Deerfield Park District Winter 2021 - Updated

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EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAMS IMPORTANT INFORMATION Food Allergies/Dietary Restrictions Many of our classes serve a snack, if your child has food allergies or dietary restrictions you must notify Dana Bundy at 847-572-2624.

Medication If your child requires medication (inhaler, epi-pen, etc.) during class, medication administration forms must be completed. For details, please call our registration office at 847-945-0650.

Illness Please do not send children who are ill to class. Infectious Diseases To prevent the spread of communicable

diseases, such as strep, pink eye and fifth’s disease, parents should report any diagnosed cases to the park district office. If exposure to other participants occurred, a notification will be sent home.

Winter Adventures

Young children benefit from exploring nature and experiencing fresh air! In this class, children will participate in winter games and conduct science experiments. CHILDREN SHOULD COME DRESSED FOR ADVENTURES OUTSIDE! *While a portion of this class is held outside, the rest is held in the classroom. Location: Jewett Park Comm Ctr Age: 4 - 6 Instructor: Josette Huffman, Josie Ripkey Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day Time R/NR 221308-01 1/5-3/16 (10) Tu 12:30-2P $205/255 221308-02 1/6-3/17 (11) W 12:30-2P $225/280 No class dates: Sect. 01: 2/16

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Lunch Bunch

Extend the Day PLAY

For Deerfield Park District Preschool participants ONLY. A low-key lunch/play program held after preschool ends. Please bring a sack lunch and drink. Location: Jewett Park Comm Ctr Age: 3 ½ - 6 Instructor: Staff - TBA Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day Time Fee 221615-01 1/5-3/16 (10) Tu 11:15A-12:30P $133 No class dates: Sect. 01: 2/16 VIRTURAL

Reading Rookies

Give your child the keys to reading success. This virtual enrichment VIRTURAL class uses thematic fun, multi-sensory instruction, games, crafts and stories to teach children in their last year of preschool how to build their letter and sound knowledge. Each weekly lesson focuses on 2-3 letters. The lessons will ignite your child’s reading interest, while improving your child’s ability to hear, identify and manipulate individual sounds. By the end of the session, your child will have the building blocks to become a successful reader. Because Reading Rookies is built around multi-sensory lessons, regardless of your child’s learning style, your child will thrive, have fun and learn! **An adult needs to be available to assist with activities and technology. Children must be entering kindergarten in Fall 2021.Tuition includes a $40 non-refundable materials fee. Location: Virtual/Online Age: 4 - 6 Instructor: Carol Irgang, Wendy Moskovitz Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day Time Fee 221005-01 1/4-3/15 (8) M 10-10:45A $149 221005-02 1/4-3/15 (8) M 12:45-1:30P $149 No class dates: Sect. 01, 02: 1/18, 2/15, 3/1

Book with a Hook

Extend the Day PLAY

Each week we will take a journey through the pages of a book then follow-up with theme-related activities. Using a whole-language approach, the children will have access to math, science and open-ended art activities. Please bring a sack lunch with a drink. Location: Jewett Park Comm Ctr Age: 3 1/2 - 6 Instructor: Sharon Moss, Lori Filerman Activity-Sect. Date (#cl) Day Time R/NR 221007-01 1/7-3/18 (11) Th 11:15A-12:30P $177/220