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Platinum Elite Symphony The Deerfield Advisors

Exclusively For Restaurants





A Comprehensive Risk Management & HR Solution for the Fine Dining Enterprise.

“The Platinum Elite Symphony” P R E S E N T I N G


With the failure rate for restaurants being what it is, it’s

absolutely essential that the restaurateur be skilled in not only doing great food, but in running a complex organization with a lot of moving parts. Nearly an impossible task to do well without help. The formula for success is having trusted, competent partnerships that can take some of the administrative burden off the hands of the owner-operator. Deerfield Advisors can be one of those trusted partners for your Risk Management & HR challenges. It’s not only our specialty, it’s what we love too, & we think we do it better than anyone else. From Risk & Insurance Management to HR Compliance, the “Platinum Elite Symphony” is an all in one solution for the busy restaurateur. What are you waiting for, call us, and get back to what you love!

Firm Profile and History Founded in 1996 as a fee only Investment Boutique, Deerfield Advisors gradually expanded into insurance, where eventually, through seeking the best ways to meet the needs of both it’s commercial and private clients, evolved into offering Risk Management & HR for fine dining restaurants and their owners. Deerfield’s Risk Management & HR practice concentration includes Risk & Insurance Advisory, Brokerage, Insurance Management and Placement, as well as all aspects of HR Compliance & Consulting for restaurants. As our product name suggests, we bring a symphony of resources together for our clients so they can achieve “Great Performances” for theirs.

“Risk Management & HR issues cover a lot of ground & therefore take up a large amount of time. We can help you save a lot of that time, by taking Risk Management & HR off your plate. It’s just one less thing to worry about, so you can get back to Job One, making a happy customer!”

- J.Odom,



The Deerfield Advisors

“PLATINUM ELITE SYMPHONY” Like a beautiful symphony sonata or Italian concerto, the Maestro must be perfect so the musicians can be perfect. The Maestro manages every aspect of the performance and will be satisfied with nothing less than utter perfection.


he discriminating restaurateur is no less different. Her celebrated haut cuisine presentation must also be perfect. From the appetizer to the after dinner Brandy, every aspect must be in perfect sync; there must be a rhythm, a timing to every detail, the finished product must be world class. Our client’s passion for food & commitment to excellence is exactly why we created the “Platinum Elite Symphony.” It let’s you focus on your passion, not the paper work. With the “Platinum Elite Symphony”

everything works in concert to accomplish an objective. It’s the total solution to the problem of the overburdened restaurateur. The “Platinum Elite Symphony” enables our clients to successfully navigate the many administrative duties & challenges all restaurant owners face. It can make the difference between success & failure. With the “Platinum Elite Symphony” you have a proven business model & a great partner. Life is getting better already! Relax, delegate, and focus on your calling... we’ll handle the rest.

Orchestrating success for the fine dining enterprise



R isk management at Deerfield

first & foremost starts with a clear eyed understanding that risks are everywhere, unlimited, & never ending. Some risks can devastate a successful restaurant operation, while some can just make life miserable for a while. It helps a lot if you’re ready for them. Restaurants have more than their fair share of exposure to risk. The perils associated with restaurants are endless. In fact, it’s been said that Murphy, the originator of Murphy’s Law, was a restaura-

teur before he was a scientist. At Deerfield Advisors, we spend a lot of our time just thinking about those risks, and what can go wrong in your operation as a result of them, so you can think about what needs to go right. After all, the dreaded Murphy can raise his proverbial ugly head at any time & without notice. So what are the typical restaurant risk exposures? Fact is there are lots of them, but, there are four that have proven to pose their fair share of challenges for the restaurateur.

• Avoidance • Mitigation • Monitor • Transfer • Assumption

• Loss of Business Income

The smart risk manger will use all five methodically, & risk transfer through insurance only as a last resort. Part of our job as Risk Advisors & Managers is to make sure nothing falls through the cracks that could come back to bite you later. The key is vigilance, never letting your guard down, & constant monitoring with attention to detail. We never stop searching for practical strategies aimed at reducing the probabilities of those risk occurring in the first place. Now that’s “value added.”

Although we have them categorized here in an orderly sequence, in reality, risk exposures often overlap. So it’s important to have a carefully designed plan in place to deal with them. Part of that plan involves the judicious use of the five main Risk Protection Techniques all restaurant enterprises should use to address these risk exposures.


• General Liability Risks • Employment Practices Liability • Risk of Loss to Property




Excellence in HR... It’s the Deerfield way!

In the last 20 years, the num-

ber of laws and regulations addressing employee and labor issues have risen exponentially. In fact, in the past few years there have been an average of 75 labor law changes a year. This fact has given fits to restaurant owners in their endeavor to stay in compliance with these seemingly endless array of burdensome rules and regulations. Once a relatively

“You didn’t start a business to

focus on HR.”

straight-forward issue has gradually become much more complex and labor-intensive, requiring a level of HR compliance expertise that many restaurateurs do not posses. A restaurant owner - operator could spend up to 40 percent of their day engaged in these necessary but time-demanding tasks. For many, outsourcing or engaging a consultant for the HR role has been the most

pragmatic and cost-effective solution. That’s where we come in. Our “Platinum Elite Symphony” service is beautiful music to the busy restaurant owner & their staff. Let the out of tune clang of responsibilities and liabilities associated with HR go quiet with the “Platinum Elite Symphony.” You will love it... We promise!


• Payroll Administration

• HR Compliance

• Employee Benefits

• HR Forms Library

• Tax Return Preparation

• Employee Background Checks

• Hire & Fire Rules & Regs

• Criminal Background Checks

• Employee Handbooks

• Labor Law Compliance

• Book Keeping

• Talent Acquisition

• Bill payment with Deerfield Pay • Employee Retention • Safety & Loss Control

• HR Administration

We bring a symphony of solutions to the HR challenges our restaurant clients face everyday.


Texans are known for their fierce independence and individualism, so they naturally aren’t one size fits all types. They like their choices; that’s why we made the Deerfield Advisors ‘Platinum Elite Symphony,’ a program that can be bundled as a “one solution package” or, if you prefer, split up “a la carte style.” You have the freedom to choose what you need, not what someone wants to sell you.

Quintessential Stress Relief... THAT’S THE


“Because we specialize in the Risk Management

& HR needs of the fine dining restaurant establishment, we understand your unique needs, concerns, & day to day challenges. We also understand that it’s about you, not us. That’s why one of my jobs as Agency Manager is to help make sure your operation hums like a well greased machine... think Maserati. After all, your goal is success in fine dining, & our goal is to help you get there. One of our value adds is helping you reduce distractions so you can focus on doing what you do best. We do this by providing you with one phone number & one Dedicated Account Manager for all your Risk Management & HR needs. You don’t have to remember who’s doing what, you’ve got your go to person & your out of the loop. Simple & easy. Then, you can get back to your passion: Doing Great Food!

- Brooke Thedford ,

Agency Manger

“We help you focus on your people, not the paper work!”


MEET THE DEERFIELD TEAM “One account manager, one phone number,

infinite convenience”


Providing our clients with thoughtful guidance & advice is something we take very seriously at Deerfield Advisors. This is the reason we make it a continuous priority to update our knowledge base & apply

our many years of experience to enhance our clients’ ability to make smart choices & wise decisions in their endeavor to achieve success in the restaurant business.


All most clients want is a good deal; that’s why when it’s time to shop for insurance, it’s nice to know you have a competent team in your corner doing the heavy lifting. Like gathering, organizing, & evaluating

competitive quotes from the insurance markets. Our goal as brokers is always to make sure you are getting the very best price/coverage combination possible at all times.


What with the never ending to do list our clients have, having a firm you trust to keep your Risk Management & HR program in order & run-

ning smoothly is very much appreciated. It’s a symphony of solutions to the problem of HR & Insurance Management.


As consultants, our role is to help our clients find the best resource for a particular need & then advise, monitor, guide, & liaison on their

behalf so that they have minimal involvement but maximum benefit. It’s “Best Practices” Deerfield style.

“Replacing chaos with order, calm for confusion—

that’s the essence of the

“Platinum Elite Symphony.”

Through our signature service, the Platinum Elite Symphony, you have a “One Stop Shop” for targeted, highly responsive Risk Management & HR solutions. We think it’s the ultimate value proposition.


Our broad & diverse range of concierge level value adds provide a

“SYMPHONY OF SOLUTIONS “ on behalf of our restaurant clients.

Deerfield Advisors William J. Odom | President One Park Ten Plaza 16225 Park Ten PL., Ste. 500 Houston, Texas 77084 Ph: 281.550.5864 | 800.233.6428 Fax: 713.589.7969 | 800.250.1615 Email: Web:

This Brochure is intended for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. Any transmission and/or receipt of information contained herein does not form or constitute an attorney-client relationship. Deerfield Advisors is not in the business of providing legal advice. Persons receiving information from this Brochure should not act upon the information without seeking professional legal counsel from a licensed Attorney’s.

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A Comprehensive Risk Management & HR Solution for the Fine Dining Enterprise. “Risk Management & HR issues cover a lot of ground & therefore...

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