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Laptop furniture Simple furniture design

Materials fixtures & finishing: Structure --- ms steel rods of 25 mm MDF for seating and laptop stand Rubber buffers and pipe ends. C clamps for fixtures enamel paint for finishing cream – for the steel structure light buff – for the seating and laptop stand

Concept: To design a furniture suitable for exterior use of minimum materials use of minimum structural members making it portable and light weight since the furniture is for the maximum usage of 45 minutes the seating position is ‘sit-stand’

Improvisations: the height can be reduced for more comfortable a foot rest can be added the length of the horizontal pipe members which stands on the floor can be increased for more stability

Primary rural school furniture Folding furniture design

To design a furniture with simple folding options and creating simple folding mechanism Need : Smaller classrooms Students keep shifting classes from indoor to outdoor( under trees) Lack of furniture Light weight easily movable by kids easy handled by kids Easily stackable for storage simple folding mechanism

Beach View furniture Outdoor Furniture design

Beach View furniture | Outdoor Furniture design

The project is to develop outdoor furniture for beach view on ECR road in chennaai. The project was done during the internship under Shakthi ganapathy design Studio . Project construction method - Hand crafted

Type : Outdoor furniture Activity : Beach view Duration : Varies Material : Burma teak , White cedar, M.S.sheet, concrete Site : Chennai, ECR

Burma teak

White Cedar

Wooden dowels

Ms steel Plate


Exploded view

Beach View furniture | Outdoor Furniture design

Sit stand stool Form from Nature

Sit Stand Stool | Form from Nature

Inspiration - Praying mantis Striking attributes : Tensile legs Heavy body Spikes Green color Triangular head with antenna Translation into concept : Variety in its form, each part has a standalone character Tensile base though very strong

Visually imbalanced physically balanced. Structure : Sleek body (the seat ) looks elevated because of its tensile legs Variety in materials (cushion foam, steel, MDF) Thin steel legs and bulky MDF/Wood seat looks visually imbalances yet physically balanced

Backpacking Stool Form for Personality

Inspiration - Che guevara Adjectives associated with Che guevara :

A hypothetical project; a furniture for Che guevara. After carefully studying his characteristics passion and lifestyle a stool has been designed for him. The form follows his striking attributes and the function supports his lifestyle.

Bold Courage Raw Rustic Rugged Hard Green Gadget Translation into concept : Foldable Backpacking Rawwood Leather Geometric Rigid

Furniture : A foldable light weight stool, which he can carry it in his back clutched to his front while he keep going the adventure inside the woods. The materials raw wood leather and geomtric shape shows his rugged bold honest nature.

Backpacking stool| Form for person-

Hotel Patang - Lobby redesign Spatial & furniture design

Waiting area redesign |Spatial Design

Redesign of the waiting area at the ground floor of the tall roveolving restaurant “Patang� at Ahmedabad. Its a Landmark in Ahmedabad with Rigid concrete structure showing the City panoramic view situated near the river Sabarmathi.

Waiting area redesign |Spatial Design

Waiting area redesign |Spatial Design

Waiting area redesign |Spatial Design

“Research shows that people who skip breakfast frequently consume a greater number of calories throughout the day than those who start the day with a meal,� says Samantha Heller, MS, RD, senior clinical nutritionist at New York University Medical Center. Studies also report that those who eat breakfast think better, start their day in a better mood, and have more energy to burn, Heller says. In this busy world it has become a regular proactice of skipping breakfast especially among the adults who are rushing to their educational institutes or for work. This research shows the importance of breakfast, and a system level understanding of breakfast for people. The solution outcomes as follows; * Healthy breakfast menu * A business model (Brekafast kiosk chains) * Branding & Identity * Packaging * Kiosk design * Interface design

Breakfast design research System design & design research

System design research

B Plan

System design research

Branding & Identity


System design research


concept v roll wraps

For packaging food items that can be rolled up, this paper packaging can be un coiled all the way to the last bite. for packaging food items that can be rolled up, this paperpackaging collapses by pulling down a thread while eating

concept Iv twin tumblers

with space to fix on the hand while eating on-the-go


System design research


Beroom Furniture Digital fabrication

Wadrobe Concepts - Digital Fabrication

Concepts development of marketable, atypical Bedroom furniture which can be easily manufactured by digital process and suitable for customized modular units in apartments and residences. All the concepts are developed considering board and metal as primary elements.

A wardrobe unit - elevation

Side elevation

One module - elevation

A wardrobe unit - Plan One module - plan


Wadrobe Concepts - Digital Fabrication

Type : open / closed carcass optional ; unisex Materials : boards (Bison / Plywood ) each module is made of one vertical board & a foot shelf attached to it. the width of the unit varies from 45,60,90,120 mm. The vertical pieces are punched wid holes at both the ends for shelving screws.

A wardrobe unit - Plan The steel section where the side panel is fixed using screws

The side panel

The shelf panel Side elevation

A wardrobe unit - elevation

Wadrobe Concepts - Digital Fabrication

Type : open / closed carcass optional ; unisex Materials : boards (Bison / Plywood ) The concept has three main parts, the frame (steel sections) , the beams (side panels) , the Shelf panel, The steel section has holes drilled at regular interval for fixing the side panels on which the shelving panel rests on.

side view showing the grid width and the grove depth . the depth of the groves can be made according to the market available rail depth

Atypical rail with single slot

the cut piece from the rail

Closer look of grids where the rail pieces are attached

detail of single & double slot rails The grid wall made up of 2cm thick board

Wadrobe Concepts - Digital Fabrication

The grid wall made up of 2cm thick board

Closer look of grids where the rail pieces are attached

Closer look of grids where the brackets are attached

The grid wall showing shelves attached through brackets

the grid wall with out brackets

Type : open / closed carcass optional ; unisex Materials : boards (Bison / Plywood/MDF ) / The concept is grid wall system where the grids are made by making depth at regular intervals of 150mm. The cut pieces of wardrobe rails wid bracket slots are fixed in to these grid junctions, so the brackets can be fixed at any flexible module (i.e each shelf width height will be multiples of 150mm )

Bed Concepts - Digital Fabrication

Strings Material - Board material (Ply, Bison) Stainless steel , bed slats.

Bed Concepts - Digital Fabrication

FramedMaterial - Board material (Ply, Bison), Teak wood for bed slats

Bed Concepts - Digital Fabrication

Space framesMaterial - Board material (Ply, Bison), Teak wood , Space frames

Bed Concepts - Digital Fabrication

ChamfersMaterial - Board material (Ply, Bison), Teak wood , Mild steel

Closest closet Morning ritual - TU delft University - Product design Approach

Closest closet - Product design approach

Description Closet with dresser , mirror, personal organiser, health care and self care helper. Gives headsup for my user’s health conditions, gives a hand in dressing up & grooming quick in the morning, provides tips on lifestyle and gives some time on her own. Design Challenge I want ‘married working women’ to spend time on self care because selfcare helps them to have a stress reduced confident healthy day to start, also helps the people in their social circle.

Drafting table & Stool Custom made - Architectural Instition furniture

Description To design a drafting table and drafting stool, customised for the students of Cheran School of Architecture. The Furniture should be hard to move, easily manufactured from local manufacturing units. Materials - Plywood, Mild steel channels, rods, plates An intensive study was made on the user ergonomics and interaction with the present furniture and with the ouotcomes the concepts has been designed.

The prototype

Recycled materials Furnitures from Cardboard and waste woods


I'm Deepika Thangavelu an Architect and designer. Here is my portfolio. Kindly go through my works and let me know your views.


I'm Deepika Thangavelu an Architect and designer. Here is my portfolio. Kindly go through my works and let me know your views.