renewable energy. They’re raising funds over the weekend to pay for a young campaigner who will be providing support for a variety of environmental campaigns over the next year.

OBELISK STAGE; FRIDAY 4.15pm-4.55pm AND SUNDAY 10am-10.40am [ALL AGES] Tusk Theatre are making a welcome return to Deer Shed with a new production But Dogs Can’t Fly! When two friends are torn apart, we will find out how far they are willing to go to find each other again; but not all is as it seems in this enchanting, magical, musical adventure. This performance, which uses realistic life-size puppets, games, and laughter to tell a heart-warming tale of love and loss, is guaranteed to engage children (and adults) of all ages from the moment they sit down.




OBELISK STAGE; FRIDAY 5.25pm-5.55pm [AGES 5+] Blanchard’s Balloon is a punchy, historically accurate, family comedy following the unusual and fascinating lives of Sophie and Jean-Pierre Blanchard who pioneered the hot air balloon. He stormed The Bastille, landed on the moon, sung ‘What a Wonderful World,’ won The Tour de France and was a popular 1980’s toy (or so he would have you believe). Watch them as they escape into the crazy world of ‘true balloonacy!’ Blanchard’s Balloon is an exciting mix of theatre, comedy, live music, and puppetry. Catch them before the show performing as a walk about act around the site.

THE ROYAL CENTRAL SCHOOL OF SPEECH AND DRAMA AND THE FARAWAY ESTATE MEET AT THE TREBUCHET BY THE LAKE; FRIDAY 2pm-3pm AND SATURDAY 11am-12noon [AGED 6+] The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama presents a theatrical performance exploring ‘The Fate of The Faraway Estate’, inspired by Enid Blyton’s classic tale ‘The Folk of the Faraway Tree’ and the East London housing protest (Focus E15) that gained national attention when Russell Brand joined their cause. The performance explores themes of community, housing, and people power through Sam; a girl who always sees the worst in the world and has been sent to stay in this mysterious, magical tower block to regain her lust for life. She finds herself drawn into an eccentric community, built around the enchanted tree that grows, impossibly, through the middle of the block. Sam’s cynical nature is challenged when this unique neighbourhood is under threat from the terrifying T.Rolls developers, and she needs your help to stop them tearing it down!

FORWARD THEATRE PROJECT PRESENTS BIRD MEET AT THE TREBUCHET BY THE LAKE; SATURDAY 12noon-12.45pm AND 2pm-2.45pm [AGES 6+] On an outdoor stage with the sky as its limit, Forward Theatre Project tell a story to appeal to adults and children alike. Bird is an unusual and heart-warming modern fable about flight, freedom and the relationship between humankind and nature. A lonely young boy makes friends with a fledgling bird, and his eyes are opened to the natural world around him. Featuring storytelling, puppetry and live music, this will be a feast for all the senses.

Forward Theatre will be doing a puppet workshop at The Launch Pad, Saturday, 4.30pm Don’t forget to bring along the bird puppets you made in the workshops, so you can join in and see them come to life. (See more in workshops.)


AFTER THE STORMING SUCCESS OF THE SCIENCE TENT LAST YEAR, WE’VE SPENT THE LAST FEW MONTHS EXPERIMENTING WITH WAYS TO MAKE IT MORE INNOVATIVE, MIND-BENDING AND MOST OF ALL FUN. WE THINK WE’VE COME UP WITH THE RIGHT FORMULA. Step inside and be blown away (not literally, our Health & Safety people have made sure of that) by the cornucopia of hands-on science goodies on offer. We’ve also included some science shows this year, so check those out in the Performance section. Science Tent Opening Hours: (Workshops will run for the entirety of these opening time unless otherwise stated) Friday – 4pm-7pm Saturday – 10am-4pm Sunday – 10am-4pm




We are delighted to have the UK’s national weather service joining us this year. They will showing you the science behind the weekend’s weather forecast, running cloud spotting workshops and generally educating us all about the weather. If you’ve always wanted to know whether it’s going to rain based on the shape of a cloud or the temperature of the air – this one’s for you.

He’s baaaack! No Deer Shed science tent could possibly be complete without the legend that is Paul Granjon. No one marries fine art and science like Paul, and no one has as many brilliantly bonkers ideas about human and machine co-evolution. His past inventions include the cybernetic parrot sausage, wearable wagging tale, and hamburger digitizer – awesome! Paul will be building, inventing and improvising with volunteers all weekend in order to turn that pile of would-be junk into an interactive construct of some kind. Offering kids a rare opportunity to take mechanical things to pieces and see what this electrical stuff is all about.

Paul Granjon is one of our featured artists, see page 60

ANDY CHIPLING As well as shows in The Big Top (see Performances for more details), paper plane extraordinaire, Andy Chipling, will be running unmissable workshops in the Science Tent to teach you how to build exceptional Project Space Planes. These are paper planes invented for a project by electronics company, Samsung, which launched 200 paper planes from 37,339 metres above Germany to see how far they could fly. The planes were located as far away as South Africa – so they’re pretty awesome.



ROBOGALS Some super science-y ladies from Manchester University are back at Deer Shed Festival armed with their aim to encourage more girls into science, technology, and engineering. Making science fun for young people and girls is easy when your workshop includes hands-on robots, reinventing Lego and a whole range of other exciting techy activities.



[OVER 8S ONLY] All done in a safe and controlled environment, this soldering workshop gives you the chance to get lost in the mesmerising world of soldering and learn some fairly essential skills for building machines and electronics. There really is something about creating molten metal with the tap of a special pen. Use this skill to help you with the MadLabs kits…






The music making process is constantly evolving and the current music market looks a lot like the futuristic machines at Ableton’s Live + Push. Push is a brand new instrument that allows you to make a song from scratch with hands-on control of melody and harmony, beats, sounds and song structure. Whilst Live is all the equipment you need to edit the song. The complete song-making kit!

MadLab are the innovative manufactures of electronic kits, which you can use to create some really exciting gadgets from lie detectors to electronic bagpipes. They’re offering something for all budgets, and all skill levels at this awesome little stall.

MECCANO Adults, there’s something truly satisfying about watching your kids getting enthusiastic about Meccano, but there’s something infinitely more satisfying about being able to relive your youth by playing with the Meccano yourself. Meccano are back for their third year at Deer Shed, and there’s plenty more to make. We’re hoping for some awesome UP IN THE AIR themed creations.

CHAOS Fun, science, madness are just three things you can expect from this Cambridge-based, hands-on science group. Making science relevant and exciting for everyone, CHaOS tour the country with their van full of experiments providing enthusiastic demonstrations of a variety of science experiments.


STARLAB Teesside University’s cosmology experts are behind this one. With the help of their cosmodome (a blacked-out dome tent fitted with a 180 degree projector), they will be taking you on a guided tour of the universe, stopping off at all the most interesting places along the way.

3D PLANE MODELLING If you don’t know your polygons and nurbs from your meshes, vertices, and noobs, this is the workshop for you. Creating awesome 3D aeroplanes is easy when you know how …apparently. Come along to this workshop and let the Teesside Crew show you how it’s done.

Teesside University’s very popular forensics murder mystery is back with an UP IN THE AIR theme. Captain Fandango is dead, gone the way of the dodo; and prior to take off, the good Captain at Blue ChAirlines was found murdered. With all four members of the cabin crew unable to prove their innocence, it’s up to you to solve the mystery. Investigate the scene, find the clues and use forensics to solve the crime and catch a killer. This is a very popular workshop and you will need to book your place.

TEAM GREEN SCREEN Teesside Computing and Animation are rolling out the green screen for those of you who like the look of adventures, but would rather not have to experience the adventures themselves. These guys are going to project you into all sorts of aerial scenes, giving you the chance to soar like a witch-on-a-broomstick whilst your feet remain firmly on the ground.

MINDFLEX GAMES Using nothing but telepathy and mind control, can you steer a ball through an obstacle course? Well, you will after this workshop. Not only that, there will also be a Leap Motion Controller allowing you to interact with computers in a wholly new and exciting way. Teesside experts will be there to show you how this technology helps them on a daily basis.

BEHIND THE WHEEL The mechanical engineers from Teesside University will be talking you through their latest project: an impressive looking vehicle of their own creation. Car and engine lovers will really enjoy the chance to hear about the impressive engine stats – and you get chance to pose behind the wheel.



LOLLY STICK TOWERS We have an abundance of lolly sticks left from last year’s lolly stick roller coasters and we wanted to put them to good use – how? Lolly stick towers, of course! We’re interested to see how high you can build a lolly stick tower …purely for scientific reasons of course.



Who knew that recycled water bottles could be so much fun? Take your empty bottle of water; add go-faster stripes, wings, fins and decoration; fill it 1/3 full of water, and then make your way to our specially designed “launch machines”. How high do these things fly? Higher than you’d ever imagine!

AEROPLANE IDENTIFICATION SCIENCE TENT; FRIDAY 6pm-6.20pm AND SUNDAY 2.45pm-3.05pm Learning how to identify planes from just their silhouette is a skill that all kids need. This workshop will ensure you’ll never get your 747s mixed up with your 787s again!


Dead set on becoming a forensic scientist? Come and see us in the science tent and get some hard evidence. Help staff and students from Teesside University to examine fingerprints, fibres and footwear marks.

School of Science & Engineering Developing the problem solvers, innovators and leaders of the future



ON SALE NOW IN THE MAIN ARENA Great quality T-shirts and Hoodies for children and adults in all sizes. 58

See page 77 for more details


MATCH ROCKETS Matches. Tin Foil. Flames. Whoosh. Need we say anymore? Yes …all done in a scientifically controlled environment with adult supervision!

MINECRAFT HACKING We like to give our Minecraft addicts a chance to feed their habit at the Deer Shed Festival …though we’re being very “Deer Shed” about it. Rather than be at the behest of Microsoft, we’re going to hack into the game and be teaching others how to do the same - what fun!

PAPER CLIP HELICOPTERS The cute alternative to paper planes, but still with a kick of their own. Using a piece of sellotape, a paper clip and an elastic band, you can launch these sycamore-seed style helicopters high into the air with exciting results.

DRAW A CIRCUIT Using conductive, electric paint in a pen, you can literally draw a circuit. Design the most intricate, creative creature you can and then watch as its eyes light up. Or create some UP IN THE AIR themed creature for some bonus points.

RASPBERRY PI 2 Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK with the intention of stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in schools. It certainly succeeded in entertaining everyone in the science tent last year when we build a PiCube.

SONIC PI This is the audio platform for Rasberry Pi. The innovative way of introducing people to the could-be complicated computing concepts of loops, algorithms, sequencing, conditionals and more…. However, Sonic Pi have created simple ways to help even the biggest technophobe understand, all whilst making pretty amazing music.

TERRY’S TREBUCHET NEAR THE LAKE; SUNDAY 10am Last year, Terry fought a pretty epic duel with the lake-dwelling sea monster. This year, he’s facing a more formidable foe than ever. Can you help him overcome the evils from the deep? Will basketballs be enough to conquer this foe? Find out, when you help Terry take on the UP IN THE AIR-themed enemy!

STARGAZING THE DEER SHED; EVERY DAY 11pm Ed is returning this year to run his popular stargazing workshop. City dwellers will marvel at the sheer number of stars in the sky, and more rural types will get chance to learn a bit more about the stars they can see. Naturally, this is weather dependant – clouds are the scourge of the stargazer.



“We definitely live in interesting times where the prospect of intelligent machines is becoming very real.”


our thinking; so how do people react? “I get a wide range of responses, from: ‘Why on earth would a grown man spend his time doing such pointless things as a cybernetic parrot sausage?’ to ‘Absolutely amazing mate, you’re a genius’.” Granjon’s work inspires artists, engineers, and computer scientists alike. He has a truly unique talent, which amazingly, manages to keep up with the pace of technology. “We definitely live in interesting times where the prospect of intelligent machines is becoming very real.” Granjon reflects, “I have to continuously adjust, keeping informed about new developments and learning new tricks. The name of the game is not to get swallowed in the sea of possibilities and to keep a critical eye. This is why I work with people a lot, as well as with tech.” One last thought; what does he do with all his old robots? Granjon smiles, “I keep the good ones, but the half-baked mishaps get cannibalised.”


If you’ve happened to venture into the Science Tent over the last two Deer Shed Festivals, you would have noticed the slightly frenzied atmosphere surrounding one end of the tent, where a group of excited children were bent over bits of discarded machinery. This area was called the Wrekshop; it returns to the festival this year and is the brainchild of tech artist, Paul Granjon. “The kids are crazily energetic, it’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. They attack the pile of old machines with such enthusiasm and determination, that by the end, it looks like the machines have been chewed by a swarm of metal grinding insects! After the fun of taking things apart, the challenge is to get them to build things, which takes more patience. This year I will bring a skeleton frame to build a spaceship of sorts…” Where do we sign up? French-born, Granjon, is one of those people who is annoyingly good at both art and science. He studied Fine Art in Marseilles, where he began to introduce technology into his artwork and explore the co-evolution of humans and machines. He now travels the globe, creating installations and hosting lectures on his array of crazy-looking, ingenious machines. He’s been creating handmade machines since 1990, so we asked him to give us one example of his work: “My old robotic ears and tail costume, a set of wearable machines that I demonstrate live on stage. The motorised ears and tail look funny, a bit silly even. I sing a song wearing them, to remind people that even though we humans have created an advanced techno-world for ourselves, we are still animals before all.” Other machines of note are the Fluffy Tamakothci and the Cybernetic Parrot Sausage. These machines are all made for an audience, designed to challenge and provoke

Paul Granjon’s Wrekshop will be in the Science Tent all weekend.




THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI (U) IN THE DOCK STAGE; FRIDAY 11pm-12.30am Don't miss our resident pianist extraordinaire, Darius Battiwalla, accompany this classic silent horror film. Released in 1920, the production is astonishing. It is one of the most influential films of the German Expressionist movement. Two men on a park bench discuss the story of Cesare, a sleepwalking circus performer under the control of the murderous Dr. Caligari. But all, of course, is not quite as it seems...



Released in 1986, join Maverick, Goose, and Ice Man at The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School, where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. When hotshot fighter pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise) is sent to the school, his reckless attitude and cocky demeanor put him at odds with the other pilots, especially the cool and collected Iceman (Val Kilmer). But Maverick isn't only competing to be the top fighter pilot, he's also fighting for the attention of his beautiful flight instructor, Charlotte Blackwood (Kelly McGillis). A pure eighties, action-packed blockbuster.

Acclaimed filmmaker Zack Snyder makes his animation debut with this fantasy family adventure. The film follows a young owl, Soren, who is enthralled by his father’s epic stories of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, a mythic band of winged warriors who had fought a great battle to save all of owlkind from the evil Pure Ones. While Soren dreams of someday joining the heroes, his older brother, Kludd, scoffs at the notion, and yearns to hunt, fly and steal his father’s favour from his younger sibling. But Kludd’s jealousy has terrible consequences, causing both owlets to fall from their treetop home and right into the talons of the Pure Ones. Now it is up to Soren to make a daring escape with the help of Gylfie, another kidnapped owlet. Together they soar across the sea to find the Great Ga'Hoole Tree, home of the legendary Guardians and Soren’s only hope of defeating the Pure Ones and saving the owl kingdoms.



FLY AWAY HOME (U) This heart-warming film from 1996 follows the journey of 13-year-old Amy Alden (Anna Paquin) who, after the untimely death of her mother, is forced to leave New Zealand to live with her estranged father (Jeff Daniels) in Canada. She initially struggles to find her place in her new home, but things change when she stumbles upon a collection of abandoned goose eggs. When the eggs hatch, Amy and her dad work together teaching the motherless birds to fly south for the winter. Guaranteed to make you smile, cry and laugh, this film mixes the themes of teenangst, self-discovery, secrets, and family all intertwined with wonderful cinematography and great performances.

CHICKEN RUN (U) IN THE DOCK STAGE; SUNDAY 11.30am-1pm Fast becoming a classic, Aardman’s first feature length film, Chicken Run, tells the story of an American rooster (Mel Gibson) who falls in love with a gorgeous hen (Julia Sawalha) on Tweedy’s Egg Farm. When the chickens discover that the Tweedy’s are moving into the chicken pot pie business and the whole coop are facing certain death, the couple decide to escape from the farmers’ evil clutches. These flightless birds must somehow hatch a plan to get over the fence before it’s too late…”Chicken pies, you great lummox!”

GALAXY QUEST (12) IN THE DOCK STAGE; SUNDAY 3.30pm-5.15pm For four years, the courageous crew of the NSEA Protector donned their uniforms and set out on thrilling and often dangerous missions in space - then their series was cancelled. Twenty years later, the five stars of the classic '70s series "Galaxy Quest" are still in costume, making appearances at sci-fi conventions for legions of die-hard fans. A group of aliens who have mistakenly intercepted television transmissions for "historical documents" arrive at a convention and whisk the crew into space to help them in their all-too-real war against a deadly adversary. With no script, no director and no clue about real space travel, the actors have to turn in the performances of their lives to become the heroes the aliens believe them to be with hilarious results. Starring Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen and Alan Rickman.



We love good food here at Deer Shed Festival and we’re bringing you more choice than ever before! Each of our vendors is hand-picked to ensure we have the finest mix of local favourites, scrumptious surprises, and international delights. The only food-trouble you’ll have this weekend is deciding where to eat first! KEY: V = Vegetarian Ve = Vegan GF = Gluten Free Here are a few of our foodie-favourites, to help you make a choice:

MUTLEYS CREPES (V) Savoury or sweet - Mutleys has it all. Their homemade organic lemonade, and the “St Clements” chocolate bar (made especially for them by The Chocolate Tree) are a particular treat for those with a sweet tooth. They source all ingredients locally and use Larig Ghru Cheddar from the Cambus O'May dairy in the Highlands, to ensure a real wholesome taste.

DALES CATERING (V/VE/GF) Serving a range of mouth-watering meals and snacks, Dales Catering represents the best of hearty Yorkshire food. From delicious handmade pork and apple burgers, to classic bacon butties, this will be a firm favourite amongst meat-lovers. Supporting local farmers and producers, Dales’ food is freshly made using award winning Masham Sausages and meat from quality butchers in Kirby Malzeard, near Ripon.



Is there anything more gastronomically perfect than a fish finger butty? Fish Finger Heaven are serving sustainable hake fillet in thick-sliced fresh bread with delicious sauces ranging from special homemade tartare sauce, to hot and spicy reggae-reggae sauce. Add mature cheddar cheese, a crispy potato waffle, or a side of cheesy beans for a real festival treat. Youngsters will love the “Little Tiddler”, whilst those with a heartier appetite will enjoy the “Catch of the Day” value meal.

A cosy relaxed atmosphere awaits you at The Gingerbread House as you step into the festival’s very own vintage tearoom. Yummy, homemade cakes and delicious savouries are all served up from vintage china. Whilst the adults are busy relaxing over a freshly baked scone with clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam, it’s the perfect chance for children to get busy at the Gingerbread Workshop. All ages can get creative and decorate gingerbread men and gingerbread houses.

An ice cream van for the grown-ups! Award-winning, incredibly delicious handmade ice cream in sophisticated flavours... Salted Caramel Peanut Butter / Ndali Vanilla / Proper Mint / Rhubarb Crumble / Plum, Gin & Juniper / Grapefruit & Orange Blossom Sorbet / Pure Origin Chocolate / Mint & Fennel / White Chocolate Sorbet with Peach Ripple.

MANGO RAYS (V/VE/GF) Award Winning Mango Rays have been selling high quality, 100% homemade, delicious food at festivals for over 10 years! Using only the finest ingredients they cook their chilli, curry, and nachos fresh in distinctive giant pans. Mango Rays also runs two award-winning bars on the Manchester Christmas Markets and were this year named as ‘Best Drinks On The Square & Bar In Manchester’ by the Manchester Evening News.

TASTY BIRDS (GF) These gourmet foodies are a well-equipped a chicken rotisserie company providing delicious street food to the hungry public. Providing all festival-goers with mouthwatering and healthy food, cooked fresh in front of your eyes so you know exactly what you are eating. All locally sourced from Yorkshire farms, this is chicken like you’ve never had it before. You can also pre-order your chicken for convenience.



TUK TUK CAFÉ The authentic taste of Thailand in a field in Yorkshire. What’s not to love about that? Serving delicious curries, noodles, and snacks, Tuk Tuk Café are catering for all your Thai needs. With wholesome flavours aplenty, from the child-friendly, mild Tuk Tuk Special to the popular (and spicy) Thai Green Curry. You won’t be disappointed with a trip to Tuk Tuk.





DEER SHED FESTIVAL FRIENDS RECOMMENDS… Like anything in life - such as music, film, literature, restaurants and plumbers - if a friend recommends them to you, then you’re more likely to give them a go. With so much on offer at Deer Shed, it’s good to have a few pointers, so we asked a few of our carefully selected friends to give us their top recommendations. Here’s what they came up with…


Bonehead: Ever wondered what it must be like to stand in front of 250,000 people for two nights in 1996 at the biggest concert in British history? Paul Arthurs – aka Oasis guitarist Bonehead – knows the answer and this exclusive debut of stories and classic songs promises to create a Deer Shed legend of its own. Obelisk Stage, Sunday, 1.15pm–2.30pm John Grant: Few performers unburden a tortured soul like John Grant. However, lyrical darkness is accompanied by his hilarious black humour, and two acclaimed albums’ worth of songs make this a must see. Main Stage, Saturday, 9.40pm–10.55pm


FESTIVAL KIDZ (THE FAMILY FESTIVAL GUIDE) Forensic workshop: This was the highlight of my daughter’s festival last year. She loved analysing hair samples, matching footprints and finding fingerprints to solve the crime. Now she wants to be a real life forensic scientist and will be first in the queue to sign up for this year’s workshop. Science Tent, Friday 4pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Shlomo: This man can make sounds that are not humanly possible. He is a one man, hip-hop, beat-boxing rave machine. You can learn how it’s done at his workshop for all ages. Bigtop Stage, Saturday, 4pm–4.45pm and 6.15pm–7.05pm Tennis ball on a string: If the kids are weary after a late bedtime, it’s time to retreat to the “ball on a string” area. It’s peaceful, on a hill so you can catch a breeze, and there’s a great view where you can soak up the festival atmosphere. My 5 year old’s favourite activity.

LAURA BARTON (AUTHOR) The Felice Brothers are one of my favourite live acts, there’s something really liberating and joyous about their shows. Main Stage, Friday, 7.30pm–8.20pm I’m always in awe of Emmy the Great’s talent. She’s a remarkable, keen-eyed lyricist, and her voice is just exquisite. Lodge Stage, Sunday, 2.45pm–3.45pm

Du Blonde: When the Geordie musician Beth Jeans Houghton last appeared at Deer Shed in 2012 she did so with The Hooves of Destiny. In the interim she has reinvented herself as Du Blonde adding a much rougher, darker hue to her earlier off-kilter, folk experimentation. Lodge Stage, Friday, 8.30pm–9.30pm The Pictish Trail: Johnny Lynch may well live on one of the Small Isles but the man who is The Pictish Trail is big on imagination, existentialism and an unerring ability to capture beautiful isolation in his words and music. Lodge Stage, Saturday, 2.35pm–3.20pm



I’m a big fan of Rozi Plain’s recent album and I love, too, how her songs seem to take on a new warmth when played live. Lodge Stage, Sunday, 11.45am–12.25pm Obelisk Stage, Sunday, 3.50pm–4.35pm


John Grant: No contest, really! Main Stage, Saturday, 9.40pm–10.55pm Pappy's: It's second time around for these three wise men of sketch comedy, and this year, they’re bringing their friends! Bigtop Stage, Saturday, 7.30pm–9.30pm Rozi Plain: It remains one of life’s mysteries why Winchester’s Rozi Plain continues to fly under the radar of much wider critical renown. Her beguiling take on contemporary folk will provide the perfect Sunday afternoon musical accompaniment. Lodge Stage, Sunday, 11.45am–12.25pm Obelisk Stage, Sunday, 3.50pm–4.35pm

Villagers: Huge amounts of votes went their way, as Connor O’Brien continues to excite and astound with his music. Main Stage, Saturday, 7.20pm–8.20pm Worthy Mentions: Royal Central School Of Speech & Drama presents The Faraway Estate; Diagrams; Emmy the Great; Rozi Plain.


Technical and creative courses at the School of Computing

E: T: 01642 342639

GREEN GOBLETS AT DEER SHED DEER SHED 6 IS GOING TO BE GREENER (AND GOBLET-IER [?]) THAN EVER. August 2014 brought post-festival-bliss, a sense of accomplishment (after another great festival), and a few lashings of guilt as we watched over 18,000 plastic cups get dumped into recycling! (Sorry planet earth!) That coupled with feedback from you, our lovely festival-goers, saying that drinking from flimsy, cheap plastic cups affects the quality of the beer (or at least are less-satisfying to drink from). We have decided to take one giant green step towards saving the environment and reducing our carbon emissions by teaming up with Green Goblets. Green Goblets’ mantra is 'refill not landfill' so every sip of delicious beer is guilt-free and from a cup made of sturdy, washable plastic. No more accidentally crushing a cup and pouring a pint down your jeans – we’ve all been there. These cups do come at a small fee of £2 – however, they can be exchanged at the end of the weekend for a fancy 'Deer Shed Festival Up in the Air' branded cup. The perfect take-away souvenir from your weekend. It’s important to remember to keep your cup with you over the weekend. There’s no insurance policy for lost cups and you will end up paying £2 for a new one.




THEN, BUY A SUNDAY NIGHT CAMPING TICKET! HOW? Go to the merchandise tent located in the campsite and for a cost of £50 per tent or live-in vehicle, you will be issued with a Sunday Night Camping Pass. Each person staying in that tent or live-in vehicle will be issued with an additional wristband.

WHY? The Obelisk stage will be hosting the legendary Andy Kershaw and his Global Dance Night, playing the best music from around the world for a foot-tapping, soul-skipping good time. Younger fun-chasers will have their own DJ to keep the party going, DJ Cranked To The Max playing the sounds currently hitting the school disco dance floors. Theatre and story-telling groups will be there, feeding imaginations and creating other worlds for the whole family to enjoy.

We'll also be having our first ever Beetle Drive, with a dedicated area for all the dice-basedBeetle-Building you can handle. Remember, six for a body, one for a leg… We have a select number of food vendors and bars staying Sunday night and opening on Monday morning, so there will be plenty of tasty treats, beer and beverages for you to really enjoy your bonus hours at the festival.

WHAT ELSE? The main stage and arena will begin closing after the last performance at 6pm. The Obelisk Stage and bar will be open for those who have a Sunday Night Camping Pass and are wearing the correct wristband, until 10pm on Sunday night. For holders of this pass the site will close at 12pm on Monday. The area will be staffed and on site welfare will still be available.


There is plenty to see and do in Sunderland from beautiful beaches and stunning countryside, to theatres, museums and galleries, many of which are free. All of which contribute to a great family day out packed with fun.

Visit us in the family workshop area for your chance to win a weekend in Sunderland.

For more information on these attractions and to find out what other things you can see and do in Sunderland visit 70




Open – 10am on Friday

Prices Taxis

01845 522 709

Close (for normal weekend tickets) – 8pm on Sunday

Dale Taxis Of Thirsk

01845 522 745

Chapmans Taxis

07960 568 299

Close (for Sunday Night Ticket holders) – midday on Monday



We have 4 cash machines on site in the main arena to the left of the main stage. They will accept most cards. There is a surcharge of £2.75 per transaction.

Open – 1pm on Friday



Close – 2am on Saturday Open – 7am on Saturday


Close – 2am on Sunday

Please be aware that prolonged exposure to loud noise can damage your hearing and in particular that of small children. Please consider ear protection for yourself and your children.

Open – 7am on Sunday Close (for weekend ticket holders) – 6pm on Sunday Close (for Sunday Night Ticket Holders) – 10.30pm on Sunday. BAR OPENING TIMES Open – 1pm on Friday Close – 1.30am on Saturday Open – 10am on Saturday Close – 1.30am on Sunday Open – 10am on Sunday Close – Main bars; 5pm on Sunday Obelisk bar; 10pm on Sunday THIRSK TRAIN STATION SHUTTLE BUS The shuttle bus costs £4 one way. The shuttle bus stop is the main entrance gate 1. The bus will have our logo displayed in the window. Operating between the following times: Friday 1pm to 9pm Sunday 12pm to 7pm MERCHANDISE Deer Shed Festival has a wide range of branded t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands, Frisbees and loads of other goodies. All great quality products with something to suit all budgets. The large merchandise tent is next to the ticketing, with smaller ones located near the gate and obelisk. Swing by early when we have lots of stock.

RUBBISH AND RECYCLING Please use the bins provided around the site for your rubbish. All the rubbish is sorted and recycled by our waste management company and zero percent will end up in landfill. Bin bags are available from the Campsite wardens or Information. BABY AND SMALL CHILD FACILITIES Baby changing is available in the larger disabled toilets in the campsite, welfare, and at NCT tent. Highchairs will be available in the Obelisk Bar and Food Tent and the Food Court. CRIME Whilst we have had extremely low levels of crime at Deer Shed in the past please do not encourage criminals. Please look after your valuables at all times. Don’t leave anything of value unattended in your tent. If you are a victim of crime please report it immediately to a member of security. We will take it extremely seriously. Similarly if you see anyone acting suspiciously please report it to a security staff member. Only in an extreme emergency should you call 999.

continued overleaf


Scandinavian design

Ethically made Designed for play

Come and visit us just inside the Arena gate for a new t-shirt or dress for the kids or just pop by for a good chat and a cuddle with our giant hamster.




There are fire points on all stages and arena tents. Additionally fire points are located and clearly marked throughout the campsite. Please contact a member of staff or security immediately if you discover a fire in progress.

We advise that you write your mobile number on the reverse of your child’s wristband so that we can easily contact you should they become lost. For added security, please retain the stub of your child’s wristband as that will contain the unique ticket number.



Drinking water is available in the campsite as well as at the bars in the arena. Please note that to provide running water is an expensive process so please do your best to conserve water by turning off taps when not in use.

Please hand in any lost property that you find to Information in the Deer Shed. Similarly if you have lost anything Information is the place to report it. Many items appear after the festival closes, please email us at

TOILETS We have a variety of toilet types on site. Standard portaloos are situated in the campsite with larger disabled units containing baby changing facilities. Within the arena are our own very popular composting eco-loos and gents straw urinals. SHOWERS They are situated in the campsite next to the lake and campervan field. They are open during the following hours and cost £3 for 10 minutes.

FIRST AID AND MEDICAL ASSISTANCE If you are in need of First Air or medical assistance, please make your way to the Medics Tent near the Welfare tent located by the Big Wheel; this is open 24 hours a day. There is also a smaller medic tent near the Obelisk area. There are frequent medical paroles throughout the day, however, if you urgently require medical attention contact any member of staff who will be able to contact the medical team.



Friday 6pm-10pm Saturday 7am-10pm Sunday 7am-10pm

The information and Welfare point is located between the bar and the Big Wheel.


Please keep campsite noise to a minimum after 11pm at night.

We want your children to have the best possible time at the festival, however, it is important to remember that workshops and performances are family activities and that children should not be left unsupervised. Please do not treat our workshops as free childcare. On arrival, ensure that you familiarise your children with the site layout and with the location of the Welfare tent. Lost and unaccompanied children will be taken to Welfare. If you and your child find yourselves separated from each another, you should make yourself known to a member of security or one of the Deer Shed volunteers who will be able to help reunite you.




Late night revellers are more than welcome to join us in the Obelisk Stage Bar until 2am with a great selection of beverages and entertainment. No amplified music or drumming in the campsite. No camp fires or barbeques. Small camping gas canisters are permitted for cooking up to 2.7kg in weight. No animals allowed in site. No glass on site. Your own alcohol is not permitted in the arena area.
























































7 T


8 12

6 13





Proud to support the Deer Shed Festival 76

Great quality T-shirts and Hoodies for children and adults in all sizes. New up in the air goodies for 2015, including great pocket money treats:














EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM 10.00AM 14 SEPTEMBER 2015 Programme content: Hannah Secouet and Hayley Ford Programme artwork: Anna Jones 78

Every effort is made to ensure that the information in this programme is correct at time of print, however some details may be subject to change.

Deer Shed Festival 6 - Up In The Air Programme  

Deer Shed Festival 6 - Up In The Air Programme

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