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Complement your House with multi-colored Carpets & Shaggy Rugs at Home by Freedom Witness the change in modern home dĂŠcor with the ultra luxurious range of multi-colored carpets and shaggy rugs presented by home by freedom. Home by freedom has got the backing of the famous Oriental Rug & co which has been in the international market for more than 15years. We provide a wide range of superior quality carpets and endless choices to choose from. Experience the soft texture of these carpets which gently caresses your feet and has a soothing effect on your senses. Get entrapped in the intricate multitude solid color patterns of the multi colored carpet range. Let these carpets reflect your jovial personality and embrace your living room or bedroom. We provide a wide range of colors to suit your interior.

Buy elegant carpets from our online portal and get engrossed in their vivid patterns. You can clean the carpet without diminishing the quality of the carpet. It is made of polyester pile which makes it fade resistance, and gives it a rich high quality appearance. We provide free shipping facilities on purchase of Rs 2000/ or above anywhere in India. For easy

maintenance you can refer to the carpet care instructions provided at our online website. Along with the carpet you can add our amazing collection of shaggy rugs to your home decor. The shaggy rugs would be a great addition to suit your ultra sophisticated lifestyle. These shaggy rugs are crafted for perfection and it’s a delight to place them as a prized possession in your home. The polyester pile structure gives the shaggy rug a soft texture feel and gives it a luxurious appeal. The shrugs come in three distinct sizes i.e. 80 × 150, 120 × 170, 150 × 230. Give your personal space that one piece of décor which speaks for itself. The shaggy rugs shine out as the most striking feature of your décor. You can place order online and make payments either online or cash on delivery. The shipping takes around 3-7 days and delivers the product at your door step. Let the rug compliment the setting of your room and add a tinge of sophistication to it.

Buy these shaggy rugs from our online portal and let people go green with envy. You can gift these to your friends and relatives by simply mentioning there mailing address while placing the order. Our carpets come in seven distinct shades which are: Fuchsia, chocolate, cream, green, plum, silver and taupe.

They are absolutely hard to resist, even your guests would want them. Glam up your entire room with this rug and win accolades from visitors, this is one piece of dĂŠcor which no one would like to miss. It is 100% polyester pile and is handmade; the pile structure makes the color uniform and consistent. It is a beautiful piece of dĂŠcor made from the amalgamation of various qualities like softness, ultra lush texture, comfort and lastly style to cover your floor space. We provide secured gateways for safe online transaction. Deepanshu Sharma, Creative writer and brand promoter for Home By Freedom online portal. Currently, he is writing on various topics related to home dĂŠcor products like the colorful carpets & shaggy rugs, bed sheets, bed covers, bath mats others. For more information please visit our official website

Multi colored carpets & shaggy rugs  
Multi colored carpets & shaggy rugs  

Home By Freedom offer online multi colored carpets and shaggy rugs for modern home decor in wide range.