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Designed with love in India



Asian Paints is India’s leading paint company with a group turnover of Rs 158.5 billion. The group has an enviable reputation in the corporate world forprofessionalism, fast track growth and building shareholder equity. Asian Paints operates in 19 countries and has 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world, servicing consumers in over 65 countries. Besides Asian Paints, the group operates around the world through its subsidiaries: Berger International Limited, Apco Coatings, SCIB Paints, Taubmans and Kadisco.

Global Indian. Creator. Curator. Surface specialist. Or simply all of Asian Paints’ expertise and experience in surfaces in one luminous offering: Nilaya.

In decorative paints, Asian Paints is present in all four segments: Interior Wall Finishes, Exterior Wall Finishes, Enamels and Wood Finishes. It also offers waterproofing, wallcoverings and adhesives in its product portfolio. In the Home Improvement and Décor category, the company is present in the Kitchen and Bath fittings sections and offers various products under the Sleek and Ess Ess brands respectively.

Nilaya does more than just clad – a Nilaya wall is an intimate expression - beautiful, atmosphere enhancing and enjoyable. And, therefore, necessarily, made of the best in design, technology, material, pattern and texture. An Indian soul that wanders the world, Nilaya celebrates design in every form, handpicking designs from global artistic traditions and curating from the world’s most renowned designers. With our in house Signature Series we create an anthology of IndianInternational patterns, eclectic and versatile. In this way, the world’s finest surfaces are brought to your doorstep wallcoverings, decals, borders and paintables. Long an expert on Indian conditions, Asian Paints creates climate proof products. Hence the existence of a specialized, ready to use Nilaya wallcovering adhesive and Asian Paints trained applicators equipped with the latest tools. So, welcome to Nilaya - to the wonders of walls transformed into the visions you dreamed of.

MOODS OF MONSOON fresh . ephemeral . fluid . natural Designed with love in India

SIGNATURES Signatures originates from Lab Nilaya, the creative core of the Nilaya brand. Drawing inspiration from the worlds’ infinite treasures, both man made and natural, our in-house designers seek to create one of a kind wallcoverings that enhance, beautify and generate real emotion, turning a space into a home. Presenting of Signatures: Volume 01 composed of two luminous collections in which water and an ancient art form play leading roles - Moods of Monsoon and Sea Escape.

Whiplashing storms quieting into silken threads. Downpours calling kids out to play. Hanging droplets, ribbons streaming through cracks, pooling in hollows. Patterns forming everywhere. A duet of water and earth. Welcome the Moods of the Monsoon. Inspired by the art of rain and earth and the Monsoon rains. Interpreted in old school techniques like watercolour and tie and dye in dark, moody monsoon shades and soft natural textures.

Rain Dance | Black on White | W056D322S75 Watery pin stripes in bold, soft edged strokes, recalling a gentle rain that soothes and stills. Combine with handwoven textiles, monochromes, statement accessories. A set of three variations include black on white, white on indigo and patina on beige.

White on Indigo W056D324S75

Patina on Beige W056D325S75

April Showers | Indigo on White | W056D321S75 A light abstract look inspired by rain lit by sunbeams. Delicate lines swept with gentle brush strokes create a relaxed design. Select from a duet of shades – indigo on white or madder on beige.

Madder on Beige W056D323S75

Soak | Black on White | W056D317S75 Abstract modernism emerges out of a simple tie and dye effect. Stormy colour combinations – black on white, madder on beige and a fresher, greener, rainwashed turquoise on beige work beautifully with modern arrangements.

Madder on Beige W056D318S75

Turquoise on Beige W056D319S75

Painted Sky | Indigo on White | W056D320S75 A bold, daring design mirroring the broody effects after the storm. Let it burst upon a wall as a dramatic statement. Complement with modern silhouettes.

SEA ESCAPE dramatic . unusual . adventurous In ancient times traveling singers, musicians and artists entertained villages with the great stories of Hindu mythology. Quick, expert illustrations done on the spot by hand on large bolts of canvas using basic instruments and plant based dyes made the audience gasp and brought the tales to life. Thus was born Kalamkari (kalam – pen, kari – craft). The art form evolved, became more sophisticated and is practiced to this day by artists in two ancient and great centres: Sri Kalahasti and Machilipatnam. Sea Escape pays tribute to this joyous tradition with a modern touch. Enjoy these gentle ocean scenes, delicately drawn by hand, coloured in with mellow hues and the throb of life.

Ocean Enchanted | Red on Sea Green | W057D327S75 Glowing colours, delicate floating sea creatures create a wavy, jewel bright design. Theme with complementary accessories or use alone letting the pattern do all the talking. Select from a duet of shades:fiery red on ultramarine or sea green or sky blue on ocean green.

Red on Ultramarine W057D326S75

Sky Blue on Ocean Green W057D328S75

Coral Bay | Red on Ultramarine | W057D334S75 A dreamlike effect created by a light hand drawn touch and offbeat colour pairings. Soft corals studded with ochre drops float in a gentle wash of colour. Select from red on ultramarine, red on ochre, orange on patina or cream on taupe.

Red on Ochre W057D332S75

Orange on Patina W057D331S75

Cream on Taupe W057D333S75

Mystic River | White on Terracotta | W057D330S75 A folksy river with a gentle upward flow detailed with softly drawn water life. In combinations of white on tan or terracotta, this soothing design is versatile complementing traditional ethnic dĂŠcor schemes as well as more contemporary looks.

White on Tan W057D329S75

NILAYA ECOSYSTEM PATTERN SELECTION Our dedicated institutional sales team can help pick the right pattern for each project. We have colour consultants who can help you navigate the world of pattern books and colour combinations. In case you cannot find the right product, we can also help match your sample from the extensive library available with our manufacturing partners. The Nilaya digital catalogue is an easy reference to shortlist patterns and co-ordinates. SAMPLING & MOCK UPS We are happy to provide you with sample swatches of shortlisted patterns that can be incorporated into client presentations or mood boards. We have a dedicated team of installers who can execute mock up rooms or spaces perfectly and on time. PROJECT PLANNING & MATERIAL DELIVERY For large projects a dedicated relationship officer will help you in material estimation, budgeting and delivery. Most of our product range is stocked locally and our nationwide distribution network can ensure that the material is delivered on site no matter where it is located.

INSTALLATION - Surface preparation: Preparing the surface well for installation can determine the life of the wallcovering. This is why we recommend the use of Asian Paints Sealer as a primer coat- it seals the surface well and prepares it for the adhesive coat. - Adhesive: The Nilaya wallcovering adhesive has been specially designed by us to perform well in Indian conditions. It is water based, ready to use and works with a variety of substrates. Moreover, it has anti-microbial properties and zero VOC, making it the perfect choice for all installations. - World class installation tools: Nilaya offers a range of specially chosen tools to ensure accurate measurement, clean and precise cutting and seamless application. This is available as a complete tool kit to all our trained Nilaya Applicators. In case the installation is being executed by your contractors, we recommend that they use the Nilaya tool kit for best results. - Trained installers: Our team of applicators have many years of experience in the industry and have been trained by US and UK based specialists. We can also train your installation team so that they are able to deliver the site on time and as per your expectations.

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