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a deeper breath has aligned a team of experienced, certified/trained yoga instructors and nutritional health advisors to educate, inspire and bring balance and harmony back into the busy worlds of today‘s professionals. We are simply about keeping it simple

Urban lifestyles today require balance; balance for both physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Whether new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, our classes are designed to enlighten, engage and energize all students through a variety of yoga disciplines, informed nutrition counseling and holistic living. The benefits of optimal health in an optimal location

The health coaching programs offered through a deeper breath provide your buildings’ employees with an easy and fun alternative for exercise, better living and wellness. Tailored and fun classes, easy scheduling and multiple times all offered within a professional, supportive and convenient environment: your building. The result? A heightened sense of community at your property, improved health and productivity for tenants and their employees. All achieved through your corporate philosophy for doing good. Now take a deeper breath; your businesses will feel and perform better.

a deeper breath Class and fee schedule

Building program fee: •

6 Sessions, $1,500 Individual classes thereafter:

• $10.00

per student per session

• no

cost to landlord

• landlord

to provide a clean and vacant space

Typical program: •4

yoga/meditation classes, 2 healthy living/nutrition classes

Suggested class times: • 7:45 am • one

- 8:45 am, 12 - 1 pm, 5:15 - 6:15 pm

day a week select your day and time

a deeper breath What we do and what you do

A valuable building amenity that facilitates tenant retention at a low cost What a deeper breath will provide:

What the building will provide: •

a clean, vacant space

yoga mats for a $2 per class rental fee

proof of insurance naming ”a deeper breath” as an additional insured

customized flyer(s), memo and participant waivers

distribution of memo and flyer to tenants

What students will provide:

yoga mat, towel and comfortable, loose fitting clothing • executed waiver •

A Deeper Breath  

Corporate Wellness Program