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Exploring Form

Exploring Form

Contributors: The Coastal Team (Sophia Basaldua, Kimberly Davies, Tandy Versyp, Mojo Roberts, TiEsha Cobin, Dabarie Satterfield), Gino Orlandi, & Sarah Bates Note: I have always felt like this should be the first lesson in the book—thematically speaking, it is a perfect introduction to writing. However, it is extremely challenging conceptually, and I have found that it only works later on in the course. Students need to be comfortable with writing before this lesson clicks into place. To show students that writing comes in many shapes and sizes; to help students learn to choose forms that fit their message; to have students take ownership of their work. Optional Free Write Topic: Finish the sentence “I am…” in as many different ways as you can.

Personifying Forms


Step One: Begin this lesson with a big, blank white board. Tell students that there are more kinds of writing that you can possibly count, but today you’re going to list as many as you can. Write a few obvious examples on the board: “We can write poems, right? And short stories?” After getting the basics down, start tossing out unexpected forms to get students thinking outside the box: - Facebook wall post - Rap lyrics - Greeting card - Twitter tweets - Scientific essay - Craigslist wanted ad - Recipe - TV script Once you get the kids rolling, hand out several markers and have students write their own ideas on the board. Tell them to hand their marker to another student once they’re done. Keep going until every student has added at least one form of writing to the list.

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