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Lauryn Hill – doo wop(that thing) Lauryn Hill is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. She began her solo career in 1998, releasing her highly successful album ‘the miseduction of Lauryn Hill’ which sold around 19million copies.

The music video showcases two eras (1960’s and 1990’s) in New York City. It starts off with a split screen separating the different times and specifying which side of the screen represents which era. Throughout the whole video this split screen stays present, reflecting the changes in society and behaviour of people in society in the two time periods. In beginning of the video, both split screens show a group of women. The audience can immediately tell the contrast between the two times. The women in the 60’s are shown to be dressed modestly and standing upright in an appropriate stance. On the other hand, the 90’s women are dressed provocatively baring much more flesh and striking poses.

A quick jump-cut was used transition from on scene to another. A mid-shot of Lauryn Hill appeared, the artist, allowing the audience which are mostly her fans to identify with her and become more engaged with the song. Lauryn has also assumed the theme of the music video as there is two shows of her on either side of the screen, showing how she would of acted and dressed in the 60’s and her modern day dress in the 90’s.

The key aspects that are noticed in the video are the somewhat dramatic change in fashion in the two ages. The outfits worn by both sexes are seen as being completely altered as it shows that people dressed more conservative, showing less flesh in the 1960’s. There are also parts of the video that demonstrated the changes in technology such as cars, radios and even cameras. A camera change was even made to make a clear distinction between the eras, allowing the audience to identify the modifications in technology.

There is a clear demonstration throughout the video of the change in behaviour through the years. The people shown in 1967 are displayed to be modest than those in 1998. Couples are shown in both times showing extent of change. The couple in the 1960’s are shown standing beside each other. The audience only release they’re a couple when another show is shown of them holding hands. In contrast, the other couple are shown standing in front of each other, about to kiss. The second show of the couple is of a shot of the man’s hands in the woman’s back trouser pocket. This strongly exhibits the change in society from rarely showing public display of affection to extreme

displays. The relationship between men and women has also been portrayed as being different through the two eras. Men were seen as acting more respectable towards women and women behaving a more respectable manner. This is shown throughout the music video, making the audience wonder why this happened. The lyrics of the song strongly represent and try to explain the reasons for this dramatic change.

The men in the 90’s are seen in a negative light compared to those in the 60’s. They haven’t seemed to evolve through the years. They were shown dressed in suits and hats, whereas those in the 90’s are wearing t-shits and baggy trousers. This is a huge change in their look, which could explain the change of behaviour. The audience are being directed to view the 60’s men as being better men and overall the time being a more pleasant time. Women are also represented in the same way, showing them as being much more conservative and much happier in 1967 than in 1998.

Lauryn hill lyrics embedded with the video presents a strong message of change. The video represents how deluded we have become and selfish. It is very visible that most people were happy with their simple lives as most of the people in the late 60’s looked happy. Whereas, those in the 1990’s put on a persona as they try to establish themselves as something they are not.

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