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A NOTE OF THANKS - A Letter from Warren Smedley Magic City Cycliad Par ticipants, Contributors, Suppor ters, and Sponsors: On behalf of UAB Medicine and the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are so grateful for your enthusiastic suppor t of this year’s Magic City Cycliad! We are pleased to announce that par ticipation tripled this year and because of our generous and committed corporate sponsors, we are delighted to reaff irm that 100% of rider-raised funds are directed to f ighting cancer and suppor ting local patients right here in Alabama. Your contributions go directly to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center in suppor t of the cutting edge research, patient suppor t, and innovative care programs being led by UAB scientists and physicians. The Magic City Cycliad is about building community and f inding easy ways to help in the f ight to beat cancer. As a board, we are committed to raising money for essential research and suppor ting the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center on its mission to serve our region as the leading National Cancer Institute designated cancer center in the Deep South. Our f ight does not stop here. The Deep South Cancer Foundation suppor ts multiple charity events throughout the year, provides f inancial suppor t to cancer patients in distress, facilitates patient retreats and programs, funds critical health outcomes research, and leads collaborative effor ts among many local non-prof its suppor ting cancer patients. We have several additional events scheduled for 2018 and are looking forward to an even bigger Magic City Cycliad in 2019! Thank you to our Board of Directors for their leadership and dedication to the Magic City Cycliad. Let me also offer a special congratulations to all of our “Bucklers” who have demonstrated a signif icant commitment to the cause and have earned a custom made Cycliad belt buckle, demonstrating that they are Champions for Cancer. Cancer is complicated... helping is not.

Warren Smedley DSCF Chairmen of the Board

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64 Miles


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21% 50-59 20% 28%


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1,760 Miles




16% 23% 25%

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22,890 That’s 92% of the way around the earth!

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Ride 69%

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7% 78%

Support Local Cancer Research


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I Ride For... I ride for my 17 year old son. - Nick I ride for my mother, a cancer researcher who lost her fight against cancer when I was 18. - Rick I ride for Spencer, a friend and past Cycliad participant who lost his battle against cancer this past year. - Jeffery I ride for my parents; two smart, compassionate people who believed in helping others. - Bernie I am riding for my father who is a survivor and raised me with the grit I needed to fight. - Kate

Helping is easy. Truly it is. What can be hard is knowing where and how to star t. At the 2018 Magic City Cycliad, we witnessed something remarkable from this community of cyclists. A free event with no fundraising requirements was an idea built on the belief that people want to make a difference and that they want to suppor t family and friends. That belief in people proved to be true as our grow th tripled and fundraising numbers surged beyond our wildest expectations. We watched all day as people wrote names on the “I Ride For� wall, sharing words that conveyed memories. Words that have incredible depth of meaning. Words that are profoundly personal. And words that, while invoking sadness, can also be incredible reminders of joy. So, lacking enough words to cover all those things, let me simply express my thanks and encourage us all to remember that helping never stops. Join us as we work together, in suppor t of those we love, to make an impact around us. We are encouraged and challenged to do more. To help more. We hope you are too!

Drew Read Executive Director, Deep South Cancer Foundation



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453,603 100%


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WHAT RIDERS LOVED ABOUT CYCLIAD “Exploring Birmingham with others who have the same mission of helping people.”

“The chalk board!” “I loved getting the chance to ride with others without the pressure to pay a “Seeing so many clubs certain entry fee. The option to fundraise and bike shops coming was awesome, and I love that 100% of the together for the same money went to the cause. ” “It really is a just show cause.” “The energy up and ride event. Helping & the people.” IS easy with the Cycliad.”

Why You Would Return 88% 64%




To Help Others

The Energy

The Course

New Tradition

Touched by Cancer

TEAM PROFILE: Turmornators

UAB Medicine staff are known for their compassion toward patients and coworkers alike during difficult times. So when one of the nurses in The Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospital Infusion Clinic was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year, fellow employees stepped up to show their support. Cathy Adams, RN, has worked at UAB for nearly 30 years, the last 25 in the Infusion Clinic. In January, she suddenly began experiencing tingling and numbness on her right side while driving, which led to an automobile accident. She was taken by ambulance to UAB Hospital with injuries to her ankle, and imaging scans to rule out

Staff members from the UAB Infusion Clinic and other areas of UAB Medicine supported longtime oncology nurse Cathy Adams, RN (center, in purple) who recently underwent treatment for a brain tumor.

other problems revealed a brain tumor. The tumor was removed during a craniotomy procedure on February 6, and the surgery was followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

“I’m feeling very good now,” Adams says, adding that her doctors are optimistic that the tumor was successfully removed. “The injury to my ankle was the hardest part. I was blessed to have very few side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation – no nausea or fatigue.” To show their support for Adams, more than a dozen staff members from the Infusion Clinic and other areas of UAB Medicine participated in the Magic City Cycliad bike ride on March 24. The signature event of the Deep South Cancer Foundation, the annual Cycliad raises money for patients at UAB's Comprehensive Cancer Center. “They did it for me but also for all of the other cancer patients at UAB,” says Adams, who is on medical leave and may not be able to return to work due to her ankle injury. Sarah Richardson, RN – one of Adams’ coworkers in the Infusion Clinic – helped organize the group effort. “Riding in the Magic City Cycliad was just one way we could support Cathy,” Richardson says. “She has been an oncology nurse for over 25 years and has cared for countless patients. One patient described her as ‘an angel walking on Earth’, and she has always put others first. When she was diagnosed, we were all shocked, and this was one thing we could do to show support. Our patients have all asked about her. Cancer has touched every family, and she is part of our UAB family. The Cycliad was a very well-run and fun event, and in typical Cathy fashion, she was there to cheer us on. It was amazing to see so many people fundraising in support of those battling cancer.” Adams says she was touched by the outpouring of support from her coworkers and the level of care she received from her longtime employer. “UAB took wonderful care of me,” Adams says. “I have the best coworkers you could ever ask for. They helped get me to appointments, brought me food, whatever I needed. They’re much more than coworkers, they’re friends.”


Top Cycliad FUNders

Name Warren Smedley* Kristen Zeanah Chris Kennedy JVann Martin* Nick Callahan TJ Bradley

$ Gifts $5,835 $2,049 $2,000 $1,685 $1,635 $1,582

Distance Brunch Crawl 100 Mile Brunch Crawl Brunch Crawl 100 Mile 30 Mile

Fundraising Team Training Wheelies Therapy South

Jeff Bradley Bo Bozeman

$1,582 $1,500

30 Mile 100 Mile

Team Bradley Birmingham Bicycle Club (BBC)

Training Wheelies Team Bradley

Most Donors

Top Teams

Biggest Teams

Training Wheelies - $13,235

Redemptive Cycles - 75 Riders

TJ Bradley - 27

BBC - $7,804

BBC - 54 Riders

Michael Northorp* - 22

Tour de Friends - $6,905

Training Wheelies - 39 Riders

JVann Martin* - 21

Therapy South - $4,796

Tour de Friends - 37 Riders

Warren Smedley* - 21

Redemptive Cycles - $3,658

Tumornators* - 14 Riders

Rick Swagler - 20 James Trigg - 20

*UAB employee or team

THANK YOU TO OUR PARTNERS It is because of our corporate partners that we are able to give 100% of rider-raised funds to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Magic City Cycliad Impact Report  
Magic City Cycliad Impact Report