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Adult Programs A Look at Documentary Films

Mah Jongg If you ever wanted to learn how to play the game of Mah-Jongg, this is the class for you. Learn the basic rules and strategies. Location: Patty Turner Center Instructor: Dale Solow Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 113106-01 9/5-10/10 (6)

Day Th

Age: 18 + Min/Max: 4/12 Time PTC M/NM 1-3P $85/100

Spanish Class This continuation class is taught with the development of basic speaking, listening, reading of an assigned book, and writing in Spanish; along with the study of the cultures of Spanish-speaking people. Story telling methodology is used to comprehend and being able to re-tell a story using the student’s own words and interpretation. Grammar is taught in context. (This course is designed for students who have completed a Beginning Spanish class) Location: Patty Turner Center Instructor: Ana Trbojevich Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day 113116-01 10/18 - 12/13 (9) F

Age: 18 + Min/Max: 6/15 Time PTC M/NM 10-11:30A $125/140

Advanced Spanish This course is designed for students who have taken the previous Advanced Spanish class, or three years of high school or college level Spanish. This class is conducted entirely in Spanish with an emphasis on speaking, listening and reading comprehension. We will also continue to learn new grammatical concepts and new vocabulary. Course materials included in fee. Location: Patty Turner Center Instructor: Shirley Novak Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day 113133-01 9/10-11/12 (8) Tu No class dates: Sect. 01: 10/1, 10/8

Join writer, filmmaker, and academic Reid Schultz as we analyze the history of documentary film over of the 20th century. This 6-week class, examines the films and filmmakers that brought documentary cinema into our lives. The 6 feature films to be screened are: Man With A Movie Camera (Directed by Dziga Vertov, USSR, 1929, 70 mins.) Grey Gardens (Directed by Albert and David Maysles, 1975, 95 mins.) 28 Up (Directed by Michael Apted, British,1984, 135 mins.) The Times of Harvey Milk (Directed by Robert Epstein, 1984, 90 mins.) Sherman’s March (Directed by Ross McElwee, 1986, 155 mins.) Roger & Me (Directed by Roger Moore, 1989, 90 mins.) Location: Patty Turner Center Instructor: Reid Schultz Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 113216-01 9/17-10/29 (6) No class dates: Sect. 01: 10/8

Day Tu

Age: 50 + Min/Max: 8/16 Time 6-9:30P

Art Alive Explore the wonders of the art world with experienced art educator, Debra Levie. Travel to the most popular museums in the world or learn about the most popular Artists via big screen and experience the treasures housed therein. A different artist or museum will be explored every month. Location: Patty Turner Center Instructor: Debra Levie Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 113127-01 9/6 (1) 113127-02 10/4 (1) 113127-03 11/1 (1) 113127-04 12/6 (1)

Day F F F F

Age: 50 + Min/Max: 15/25 Time PTC M/NM 10-11:30A $12/15 10-11:30A $12/15 10-11:30A $12/15 10-11:30A $12/15

Age: 18 + Min/Max: 8/15 Time PTC M/NM 7-9P $100/115

At the Conductor’s Podium Join composer and music researcher Jim Kendros for this informative and entertaining series of immortal classical music. Location: Patty Turner Center Instructor: Jim Kendros Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) 113208-01 9/27 (1) 113208-02 10/25 (1) 113208-03 11/22 (1) 113208-04 12/27 (1)


Day F F F F

Fee $215

Age: 50 + Min/Max: 15/25 Time PTC M/NM 10-11A $12/15 10-11A $12/15 10-11A $12/15 10-11A $12/15

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