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Getting Deep with Kyle Albers WORDS + PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEW Kyle Albers with one of his works of art.


eer first brought Kyle Albers and I together. A few years ago, at a house party in Gobernador Canyon, I handed the lanky lad a cold bottle of Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA, and we fell into a lively conversation about surfboards and the philosophy of shaping. Later, after a sublime session on one of his Megafish, plus several others on his mid-lengths and keel fish, it grew clear that Albers, 29, is tripping on a next-level plane…or planer. You choose. DEEP: What does Deepest Reaches mean? KYLE ALBERS: Deepest Reaches are the shapes that exist in the deepest reaches of my mind. I try to draw them out and manifest them into physical foam forms, which allow surfers to get deepest, which is the place to be, as you guys obviously know. DEEP: Tell us about your past, present, and future relationship with the 805 and its waves.

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KA: Many years ago, our relationship started out as purely physical, but a deeper love connection has developed over time. When I’m shaping a board, I imagine it slipping into a tube at Da Con and coming out. This helps the board get tubed in The Reality, and it makes me feel good even if I can’t be in there with it. DEEP: Talk about your shaping history, how/when/where, plus why you started. KA: Growing up, I was always drawing pictures of surfboards when I was in class, and I would custom-order all these weird boards from shapers, but they wouldn’t really come out how I’d imagined them. In 2008, I shaped my first board, a 10’0” D-fin pig that I named “D~Bowls.” It was very crude and had reverse rocker, but it actually worked well and was pretty much the only board I rode for about a year. My friend, Ryan Lovelace, was really nice about letting me use his shop and tools for my first few boards. Eventually, some people wanted boards from me, and I really loved shaping, so I decided to try and make it my job. Plus, my career in substitute teaching wasn’t really going anywhere. DEEP: What are your signature shapes, and what makes them sing? KA: My main model is the MEGAfish, which is what I rode the most this past summer. A MEGAfish is made to make waves, meaning it can turn a near non-wave into a lot of fun, but it’s also great for connecting sections on fast, down-the-line waves. On a slopey wave with an open face, it’s friendly and forgiving enough for some long, drawn-out turns. I’ve also got the KOZMK~KRUZR, a single-fin midlength, which is the board you would want if you were surfing through space. Of course I still make the OG D~BOWLS, and there’s the PIZZABOXXX, a really short and square board that’s just fast and fun. And I also make a lot of keel fish. These are all shapes that have been rigorously tested and fine-tuned by myself and the elite Deepest Reaches team—guys like Rossman, Landoman, BlakeyBoi and others too numerous to list. DEEP: What lies in the future for Deepest Reaches? KA: The future? Oh man, I wish I could tell you, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I will say this, though: buy as many Deepest Reaches boards as you can now, because they are going be worth a lot one day. Check out Alber’s website,

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