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CHRISTALAYA BIBLE STUDY: COLOSSIANS 2:6-8 Growing Up Into the Fullness of Christ

Just as…so also 

Just as you received Christ Jesus the Lord  Paul

uses the article ‘the’ not the adverb ‘as’

So also walk in him  περιπατέω

(pe-ri-pa-TE-oh) has the implicit idea of

ability  Hence, ‘so also demonstrate the ability to walk in him’

Rooted and built up 

ῥιζόω (rhi-ZAW-oh)  Figuratively

‘to become stable’ ‘to have a proper

foundation’  We get the word ‘rhizome’ from this word  In perfect passive participle form ‘having been rooted’ 

ἐποικοδομέω (ep-oi-ko-do-MAY-oh)  ‘to

build upon’ ‘to construct’  In present passive participle form ‘being built up’ 

A foundation is laid once. The building continues to be improved.

Strengthened…faith…taught 

The faith as you were taught  Not

a reference to our ‘subjective’ faith – Deepak’s faith in Jesus  Rather a reference to our ‘objective’ faith – the Christian faith  The

Christian faith is what we are taught

Our ‘subjective’ faith must be in accordance with our ‘objective’ faith  Experience


interpreted in light of teaching, not vice

Philosophy 

φιλοςοφία (phi-lo-so-PHI-a)  Greek’s

thought that their philosophers represented the heights of human thought  Paul says that even these heights of human thought cannot unravel the ‘mysteries’ of God  So

philosophy should not be given primacy

Empty deception 

Complicated religious systems appeal to people A

stab at Gnostic thought

Truth is simple

Human traditions 

Jewish thinkers loved to rely on tradition  Rituals

were observed ‘because we have always done so’ rather than because they had some meaning  You cannot convince anyone by appeal to tradition  Appeal to tradition is an end to the conversation  Traditions

may be derived from convictions  Convictions cannot be derived from traditions

Rudiments of the world 

ςτοιχεῖον (stoi-KHAY-on)  Means

‘rudiments’ or ‘first principles’  Greeks were concerned about studying the world  Today we would call this ‘science’

Not according to Christ 

Four things  Philosophy

– logic  Empty deception – building complicated systems  Tradition – ritualism  Rudiments – science 

Paul’s view  Not

bad in themselves  But cannot lead us to Christ

Colossians 2:6-8  

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