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PROJECT 1 Duration: 16 weeks

COMMUNICATION DEVICE FOR YOUNGSTERS MAIN CHALLENGES. The Phone was made as a part of the diploma project at HAIER TELECOM, which is currently known as OLIVE TELECOM. The brief of the project was to design a communication device for youngsters focusing mainly for people primarily in India. The design should grab attention among the target group and the phone operating system is based on Android.


Initially what happened was, DESIGN PROCESS








Research says -By age and gender 98 RESPONDENTS ACROSS 4 CITIES

Under 18

One of every 8 users under the age of 18 rarely talks on their phone. Teenagers make optimum use of their camera The most frequent used feature of the mobile is the music player among youngsters. The least used feature is e-mail

18-24 Half of those who are aged 18-24 use an IM service daily. Podcasts are mostly ignored by this age group. Exploring new places is something people aged 18-24 do quite often.

33-41 Nearly 90% of the people in this group make calls on a daily basis. They also send or receive the e-mail constantly.


If you are in this group, you probably know the songs since you hardly use song recognition. The organiser however is one if the most popular feature in this age group.

50+ 25-32 Over 60% of users above 25 years use IM daily. the applications of map and navigation is the most commonly used features in this age group.


Watching videos is more popular active amongst men Men take way more photos and videos than women. Men use digital maps and SatNav on their phones much more frequently than women.

Women Four out of five women text daily. While another 17.3% do it too, only less regularly. Women use the special camera shooting modes (panorama, HDR etc.) Way more than men.

Only one in four users engages in social networking through their handset daily. Majority of this age group use their camera once a week Audio books and mobile movie watching are not very popular amongst this age group

Another feature used on day to bases is the alarm clock


Concept Renders, The design team had picked these 3 concepts for further suggestions from the peer teams.

Scope for Improvement This concept was given a nod for further refinement with in response to a internal survey conducted by the marketing department.


What goes Inside, The stacking dimensions and/or the part number cannot be displayed as per the company policy. The colours shown are not as part of the standard equipment.


Final Design,

The phone is a SEMI QWERTY touch and type. The SEMI QWERTY keypad makes typing faster and convenient. The keypad sizes are ergonomically considered, so that even during winter, with your gloves on, you don’t miss hit the keys. To maximise the visibility at outdoors during sunny days, the screen runs on Liquid Graphics technology touch screen with instant response times, fluid animations and a stunning display. The phone supports HSPA/WCDMA and the upload speed of up to 2 Mbps and download speed of up to 7.2 Mbps.





PROJECT 2 Duration: 4 weeks

USB INTERNET MODEM MAIN CHALLENGES. The brief was a one liner, “Design a USB internet stick for youngsters, especially for college goers”.


When the focus was on the youngsters, the issues to be addressed here was the cost of the product. Lesser the cost, happier the consumer. The parallel products available in the market had more or less the same kind of sticks, so the focus here was to make the internet stick more interesting, increase the interaction between the product and the user and to make the user feel WOW.


The Design The Idea was from the action of rotating keychains among the users. The product has a donut at one end which has a functional use when plugged in and we can play with it once its unplugged.

The smiley was a part of the concept which was removed in the later part of the design process.


Signal strength notifier

This option can be switched ON/OFF from the dialer setting panel


Material The material we chose was PC (Polycarbonate). This is a paint free product, we are using the natural colour options we get out of plastic. Thus, reducing the product cost.






PROJECT 3 Duration: 3 weeks

PACKAGING FOR SOLAR LAMPS MAIN CHALLENGES. As a part of internship at Crompton Greaves Limited, Mumbai, The brief was to focus on the way to decrease the shipping cost of the product by increasing the number of products in a ocean container. Currently the product is been shipped to different countries and they make another packaging bundling all the parts.


How the system works,

Primary packaging

Secondary packaging

Gets loaded onto ocean containers

Gets shipped


Inside the container,

Legends Solar Panel

User Manual


No of Shipment Solar lamp - 8000 Solar panel - 8000 Accessory - 8000 battery

Pattern of arrangement


Redesigned Structure,


Inside the box,

Breathing Space Dimensions: All are in mm 220

User Manual


Solar Panel

Honeycomb Board Solar Lamp


Inside the container,

No of Shipment Product: 12000 nos

Pattern of arrangement




PROJECT 4 Duration: 2 weeks

RESEARCH ON HOME LIGHTINGS MAIN CHALLENGES. As a part of internship at Crompton Greaves Limited, Mumbai, The brief was to conduct a market and user research on Home lightings, to tap in the opportunity areas and to suggest the design directions. The target audience were middle and high income sector


Document Click on the book to read it in detail


Hypothetical Project



PROJECT 5 Duration: 2 weeks

WEBER’S SMOKEY JOE MAIN CHALLENGES. The brief the project was to take a slow moving product from the market and re-make the product only by changing the details such as knobs, stands, handles etc. Here the product taken is Weber’s ‘Smokey joe’ portable barbeque. After an user research and the problem analysed, the handle, stand, and the inlet and exhaust vent were re designed


Existing Design, Areas for Improvement


Redesigned Design,


Teamed up with Muthiah Kasi


PROJECT 6 Duration: 3 weeks

Packaging for Aroma Diyas MAIN CHALLENGES. An Indian product with traditional symbolism was the starting point of our quest for an item to be packaged even better if this can be portrayed to an international audience, celebrating all that we are as a nation, as a community, as a culture.

Sensual Aroma Diya Stimulates a sweet-spicy Fragrance of Cinnamon and Lavender. Tejus , 235 Opanakarar st Coimbatore 641034

MRP Rs 300 26

The Product Aroma Diyas (Scented Indian Candle)

Terracotta diya’s have a strong presence in Indian culture. Transcending generations and trends, diya’s are few of the traditional symbols, still relevant in today’s context. The ambience of celebration is never complete without lighting a few diyas. Export to international market (largely constituted by NRI’s) is ever growing with people discovering the warm comfort in ‘their roots’. Discovered as an ideal ‘Corporate gift’, it is viable economically, has strong connections with good occassions and happy festive times. In the gift sector, it has multiple oppurtunities; during festive times, celebrations and as return gifts.


Stimulates a sweet-spicy Fragrance of Cinnamon and Lavender. Tejus , 235 Opanakarar st Coimbatore 641034

MRP Rs 300

This long-lasting fragrance lingers in the air while its pleasing contour adds instant ambiance.

Tejus; That’s what we named

Know more about Tejus and how you can contribute to the Craft at More of our products available for you online.

Sensual Aroma Diya Stimulates a sweet-spicy Fragrance of Cinnamon and Lavender. Tejus , 235 Opanakarar st Coimbatore 641034

MRP Rs 300

This long-lasting fragrance lingers in the air while its pleasing contour adds instant ambiance. Know more about Tejus and how you can contribute to the Craft at More of our products available for you online.


Final Artwork




PROJECT 7 Duration: 5 weeks

Electric Spray Gun MAIN CHALLENGES. Taken up as a part of my Classroom design project, The electric spray gun are for people who wish to spray insectides for their garden or paint the fence.This product is for home purposes. The benchmarked product was Pilot E88, so the challenge here was to come up with an efficient working principle and the look and feel of the product


The Product Electrical Spray gun


Redesigned Product




Deepak Sreedharan Nair +91 9943010123, Address: #16, K.S.R.T.C Layout, Chikkalsandra, Uttarahalli Main Road, Bangalore-560061


Bachelor of Industrial Design 2007-2011

Diploma in Automobile Engineering 2002-2005

10th Grade 2002

Ottakalmandapam, Coimbatore, India.

Ranguvanahalli, Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore, India

Chikkalsandra, Bangalore, India

Luwa India Limited, yeswanthpura, Bangalore, India Role: Project Assistant Duration: April 2005 - December 2006 Department: Research and development.

Crompton Greaves Limited, KanjurMarg, Mumbai, India Role: Design Intern Duration: May 2010 - June 2010. Department: Industrial Design Centre.

Haier/Olive Telecom, Gurgaon, Haryana, India Role: Project Trainee Duration: December 2010 - June 2011. Department: Global Design Centre.

KEY SKILLS: Research oriented approach. Fast conceptualization. Varied knowledge of Materials, Processes and Engineering. Aesthetics and form understanding. Product psychology and appeal.

CAREER OBJECTIVES: Enriching the experience in consumer durable products. Collaborate ideas towards packaging and styling. Respond to ergonomic hurdles. Contextual flexibility with reference to expenses and space. Sensitivity to clients need and approach.

MAJOR OBJECTIVES: Design Process Packaging Design Ergonomics Materials and manufacturing processes Display and control system Technically complex product development

D J Academy of Design,

Kammara Sangham Institute of Technology

Bangalore International Public School


SOFTWARE EXPERTISE: Level 1 Solid Works Autodesk AutoCAD 2006 Autodesk sketchbook Keyshot Adobe Indesign cs5

Afresh Thinking Design Consultants, Bangalore, India

Role: Junior Product Designer Duration: September 2011.

Level 2 Rhinoceros Adobe Illustrator Cs5 Adobe Photoshop Cs5


.THANK YOU. Deepak Sreedharan Nair 2012

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