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Adult sports Archery

Women’s Golf School

Learn Olympic style archery, shooting form, scoring and how to compete like a champion! Equipment provided.

Taught by DGCLC Instructors, learn the skills and knowledge to break 10, 90 or 80. Each student is mentored one-on-one with computerized video technology. You will receive unlimited access to your videos, which allow you to review instruction and drills long after you leave the school. Each day students will learn full swing, short game and putting skills and will spend time on the golf course working on short making skills to lower your score as well as practice techniques for lasting improvement. Experience our professional and personal approach to learning.

Location: Sachs Recreation Ctr Instructor: Staff - TBA

Age: 18+ Min/Max: 5/12

Spring Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 333050 - 03 4/10-5/22 (7)

Day W

Time 6:30-7:30P


Summer Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 433050 - 03 6/5-7/17 (7)

Day W

Time 6:30-7:30P




Triathlon Brick Work This is a 90 minute workout stacking a 30 minute interval run on top of a 60 minute swim. What a great foundation for an effective multisport training program. This workout is designed for triathletes, but anyone searching for a solid cross-training opportunity is welcome to participate. Participants should have basic swimming skills. Location: Mitchell Park Instructor: Staff - TBA Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 444531 - 01 6/13-8/15 (9) No class dates: Sect. 01: 7/4

Day Th

Age: 18 + Min/Max: 4/15 Time 6:30-8P

R/NR $135/165

Ladies Only Golf Learning Sessions Take this opportunity to improve your game and meet other women golfers. Choose a scheduled class or request a new class to be scheduled to meet your needs. Contact us at 847-572-2685 for new class inquires. This class includes 1-30-minute private lesson and 3 group lessons. Location: Deerfield Golf Club Instructor: DGCLC Staff

Age: 18+ Min/Max: 3/6

Spring Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 385302 - 01 5/4-5/18 (3)

Day Sa

Time 10-11A

Fee $200

Summer Activity-Sect. 485302 - 01 485302 - 02 485302 - 03

Day Sa Sa Sa

Time 10-11A 10-11A 10-11A

R/NR $200 $200 $200

Date (#cl) 6/1-6/15 (3) 7/13-7/27 (3) 8/10-8/24 (3)


Location: Deerfield Golf Club Instructor: DGCLC Staff Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 485038 - 01 6/12-6/14 (3) 485038 - 02 7/24-7/26 (3) 485038 - 03 8/7-8/9 (3)

Day W-F W-F W-F

Age: 18 + Min/Max: 3/6 Time 9-11A 9-11A 9-11A

Fee $375 $375 $375

Adult Group Golf Lessons Golf is a game for a lifetime and it is great to play with family and friends. These programs are designed to allow golfers to learn the fundamentals and quickly be ready to play on the golf course and to improve experienced golfer’s games without the cost and pressure associated with private lessons. Our Group Lessons include: One medium bucket for practice between classes, range balls with all classes and one free twilight round of golf. Location: Deerfield Golf Club Instructor: DGCLC STAFF

Age: 18 + Min/Max: 4/12

Spring Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 385031 - 01 5/7-5/16 (4)

Day Tu,Th

Time 6-7P

Summer Activity-Sect. 485031 - 01 485031 - 02 485031 - 03

Day Tu,Th Tu,Th Tu,Th

Time 6-7P 6-7P 6-7P

Date (#cl) 6/11-6/20 (4) 7/9-7/18 (4) 8/6-8/15 (4)

Fee $200

Fee $200 $200 $200

We are proud to partner with the Rotary Club of Deerfield, providing drop off locations for the “Coat Off Your Back Drive”, and the Optimist Club, providing Park District space for their Holiday Tree sale. spring & summer 2019


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Deerfield Park District's Spring/Summer 2019 Program Guide  

Browse various programs, events and more offered at the Deerfield Park District this spring and summer!