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WE REVIEW LIQUID CHEFS: “It guarantees a great night out” holi - “ inspired by the wonders of everyday life”


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(DJ)ANALYST : DJ LINGS da soul master l PHOTOGRAPHY : Katlego Ramele Mesuli splash


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WE REVIEW LIQUId cHEFS: “It guarantees a great night out”


HoLI - “ inspired by the wonders of everyday life”


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editors letter

H ELLO eaders! We are on the 6th issue, to say r that sounds incredible!

This has been a journey filled with an array of mixed emotions, joy, disappointment, but above all, absolute determination, after all someone, somewhere did say, talent is enough to get you through the door, but not enough to sustain you alone without hard work.



On our 6th issue, we celebrate individuals who have been blessed with incredible talent and who have turned those blessings into

sustainable means of survival because they’ve combined their talent with hard work, driven by determination. We talk to the duo of Lilac Jeans and LSG, who have been blessed with incredible talent and who have tremendous respect for their art. For these artists, their greatest reward for blessing us with their beautiful sounds is just being able to create great art! We highlight a Braam store that is a result of young vibrant talent. Wherever we look around us, great things have been achieved because great talents WORKED! Let DEEP journey with you as you find your calling.




da capo the future

CONTENTS 108. 118.


FEATURES 20. Biography of house.

22. Legend review


28. Breaking new grounds




PROFILES 36. 48. 72. 78.


Vocalist - holi Future talent to look out for 2lani da producer Underground DJ Sir LSG lILACJEANS _ a force to reckon with


REVIEWS 34. 66. 86. 87. 96.

Deep hustle - Promoters DEEP GOES FORBES DEEP underground chart Song of the moment Gig guide Your guide to fun

88. Album Review 92. Club Review - LIQUID CHEF 100 Gedget review 104 App review - TUNE WIKI


102. Ride review 16







atmosphere where gay, straight, bi, black and white would come dance their worries away to the restless beat of a new buzz called Disco (House Music). Larry by far dominated this period and was responsible for most of the hype disco music was getting during those times. Although this period was short lived as only 18 months from when the disco hype was at its peak, DJ Steve Dull led a big and intent anti-disco campaign which caused the House Music market to take a huge knock and quickly had it silenced and banished back into the underground world where it was once more warmly embraced by the house nation in its diverse entirety.


By: Lunga Macu


n the beginning there was Jack… This was way before the Chicago Warehouse era. We all know house music to have molded to what it is today by influence of the Chicago Warehouse era, but ever wondered if there is a tale to be told about house of a pre-Warehouse era? House music actually started during the 70’s when it evolved from the underground scenes by way of a minority to becoming a huge blow out as the latest trend in the commercial scene made popular by Clubs and DJ’s like DJ Larry Levan (Resident DJ at The Paradise Garage) and The Paradise Garage (Chicago club opened in January 1978), this all created the party




K erri c hAn d ler


man who originates from Scarborough, the eastern Suburbs of Toronto, for all house heads that know their music, the timeless classic “Summer Daze” should just give the name away. Today he is well known as an underground Hip Hop and House Music DJ and Producer, David Nick Holder has been in the house music industry for well over two decades. He started making a name for himself as a DJ in the early 1980’s. Gradually pacing himself through the different stages of the industry growing and creating a brand out of his name. Holder is the proud owner of two record labels, Treehouse Records (Hip Hop label) and DHN Records (House Label). Holder has been producing music since 1991 and to date he has produced an impressive total of over 60 records, a handful of those turning into hit singles and classics.It goes without say that staying relevant in the entertainment industry is not an easy task, with no exceptions given to house DJ’s. As time evolves listening preferences evolve with

it and what was considered a hit five years ago might not be taken as one today, so a DJ has to keep up with the times in order to stay in the game, which is what the legend Nick Holder has been doing so well for over twenty years. When listening to Nick Holders work over the years the pleasures you get just give an indication that house music house music is something that’s second nature to him. From starting as a DJ at House Parties and school dances lead to him purchasing his first drum machine and sampler (must have items of equipment for DJ’s during those times), to becoming a well accomplished DJ and producer. Many who have had the opportunity to work with the legend consider it an honor. With singles like “Da Samba Frique”, “Don’t Go Away”, “Time”, “Summer Daze” and “Swimming” just to name a few, you know that a Nick Holder release comes with great promise of being a hit. With all that said, one cannot wait to see what is in store for us House Music lovers in the year 2013 from Nick and DHN Records. By: Thembani manganyi



HELLO AGAIN Is a clothing shop. We are the retail branch of Fittees, and we sell other local brands as well and fixie bicycles too. Our shop is in Braamfontein, JHB at 6 De Beer Street, and you can call us on: 011 403 1698







Every so often for every generation, a new star is born with a destiny bigger than just about them, but about being the anchor of change for the world that surrounds all of us. The first beats and melodies of house music was a ground breaking moment in itself and for the last almost 30 decades the genre has grown from strength to strength through the work of DJ’s, producers and composers






who chose to be extraordinary and break new ground, so one could say house music itself is a timeline of extraordinary acts, by extraordinary people. For this issue we highlight only but a handful of these incredible people of our generation who’ve changed the playing fields time and time again and in the process, breaking new ground.




Impossible is nothing

DJ Zinhle


o speak of changing the playing fields without mentioning, perhaps one of the most successful female DJ’s in the world would be a travesty. Her name is familiar now with almost every South African “my name is” and continues to grow, she has also featured on numerous international tours, being a regular at the Miami winter music conference, she is DJ Zinhle, DJ and DJ school owner, one of the first female owned DJ schools in the country and one of the most prominent at present. You don’t have to like Zinhle, but you cannot deny her impact on the house scene and

more importantly the role women can play in it, I personally like that she is ever the lady, but goes in as hard as the fellas. She is by far the most successful female DJ in the country based both on demand and her asking pric .


ecord label and music school, Soul Candi since its’ inception did what all the other record labels weren’t doing, it took it upon itself to help mould and harness the young stars who would be intrusted with driving and carrying deep house forward. Soul Candi has acted both as school and home for so many of the artists in the country who have continued to break new ground in South African

music, specifically house, DJ Fresh, Mi Casa, Euphonik. Nothing about Soul Candi graduates and artists is normal, these artists, really one can safely say have become the custodians of deep house in South Africa and that is because of a brand, that took it upon itself to engineer the breading ground of deep house. However the first home of house in South Africa was Kalawa Jazmee and it was this record label founded and still run by Oskido, one third of brothers of peace and all round music legend, that first introduced ground breaking to us. Kalawa was the home of all things new and is the home of some of the first South African house sounds that forever altered what popular house music would be in the minds of South Africans. What made Kalawa so successful and what continues to keep it on top is their inability to follow, but rather to always shock.

Soul Candi and Kalawa Jazmee


he possibilities are endless and for DJ Black Coffee, DJ Khabile and DJ Phobia there just seems to be no end to the display of incredible. One is by far the biggest house name to come out of South Africa, the other is an explosion when on the decks and the other the “Stevie Wonder” of South Africa and in common they all have what some might consider a physical constraint and yet have gone on to achieve the impossible. I needn’t tell you much about Black Coffee, but having lost one of his hands in a car accident in the 90’s he has gone on to achieve the impossible, being one of the best and most respected DJ’s on the decks and doing it with


only one hand. Khabile an associate of Coffee’s is also another explosive DJ on the decks and commutes around in a wheelchair, this is the same guy that discovered Culoe de Song and DJ Phobia, probably one of the bravest people I have ever heard of, has been blind since the age of three and has become one of Johannesburg’s fastest growing names in the house game with his incredible performances on the decks. Ground breaking!

always so. It took the young and driven characters of men like DJ Fresh, Oskido, Vinny da Vinci and Christo’s to hear house music being part of our everyday radio playlist and thank the house Gods for that, because now, house is the most popular genre of music that is purely South African on our radio stations.

DJ Fresh and Oskido


he South African population is the biggest consumer of house music the world over, also making us the only country that plays house music, in particular deep house, on radio as much as we do, but it wasn’t

The next 30 years promise to be just as active and innovative with South African DJ’s taking their rightful place in the world of house music and we’ll be in the forefront watching it as it develops. By: Imkhitha Mkwebula 31



DEEP DJ Promoters, The Driving Force Behind successful DJ’s.


hey say love don’t pay the bills. And it’s true, you may love the worky ou produce, but if it’s not going to sustain you, then you have to question its practicality. Behind every successful person is usually a hard working person who has helped build the successor to where they are. DJs’ often only know what they are mostly good at, which is making good music, which is good because studies have shown that focusing on your core competencies’ is great if you want to be successful, yet we cannot neglect other aspects which help build andmold a craft.


Over the years we’ve seen a new career path booming from the careers’ of DJ’s, DJ promoters. A DJ promoter is the person who makes sure that you are consistent and continually relevant to your market while making sure you get paid the money you rightfully deserve. From getting your music played on radio, to sometimes buying your wardrobe for you. The duties of a DJ promoter can at times include studying you and doing whatever it takes to make sure you are a successful brand that people can identify with. Though there’s no specific qualification required to become a DJ Promoter, it could be useful for a person to have some knowledge on marketing and finance. This helps with strategizing and building the DJ’s image to making sure the DJ’s brand appeals to the right clientele and of cause understanding the rate at which to charge for performances. One may ask themselves the necessity of this promoter when they start taking DJing seriously, it’s in fact not necessary for a person to have a DJ promoter manage them. If the DJ can build his/her own image and handle his own bookings, then having a promoter is actually a waste of money. However when a career picks up and bookings become hard to handle, its best for the DJ to have a person to help with scheduling him/ her and be the one making sure that the DJ gets theirs, accommodation, transportation etc is all taken of. Like any other job there are challenges that are faced by both the DJ and the promoters. Promoters are faced with the challenge of trying to get their DJ booked for the

right gigs. Unfortunately, there are thousands of DJ’s so finding a market and making sure that your DJ is well received can be a hassle. Then when the DJ is actually booked, dealing with club promoters can be a drag too. All this needs patience and understanding. DJ’s on the other hand, have the burden of finding the right promoter. This is determined by looking at what kind of music you as the DJ produce and what experience in genre does the promoter actually have.If those two things are common, then the DJ would be best advised to work with the promoter for best results. The worst thing that a DJ can experience is having a promoter misrepresent him/her; this can ultimately break the DJ’s brand which is never good for brand growth. Scams over the years have also increased, promoters over price the DJs’ gigs and do not give the DJ their actual value. Over booking the DJ knowing he won’t be able to attend the event then taking the deposit is also common from promoters, these are the things a DJ should always be cautious of when getting a DJ Promoter. Agents and promoters usually have an industry standard of anything less than 25%, this is the kind of information a DJ should know. Any good relationship is built by trust and loyalty. It’s safe to say, yes DJ promoters can be bad when handling some affairs, but we also have to face the fact that from DJ promoters come successful DJ careers which have remained relevant and continued to grow because of a strong driving force behind their brands. By: Zinzi Jim 35



alleluya in our darkness and in the light because SA has found its new “Holly” voice from a talented songstress called Holisile”holi” Moloi who got in the deep house industry and just redefined what it means to be a vocalist. If you think all house music sounds the same and has no soul,I suggest you do your research and find every song that has this beautiful Pietermaritsberg based vocalist who started releasing in 2011 and since then has done wonders on every song she has been featured on. Inspired by the wonders of everyday life, but particularly inspired by God and her relationship with Him,which is evident is her angelic voice, the spiritual being that lives with in her, her emotions, the dreamer in her,has given her the the drive and passion to produce songs like “Darkness”, “You”, “When I’m with you”, “Delirious”, “Crush” and the latest single with Bhabha Betasweet titled ‘Jehova’. Other songs and videos will be released later this year By: Thembani Manganyi

If I were you, the best thing I would do for myself is search for HOLI on: -Fishermans album Fishtank Volume 2 -Room 806’s album to be released in May -DJ Whisky’s album also in May 36

And many more and you will never regret clicking that search button.




VANDAL ASSOCIATE IN HOT WATER The love of money is the root of all evil, that’s what the bible says, some people might have missed that scripture reading though it seems…DJ Sbu’s partner in his Vandal clothing label business and co-founder of the Quest group Trevor Madondo, that guy who was also named best dressed man by GQ in 2011, yeah him. Well apparently he and two co-accused have been accused of defrauding Wesbank of 7 million and were arrested, subsequently being released on R10 000 bail. Madondo and his co-accused allegedly had a bank employee in on the scheme with them and had been under investigation leading to their arrest. One wonders how this affects his other business interests, in particular Vandal.


class of 2013

As the premier house music label in the country, one would think there’s not much else that can come out of the Soul Candi stable that can amaze us more than it’s already incredible alumni, Mi Casa, DJ Franky, Euphonik just to name a few, but just as they do every year, the stable has brought out its’ new signings, the class of 2013 and with it a sneak peek into what we can look forward to for 2013. The new group Muzart is already blowing the airwaves away with its debut track “jukebox”. The group is made up of Tshegofatso ‘Tazzy’ Lehutso, Victory ‘Vic’ Chauke, Rorisng ‘Rori’ Thandekiso, Nkanyiso

‘Nka’ Khanyile and Sol Mosetle, all young hard working fresh faces to the industry whose careers have been in the making and now are coming to fruition with a debut album to accompany their hit single. The release of the Muzart album won’t be the only big news coming from the stable however, this year will see the return of C9ine with their second album “a million sprockets”. After their debut album “sound garden” how can one not be thrilled at the thought of hearing what this incredibly artistic and authentic duo have to offer on their return to the house scene.


The South African LOVE affair Monique will be making a much welcomed return to the country in celebration of the Ralf Gum “Never leaves you” album reaching gold status. She will be touring the country’s club scene extensively sharing her soothing and ever impeccable vocal gift with crowds around the country. She will be following in the steps of compatriot Kafele, Baltimore trumpeter, producer and singer. What makes Kafele special is that he is no ordinary jazz trumpeter,

So u l C a n d i

•Early bird: R200 •Normal: R280 •Door: R300 but has fused his instrumental abilities into this genre we all love so much, house, making beautiful music with Andy Compton resulting in the track “above the sky”. For an enjoyable and different house experience, this is one event that should not be missed. Monique Bingham tour dates: Thursday – 28th March – TBC Friday – 27th March – Chisa Nyama, Centurion, Saturday – 29th March – Saturday Dawn Night Club, Daveyton Sunday – 30th March – TBC

Yes, you read it right the legendary space in Ibiza club spectacular is coming to South Africa this year on April 26 Joburg, Nicci beach and the 27th in Cape Town, at The Side show. The show brings with it its resident DJ’s Roger Sanchez and Danny Marquez, with supporting acts in the form of local DJ’s. Can’t make it to Ibiza? Ibiza will come to you and I personally can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear the news, the international party experience won’t just be limited to the DJ’s, we all can share in the fun, about time too!

Computicket Space Ibiza Event Information: Event Info: www.spaceibiza. Email: Facebook: ww Twitter: #GALAXYexperience








CO M M E M O R A T I N G 2 1 M A R C H H U M A N R I G H T S DA Y



2lani da producer By: Thembani manganyi


Redefining what it means to be a producer, DJ and musician 2lani has proven to many that he has the capability of being one of the greatest house music producers to ever come from the shores of South Africa. I listened to the song he produced called “move” and was brought to tears with its soulful and deep melody. Thulani Mhlambi aka 2lani da producer born and bred in South Africa, North West Province in a township called “Khuma Location” and grew up in a township called Katlehong located in the East of Johannesburg. He is definitely a name that will be a house hold name to many hearts in the future as his gift is to some in the present.



He is definitely a name that will be a house hold name to many hearts in the future


as a producer has mastered the art of uttering words with just instruments. He has released numerous tracks on Traxsource, Beatport, Juno Records, iTunes, Nokia Store, Trackitdown and many other online digital stores. Not only does he produce, but he also owns his music by running his own Label called DEEP RESOLUTE (PTY) Ltd, under which he has released tracks like: Move (Original Mix) Africa (Original Mix) 2 Minutes Away (Original Mix) Mad Sad Piano (Original Mix) Remember Me (Original Mixx) So be on the look-out for this new kid on the block because when his music goes viral don’t say we didn’t tell you because we are telling you now.

He started Deejaying, growing from strength to strength and is now the master of his craft


his amazing young star started producing music in the year 2001, doing underground hip hop beats, but in the year 2002 he started producing house music and hasn’t looked back since. In the year 2007 he started his own record label called “BSTP Records”, then in the year 2010 he started releasing his music on AfrodesiaMp3 and started working with people such as DJ Ladi, Adiosoul from Vosloorus, DJ Sphiwe from Majestik Music, Serame Sediti, Mercy and King Bizza Keys from Giant Step Grooves, then in the very same year (2010) he started Deejaying, growing from strength to strength and is now the master of his craft. I wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his name to” Thulani da master”. Hearing the track “move” immediately brought me to the conclusion that Thulani




















da capo




The Da Capo story, all from the back drops of Limpopo.



da capo 56

icodimus Sekheta Mogashoa is a university student from Limpopo, much like many ordinary 22 year olds, but this young man is no ordinary 22 year old, no, he just so happens to be one of the biggest names in the South African and international house music scene at the moment. Signed to DNH Records managed by Nick Holder who also acts as mentor and inspiration, Da Capo’s name inspires a chorus of praise from some of the biggest names in house the world over, a simple search of his name on traxsource springs up a long list of mixes that read like the set-track list of a big name DJ about to perform at a gig, but then again, that’s probably the case. My apologies, in my introduction I may have misled you to believe that this is a name that has been around for years, no. In a mere two to three years the name Da Capo has become synonymous with mind blowing tribal deep house. How, you might ask yourself, how does a young talent from Limpopo make a name for himself in such




a short period of time and still be based in Limpopo? Da Capo taught himself everything he knows, from production, mixing to DJing, so you might say he has managed to achieve great status from simple and pure dedication and hard work. By the time Nick Holder signed him on to DNH Record label, Da Capo had already established himself as an emerging star that was here to stay with E.P releases. Having been signed on to the label, he has gone on to remix and create music that causes havoc in the hearts of many. With his signature tribal instrumental productions, heavily induced in deep melodies, listening to a Da Capo track is infectious to the soul and conflicting to the heart, to dance and lough emotions, the one emotion of or to listen in deep certainty, is joy. Having worked with and infectious legends like Andy Compton, Zapherin appreciation, to the likes of Boddhi Satva, he is the role whatever model of many of his peers, his age and older. t h e He has blessed many house lovers with releases under DNH such as “return to the beginning” Part 1, 2 and 3, “life without you” and having featured on the albums of many of his peers, DJ Shimza, Nick Holder and Andy Compton, to name a few. He has also added a unique feel to his creative range, with the Da Capo touches, these are songs Da Capo remixes, which he 60

considers special, they are bigger than just a remix, but are special to him as well “eya”-Blaq soul, Da Capo touch, being one of my favourites and one of his oldest. The next phase for this young man couldn’t have come at a better time. He has embarked on a new musical journey by starting a record label, Surrealsound and will be releasing his latest work, a full length album within the year. Da Capo is a symbol

of the limitlessness of dreams and talent when combined with hard work. Being in Limpopo and taking on school while pursuing a music career was no hindrance, his talent carried his musical productions across provinces and infinitely across countries. Let DEEP be the first to tell you, if you don’t know it by now, this right here people, is the future! By: Imkhitha Mkwebula 61


da capos’






10 Most Powerful House DJ’S

By: Mashudu Modau


House Musics’Most Powerful & INFLUENTIAL Power, much like success, is a relative idea. My idea of power is being on the Forbes list, any Forbes list for that matter. Your idea of power could be the romanticized fantasy of sitting in Lamborghini, sipping Moët champagne with a swim suit model half naked serving you strawberries… Ok maybe that’s my fantasy as well, that being said… There’s a new idea of power that’s been created. The ever growing influence and reach of social media has created a new medium of control. For reference we use the good old dictionary:


Definition of Power

POWER: pow•er/ˈpaʊər/ Show Spelled [pou-er] Noun 1. Ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. 2. Political or national strength; the balance of power in Europe. 3. Great or marked ability to do or act; strength; might; force. 4. The possession of control or command over others; authority; ascendancy: power over men’s minds. The idea that those with the most followers rule and therefore can influ The idea that those with the most followers rule and therefore can influence public opinion. Before Twitter, Facebook, radio, TV and countless other mediums of communication, the biggest power a DJ held was his control over every individual body in the space he played his music. Every DJ has control to hypnotize you into a trans and decide your next motion. Grabbing hold of your anatomy, DJ’s maneuver everything you do or say at the play of the next track. But this poetic control has extended itself further. The power lies with the ones who have the most people listening to what they say, those who’s tweets go viral and start national conversations from the Sandton offices to the ghetto slums. DJ’s playing songs was power. Now they’ve grown to be powerful by tweeting thoughts and opinions and letting us have insight into the mind of these creative artists.

By that definition here’s our list for the most “POWERFUL” DJ’s in South Africa. 68

2 3 69

10 4 5 9 8 7 6 70




PROFILE Music comes from all forms. House music in particular has proven that it can be influenced by many elements. Sir LSG has stretched the boundaries of house music by introducing Jazz as the key element of his work. From horns, subtle vocals and great beats, this guy is bound to take you on a journey with his soulful sound.



Obviously in some situations the mood of the place might be different or the DJ before me might be on a higher energy or I might be playing before someone with a certain energy. All of these factors can change the way I select tunes toplay, but it won’t change the three songs I know I want to play. Andregardless of the factors, it will still be a soulful set.

Q: Who is LSG and how did the name come about? 1. Sir LSG is a DJ/Producer and now songwriter from Mafikeng but based in Johannesburg.

Q: Has house music always been part of your life and how were you introduced to the genre? 2. Not my entire life, I would say I got introduced to house music through various compilation CDs that were released by the South African legends, and the love kept on growing as every year went by.

Q: Who are some of the big names you’ve worked with in the industry and how have they influenced you? 7. Ralf GUM, DJ Christos, QB Smith, UPZ and Andy Compton. The influence they have in me as an artist is great and I value their input a lot. All of these guys are very disciplined and focused in what they do. An important thing I’ve learnt is that in whatever you do, do it right or don’t do it at all. It’s important to keep consistency in your music.

Q: That song that reminds you of your first time with house music? 3. I can’t really pick one, but it would range from Worldless People – “Minority in Terms Of Thought”, Cerca De Mi by Raul Midon, Mr Fingers –“ What about this love”, and many more. So I would say it’s more of the collective of so many great records.

Q: What would you regard as the best payback from your craft? 8. Being able to love my work, from completion to years after. If I release anything and I loose love for it as time passes, I won’t see the point of doing it. I do feel honored when people appreciate my music and give props, but If people weren’t doing that, I’d still be ok as long as I love my work and for me that’s the most rewarding thing about being an artist.

Q: What inspires and influences your idea of good music? 4. Jazz has been a great influence to my music although I grew up a classical music singer. I believe jazz is the foundation of all genres. For a few years now I’ve been a big lover of horns, so from big band music to afrobeat, big or small horn sections, and anything that had nice horn stabs to it. Naturally these elements will somehow feed my productions.

Q: How do you feel about growth as a musician? 5. To be honest I don’t know how I feel about it, we all want to grow somehow, that much I know. But I also know that it’s important to always do what you love, regardless of growth.

Q: Selecting the right set for a show is part of the journey to an awesome night for you and the crowed, how do you ensure that this journey is enjoyable for you and your crowed? 6. My sets are musical; you’d expect a lot of vocals, jazzy instrumentals, smooth, subtle, and generally well-produced music. When I go to any gig, I’ve got two or three tracks that I’m sure I’m going to play, most of the time it’s tracks I just completed or a nice promo I just received or just a track I know won’t be played by other DJs. All of these tracks could have a different feel or energy from one another, so then I find other tracks to complete the transition between the different feels or energies. So in some way, yes I do plan it that way. 74


Q: There are many budding young musicians, what advice would you give them in order to succeed? 9. Do what you love and be honest about it. I mean it’s clear that the industry is not what it used to be, unfortunately there aren’t any guarantees to making it, even if you’re a good artist. So we all need to accept that we might go for ten or fifteen years before we get good financial results, or even not. But money isn’t what makes us as artists, so if the situation is the “Not” one, I’m still going to be a happy artist, I’m still going to be making tunes twenty years from now. Q: For the near future, what can we expect from you? 10. For now it would be two or maybe even three singles I want to put out this year, as well as a couple of more remixes. Eventually I will release an album, it might be next year(hopefully) or the year after. Q: You don’t leave the house without… 11. Weekdays the first thing would be my laptop, I always want to do some work whenever I can, either that or it’s my phone. By: Zinzi Jim





DM: Who is Lilac Jeans and how did the name come about? Lilac Jeans is a duo made up of Menu and Floyd, we produce, remix and DJ. We are house music performers. We are both from South Africa, west side of Soweto. The name Lilac Jeans was inspired by a flower called Lilac Flower, which we felt represents our characters. The first time we came across the flower we immediately realised that it has powerful elements and we took some time researching it until we found that as per our own interpretation, it symbolizes the joined hands of two tribal elders, who had a lifelong friendship with each other, thereby bringing peace to their people (otherwise meaning brotherhood) and that’s why we are here, we are here to bring peace, love and happiness to the world.



DM: Has House Music always been part of your life and how were you introduced to the genre? MENU: Oh yes! A big YES! Lol...House music is our inspiration. We say this because you find different genres in house music there’s gospel, RnB, Jazz, Deep, and Deep Tech/Club the list is endless. Some countries are still introducing new styles so the categories are still growing. Floyd: House music was always part of our living; we used to collect records back in 2005 and played them on vinyl. We were introduced to the genre by the likes of DJ Monde, Iggy Smallz, Glen Lewis, DJ Khabzela and DJ Fresh. Hahaha…you’re reminding me of something that happened just a month ago, Menu and I were laughing at each other talking about how we used to record songs on cassettes when other DJ’s played their mixes on Y-FM. We still even have some of the cassettes. These DJ’s played a huge role in South Africa introducing good quality music and they actually planted a seed for us Lilac Jeans. Menu: I would like to mention as well, that house music as a genre encouraged us to further our music studies and as a result are still studying musical instruments and the music business. DM: The song that made you fall in love with House Music? Menu: We both have different songs, but love both of these songs, without a doubt it has to be Blaze – “Most precious love” for me. Floyd: Mood II Swing Feat. Loni Clarke – “Searching” DM: What elements inspire the music you’ve grown to listen to and produce, and why? We love anything with a progressive rhythm, chords, melodies, well written lyrics and properly arranged. A song that has the elements we mentioned is timeless because it can spark emotions within people compelling them to sing along. The reason why Jazz is the highest form of music is because it has all these elements.


DM: You are underground DJs, how do you feel about the transition of underground DJ’s over the years? Menu: House music has grown there’s a lot of DJ’s and producers now, compared to 10 or 20 years ago and that shows that there’s a lot of music for different markets and the growth of technology has made it easier for the new generation to release their music and play their music with new hardware or software introduced by different engineers. At the moment some of the records being produced are minimal or diatonic. I think we as young producers coming through need to go back and re-evaluate older tracks, otherwise all that kids will know about is the tech side of things. We have to move the scene forward but also keep looking back so that South African house music can penetrate other countries. Our country is growing, but we do need to know more about music, even if it’s just simple basics, knowing music notes, Treble Clef & Bass Clef, the theory of music! It can help. Floyd: Underground has become big, the crowd is huge. Digital music age is definitely the way now, but I think the formula is quite strange from the original make-up of the music business. The form of music business that was there before, it’s gone! I feel it’s dead, piracy killed the real business. It’s kind of a sad thing that you have so many labels popping up, it’s like they have new artists, new producers that are not really musicians or producers. No one’s really taking the role of quality assurance, I would say. Anyone can put a record out, or have a label, there’s no overhead, there’s no promotion outside of the digital site. The song is Top 10 because they sold 200 downloads! There’s not much structure. Promoters no longer promote the good DJ’s or musicians. If funding could be put into place to promote good producers and artists we might see a change. But we are proud of the energy and force that the young guys are putting at the moment to raise the South African flag. 81

DM: Take me through the journey of a typical set you would play and how you think track selection is important in winning different people and making them feel in united? Floyd: Our set is live, we both play on decks and keyboards. We play our songs live and fuse with some new records. We play soulful, jazzy, deep and club to accommodate the crowd. People enjoy it when they see us perform live. In some of the events we sometimes bring our vocalists, saxophonists and flute player and the crowd reaction is always exciting to see. Menu: It’s so humbling to see people going wild and some inspired when we are playing, like just having that connection with them is enough for us. DM: Any big name people you’ve worked with in the industry and how did they influence your work? Floyd: When we started we never thought that we would get the opportunity to work with a lot of talented producers, artists and music labels that have released a lot of good music. Our discography includes a number of producers, artists and labels: DJ Christos (SA), Justin Imperiale (USA), Jonny Montana (UK), Distant People (UK), Marco Finotelo (UK), Phil Marwood (USA), Rancido (USA), Hood Natives (SA), DJ Hypnosis (SA), Fiso Da Costa (SA), Darque (SA), House AFrika Records (SA), Peng Africa (UK), Patricia Edwards (USA), Effluence (USA), Sir Lsg (SA), Atomza from the band called The Muffinz (SA), Bongeziwe Mabandla (Sony music artist)(SA), Kojo Akusa & Lele X (SA), Lemon & Herb (SA), Ocha Records (USA), Sheer Records (SA), Soul Candi (SA), T-deep (SA), Cabana Recordings (USA), SK95 (SA), Soul Bay (SA), Fifth Element (SA), DJ Sgz (SA),TaIce (SA) e.t.c They all have taught us a lot in their diversity and the different elements that is part of their make-up.



DM: What’s the most rewarding thing about your craft? Menu: Hahaha…we have never been asked this question before. When you listen to our music you will be inspired and it’s not easy to forget the songs. To a budding underground DJ what advice would you give if they want to pursue DJying as a career? It’s easy to get into this game but to sustain it is difficult! Go to schoo, learn the instruments and software if you’re a producer. Go to a DJ school and it is important to know how the music business works. DM: Any future endeavours we can look forward to from you guys? We got a proposal from House Afrika records to release our album with them. We finished everything; it’s done, coming out in May/June. We are so excited about it we can’t wait until the whole of South Africa hears it. And there’s a number of remixes we are busy with Justin Imperiale, Hood Natives, Darque, Ta-Ice and many more, some are done. Next month our EP with Mr.Ngwenya, our saxophonist will be out with Peng Africa Records with remixes from the first lady of Jazz House, Paris Cesvette and Kojo Akusa and Lele X. It’s a great package for soul, Jazz and deep house lovers. DM: The one thing you don’t leave your house without? Menu: Pouch  Floyd: IPod  DM: House Music is a Feeling...? that you cannot stop. A lot of respect and peace it was a great interview from Lilac Jeans we love DeepMag!! By: Zinzi Jim

Bookings: 0793590865 84




Parov Stelar Trio - La Calatrava


Jorio feat. Jay RogriguezRomance(Sexy Saz Mix


Murat Tepeli- Workinstrugglin (SoulPhiction)


Samma Lone- Go


Blistic Soul- Art Of Music


Jorn Johansen- Turn to Love


DJ Mishakov- It’s Time(Deep Mix)


Vintage Soul feat. Slie- On MY Mind(Vintage soul- Furic Dub mix)


Henry Chow- Changes(Original mix)




Lilacjeans -


Elemental Breed- Mayan Reign




Mixed by: Deep house chronicles 8 Record label: Soul Candi Title: Thibo Tazz For the Deep house chronicles 8 series, Soul Candi decided to team up with the Cape Town house enthusiast Thiba Tazz and what a combination it is. The compilation is a soulful mix of haunting vocals and steady deep house productions that never get monotonous or steady. This is a compilation for the true music enthusiast who wants to listen and appreciate well composed and structured deep house while dancing the night away. The compilation weaves together like a well-oiled machine, moving from one track while never skipping a beat making it difficult for the listener to walk away. The likes of Miguel Migs feat Mechel Ndegeocello with “tonight” the Fred Everything lazy mix, Shur-I-Kan “joy” the original as well as Nathan G feat Alexander East “the promise” the luvbug mix being one of my favourites. As with all the Chronicles’ previous compilations, this is one to have in the collection rack.


Mixed by: Electro Candi 4 Record label: Soul Candi Title: 2lani the warrior, Adre Lodemann and Chris Jack If you haven’t watched 2lani the warrior or Chris Jack play live, you truly are missing out. So what does Soul Candi do, they bring us a brilliant 3 disc compilation with the talents of the two added with Adre Lodemann of Germany to the mix and comes out the 4th edition of the Soul Candi Electro Candi series. Unlike its chronicles series though, this hasn’t been as popular or certain in the direction to take, trying to bridge the gap between electro and deep. The DJ’s are each dedicated a disc with each disc being distinct to their style. 2lani has always been a bridge between the deep and techno sound and his disc encompasses that, but perhaps being more high tempo. Chris Jack though does it better, the finest mix of deep and techno has not sounded so good in a long time. Listening to the Chris disc, you dance; you sing and are moved indefinitely all at once. Andre Lodemann’s disc is made up of all self-produced tracks that are indicative to his style and will add a nice foreign touch to the 3 disc album that will give South African listeners a treat.

Mixed by: Nandi Record label: Soul Candi Title: Nandi She is most famous for her work with DJ Franky, collaborating with him on a number of tracks and blowing South Africans away with her vocal abilities. Nandi has always been vocal about her love for music and desire to put out solo work, so in 2012 that is exactly what she did, putting out a self-titled debut album, produced by Thabiso “thasman”Tsotetsi. We often celebrate the DJ’s and producers for the beautiful sound that is house music and very rarely pay tribute to the invaluable contribution by the vocalist who often proves to be the cherry on top to a beautiful track. This album for me is not just a triumph for Nandi, but a triumph for all house music vocalists. The album weaves in various genres, but with a deep house under tone, with some tracks purely dedicated to showcasing how her vocal ability is part of the finishing touches to any good house beat. Nandi’s voice is soft yet powerful with a soothing touch that adds a soulful feel to whatever she lends her voice to, accompanied by great production from the Thasman, a track you must know by now is “mnandi”, a great listen and wonderful album. 89



L iquid chefs Liquidchefs has the most intriguing vibe in Rosebank for over 21’s looking for a crazy night out with “the ladies” or “the guys”! It is situated in the middle of Rosebank mall. Maintaining Rosebank mall’s impeccable standards, ambiance and architectural structure, Liquidchefs has become a house hold name to those who love partying in Rosebank .It guarantees a great night out, to meet new people with different music preferences, unique fashion sense, drinking tolerance and personalities, you can spy your future wife or hubby from the bar or by showing off your dance moves on the dance floor. Whatever the case, there’s never a dull moment at liquidchefs.



The Venue

Aimed firmly at the rich kids and “ballers”, Liquidchef is made up of a large rectangle room with a long bar to one side of the room and a sitting and smoking area outside. The room is decorated in a stylish, hip and classy manner with red chairs all around and different colour tiles decorating the walls, with yellow couches and glass tables. This club is for the hip and happening who have found a way to redefine the meaning of the word “cool”. The advantage of going to liquidchefs is that their crowd control systems make it easy to enter the club without the hassle of waiting in long queues before getting in. There are also three large screens above the bar and one above the DJ booth showing visuals throughout the evening. The VIP area is subtle and classy with its blue couches situated just behind the DJ booth

The Atmosphere

A shot of middle age party rockers, a mix of bright young guys and girls and a dash of celebrity, liquidchefs attracts unashamedly a variety of people from varsity students, businessmen, hustlers and a few snap “back and tattoos” crowd, It’s as busy outside as it is inside if not more. If you are a party pooper who likes sitting on their bottoms and watching people dance this place is certainly not for you.

The Music

A blazing sound system and endearing DJ booth attracts an array of celebrity DJ’s including the likes of, Lulo cafe, Kent, Dj Zandi, Shordy skills, DJ Phobia and many more.


The Drink

The menu is usually placed on all the tables in the venue showcasing a variety of bottles and cocktails which are always available for the ladies and there are discounts on shots on different days. If you’ve never been to this sort of club you’ll probably complain about these prices, but those who are at home at liquidchefs will know the drill.

The Last Word

This club is not a place for party poopers and c*%k blockers who want to leave the party at 7pm or watch people have fun, liquidchefs attracts a large crowd which is ready to party. If you have money to spend and need a place to go have a party after a long week, make your way to liquidchefs and let the masses teach you how to dougie and get down.

By: Thembani Manganyi



Kiti house keepers

Date : 5th april Vanue : 17 bradford road bedfordview Damages : free before 8 - R50 at door

Epic easter

Date : 6th april Vanue : tsa kasi guest house Damages : R40

Any given sunday: charles webster Date : 31 march Vanue : New town house Damages : unknown

The warm up: lars behrenroth Date : 6th april Vanue : carfax Damages : R100 website tickets R150 at door


End of summer

Date : 6th april Vanue : vacca matta Damages : R100 at computickets R120 at door

1st annual thembisa dj festival Date : 31 march Vanue : moriting park Damages : R200




GADG E T R E V I E W MIXING WITH THE BEST numark M6USB M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel mixer. This club-style design not only works with any standard audio sources including turntables and CD players, but it also has a USB computer connection. When connected to your Mac or PC, the plug-and-play connection empowers you to mix in audio from music-player software and record your sets into virtually any audio recording application. Performance essentials include three-band EQ and LED metering per channel, a replaceable cross fader with slope control and you can assign any channel to either side of the cross fader. Price: R12000 source - numark iM9 The Numark iM9 is a 4-channel DJ mixer with digital effects, BPM detection and an iPod dock. It allows the DJ to record sets directly to an iPod or mix in tracks from iPod. Each of the four channels of the iM9 can be connected to vinyl turntables, CDs or any other line-level source. Each of the four input channels has a dedicated 3-band EQ. There are two phone line inputs for turntables, five RCA line inputs, balanced XLR outputs and master, booth and record RCA line outputs. The iM9 also has a dedicated Mic channel with XLR input, independent gain control and EQ. Price: R12000 100

Traktor Kontrol Z2+2 channel is a heavyduty Traktor Scratch Certified two-channel professional DJ mixer with on-board Traktor Pro 2.6 MIDI controls for many of the advanced DJ software features such as Loops, Remix Deck Slots, Hotcues, MacroFX and much more. There are four RCA Stereo Inputs (2 x Line, 2 x Phono), a RCA Aux input for any additional line level device such as an iPod or MP3 player and a quarterinch Mic Input. There is also a healthy number of outputs with a quarter-inch Booth Out, RCA Record Out and an XLR Main Out. There’s also a USB Port to connect to the computer and a two port USB Hub. Source: Vestax Pmc-289 Vestax Pmc 280 DJ Mixer With 16 effects on each of it’s 4 channels, the Vestax PMC-280 is a professional mixing controller that will allow you to perform in whatever style you choose. A high-spec DSP with 24/96 sampling provides immediate response and a selection of input faders and cross-faders add a smooth level of control.

By: Mashudu Modau 101





t’s finally here ladies and gents, the alpha and the omega of cool cars. The new golf is 4.255m long, 2.027m wide, 1.452m tall, has a wheel base of 2.637m- yeah like we care, all we know is IT LOOKS F*%&$N COOL. Trying to find improvements from the old golf to the new golf is much like a game of “spot the difference”, but nonetheless it is something of a wonder. A total restyle of the interior results in a bigger infotainment touch screen, redesigned seats for maximum comfort, a completely revised sound and entertainment system that includes Bluetooth telephone connection and USB interface. The outside is classic Golf, the smoothest lines and sexiest grill and most stylish lights that incorporate innovative lighting technology. With a starting price of R233 800, you’ll be happy to know the new golf consumes a whole lot less fuel -in these tough times, that’s a huge bonus, but then again, anyone who can afford to buy the new golf, should not be all too worried about the fuel price. By: Mashudu Modau






his is one handy app, if you’re the kind of love struck moron that walks around trying to learn song’s lyrics. Oh excuse my sarcasm, it can also be used to dedicate songs via the radio- what ass-holism is this? I thought we left such habits in the pre-apocalyptic era of the 2000’s when being “lovey- dovey” was the “bomb diggidy”. Functions: -The app can be used as an alternative to your phones default music player. -While playing a song the lyrics of the song scroll down the screen in sync with the music. Unfortunately this feature doesn’t always work because the publishers removed the lyrics, but it still tries hard -The app can also stream radio and can be used to dedicate songs to friends via Facebook and twitter. Overall it’s an app for the sweetest, softest and most sentimental of people, there’s nothing wrong with being all those things. If you are a sucker for good lyrics and dedications via radiothis is the app for you.

P O S T E R S 


F L Y E R S C O - O P E R A T E G I F T S  T - S H I R T S

Devices: iPhone, Android, Windows phone, Nokia Cost: totally free By: Mashudu Modau


“You name it, we print it.”

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editors letter

H ELLO I am so excited with the new season kicking in. It’s a beautiful time to start preparing for those cold days and nights ahead and you all know what that means for all my fashionistas, more layers as we kiss the summer season goodbye.



I was in total awe while attending the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, seeing the latest trends that will inspire our every day styles on the ramp which will transpire on the streets, was truly inspiring. I was inspired by Fabiani’s menswear collection, which was the closing show for the evening and wowed the crowds with it’s masculine autumn winter look, fitted and playful with accessories, not forgetting the Foschini Fast Track Designers who showed the world what they are made off. Although some of them need some fine tuning, I was proud to see

young South Africans showing their creations to the world. Amongst them was a good friend of mine Tzvi Karp who has garnered a lot of respect from amongst us, friends of his. I was stunned at the path he took when showcasing his creations of colorful twotoned leggings, fur and 3D glasses something truly remarkable at the so often serious and formal fashion shows, he broke it down to a fun evening. Amongst the many other talents showing were renowned designers such as Suzaan Heyns , Gavin Rajah and many more. With all that said and done, I was inspired more by the power of fashion items and how wearing a great outfit means nothing without one fantastic item, this is the knowledge I give back from what I learnt from fashion week. In our sixth amazing issue of Deep magazine I give you “the power of three” and don’t get it twisted, the three crucial items in your outfit all depend on your taste. See you again next issue. Guy hardy Fashion editor


FASHION REVIEW Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses @YDE R150 Linen-Chambray Shirt @ Markham R299 Suede Chukka Boots @ Aldo R699

Stud Muffin Grey Jacket @Zando R599 black leather skirt @Rage R195 Gold Clutch @Legit R250



THE DESERT BOOT OR VELD SKOEN V eldskoen are Southern African walking shoes made from veg tanned leather or soft rawhide, calfskin or suede uppers attached to a leather foot bed and rubber sole without tacks, they are usually made from calfskin or suede, although they have also been made from more exotic materials such as crocodile. The name originates from the Afrikaans word vel “skin” later assimilated to veld “field” and


their design is believed to be based on the traditional Khoisan footwear. They are sometimes considered light boots, although their top line is considerably lower than those of turf boots , which are otherwise similar. Veldskoen soles are sometimes cut from old car tyres rather than crepe rubber they are very durable and can with stand very harsh weather conditions. Another name for these perfect shoes is Dessert boots or chukka boots.




e is down to earth, very friendly and he goes by the name Sikhululo Maliwa aka LuloCafe. Very good at what he does, very good looking as you can tell, he is the type of guy that perfectly fits the DJ Fashionista profile. Lulo exudes a mix of confidence, charm, self –assurance, with a touch of humility. He has been dubbed one of the more cool fashionable DJ’s on the scene, he is an ambassador for one of SA’s popular urban hip hop culture clothing brands, Head Honcho which keeps him forever fresh whenever he steps onto the decks to do what he’s most passionate about. He kills the whole t-shirt, jeans and sneaker vibe which is not crazy fashion just mild and not attention seeking like some like to do. He has shown his fashion savvy though many times at awards shows like the METRO FM and SAMA awards where he never disappoints with his impeccably tailored suits. He has even confessed on radio about his fetish for designer brands and shopping for music, between you and me a man has to have his indulgence. To get in touch with Lulo visit: Photo courtesy of:

lulocafe 114





fashion blog can cover many things such as specific items of clothing and accessories, trends in various apparel markets, celebrity fashion choices and street fashion trends, etc. Fashion is covered at all levels from the biggest names to the smallest indie designers. Many fashion blogs could also be categorised as shopping blogs, since most of the conversation is shopping advice, liberally laced with consumer recommendations. This is very similar to the content of fashion magazines. Some retailers in the fashion industry have even started blogs of their own to promote their products. Blogs that only occasionally mention fashion are not categorised as fashion blogs, although they may be labelled by the blogger as such. The advantage of being a great Blogger often leads to becoming a stylist, becoming a designer or joining a huge fashion house. Blogging could be the future of fashion. Bloggers represent a new generation of really collaborative, amazing creators that are ready to challenge the world of fashion







and it’s norms whether it’s through GIFs, photography, illustration or street style Blogging has become a trend itself, opening doors of creativity everywhere you go for many, you start talking to someone for five minutes and they have this new app idea or blog idea. A real living can be made from this believe it or not , it’s tough, but if you work really hard you can create a business, if you’re smart about it and have something real to say” Said Trevor Stuurman, Style reporter for ELLE magazine. I am excited to tell you about 5 bloggers who I think are very creative at conceptualizing their work and projecting what they feel and hope to inspire, starting with Zinhle Mncube “Zee Fashionista”, Anthony Bila-“The Expressionist”, Thithi Nteta “Teeteeiswithme”, “What my Boyriend wore” and “I love fashion”. 117


If you must know anything about me, it is that my ambition knows no bounds. I am a Journalism graduate, Philosophy Honours degree holding, soonto-be Philosophy Masters student, writer, journalist and blogger with a serious penchant for fashion, style, art, hip hop and sports. Carine Roitfeld, Hedi Slimane, Pharrell, A$AP, Kendrick, Kanye, Iggy, Azealia, Kreayshawn, Vashtie, Rihanna and Anna Dello Russo are just some of the people I am inspired by. My heart is South African, my soul leans towards Europe, but is married to America. I will create the dopest stuff ever. This blog is just an inch of my canvas. Onwards and upwards - that’s where I’m going. Let’s paint. Words by: ZEE fashionista

TEE TEE Stylist and personal shopper, brand and marketing consultant, publicist and sometimes graphic designer Thithi Nteta has a CV that reads like a messy love story with multiple lovers. Having worked at Cosmopolitan Magazine and for fashion PR agency Styling Concepts on the Nike Sportswear, True Religion and Max Mara and Gerard Darel accounts, fashion seems to be where her heart lies. With a love for words, it is no surprise that she has written a couple of words for the print versions of magazine’s such as Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Voila and Cleo Magazine. Glamour Magazine’s website has regularly looked to her as a contributor and she has also styled some celebrity looks for “A Fashion Friend”, created looks for 5fm’s Poppy and Erica Elle and is currently one of Jameson Whiskey’s The Thread’s style spotters alongside other cultural documenters. Having recently left her role as regional marketing manager at Red Bull South Africa, she currently works as a freelance jack of all trades. With a background that covers broadcast design and production, event management, publicity and PR, Thithi still finds time to share on A mere exploration of the things she loves, she covers everything from her first love, fashion, to beauty, music, art, design, parties and events.

THE EXPRESSIONIST Simply put, I’m complicated. More than that, I’m a South African. I love being creative, the opportunity to express myself is what I treasure most. That manifests itself in various forms. As a blogger, artist, photographer, writer, painter and so much more. This is my journey, come with me and enjoy the ride. But be warned, it might get complicated. It’s that simple Words by: The Expressionist











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Deep magazine (issue 6)  
Deep magazine (issue 6)  

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