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What is Poetry? What is Poetry? To define poetry; to get students excited about writing poetry; to break the habit of rhyme; to practice specificity. Optional Free Write Topic: Write about a photograph you have taken.



Step One: Show students a photo of Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” and explain that Duchamp is a wacky French artist who took this urinal and put it in a museum:



Step Two: Encourage a lively debate on whether or not Duchamp’s urinal is art. Play

devil’s advocate to the prevailing opinion; if they say, “No, it’s not art!” then counter with questions like “How do you know? Do you have to make it for it to be art? What if he took a picture of the urinal instead? Could that photograph be called art? Putting a urinal in a museum makes you think, doesn’t it? Isn’t that the point of art? And why can’t we call this a sculpture? It’s made out of porcelain, isn’t it? Someone designed it, didn’t they? Doesn’t that make it a sculpture?”

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