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Bigelow ’87. This spring, my fourth-grade son is playing lacrosse alongside P.B. Weymouth’s ’83 and Andrew Landis’ ’85. Also see Chris Flagg ’83 on the sidelines. Over spring break I ran into Bobby McCain ’86 in Sea Island. His classmate, Mike Chorske ’86, is a force on my men’s hockey team (Go IHL!!). I have enjoyed the New York Rangers Stanley Cup run at MSG with Scott Willett ’87 and John Amorosi ’87. Finally, Bill Baird has organized a somewhat routine NYC get-together at local watering holes. Most recently Luke Fichthorn, Nils von Zelowitz, John Bradbury, Gene Pride, and Eric Baumeister joined Bill and me at the Bierhaus in midtown. I hope all 1988’ers have our 25th Reunion dates (June 14-16, 2013) seared in their memory.” Robert Fedor reports, “I have two sons: Dylan born 1/20/09 and Logan born 12/21/10. These two boys are quite a handful! Future Brookies and DA boys to carry on the tradition! All is well.” “Just wanted to share that we relocated to Richmond, VA, from Arlington, VA, last August,” reports Ken Monroe. “It was a great quality of life upgrade for the family, one that we had been thinking about for the last few years and finally found the right window to make it happen. We escaped Northern Virginia! I had dinner with Burke Koonce a while ago when we were considering the Raleigh area and were there on an


Fall 2012

exploratory trip. We landed in Richmond though, and had a great time last weekend meeting Marc Cram and his wife downtown for drinks and dinner. Lastly, I had the privilege of attending Jamie Sands’ Change of Command ceremony (Navy SEAL Team 8) down in the Virginia Beach area in December 2010. Looking forward to the 25th Reunion!” Gordie Spater was appointed to the board of the American Pet Products Association this past spring. Gordie and his brother co-founded Kurgo in 2003, which manufactures pet travel and safety products. Gordie’s passion for pets, travel, and the outdoors led Kurgo to the expansion from their initial product, the Backseat Barrier, to dozens of products for the car, plane, and outdoors. Ted Tu says, “Moved to Shanghai and met up with Andrew Zhao and Willis Sautter a few times. It has been a long time since graduation! Look me up (LinkedIn: Ted Tu) if you are in Shanghai.”

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1989 Class Captains Gustave K. Lipman Edward S. Williams Hugh Bolton shares that life finds him, wife Leslie, and son Lucian in Dublin as Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. has asked him to manage the firm’s Irish offices for the next few years. “Drop a line if you are passing through.”

Steve Turko ’85 and his fiancée, Lori Zuckerman Syd Williams ’85 was thrilled to have classmate George Knight participate in a book signing event for his wife’s debut novel, Overseas. They were joined by surprise guest John Knight ‘83 at Madison, CT, bookseller R.J. Julia. Jon Murchinson ’87 and classmates Andy Bonanno, Rich Star, and Larry Kilroy spent three days skiing at Alta this past March.

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